tagNovels and NovellasThe Hottest Fire Ch. 03

The Hottest Fire Ch. 03

byvelvet hammer©

Chapter 3. Decompression

Jenny smiled as she took Ludlow’s hand and led him out of the parlour, across the passageway to a larger room, this one done in more modern style and featuring a large, flat-screen TV and an overstuffed sofa. The room was dark, the only light entered through the door, which was slightly ajar. “Let me help you with your jacket,” she said, taking it from him as he removed it. “Why don’t you take off your shoes and make yourself more comfortable?”

She waved him to the large couch, Ludlow sighed his appreciation as he sank into it. He was absolutely comfortable. Jenny sat next to him on the sofa, tucking her legs under herself. Her magnificent tits poked forward as she arched her back. When she reached over for a little bell that was on the coffee table the tips of her nipples actually brushed across his cheek and lips. There was an immediate stirring in his loins. Gabrielle appeared at the doorway when Jenny rang the bell. “Madame?” she asked.

“Oh, Gabrielle, please bring a drink for our guest.”

Bien sure, madame. De quelle est votre preference, monsieur?” Ludlow could make out the accent, ever so slight, beneath the girls flawless French. She might have the makings of a good operator.

“Oh, uh, gin and tonic,” he said as he diverted his attention between Gabrielle and Jenny’s bountiful pair of tits suspended mere inches from his nose. “And please make it a strong one. It’s been a long day.” Gabrielle nodded and left, returning with a tall glass on a tray. Jenny thanked her and she left.

As Ludlow took a long pull on his drink, Jenny reached for the remote and switched on the telly. “Let’s see what’s on,” she said. The darkness was filled with the image of two beautiful naked women engaged in a long, slow kiss on the enormous screen. One of them bore a striking resemblance to a young Liz Taylor, the other had a more modern look, with straight long hair in the sixties style. The women were holding up their tits in their hands and rubbing their nipples together.

“Oh, this looks good!” Jenny said excitedly. She grasped her own generous pair in her hands and held them up, pinching and teasing her nipples through the transparent fabric. She closed her eyes and moaned as she pleasured herself. Opening her eyes, she looked at Ludlow and asked “like them, eh?” indicating the screen with a nod. The longhaired girl was sucking on the Liz Taylor girl’s nipples while the Liz girl leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Ludlow chuckled. Jenny reached over to undo his tie. She slowly unbuttoned the front of his chest and ran her hands across his broad chest. “Mmmm . . . nice,” she said, giving his nipples a playful pinch.

Then Jenny cupped her tits, held them forward and in a cute, cockteasing manner she asked, “do you want to suck on my tits?” This time Ludlow couldn’t even muster a sound; his throat was dry, his balls were in an uproar.

Jenny lifted the flimsy chemise over her head and tossed it aside, then ran the palms of her hands up and down her sides. The blue light from the television screened reflected artfully off the rounded curves of her nude body. Pinching her nipples to hardness she cupped her bare breasts and held them forward, offering them to him.

Ludlow reached forward, placing his hands upon her magnificent pair at last. He palmed her full breasts, squeezed them and gently pinched her nipples, now as hard as a pair of acorns. Jenny smiled as he felt her up. He closed his eyes and placed his mouth on a nipple to lick and suck, then kissed his way across her breasts to her other nipple to again suck, lick and suck. Ludlow hummed as he sucked her tits; Jenny sighed out of sheer bliss at the terrific sensations his mouth delivered to her nipples.

After sucking her nipples quite generously he finally broke free to reach for his glass and took a drink, taking an ice cube into his mouth. Then he replaced the glass to the coffee table and with the ice cube in his mouth he played it upon her nipples. Jenny sat up straight and arched her back at the intense sensations of wet warmth and slick, cold hardness the ice in his mouth delivered to her pointy nipples. They seemed to grow even longer in his mouth as he moved his lips back and forth between the hard little nubbins of flesh.

Jenny’s hand fell to his lap and brushed across his cock, by now straining at the fabric of his trousers. The ice in his mouth was melted now. As he nibbled and sucked harder at her stiff nipples Ludlow idly wondered if it were possible for a woman to orgasm through stimulating her nipples alone. Jenny’s fingers fumbled at his belt, undid his trousers. Without releasing his mouth from her tits he lifted his ass to allow her to pull his trousers down. They fell about his ankles and he kicked them free, continuing to suck and kiss her breasts all the while.

Unrestrained, his cock stood straight up. The air of the room felt cool and fresh on the hot skin of his red-hot member. Jenny’s fingers fluttered up and down his length, playing and stroking lightly as he continued to suck her nipples, to amuse them with his teeth. She trailed her fingernails across his balls in a tantalizing, tickling manner and then went back to slowly stroking his dick up and down, up and down.

“Would you care for a blowjob?” she asked, quite innocuously. To hear such words coming from her lips caused his cock to twitch in anticipation; quite nearly a mini-orgasm. In saying it Jenny was as casual as a hostess offering a canapé to a guest at a party.

- Would you care for a blowjob?

- No thanks; I just had one for lunch.

- Would you care for a blowjob?

- No thanks; I’m trying to quit.

- Would you care for a blowjob?

- No thanks; my doctor said they’re bad for me. But seeing as it’s Boxing Day, what the hell!

A thin stream of pre-come leaked out the end of his dick. Jenny expertly spread the wetness over his cockhead and around the rim as she continued to lightly finger his dick. “Mmmmm . . .” he moaned, sucking her nipple like a baby. It was all he could muster to say. Did she expect him to say? Did she truly think he would decline?

Jenny released his penis from her hand and leaned forward, drowning him in the pillowy sea of her cleavage as she reached for the little bell on the coffee table. She rang the little bell: ding-a-ling-a-ling! On the screen Ludlow glimpsed the two women clamped in a tight sixty-niner; the one who looked like Liz on the bottom. The camera gave a good view of Liz’s tongue working the other girl’s clit while her fingers went rapidly in and out of the girl’s wet hole. Ludlow looked over to the door as Gabrielle appeared.


With her chin Jenny indicated Ludlow’s cock, poking rock solid straight up from his lap. Gabrielle acknowledged the wordless command with a little nod. Ludlow’s dick throbbed as she moved to kneel between his legs; her little hands felt cold and tiny as she placed them upon his dick. Ludlow thought his heart had stopped as he watched the wide-eyed girl part her ruby-red lips and stick her tongue all the way out. Holding his length up before her she proceeded to lick her way up from his balls to the sensitive flesh at the base of his cock. She licked his length like a cat lapping cream. She continued licking right up to the top and started flicking her tongue across the head of his cock. She tongued the tiny slitted opening and ran her lips and tongue around the rim of his helmet. Then she parted her lips and took his entire length all the way in, sucking him into her mouth right down to the base. Jenny regarded the girl’s activities with a look bordering upon disinterest.

Ludlow’s eyes closed to slits as he revelled in being sucked. As Gabrielle’s mouth continued to go up and down on his cock he returned to sucking Jenny’s fabulous tits. He hummed as he sucked her tits, Jenny moaned in reply.

Gabrielle expertly sucked Ludlow’s dick slowly and leisurely, her head bobbing gently up and down in his lap. Encircling his dick with a forefinger and thumb, she started stroking as her mouth saturated his pole with saliva. All the while Ludlow continued to suck on Jenny’s tits, holding and squeezing them tight as Gabrielle’s worked her magic on his pole with her lips.

Now Gabrielle’s fingers were going up and down his wet cock with speed. She parted her lips wide and began jacking him off into her open mouth. Ludlow closed his eyes and moaned; it was getting harder for him to maintain his equilibrium as he approached orgasm. Gabrielle seemed to sense this and she increased the speed of her strokes. Ludlow’s face was buried into one of Jenny’s ample breasts; his eyes were screwed shut tight. He had a mouth full of nipple, sucking hard and nibbling, he gripped the other tit and pinched her nipple tight. Jenny’s breath came short, she was almost panting. As Ludlow sucked her tit he moaned with pleasure, causing Jenny to sigh, sigh, sigh, again and again! Now her eyes were on the blunt end of his pole as he came in spurts all over Gabrielle’s open mouth, her face, spurted all over her ample tits.

Gabrielle leaned back to stroke him off to completion until he could come no more. When he was at last finished coming she quietly stood up, holding her come-covered hand up so as not to spill his cream on the carpet. She wiped the spunk that plastered her face and chest with the back of her other hand as she left the room. Ludlow lay back on the sofa, his eyes half shut down to narrow slits. Jenny was smiling cryptically at him, she practically glowed. Damn if the girl wasn’t a beautiful piece of work! Once more Ludlow wondered if a woman could orgasm through stimulation of her breasts and nipples alone; even in the relative darkness of the room he was almost certain he could discern a deep blushing from Jenny’s chest up to her hairline.

Gabrielle returned shortly with a damp washcloth and kneeled before him again to wipe him clean – it was a nice touch and Ludlow appreciated it. On the screen the two women were exchanging a series of open-mouthed tongue kisses as they rubbed their nipples together.

“Can I refresh your drink?” Jenny asked, getting up as Gabrielle finished wiping his cock clean.

Aahhh, decompression! was his single thought as he sank back in the cushiony sofa.

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