tagMatureThe Hot Mom Ch. 01

The Hot Mom Ch. 01


Moving to a new town and going to a new school can be tough on anyone, especially an eighteen year old guy who at his old school was a starter at every sport he played. Yet when his mother got divorced and her company transferred her to a new town a few hundred miles away what can one do. So Kevin Adams said goodbye to his friends, his teammates and his girlfriend, packed up his things and moved with his mother.

The town was smaller than the one he had come from, he made sure he commented on that as he and his mother followed the moving van down the street. The movers set up all of the furniture as Kevin and his mother helped move furniture into the house. It took them the entire weekend to get settled in and Monday was going to be his first day of school, he got up that morning nervous to face a school of new kids.

"Don't worry honey when the other kids see how cool you are and they find out that you are pretty good at basketball, you will have no problem making new friends." His mother said to him dropping him off at the school.

"I can't wait until next weekend and we meet Dad halfway so I can get my truck." He laughed. "Having my mommy drop me off at school the first day is kind of gay."

"Well I kind of miss dropping my baby off, not get going or you'll be late." She said pulling away from the curb and driving off.

After the first few classes he realized he would not have much trouble fitting in, the kids in this school seemed pretty cool and were into the same things as he was. He later found the coaches office and knocked on the door, he was told to enter and he went inside. A short stout man sat behind the desk with a whistle around his neck, he smiled when he saw the tall muscular young man in his office.

"Are you Coach Hanson?" Kevin asked.

"Why yes I am Coach Hanson." He replied extending a hand to Kevin which he shook.

"I know football season is over so I was wondering if I could play some basketball for your school." He asked the coach.

"Football, no we did away with football about twenty years ago, insurance was too much and we could never get enough kids to go out for it. We have a soccer team; they were not very good they went two in fourteen this last season. Basketball we do have, we were not too bad last year, and we went six in ten." The coach explained. "We got three starters back could be better this year with a big guy like you."

"Well sir, I'm six foot two, I played both guard and forward at my old school, averaged eighteen points a game in my junior year and eight rebounds." He said proudly. "You can call my old coach if you want the number."

"What did you say your name was?" The coach asked.

"Kevin Adams." He replied.

"Jimmy Winters get to my office right away." He said into the intercom.

Around five minutes later a kid entered the office, he was in a few of Kevin's classes and he looked nervously at the new guy. The coach gave him his key ring and then told him to take him to the equipment room so he could find him uniforms and they two left.

"Hi, I'm Jimmy Winters." The kid said extending his hand.

"Kevin Adams." He replied shaking it.

He unlocked the equipment room and they went through the uniforms, they found home and away uniforms that would fit Kevin. Then they found a warm up jacket for him, the school colors were blue and white, Jimmy closed the room up behind them and locked it.

"So I play point guard what position do you play?" He asked.

"Well from looking around at the guys in the school it looks like I will probably be either a forward or center." Kevin chuckled nervously.

"Yeah we don't have much height or depth on our team, but we can run with pretty much anybody." Jimmy said proudly.

"Cool run and gun suits me fine." Kevin answered. "When is the first practice?"

"Thursday from five to seven, the coach wants us to work on our homework after school; he is pretty strict on keeping up with our studies." Jimmy explained.

"That will work out great my mother will like his attitude on keeping up on our studies." Kevin said.

"Well see you later buddy, I have to take these back to the coach." Jimmy said running off.

The rest of the week went pretty quick and he made new friends thanks to Jimmy, he met the other guys on the team as well. All six of them, so with him and Jimmy that gave them a team of eight, the guys on the team could not wait for practice to start so they could see what their new teammate.

Kevin did not fail to impress he lit it up from outside, he had great moves inside, he could run fast breaks and he was not selfish as he was not afraid to pass the ball to a teammate with a better shot. He had no problem learning the few simple plays the coach had for them to run and he gave a few suggestions to help make them better without making the coach look like a fool for having a player help him.

After they got done with practice they went into the showers and then changed back into street clothes in order to go home, Kevin got a phone call from his mother. She had to work late at her new job and he would have to walk home from practice, he was overly happy about this due to all the running he had just done. When the got out into the parking lot Jimmy was standing next to a red dodge minivan and he waved to Kevin.

"Hey Kevin I could not help to overhear that you needed a ride." Jimmy said to him excitedly.

"Yeah sure buddy if your mother does not mind." He said to Jimmy.

"No she is really cool; you can even ride in the front." He said opening the front door.

"Kevin Adams this is my mother Mrs. Angela Winters." Jimmy introduced him to his mother seated in the driver's seat.

"Hi Kevin you can just call me Angela." She said extending her hand.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Angela." He said to her thinking to himself that people in this town really like to shake hands.

They made small talk all the way to Kevin's house about everything from the team to the town to where he came from, the whole time Kevin sat impressed with the lovely Mrs. Winters. She has shiny black hair, cut short just long enough to cover her neck; her skin is clear with just a light tan coloring to it. She was wearing a button up blouse, he could see she was slender and her breasts were probably a thirty two or thirty four at the most. The slacks she was wearing showed that she is probably tall for a woman; her legs looked as if they were long and shapely.

That night after dinner and doing the rest of his homework, he got in bed, he could not think of his old girlfriend or any of the new girls he came across. Instead all he could think of was the lovely Mrs. Winters and his cock became instantly hard, he masturbated until he came, moaning her name aloud.

He did not see Angela the rest of the week, he went and got his truck and then he drove back home, school started up on Monday for a new week. Every night during the week after practice he made sure he stopped to say hello with Jimmy to his mother so he could get a glimpse of this sexy woman. At the end of the week Jimmy asked if Kevin wanted to come over to his house on Saturday to hang out.

"We got a satellite dish so we can watch all kinds of television or we can shoot hoops." Jimmy said to him. "Heck you can even spend the night."

"Spend the night; I have not done that since I was twelve." Kevin laughed.

"Sorry I did not mean to sound like a geek." Jimmy said putting his head down.

"Oh don't worry about it, you know what the hell we could make a whole weekend out of it, give me your address and I'll be out there on Saturday morning." Kevin replied making Jimmy feel better.

Saturday rolled around and at ten a.m. Kevin pulled up the long driveway to the old farmhouse that belonged to the winters' family. Jimmy answered the door and was greeted by a little girl of around six or seven; he smiled at her and asked if Jimmy was home? She ran off and got Jimmy, he led him to the kitchen where his mother was still doing the breakfast dishes; Kevin finally got a look at her legs. Jimmy was not thinking she was still in her night shirt; it was a short purple silk one that came just below her shapely ass.

Kevin stood and stared breathless at the back of her legs, she obviously took good care of herself and he could feel his cock start to stir. When she saw Kevin in the glass of the kitchen window she gasped and ran out of the room, Jimmy laughed at her fright.

"Jimmy why did you bring Kevin out here when I'm not dressed proper!" She yelled going up the stairs.

"Sorry mom, I forgot!" He yelled back.

"Hey Jimmy." A short man said entering the kitchen.

"Hey Dad this is my new friend and teammate Kevin Adams." He said introducing him.

"Hey Kevin nice to meet you, I think I met your mother already, nice lady." He said to Kevin shaking his hand of course. "You can call me Al if you like."

"Thank you sir, it is nice of you and your wife to allow me into your home." Kevin replied.

When Angela returned she had on a tee shirt and a tight pair of jeans, she smiled as Kevin as she walked by and went back to her dishes. The rest of the day was fun for Kevin he was able to find out what girls thought he was hot and they shot a lot of hoops in the driveway. Dinner was great too, Angela made a gigantic pan of lasagna and a huge loaf of garlic bread, poor Kevin was constantly staring at her whenever he could get away with it.

Around two in the morning Kevin could not sleep very well, he could not get comfortable on the cot that Jimmy's dad had pulled out of the attic for him to sleep on. He quietly went downstairs and sat down on the couch; he turned on the television and started watching sports news. The couch was a lot more comfortable than the cot so he lay down and dozed back off to sleep with the television on.

A half an hour later Angela got up to go to the bathroom, she noticed a light on from downstairs and went down to check it out. She saw the television, but did not see anyone, she was wearing a long white night gown, it had a long slit in the side for her right leg and it was lacey and showed a lot of her cleavage.

After she shut the television off she turned and saw Kevin lying on her couch in a pair of gym shorts, she stood staring at his muscular form. She could not tear her eyes from him as she stood breathing heavily in front of him in the living room, then she stared further down his body at the tight gym shorts he wore. His cock protruded against the fabric of his shorts obscenely, she stepped closer to him for a better look. She gasped aloud this time as she got closer, his cock was big and he was not even aroused. She stood and guessed it to be at least seven or eight inches, twice the size of her husbands at least, she wanted to go upstairs and back to bed, yet her legs seemed to be frozen.

With trembling hands she crept closer and leaned forward pulling the waistband down gently so she could get a better look at him. Trying not to disturb his sleep, she managed to get the waistband down enough to see that even flaccid his cock was much bigger than her husbands and thick too.

"Do you like what you see?" Kevin asked her in a voice just audible enough for her to hear.

"Uh, I'm sorry." She said in a panic snapping the waistband back and running back upstairs.

Kevin thought to himself that he definitely had a shot with his new friend's mother; he hardly slept at all as he lay on the couch scheming and planning. When morning came, Jimmy's dad came down and said Angela did not feel well, they had cold cereal for breakfast and Kevin said his goodbyes to Jimmy and his dad before noon. He was disappointed he did not get to see Angela again yet he was going to make sure he would get his chance.

Two week later and the season had gotten underway against a road rival, Kevin and Jimmy had become quite a combination. The other team was totally unprepared for the new scoring threat and Jimmy's massive improvement, Kevin had thirty points and twelve rebounds. Jimmy managed career highs with fifteen points, ten assists, two rebounds and two steals, the team ended up winning the 80-67.

The two of them were allowed to skip the long bus ride home and ride home with Jimmy's parents in the minivan, Jimmy asked if he could ride up front with his father. His mother reluctantly let her daughter and the boy's basketball gear to have the middle seat. She ended up sitting in the far back seat with Kevin for the forty five minute ride home, about fifteen minutes into the ride, her daughter was asleep. Jimmy and his father were discussing the upcoming games and how much Kevin had helped his game.

In that backseat you could barely feel any of the warm air from the heat ducts to make matters worse, Al had turned down the heat saying it affected him from staying awake. Angela kept a couple of old Afghans in the van for such a reason, she covered her daughter up with one and then she took the other.

"Hey I'm cold too." Kevin whispered to her.

She nervously looked up front to see if her husband was looking, then she moved closer and spread the afghan over both of them. She could smell his cologne and the body spray he used after the shower, it was very enticing to her nose, and Kevin could smell the sensuous perfume she wore, making his cock stir.

Knowing no one could see Kevin took a bold chance he reached up under the blanket and unzipped the front of her coat she was wearing to reveal her tight blouse underneath. All she could do was look at him in alarm, but did nothing to stop him; the bold young man of only eighteen then reached up and unbuttoned the blouse of the thirty eight year old woman next to him.

He saw that she had a white lace bra on and it was clasped in the front he reached up and undid the clasp and gently fondled her naked tits. He gently squeezed them and toyed with her very sensitive nipples, Angela sat there powerless to stop him, she wanted him to explore further as she loved the warmth of his hands on her sensitive breasts.

Kevin reached down again, only this time undoing her jeans, he then whispered to her pull them down, she slowly and cautiously pulled them down just past her knees. He pulled the blanket back just enough to see she was wearing a matching white lace thong. He pushed her legs apart just enough to where he could have access to her pussy, she kept her pubic hair trimmed short and neat, he spread her labia apart freeing the wetness building inside. Without saying anything he slid two fingers into her tight hole and brought them back out and licked them off in his mouth.

He then reached back under the blanket; he moved himself so that he could now use both hands, one hand was rubbing her clit in small slow circles. The other hand was gently finger fucking her with two fingers at a time; Angela was squeezing her firm breasts. She could feel a powerful orgasm building up inside of her and she had to let it out as he made her cum, a loud moan erupted from the backseat.

"Honey are you okay?" Her husband asked.

"Yes I just got a cramp; it's not very comfortable back here, next away game Jimmy you are riding in back with your friend." She said proud that she was able to make a quick recovery.

Kevin now had his hard eight inch cock out of his pants and he reached up for Angela to touch it, she shuddered when she got her hand on it. She was shocked that she was doing such dirty things in a darkened van with her family right there with her, yet she longed to touch this cock next to her. She slowly stroked it up and down, Kevin just sat and looked at her intensely as he watched her every move. Soon she had both hand jerking him off and she also alternated playing with his large egg shaped balls, soon he was shooting spurts of cum all over her hands.

With no place to put the cum she was dumbfounded at what she was going to do with all of it on her hands, Kevin then whispered to her that he wanted her to lick it off. She had never swallowed or tasted any of her husbands cum, the only man she had ever been with, now here she was taking one hand out from under the blanket and she licked all of it off. She swallowed it down her throat savoring the taste, and then she did the same to the other hand. After they were done they got redressed and they found themselves back at the school so Kevin could get his truck.

"Good game tonight." Al said dropping him off.

"Thank you sir, thanks for the ride too, we beat the bus back." He said. "I'm sorry you had to sit next to me Angela, I take up a lot of room don't I."

"Yes you definitely do." She said nervously. "It really was not all that bad."

"Well I look forward to seeing you all again." He said taking his bag, as he walked to his truck he gave Angela a wink and they were gone.

Chapter Two Kevin finds a way to get Angela alone for some more fun with his friend's hot mom.

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