tagBDSMThe Hotel: A Small Task

The Hotel: A Small Task


It was 7:30am. The buzz of Denna's cell phone went off next to the bed. She rolled over and tapped the snooze, flipping back over onto her back. The Hotel, it was the first thought in her head. Her mind began to spin.

"Would there be a lot of people there? Would someone sit down next to me? Or would they simply come up and touch my hand, just so I'd know they were talking to me?" All of which she couldn't wait to find out.

Denna stood in her closet, knowing full well what she was about to wear. A smile curled at the corners of her mouth, only one person knew what was underneath.

It was a satin bra to make the light-weight, hugging sweater fit just right. Panties weren't needed, not for this. Professional but, low too the hips, she wore snug-fitting, black slacks. A pair of medium height heels, and a black satin blindfold that acted like a scarf was nicely tied around her neck. It would've stood in for a collar, for the way she wore it. Denna was excited to do what she was told, dying to know if it turned Him on more than it was affecting her.

Denna took one last look in the mirror, not just smiling to herself for the strength she had to do it but, for eagerness that filled up every nerve in her body.

A chilly morning it was. Denna slipped into her leather jacket and then grabbed the planner, purse, and keys off the table. She tried too concentrate but, it was hard. Denna hoped too remember the important things she needed for her appointments and yet constantly distracted by the fun she was about to have. Business was business and it came first. Those clients were before "The Hotel" but, that's the way He planned it.

Denna drove to her first appointment, the client only fifteen minutes away from The Hotel. Denna's hands were ice cold. She could barely feel the pads of her fingers, as she rubbed them together. Just below the surface was the heat, coiling behind her softly,lined bra. Denna felt her bottom lip. It had become sore, just to the inside. She exhaled, not realizing that she'd nibbled at it over the course of getting to this point.

The meeting had ended, quicker than expected for which she was relieved. The next appointment was across the street, a small office building which stood plain with no visible character to it. The fresh air felt good against her partly covered breasts, as she walked across the street from her car. The goose bumps began, unable to shake the many thoughts of Him. How was he feeling knowing that this was the day it would happen?

Now standing at the front desk, Denna looked around their lobby. Big, puffy, sofa chairs were pushed up against the wall. And just off to the side, a big fireplace was next too an all-seeing window. She laughed to herself, thinking of the step by step directions of her task. Those same chairs were at The Hotel. The meeting went quickly, so far making her day run like clock work.

A short drive to The Hotel and Denna was walking into the lobby. She glanced at the front desk, a brisk smile, as though she'd already checked in. Her heart was beating so hard, it was heard in her inner ear, as it muffled the sounds of the lobby. She passed the first set of sofa chairs, which were placed in the shape of a horse-shoe. The next set of chairs, back to back. Denna had sat in these chairs once before, meeting several clients in the past.

A couple feet away from the front desk, almost unnoticeable were large love seats which faced the fireplace. Denna walked slowly toward it and then sat down making herself comfortable.

The foot traffic in the lobby was heavy. An obvious meeting had just gotten out or was just beginning. Denna waited and waited, playing with the edges of her satin blindfold, enjoying the delicious torture He'd put her right in the middle of.

The noise died down some but, it didn't leave the lobby empty. Denna looked at the wall clock above the fireplace, 10 minutes she had too wear it. Pulling the blindfold free of her neck, Denna tied it securely around her head, covering her eyes --the clock started.

The incredible sound began. The constant sound of feet, voices, and a faint type of echo rang through the lobby. Denna's breasts began too rise and fall at a rate of just being out of breath. And then...

She jumped. Her cell phone was on vibrate and was moving in her jacket pocket. Her heart was not only pounding now but, felt as though it was going to jump right out of her chest. She struggled to get herself under control, trying to ignoring it while the time ticked away. She had 10 minutes, there was no turning back now.

Wetting her lips, Denna listened, as she tasted the unknown.

"I bet that's going to be a great surprise!" One lady said, as Denna heard the woman's heels keep on walking past her.

Denna smiled, feeling her skin heat up, as she took a deep breath.

"The woman didn't' touch me, so the blindfold has to stay on. It was just a simple statement made." Denna thought.

Denna sighed. "How long have I been wearing it?" She thought, listening to the sounds of the lobby. She bit her tongue, avoiding her sore lip.

It seemed like moments passed but, it could've been seconds. She wondered who had been watching her and what they thought. Did they want to ask her what she was doing, sitting in a hotel with a blindfold on?

Denna pulled her planner from beside her, placing it onto her lap. The next limit was about to be pushed. Her mind raced as her hand found its way between her legs. The heat was so intense, as she felt her slacks. They were sticking to her legs like a wet towel. She had to know.

"Am I wet enough to soak through?" she asked herself.

Panties wouldn't have mattered, merely one more piece of thin material -hardly enough to keep anything back.

Denna took a deep breath, trying not to move her arm too noticeably, as she curled her first two fingers down and around the junction between her thighs. She thought of Him, knowing that He would touch her if He was sitting next to her while this unfolded. Denna flinched at the thought, wishing that He would just walk into the hotel and take her too a room.

She was bold, getting away with it, and she knew the rewards He gave would be great. Saturated, Denna held nothing back. The heat of her excitement leaked like a dripping faucet. Then there was a voice.

"Can I get you anything?" Denna was sure it was the clerk from the front desk -obviously curious as too what she was doing.

"A friend recommended I do this to relax." Denna replied with the safe statement that He had given to her. She then removed the blindfold. Looking at the clock before answering her, dying to know if she made it the full 10 minutes. It's was 9 minutes past. Just one minute shy. "Would there be a punishment?"

When Denna finally looked into the desk clerks eyes, her hesitation was one of waiting for an answer. But, she looked at Denna as if she knew exactly what she'd been up too.

"Does it work?" she asked with a smile of disbelief.

"Not today it didn't." Denna returned the smile, carefully removing her other hand from under the planner, buried in spot she wanted Him to touch. She grasped the planner off her lap and began to stand up.

Denna felt her heavy legs. She moved slowly, feeling the desire that had built up over such a short period of time. Denna tried to appear steady in her stance, as she smiled.

"I would think that a blindfold would work better on a bed with the lights out." the desk clerk said, giving her a wink.

"You'd be surprised how you can grab some personal time, especially when you need it." Denna replied, pulling the planner up in front of her, her nipples spiking through her bra, as she crossed her arms over it, blocking a possible view of them.

"Don't forget this." the desk clerk said, reaching for the blindfold, lying on the love seat behind her.

Denna placed the planner on the couch and then tied the blindfold back around her neck. The desk clerk smiled at how easily it worked in with her outfit and then said-

"You have a nice afternoon." she said with a long, curious smile, and then turned toward the desk, walking away.

"You too." Denna let out a long exhale, watching her leave.

Denna looked down and saw the flesh of her breasts. Peeking from her sweater, they were bright red, flushed, almost the same color as her sweater. It was obvious that she didn't by Denna's story. Her breasts were the cradling evidence.

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