tagBDSMThe Hotel Belladonna Pt. 01

The Hotel Belladonna Pt. 01


About six years ago, two guys (partners) bought and refurbished the old Hotel Belladonna. These two were old style, gay hippies, but they knew their way around the business world. Focusing on a lost era of class and service, they have been able to build up the corporate customers during the work week. But on the weekends, the hotel takes on a different clientele. Every weekend hosts a different theme, with parties, balls, and special activities throughout the hotel. No laws are broken, but morals sure are.

The Hotel Belladonna stands just south of Nashville, far enough to be in what feels like a rural area, but close enough to be only a 30 minute cab ride from downtown or the airport. With fewer neighbors, the scandalous activities at the hotel seemed to attract far less attention, which is how they liked it.

I've been happily married for six years. During that time, my wife Caitlin and I have tried different things. She's tied me down, I've dominated her, and we've visited sex stores and then raced home to try out the toys. Lately I had heard of BDSM parties at a hotel just outside of town. I tried to convince her we should check them out, but she has been hesitant. So you can imagine my surprise when I came home from work Thursday and found out that she had "lost me in a card game".

It seems that she and her friend Bellissea had been playing cards for shots, and the betting started to get a little out of hand. Caitlin had a full house, queens over nines, and was feeling extremely confident. When Bellissea wanted to up the stakes, Caitlin was all for it. I guess they bet a night of my slavery against a night of Bellissea's. Well, Bellissea had two pair - threes and threes. Caitlin was a little sheepish about telling me, but Bellissea wasn't. "I want you showered and shaved and ready to go at 8:30. We're going to a party at the Hotel Belladonna." I had wanted to go, but not as someone's slave.

Saturday night came and I grudgingly agreed to go along with it. Hey, I'm not a welsher, even if it was my wife's stupid bet. I thought, "How bad can it be?" Boy was I naive.

Bellissea showed up and I was dressed like I normally am, khakis and a golf shirt. She took one look at me and cried, "Oh hell no!" She was wearing an over coat, so I thought maybe she was dressed to the nines and I needed to get a shirt and tie, but again, I'm hopelessly naïve.

She took me up to our bedroom and started throwing things at Caitlin out of a bag she had brought with her. My wife started to look at the items and her eyes got huge. First, they stripped me naked. Then Bellissea put a weird gag over my mouth. It had a little dildo inside, which I didn't appreciate, and it covered my chin and mouth. My frustration with my wife was growing with every new indignity. After the gag came a weird harness thing that strapped around my waist and placed my cock inside a leather sheathe. Worst of all, my wife was giggling nervously as they lubbed a butt plug, and slid it into my ass. This wasn't a simply plug, but it was decorated with a tail, like a horse's tail coming out of my cute little hole.

"You'll have to put the rest on when we get there," Bellissea said, and started to lead me out the door. I pulled back, not willing to walk to a car and then drive about 20 miles in this nearly naked state, but Bellissea insisted. "Besides you little fairy, it's way too dark to see you." Not trusting her, but feeling like I didn't really have a choice, I climbed into her car, and we drove out of town.

On our way there, I couldn't speak for the gag in my mouth and really couldn't sit with the way the tail sprouted from my butt plug. Uncomfortable and honestly down right scared, we sped down the highway.

As we pulled into the parking lot, I realized that I would not only have to get out of the car dressed as I was, but that we were going to walk through the lobby. I started to panic. I guess I was pulling at the seat belt trying to get it back on when Bellissea slapped me. I know it sounds like a slapstick movie, but it did sort of bring me back to my senses. She must have known exactly what was going through my head, because she pointed out the car window. There was a woman dressed in a fishnet body stocking walking across the parking lot to the hotel, and a guy in a leather suit with his cock hanging out the front. I guess I wasn't going to stand out in this crowd.

We went into the hotel and I could hear the party going on, but we took the elevator up to the third floor. Bellissea just held onto the harness around my waist and led me to a room down the hallway. She used her key card and in we went. I hadn't realized that she had set up a room already, but clearly she had. She gave me one simple instruction, "Down on all fours."

As I got on the ground, she went over to the bed and picked up what looked like a saddle, only smaller. OK, on better view, it was a saddle, and she went to work attaching it to my back and around my stomach and waist. I didn't notice the little addition at first, but as I looked at myself in the mirror, I could see that the saddle had a dildo pointing up out of the seat. Once she was confident that the saddle was on properly, she instructed me to stay still, which I did. OK, it was at this point that I really had to admit that the reason I was going along with this was not pride, but because I actually wanted to. I was giddy and excited about the prospect of going to this leather party, even if I was going to be on my hands and knees the whole time serving as Bellissea's pony. As these thoughts were running through my head, she attached and seriously tightened a pair of nipple clamps on me, but the chain connecting them went around my back. If it wasn't obvious already, it became obvious when she started to pull on them a little like they were reins.

So as I was on all fours in a strange hotel room will a horse's tail out my ass, a muzzle gag in my mouth, a saddle on my back and reins attached to my sensitive little nipples, Bellissea finally decided to get herself ready. She pulled off the overcoat, and I gasped. I knew she was a decent looking woman, but to see her there in the leather corset that really pushed up her modest boobs, and the leather garter belt hooked to black lace stockings inside her cuffed boots, well, I was seriously impressed. Bellissea is pretty, but she's not the kind of woman that most guys would give any more than a second glance. She has black curly hair, very fair skin, and she's on the short side, probably 5'3". That petite, her B-cup breasts are nice, but nothing to gawk at. But here, as she worked her hair and make-up, this was a woman that deserved a slave's full attention. I had never realized how tone her stomach was or how perfect her legs were. And with what she was wearing there was nothing covering her pussy or ass. They were beyond what I could have hoped for. Pert just isn't the right word. They fit her petite frame, but they were making my mouth water around that gag.

She took no notice of me after she had fixed my costume. She just continued getting herself ready for the party. I would have thought her make-up was perfect, but she touched it up anyways. She teased her hair up, so that it had a lot more height and volume than it did normally, then she put on the coolest shade of gold fingernail polish I had ever seen. It made such a bold statement next to the black outfit. I have to admit, I had pretty much forgotten my wife at this point.

Once her nails were dry, she seemed ready to go. She came over to me and carefully mounted the saddle. I watched in the mirror as she slid that dildo right up inside of her. Wow was I jealous! Then she grabbed the reins and steered me towards the door. "We're going to practice out in the hall for a while, because I don't want you embarrassing me at the party," she told me. So for the next ten to fifteen minutes she rode me and I walked up and down the hall on all fours. It was probably a good thing, because it wasn't all that easy. I had to keep my balance so that she wouldn't get tipped off to one side or the other. Twice she needed to jump off, so she didn't crash to the ground. I was shocked she could dismount that dildo as fast as she did.

Finally, she seemed confident that I had gotten the hang of it and we got in the elevator. She hit the button for the first floor and the doors closed. I looked in the mirrored doors and saw this vision of perfection riding me. Her skin was perfect. Her hair was beautiful. Her body was femininity personified. I'm not in horrible shape, but years of marriage had started to soften my belly, and I was embarrassed that I did not look better for her. As the doors opened, she yanked on the reins, sending shockwaves through my nipples and off we went to the party.

We entered the hotel's ballroom and the fetish party was in full swing. People with all manner of costumes and gear were everywhere. It didn't take long to realize that Bellissea was fairly well known here. Several people called her by name, and some even made comments about me. "He's a cute one, Bellissea." "Oh, you've found a real man this time." "Any hope of you sharing this one?" That last one made me nervous, but I'd moved past my timidity and I was going to do my best to make Bellissea proud.

As we moved through the party, I sucked in my gut and tried to walk as tall as I could on all fours. Several of the other party goers had crops and would swat me as I moved through the crowd. I took the hits without flinching, though they really did sting. I took Bellissea to the bar, because that is where my nipple reins told me she wanted to go. She had a little trouble getting her drink, seeing as she was so low to the bar, but she handled it without any sign of discomfort. As I looked around, it was true that most of the people were in various states of undress, but me with my highly visible butt plug and her with her obvious dildo might have been the only ones who would be considered actively engaged in a sexual act.

Bellissea carried on conversations with the other guests and to a large degree seemed to be the belle of the ball. At one point, a chubby guy dressed in a leather jumpsuit came racing over yelling "Boot licking, boot licking" and presented his boot to me. Bellissea shot that down immediately. "Do I know you?" she asked in cold and demanding voice. As the silly man shook his head, she continued, "then get your foot away from my slave unless I give you permission, and that ain't coming, honey!" Call me warped, but I felt warm inside that my Mistress was taking such good care of me. Plus - How was I supposed to lick his boots with this mask on?

I won't say the party was dull, because I spent it looking up the skirts of all the women there, but the point did come where my knees ached and I hadn't gotten anything to drink all night with the gag in my mouth. I endured it simply because I wanted to prove to Bellissea that I was a worthy slave to her. In fact, I was hoping we could do this again, though maybe in a less public setting.

Around midnight, many of the party goers seemed to have started heading up to their rooms. I guess all the naked flesh was affecting them as well. Bellissea crouched down in the saddle and whispered in my ear, "Did you want to go upstairs now?" I nodded enthusiastically, but she responded, "Well I'm not done yet" and cracked me across the bare ass with her hand. It startled me more than it hurt me, but there was clearly a sting to it as well. With that she climbed off the saddle and came around to my front. She straddled my head and then rubbed her incredibly wet and juicy cunt all over the outside of the gag. "There my little stallion; now you can smell me until I'm ready to go." It had the desired effect and being able to smell her, I wanted her even more.

It was probably an hour later and I was really starting to sag when she started to say good bye to her friends and then tugged on my very sore nipples to urge me out the door. I got a little of my energy back, thinking that I was so close to the end of the night. (Little did I know) I walked her into the elevator and once again got to see this vision of sensuality sitting atop me, while I looked more like a droopy dog from a cartoon. The only thing different about her was that she seemed to be glowing. One strand of hair had fallen out of place and was now down on her forehead, but it made her look that much more desirable.

The thin hotel carpeting on the upper floors was murderous on my already sore knees, but I trotted her down to her room. Before she used her key, she pulled out a blindfold (where she had hidden it I'll never figure out) and bound my eyes. Then we walked into the room and she dismounted.

The first thing she did was to coax me up onto the bed, but still on all fours. It was a good sized king, so we had a lot of room. She slowly pulled the tail plug out of my ass. It had been in there for so long; my anus didn't contract, but stayed wide open. Then she undid the gag and kissed me. It was one of the most intense sexual things I had ever experienced. That single passionate kiss after such a long time surrounded by sex but deprived of it was enough to make me feel faint.

It didn't take her more than a few seconds to be on the bed beneath me, pulling my head down to her pussy. I feasted on her. The constant motion of the dildo in her had kept her excited, but wasn't enough stimulation. I was determined to bring her over the edge as quickly as possible, I attacked her clit and was licking and sucking for all I was worth. "Easy tiger," she purred at me. "I admire the passion, but we're here all night." I slowed a bit, but I was so in love with her smell, her taste and the feel of her pussy around my tongue.

Within a few minutes, she began to twitch and contort. I knew I was close, and I went full face into it. I gave it everything I had for I was desperate to taste her cum. She began to buck as the nectar began to flow from her sweet lips. I hung on for all I was worth and kept tonguing and kissing her, well past the point where she would be comfortable. She bore it well, but eventually forced me back. I think she had placed her spiked heels on my shoulders and shoved, but I am still surprised she was able to break me off.

She never said a word, but I could feel/hear her get up off the bed. She ran her fingers over my body, instructing me to stay where I was. She moved around to my backside, and undid the restraints on the sheathe around my cock. I was so swollen inside that thing that she had to yank it off of me. I was so excited, especially when she asked, "Do you want to fuck now?" Forgetting that the gag was off, I simply nodded. As I waited for her to get under me, I felt something push against my back side. Here I thought I was going to fuck this goddess, when it was she who was going to fuck me.

I never saw it, but the dildo she pushed into me was much large than the butt plug had been. It had a light coating of lubricant, plus I was already stretched from the hours the butt plug had been in place. Slowly and steadily she built up a rhythm, moving faster and fucking me deeper and deeper in my ass. I had never actually been fucked in the ass before, but I was liking what she was doing to me. She kept up the steady beat as I felt her crawl underneath me. I was so engrossed in the ass fucking I was taking that I thought it was still Bellissea under me, but when she whispered in my ear from behind, I realized that I was now with two people. "You're going to like this," was all she said.

As Bellissea fucked my ass, someone took my cock into their soft mouth and began to suck me off. After the night I had, I figured I would fire off in a matter of seconds. For some reason, as good a blow job as it was, I just couldn't get past the barrier. It felt like I was cumming, but I knew nothing was happening. I wanted to cum; I wanted the release, but still nothing. Finally, Bellissea grabbed my balls and said, "I want you to cum all over her face."

I don't know if I was waiting for permission or if her fingers on my balls were needed to send me over the edge, but I started cumming harder than I had ever cum before. I felt a load come out of me that would have filled Bellissea's wine glass from earlier. It, well I, just kept cumming. I'm sure it wasn't what I imagined, but it felt like I was cumming for four or five minutes.

Eventually I stopped and was gasping for air. It was then that Bellissea reached down and took off the blindfold. There beneath me with my cum covering her face and neck was my beautiful wife Caitlin. She smiled up at me and said in the lightest voice, "I lied to you. I didn't just lose you in that poker game. I lost both of us." I looked up at Bellissea who had the wickedest grin I had ever encountered. The night wasn't over, but it was about to get better.

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