tagMatureThe Hot Mom Ch. 04

The Hot Mom Ch. 04


The following Monday after the dance Angela is down in the kitchen once again doing the breakfast dishes. Her husband had let Davey stay the weekend and he promised that he would go to a motel tonight. Then he was going to start looking for a home or an apartment in the area to live in. Al had to be in work early to make sure the production line got started earlier; Angela was dressed and ready for work as well. Her daughter was already on the bus and her son as usual rode to school with her lover Kevin. Today for work she wore her usual tight slacks, Al always commented on how shapely they made her ass look. She also had on a tight black blouse that also fit her body perfectly showing off her perky breasts. She did not know Davey was behind her watching her ass move as she scrubbed the last cereal bowl. Before she had a chance to turn around Davey went up behind her and pinned her hard against the counter. She gasped aloud in both discomfort and surprise as he did this, he leaned his face into her neck giving it a soft kiss. He ran both hands up her sides and cupped her firm breasts making her reach up to try and pull them off.

"Wow, they are still as firm as I remember them to be." He commented.

"Please let go of me Davey and I won't tell Al." She demanded.

"That joke of a man." He laughed at her as she tried pulling his hands from her breasts as he gave them rough squeezes.

"Oww Davey that really hurts stops it." She pleaded.

"Yeah, I bet you like this better." He said as one hand slid down her flat stomach and pushed its way down into her slacks.

"No please stop." She pleaded.

"No way am I going to stop." He said to her as he now found her wet woman hood.

He continued manipulating her pussy until she no longer was fighting back; he rubbed her clit with slow deliberate circles. As her arms relaxed and held onto the counter he continued playing with clit. She was now breathing more rapidly and he took the hint and sped up what he was doing to her. "You fucking bastard, you're making me cum." She said moaning louder and gripping the counter harder as she was swept over with orgasm.

When her orgasm subsided Davey pulled his hand out and stepped back, she continued panting until her breath caught up. Davey took his hard cock out of his pants and stood behind her stroking it. She turned around shocked to see what he was doing; she pushed by him as hard as she could almost knocking him over.

"What the fuck Angie, I thought you would want to do me now." He said putting his cock back into his pants. "Oh well I know a bitch at work who wants this."

He left the house with his suitcase and sped out of the driveway; Angela lay down on her bed and began to cry. She felt so ashamed and violated both at the fact that he did what he did against her will and he made her cum too. She called in sick to work and just stayed in bed the rest of the day. Davey got to work and after checking on things in his office, he checked his e-mails to see what he had going on for the day. Then he strolled out of his office, most of the other management types were busy. Davey on the other hand was looking for someone; he found what he was looking for working in her office. He walked in and closed the door, then he locked it behind him, he walked up to the desk and sat down on the edge. The woman sitting behind it was not pleased to see him or pleased with the fact he had just locked her in.

"I had a really good time Saturday night." He said to her smugly.

"Well at least one of us did." She said bitterly. "Get out of my office and don't bother me again."

"Whoa why the cold shoulder?" He asked getting off the desk and going behind her chair.

Davey grabbed the chair and pulled her out from under her desk, and then he spun the chair around. Sharon wanted to scream, yet she could not get it out, he smiled down at her. Her bosom heaving rapidly as he looked down at her, she was wearing a white sweater with big black buttons. He reached down and undid them, Sharon was now petrified at what was happening to her. He then reached up and undid her bra, letting her large tits out; he leaned down and sucked on the right one. He teased at the nipple with his tongue until the nipple was fully erect. "Wow baby you sure do have a fine set of tits." He said to her. "I guess I left you hanging the other night, well don't worry I will take care of you now."

Sharon was pulled up out of her chair and he pushed the chair out of the way, then he sat her up on her desk. He slid her skirt up and yanked down her panties, and then he forced her legs apart, knocking a few things off of her desk. He then pulled the chair back over to him and sat down in it; he rolled up between her legs and began to lick her pussy. His tongue worked over her clit and he shoved two fingers up inside her tight pussy. He finger fucked his victim at the same time he licked her, Sharon did not make any comment and let him lick her. He finally made her cum and he stood up pulling out his big cock, he shoved it in and began to fuck her.

"C'mon Sharon, you should like what I'm doing to you." He groaned. "You sure are a hot bitch in heat, c'mon baby fuck me back."

She did not say anything and just sat there letting him fuck her on her own desk, more like rape her. Yet she did not scream or fight back, Davey was now filling her unprotected womb with his cum. He yelled out loud with several grunts and groans as his balls emptied themselves.

"If you ever want me to fuck you again, you might want to liven up a bit." He said pulling up his pants.

Sharon got dressed and then she called her boss to let him know she was not feeling very well today and went home. From home she had a good cry and then she started submitting resumes at other companies. She had no intentions staying at this one and working with such a horrible man. She thought about filing a sexual harassment charge against him, but she worried about what her son thought. She went upstairs and took a long hot bath, then she came down to check her e-mails and she actually found a good offer. She quickly scheduled an interview and would have one that Thursday. After school and before basketball practice Jimmy and Mary Beth were walking to her house. They were both excited to see that her parents were not home and they quickly made their way up to her bedroom.

"Oh Jimmy, I missed you so much." She said pulling his shirt off.

"I thought about you all weekend and what we did Saturday." He said. "I love you Mary Beth."

"I love you too." She replied wrapping her arms around him and pulling him down on the bed.

They kissed passionately, Mary Beth ran her hands lovingly over his muscular frame as Jimmy pushed her sweater up to see she had no bra on. Jimmy loved gently caressing her soft skin of her firm young breasts. He ran his hand down to her jeans and undid them, and then he slid it inside her jeans.

"Oh god Jimmy I'm so hot for you." She moaned softly.

"Oh Mary Beth, I want you so bad." He moaned breaking off his kiss and taking one of her breasts into his mouth.

She arched her back up to him as he suckled her firm ripe tits; he rubbed her wet pussy gently. He stopped sucking her breasts and went back up to her face, he looked into her blue eyes and she nodded knowing what he wanted.

"Yes my love I want you, I want you now." She said reaching down and squeezing his hard cock.

He pulled her jeans down and then her little lacey black thong, he then slid his jeans off. He searched his pockets for a condom and realized he forgot to bring one; she looked at him with lust in her eyes.

"What is wrong lover?" She asked him.

"I don't' have any." He said.

"You forgot to bring the condoms?" She asked him he had a frantic look on his face.

"Don't worry honey; I need you so much, we'll be careful." She said holding her arms open to him and her legs spread.

Jimmy got up onto the bed and positioned himself in front of the entrance of her pussy; she smiled as he slowly pushed into her. He let out a groan, this felt a hundred times better than wearing a condom.

"Oh Mary Beth, oh god this feels good, this feels so good." He said thrusting in and out of her. "Oh yes, oh it feels so good, don't stop I'm almost there, oh yes I'm cumming." She said panting and moaning.

"Want to try something different?" He asked softly.

"Like what?" She asked.

"Maybe you can climb on top and ride me." He said to her.

"Okay I will try it, for you." She said. Mary Beth climbed on top of Jimmy and straddled him; she slowly eased herself down on top of his cock. Jimmy loved watching her as she slowly rode him up and down getting use to having him in her differently. His cock was going into her deeper than it did in the missionary position; she found she liked the sensation. Jimmy reached up and gently fondled her firm breasts, and then she began to move a little faster groaning louder as she did. Jimmy sensed her need to cum and he held on to her hips and met her thrusts. Soon the two of them were cumming together and she collapsed on top of them, they lay together kissing and caressing each other until he had to get ready to go to practice. After practice Kevin got home and saw his mother, she was waiting for him in the living room. She looked as if she had been crying and he sat next to her on the couch, he gave her a hug.

"What's wrong mom?" He asked her softly.

"I've been having a lot of problems at work lately and I need to take a leave of absence. I have also accepted a transfer to their plant in Ohio and will transferring there by the end of the month." She explained.

"So we have to move again?" He said sadly.

"No honey just I, after the house is sold you will be staying with Al and Angela until the end of the school year. Then you will come and stay with me during the summer before you start college." She explained.

"The Winter's are pretty cool." He said now full of a mixture of emotions.

"Well honey I just want to say I love you and this will all work out in the long run and the winters are pretty excited to have you. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to get to bed, don't stay up too late." She said kissing him on the forehead as she got up.

"Good night mom." He said waiting for her to get upstairs.

He pulled out his cell phone and called Angela's cell phone, he hoped she had it on and would be able to talk. It rang three times before she picked it up and he told her it was him.

"Kevin hey I was just thinking about you." She said.

"Are you alone?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm in my bed right now going through some paperwork for work that I need to catch up on seeing how I did not go in today." She said to him.

"What are you sick or something?" He asked.

"No, I had a headache earlier is all." She lied.

"Why don't you tell Al your headache came back, meet me down at the supermarket in the parking lot." He told her.

"I'll make something up." She said. "Al knows we have plenty of ibuprofen in the house." Jimmy quietly left the house and drove down to the supermarket to meet Angela; he waited for around twenty minutes when her van pulled in. Jimmy got out of his truck and went to her driver's side window to talk to her.

"Where do you want to go?" She asked him.

"Follow me back to my house, if my mom asks what I'm doing I will tell her I'm working on my truck in the garage." He told her and then he kissed her on the lips.

As they pulled out of the supermarket neither of them noticed Davey loading groceries into his car. He saw the two of them talking and then he saw Kevin lean in for a kiss, he was both pissed and curious at the same time. Pissed because he saw a high school kid who probably got further with Angela than he did at his age, secondly he wondered how far he was getting. Davey followed them and he realized they were going back to Kevin's mother's house, Kevin pulled his truck into the garage and Angela parked on the street. Davey parked a few houses down and watched her ass lustfully in the tight jeans she was wearing. He waited until she got out of sight and followed in the shadows out of sight. "Wow with me living with you for the rest of school year will let us get a lot more opportunities to do this." He said kissing her.

"It might be pretty tough; Jimmy is talking about how you and he will be like brothers." She said. "We have to hurry."

"Oh right." He said pulling off his sweat shirt and dropping his sweat pants.

Angela undid her jeans and pulled them, along with her panties down in one quick pull. Kevin helped her step out of them and the two of them started kissing again, then to her surprise he picked her up. She wrapped her long legs around him and he pushed her up against the wall of the garage. He pushed his hard cock in and out of her tight pussy; she dug her nails into his back and moaned in ecstasy. Kevin was plunging in and out of her deeply, as he felt her cum and moans really loud. Then she tightened her pussy muscles even tighter around his cock and in five more pushes he ejaculated into her pussy.

"I hope we will get to find the times, quickies are nice, but I like to make love longer, have more than just one orgasm." She said.

"We also will get a chance to talk about our feelings." He said pulling his cock out and setting her down.

"Did I hear you right?" She said pulling her panties back up. "Feelings!"

"I think I'm in love with you Angela, after the school year is done I want us to stay together." He explained.

"Oh Kevin, I love you too, but not in the same way, this has been a great fling for me and I feel so alive by you. But I have a husband and kids, I love Al and I love my family, this can never go past sex, if you can't understand that, then maybe we should stop this tonight." She explained pulling her jeans up and buttoning them.

"So if I still want to have sex with you, I have to understand that you will never leave your family. Your right I guess I could never hurt Jimmy and I don't want to stop having sex with you. So I guess if we are careful I will still have a few more months and opportunities to still be with you." He said to her understanding her feelings and he could not help but to be a little hurt.

"Great so I'll see you at the end of the month after your mother sells the house." She said. "Sooner if you know what I mean."

They kissed for a couple of minutes and then she left him alone in the garage, he put his sweatshirt back on and shut the light off. He closed the garage door and went off to bed; Davey got the entire sexual encounter on his camera phone. He sat in his car jerking off as he replayed it over and over before he drove away.

Next chapter someone is late is it Mary Beth or Kevin's mother. Davey tries to blackmail Angela with surprising results.

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