The Hotel


This is my first submission on here. I hope you like it. I am not sure if I am going to continue it on as a series or not. I am always open to constructive criticism.


Sunday night. The bane of Cayley Lane's existence.

She had been with the hotel for 3 years and always hated the slowness of Sunday nights. She would sit in the back room waiting for a guest to come in and entertain her, even for a short while. Even with a laptop to keep her company, nothing could replace the interactions with other human beings that she loved.


The bell ripped Cayley out of her daydreaming and she rushed to the front desk in a hurry.

"Hello, welcome to the Backwoods Inn, What is the name on the reser..." Cayley stopped dead in her tracks when she looked up at the guest.

Right in front of her stood a man with rugged good looks and deep green eyes in a black pinstripe suit. He looked all business, except for the smirk that spread across his face when Cayley froze.

"Michael Lambridge." His voice was smooth and soft, a sweet seduction in itself.

Cayley shook her head away and looked at the arrivals list on her computer.

Lambridge, Michael. 2 days. Corporate rate.

She couldn't help but avoid eye contact as she checked him into the hotel. Even though she wanted to see him again, she felt compelled to keep him away. She chose room 330, the highest floor, farthest room away from the front desk. He didn't seem to mind the room location, and as quickly as he appeared, he was gone again. Cayley caught a quick glance at his back, and realized he hadn't brought a bag. She quickly dismissed it and tried to get back to trying to entertain herself.

That didn't last very long.

Before she knew it her thoughts were devoured by the face of the smirking guest and sexual thoughts raced through her. Her heart raced at the thoughts, and she could feel her thong becoming wet. She had had handsome guests before that she fantasized about, but none of them oozed dominance like this Mr. Lambridge.

The rest of the night went along smoothly, with only a few walk-ins. By the time the clock rang 11:50, she had all but fallen asleep. She quickly tallied up her drawer and did a quick In-House check.

Right as Taylor was walking through the door for

3rd shift, the phone rang.

Room 330.

"Front desk." Cayley quickly answered the phone.

"Hello. My air conditioner does not seem to be working. Can somebody come take a look at it?"

"Well, our maintenance guy is off today, I can have him fix it first thing in the morning."

"I need it fixed tonight." Cayley rolled her eyes. She had not pegged him for a trouble guest.

"I will have somebody come up as soon as possible."

"Make sure you do." The phone abruptly hung up and Cayley let out a sigh. It was 12:04 and she knew

Taylor would not go up to his room, even though he had less of a chance of being cut up like the black dahlia by some psycho guest.

"Taylor, can you please take care of a guest for me? I should be clocking out right now."

Taylor shook his head and said, "You picked up the phone, it's your responsibility."

Cayley let out a huge sigh. That's what she gets for working for a company full of lazy losers.

Cayley grabbed the a/c monitor and the front desk key and headed on up to room 330, fuming from head to toe.

She had wanted to get a couple drinks from the local bar before the 12:30 closing time, but that wasn't going to happen now.

She knocked twice on the door before saying "front desk". The door opened smoothly and there he was.

Her anger spilled out of her body when she saw him in nothing but long green pajama pants and a black muscle shirt. He looked comfortable and sexy in the worst way. He motioned for Cayley to enter and she had to snap back into reality and head for the a/c unit. She quickly plugged the monitor into the unit and her heart stopped when it read "no errors".

The a/c wasn't broken.

Slowly, she turned around to find him standing in front of the door with his arms crossed over his chest and an evil looking smirk splayed across his face.

She knew she was in trouble and instantly went for the window. When she looked outside, her decision to put him on the 3rd floor smacked her in the face. She had unknowingly put herself in a corner she couldn't get out of.

He slowly came towards her and she retreated into a corner.

"I've been watching you for a while, Cayley. I knew you would come up here alone. You know, sometimes you are a little too trusting, little one."

Cayley was taken aback. She hadn't ever seen him before, and she never got the feeling she was being watched.

"Please, just let me go before you do something you'll regret." Cayley wanted to scare him but her words came out shakily.

"Oh, I don't think I'll be regretting anything."

His smug smirk was back and she took the chance to attack. She ran at him quickly and nudged her right shoulder right into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him. He quickly recovered and locked his hands around her waist, holding her against his hard body. She laid a quick kick onto his right foot, but it didn't seem to hurt him much.

He let out a feral grunt before throwing her on the bed, knocking the wind out of her, and making her vision go hazy. She tried to scramble away but there was nowhere to go.

Her left ankle was snatched quickly and a sharp tug brought her back to him. Rolling around, she laid a kick to his stomach, and he let go of her ankle, stumbling backwards. That's when she knew she had screwed up. His eyes glowed with anger as he looked up through his tousled brown hair.

"You want to play rough. I can play rough." His words were as sharp as a knife.

He closed the distance between them in 2 long steps and grabbed her sharply by her hair before she could even breathe. His other hand quickly scooped her wrists behind her back. Her scalp was on fire and her neck was painfully craned as he once again had her on the bed. The weight of him on her back made it hard for her to breathe and tears streamed down her face, soaking the comforter underneath. His hand let go of her hair but he did not get off her. She could see him grabbing for something and she once again started fighting when she saw a length of rope that had been tied to the bottom of the headboard. The end of the rope had two cuffs that looked stronger than her.

Cayley bucked up at him and tried to twist out from under him, but he held her arms behind her back, making it painful for her to try to move.

Before she knew it, her hands were cuffed onto the headboard in front of her, and his weight was off of her. She tried to twist around and sit up but there wasn't enough slack to even get her hands an inch off the bed.


The cold hard feel of metal was suddenly around her ankles, and she could no longer put her feet together. Looking behind her, she found that two cuffs attached to a metal bar were fastened around her ankles and Michael was tying another rope from the floor around it, making her stationary with her ass slightly elevated.

"You sick freak. Let me go or you'll be in jail for the rest of your life!"

His eyes quickly fixated on hers and she wished she hadn't threatened him.

"If you want to be a fucking brat, I will treat you like one." He opened the bedside table and retrieved a small length of cloth. Despite her struggling, he wrapped the cloth around her mouth and tied it in the back, effectively gagging her.

Then he pulled out another item from the drawer and her eyes went wide. Scissors.

He slowly inched the scissors up her pant legs, splitting them in half and revealing the softly pink flesh underneath. His hands trailed underneath as he stripped her of her uniform. When he made it up to her waistline, she squirmed, the touch of his hand on her inner thigh making her uncomfortable. He did the same with her polo shirt, his hand snaking up her back and around to grab her petite breast in his huge hand.

"mumphh". She tried to yell at him but the gag wouldn't allow her to form words.

She could feel his groin against her ass as he cut the remainder of her clothing off, leaving her in just her thong and bra.

His hands went back down her body, caressing her skin, until a hard smack on her right butt cheek made her squeal.

Her ass stung and another hard smack mirrored the other. The pain wasn't intense, but it was enough to make her jump.

"This is your punishment, little one. You put up a good fight, but you had to know you were going to lose."

Cayley tried to yell "Fuck you", but it once again was muffled by the gag.

Five more hard spanks fell onto her tender ass and it surprised her when her body started to react to the abuse. She bit her lip to keep in a moan on the last spank but accidentally groaned when he stopped.

His hand was suddenly caressing her ass, and a finger dipped down along her thong. Her hips instinctively moved when a finger entered her wet pussy. But as quickly as it had entered, it was gone.

Michael once again retrieved something from the bedside table, but this time, she couldn't figure out what it was.

He was once again behind her and he quickly tore her flimsy thong off of her.

She heard the sound of Velcro and felt something hard on her clit before straps were fastened around her thighs. She heard him walk over to the right of her and she turned her head to see him sitting in a chair with some kind of remote in his hand.

"It's about time you realize who's really in control, little one."

He pressed a button on the remote and the hard object on her clit began to vibrate, taking her breath away. The vibrations seemed to hit that sensitive spot that made her mind blank out.

However, Cayley was still trying to fight the pleasure. She didn't want him to think she wanted it or that what he was doing to her was right.

Michael hit another button and the vibrations increased in intensity. Cayley's back arched like a stretching cat and she knew she could no longer hide it. She was enjoying it, perhaps too much.

The air was doused in dominance from the stranger watching her, and she could help but find it highly erotic.

Michael could see it in her eyes that she was starting to succumb to the pleasure, but he wasn't even close to being done.

Once again, Michael pressed a button and the vibrations intensified until an inferno overtook her body. Pleasure was all she could think about, no longer wanting to escape. It built and built, until she felt right on the verge of orgasm. And then it stopped.

Her hips instinctively bucked and she tried to rub her thighs together; anything she could do to get stimulation again. She opened her eyes to find Michael with a fire in his eyes.

He waited a couple minutes, letting her panting calm and the sensitivity of her clit to go down. She knew not to try to yell anymore. He wouldn't hear her after all.

Just when Cayley started to get her sanity back,

Michael pressed that familiar button again and the vibrations started again, throwing her back into ecstasy. She moaned and moved her hips, trying to get that release she needed.

When he once again turned it off, she screamed through the gag. Her eyes fixated on his and she silently pleaded with him to end it.

With calm grace, He stood up from the chair and walked over to the side of the bed. Keeping his eyes hooked on hers, he knelt down beside the bed and did something that shocked Cayley. He started to take off the gag.

She was so surprised, she didn't even think to scream or yell for help. When it was off, He took her face in his hand and made her look at him.

"Listen to me now. That is only a fraction of the pleasure I can give you. But you have to want it first. I can be your master, or I can be gone, along with that orgasm you want so much."

Cayley's mind reeled. Suddenly he was asking permission? Did she want it? Yes. Did she want him? Definitely.

"Tell me."

She had never been more turned on in her life and she didn't want it to end yet.

"Please, I want it."

Her words made him smile for a minute, before he stood up and his face went cold.

"Then who am I."

"You're my master."

There it was; that familiar smirk again. God, she could feel herself getting wetter just at the look he was giving her. His hands went to his shirt and slowly unbuttoned it and threw it on the floor. He didn't have a six pack, but he was definitely fit.

He was the kind of fit you get from labor, not from the gym. His hands then went to his pants but before he took them off he walked behind her, to where she could no longer see him. She knew better than to say anything, and when the familiar vibrations turned on low again, she knew she had been right.

His weight was suddenly on the bed and she could feel him behind her. His hands went to her hips and she could feel the tip of his cock against her pussy. The vibrations made her want to back up onto him, but he held her steady as he used his cock to tease her even more. He would enter her just up until the head was in, and then when she was going crazy, he would take it back out. Her skin was hot and she couldn't take much more teasing.

"Please, master. I need you, please."

Just as she finished pleading, the grip on her hips turned hard and strong. Then suddenly he thrust into her, making her almost scream. He started a rhythm that was slow and hard and it turned her body into an inferno. He knew she wouldn't last long and he wouldn't either. He slowly started picking up the pace and right as he could feel her building, he hit the familiar switch one more time and the vibrations quickened to the fastest speed. Her mind went blank and she bucked against him while he slammed into her.

Her orgasm seemed to last forever, but she certainly wasn't complaining. Before she knew it, she was untied, laying on the bed, completely unable to move. Her breathing steadied and she could see Michael moving around the room. She felt so tired, she could barely keep her eyes open.

"Michael." Her voice was raspy and low, but he definitely heard it. He made his way by her side and his voice was soft when he spoke to her.

"Sleep now, little one. I'm keeping you now."

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