tagRomanceThe Horseman

The Horseman


Once upon a time there was a princess. She was feeling very trapped in her kingdom so she wanted to take a ride. She summoned her horseman to take her on this ride. He was a loyal man and was willing to do anything her royalness asked of him. Because deep down inside he had serious feelings for her, But was afraid to show this because he was afraid that she did not feel the same way about him considering their positions in the social order as they were.

He brought the horse around and helped her up on the horse. She, in her long flowing gown, sat sidesaddle, very lady like. He walked the horse for her. She suggested that they go out to the near by brook where there was a meadow for the horse to graze and she could relax and enjoy the sunshine, and the quiet. The horseman led the horse down the paths to where she had said that she wanted to go. He was secretly thinking of different ways that if given the chance he would like to make love to her. He was thinking about if he wants to make love to her slow and easy or if he wanted to fuck hard and animal like. They finally came to the place by the brook and stopped.

He helped her down placing his hands on her waist. Which was a little large. She had beautiful large breasts also and when jumping to the ground bounced. Of course her dress was low cut so the horseman had a very nice view of her large tits as he helped her down from the horse. In fact she stood there for a minute with his face in her cleavage giving him the opportunity to smell her scent. He loved the way she smelled, she smelled so sexy. He had a hard on by now just with the thoughts that he was having. He took a blanket and spread it out for her to sit on. She thanked him and dismissed him. Telling him that he could go wonder off for a while but to not go too far. So he did as he was told.

She sat there in the hot sun all dressed up. The sun was warm on her face and before she knew it she became very hot. Knowing that the horseman was not around she felt free to undress and enjoy the sun on her warm body. She took off everything and was lying there naked. She did not realize that the horseman was sitting in the shade not far from her, able to watch everything she did.

She was lying there enjoying the sun and as we all know the sun makes us very horny. It is warm and sensuous on the naked skin. After a while of enjoying this she is getting very horny. He is sitting in the shade just watching. She takes her hand and runs it over her very large breasts, stopping to pinch the already hard nipples. She runs her hand over her belly and back up to continue pinching and playing with her nipples. The nipples of course are a direct link to the pussy. She slides her hands down over her belly again this time going to her freshly shaved pussy. The skin there is so soft and smooth. She spreads her legs and touches herself like no man has ever touched her before. She starts playing with her cunt sliding a finger in and out getting it so wet. She then takes the finger and rubs her clit with it. She is so excited that from where the horseman is sitting he can see the juices sparkling in the sun light. He is enjoying the show. He is so hard now that he has got to let his hard cock out so it can enjoy the sun also. He wraps his hand around it and tugs at it a couple of times but does not want to cum.

The princess on the other hand, has gotten herself so worked up that she is about ready to explode. Her back is ached high in the air, her legs are spread wide. She is moaning loud enough that he can hear her, she is almost ready to cum. She takes her wet finger and slides in up her ass making her moan ever so loudly. She is enjoying herself. She takes her other hand and rubs her clit and explodes with such force that she is unaware that the horseman has come to her side.

He puts his hands on her legs and opens her up wide and goes down to drink up all the juice that he can get. She is startled at first but does not push him away. While he is eating her she is playing with her nipples. He sucks on her clit and licks her pussy. She pats him motioning for him to bring his butt up in her face. His cock is still hanging out of pants. She takes it in her mouth and sucks on his long hard cock. He knows that he can not handle to much of that kind of attention or else he will blow his load right down her throat. So he moves away from her mouth and puts her on all fours she knows what is coming next. He slides that big hard cock into her soft pussy pumping in and out, In and out. She meets his efforts with some of her own. Now they are slamming into each other with heat and passion. He is fucking her and she is liking it. He licks two of his fingers and gets them wet and slides them into her ass just about the same time that he withdraws almost all the way out of her. She is screaming for him not to stop. He asks her "Do you want me to make you cum?"

She answers "YES, PLEASE FUCK ME'' With this royal command he drives his hard cock into her pussy and with the same motion his two fingers making her cum.

She screams at him "CUM WITH ME, FUCK ME, I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT CUM INSIDE ME" With this he unloads a wad of cum like he has never shot off before. They collapse onto the blanket, breathing so hard. He wraps her in his arms, holding her until they dose off for a bit. After waking, he cleans them up and got them dressed again. She was already imagining the next ride that she would be taking. He helped her up on her horse, she invited him to join her up on the horse.

He did as he was asked enjoying being close to her having his arms wrapped around her. She was enjoying it also, but soon they were back to the kingdom where they had to go back to their roles, she the princess and he the horseman. She knew after that days ride that she would be taking a ride everyday just so they could close and she told him so. He smiled with pride as he wanted her also.

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