tagBDSMThe House of Silken Ties Ch. 01

The House of Silken Ties Ch. 01


The morning of my 21st birthday had arrived. I was not expecting anything special, though. You don't get much celebration when you are a single guy with no close relatives, no relationship, not really any friends except my Monday night football and poker buddies. I got up, showered and shaved, and was off to my job as a barista. Eight hours later I took off my apron and went home to make a peanut butter sandwich for my dinner. That was all that my budget covered.

I settled down in front of the TV and sighed. "Happy Birthday, Mike," I muttered as I popped open a beer. It was a big surprise to me when the doorbell rang.

I opened the door, and behold my three poker buddies greeted me. They pushed into the room, yelling, "Happy Birthday, you fool!" "Did you think we forgot?" "The Big 2-1!"

I was surprised and flattered. I didn't think anybody cared at all. After a bit of laughing and backslapping, Gary pulled an envelope out of his pocket. "We want to make your 21st special, kid! We didn't think sitting around watching the tube was the way to a big thrill. So we all got together to get you a top rate present. Here!" He thrust the envelope into my hands.

I opened it quickly, and pulled out a slip of paper. I looked at it expectantly, but it had nothing on it but the words "House of Silken Ties, 505 Elm Street." Quizzically, I looked at Gary and saw a big grin on his face. "Just go to the address, birthday boy, and you will get your present." All the guys were grinning and nodding. They pushed me toward the door and into my car. Then they stood there looking like pigs in shit as I pulled out. Their big waves were my farewell.

I drove over to the address they had given me. It was a nice neighborhood with space between the neatly landscaped houses. True to its name, the street was lined with large spreading elm trees. The house I approached looked no different from all the others, except that it was painted totally white, even the shutters. The porch light was on and I saw a couple of soft lights behind what looked like white silk curtains. I walked up to the door and just as I was about to ring the bell the door swung open.

I stepped into a short entry hall all painted pure white and totally without furniture. The front door swung shut behind me. I only had moments to take in the scene, smelling a light pleasant musky scent and hearing very soft music playing. Then the white curtain at the other end of the hall opened.

The gorgeous tall red haired girl who came from behind the curtain could only be described as statuesque. She stood about three inches over my 5 foot 10. Her bright red hair was cut short, framing a sensitive face with deep blue eyes which pierced through me. Soft lips gave me a slight smile as she approached. Her face was sprinkled with light tiny freckles, giving her a gamin look. She was wearing a nearly transparent black top, deeply cut to show off the cleavage of her large boobs. It was slightly patterned over her tits so the nipples peeked out at me. Then it dropped down over her stomach and partly down her hips. Slung low on her hips below her waist, a black silk cord held a loin cloth, also of black silk. Her long shapely legs looked strong and firm. She was a perfect Valkyrie, ready to carry a hero to Valhalla.

All I could do was to stare at her in amazement and wonder exactly what sort of birthday present my buddies had arranged for me.

This gorgeous babe stepped toward me. I opened my mouth to say something but she pressed one finger to my lips and shook her head. Then, in complete silence, she removed her top. It ran up over her round boobs and let them fall free, the pink areolae surrounding nipples like little rose buds standing up. I was tempted to try to grab those tits and tickle those nipples. But she stepped back another step, just beyond my reach. She posed for me provocatively, turning from side to side so her boobs swung in front of me. I could feel my cock starting to rise just watching this girl strip.

All I could do was to stare at her in amazement and wonder exactly what sort of birthday present my buddies had arranged for me.

This stunning beauty stepped toward me. I opened my mouth to say something but she pressed one finger to my lips and shook her head. Then, in complete silence, she removed that filmy black top very slowly. It slid up over her large round breasts, and revealed the pink areolae and nipples like flowers of frosting, just matching her lipstick in color. They were firm and upright and I was wondering whether to try to get my hands on them. But she stepped back another step, just beyond my reach. She posed provocatively, raising her hands over her head to pull her breasts even further up and turning slowly from side to side so I had a perfect view from all angles. I could feel the beginning of a hard on straining my jeans already.

Her hands dropped to the silk cord around her waist and slowly undid the knot. As she removed the cord she held the loincloth in place with one hand. Then slowly she began to pull it up and through her legs. The top of her thighs held it gently as it made its passage over her pussy. Fine red pubic hair was just visible on each side of it. Then it fell free of her thighs and she pulled it up the last few inches, spreading her legs a bit as she did. It revealed soft pink pussy lips, glistening slightly, and the rounded mons veneris with a covering of soft red hair. My cock was starting to twitch now as she put on this silent strip show for me. She slipped out of her high heels and posed beautifully, her shoulders thrown back thrusting her tits forward and her legs opened just enough to display the lips of her pussy below its silky red nest. My mind was spinning with anticipation of what would come next.

Slowly she walked toward me, her hips swaying and her breasts moving gently. Once again she laid one finger on my lips. Then she brought the black silk cloth from her loins up in both hands and stretched it out in front of me. Slowly she brought it toward me. She moved it toward my face, and as it neared me I could smell a slight musky odor from her pussy juices on it. Then she raised it a bit more and I realized that she was blindfolding me. The smooth black silk covered my eyes and hid her naked beauty from me. For a moment I was disappointed. She leaned into me to reach behind my head and tie the blindfold and as she did her soft round breasts pressed into my chest and her silky hair brushed my shoulders. I could smell the faint perfume she was wearing, but no sound was exchanged between us.

Now unable to see, I knew only what I felt. The rest of the black silk was pulled down and over my mouth, and again tied behind my head, making a soft gag reminding me that silence was demanded of me. The soft music that had been playing faded to complete quiet.

Then I felt nothing, and I waited in the darkness and silence. Time passed. The next thing I felt was a light touch on the back of my neck. It was pulled tighter and I realized that it was a thin chain. Although I could not see it, in my mind I knew it was gold. It encircled my throat and was clipped in front. Then for a moment we again stood in silence. A slight tug on the chain signaled me to move forward. I knew the hall was short, so as we moved I surmised that the white curtain at the end of it had opened. I had no way of telling into what sort of a room the gentle pull of the chain led me.

The chain dropped down so I knew she was no longer holding it. She made no sound to let me know where she was. I waited in anticipation. Soon I felt careful fingers lightly touch the buttons of my shirt. One by one they came open, and then her nails traced over my chest, running around my nipples and then brushing them lightly. I had never realized how sensitive my nipples could be. Slowly her finger trailed down over my belly in soft curves. Then her hands went to my shoulder and removed my shirt so I stood bare chested. Her hands went away and again I stood in silent anticipation as she moved so softly I had no idea where she was.

I felt a gentle brushing on my chest, so soft and light I did not at first what it was. Then as she pressed in closer I realized she was rubbing her tits across my chest. They were pleasantly yielding as she moved lightly back and forth. Then I felt her fingers trace down my stomach to my belt and the button of my jeans. Softly she opened it and pulled down the zipper. I could feel my cock trying to rise in its confines. She worked my pants over my hips, and then I felt gentle hands rising up my thighs and ever so lightly brushing my crotch. My pants dropped to the floor and I obediently lifted each foot as she tapped it, so that she could pull off my socks and shoes and then my pants. Still no word passed between us.

Once again she moved away. I stood there in my briefs, seeing nothing, hearing nothing, feeling nothing except my dick throbbing lightly in anticipation, having no other sensation but the light aroma of her perfume in the air.

Next I felt her gently, gently, grasp my balls in one hand and lightly run one finger over my cock. It was rapidly coming to full extension now, and jerked under her attentions. Then she pulled my briefs down, freeing my rod to spring to spring out. Again I raised my feet to assist her remove my final clothing. As I stood there in full nudity, she rose up slowly, and I could feel her tits rubbing along my legs, then my thighs, softly over my crotch, pressing into my stomach and chest. She put her arms around my back and leaned her whole body into mine, her soft pussy hair rubbing my cock, which throbbed against her. Then again she stepped away and I stood in sensory deprivation.

Now I felt her take hold of both my hands from behind me. She had moved so silently I was surprised she was there. She brought my hands together behind my back, and I felt something soft, probably that black silk cord, wrapped around them.

Then she again pressed against me, her boobs flattening against my back and her soft pussy hair rubbing my butt. Softly we swayed for a moment that way. Gently she pulled me back. My hands behind me felt a cold pole and the cord was wrapped around, holding me in place there. Then suddenly she once again left me standing in darkness, hearing and feeling nothing.

For a few moments I stood there, listening for any sound but hearing none. I tried to detect her position from the soft smell of the perfume but it seemed to be everywhere and nowhere. The only thing I was sure of was the hard almost painful erection that was standing out in front of me, jerking up and down in empty air. Soon I felt the chain around my neck tighten, pulling me back this time, and I heard the chain scrape as she fastened it, probably to a ring on the pole. I was now constrained, gently in every way but unable to move anywhere of my own volition. I could only stand against the cold pole and wonder.

Then I felt the gentlest touch of something flick over the tip of my dick. It was so sudden, so soft, that I gave an involuntary thrust of my hips toward it but it quickly withdrew. Then it was back, a soft gentle touch, then gone again. Once more I felt it, but so soft and quick that I could not even decide if it was a finger, a tongue or a nipple that was caressing the tip of my shaft. Again and again it stroked. Then slowly I felt it going in circles, around the tip and down to the ridge and around again. I decided that she controlled it so well that it must be her finger. Softly it probed the opening in the end of my rod, and now I thought that I felt the wetness of her tongue. But now it passed sideways along the ridge, and then was followed by another passage the same direction. Was that her two nipples, one after the other, or simply a finger repeated twice? The amazing feeling of excitement caused by the gentle rubbing was only multiplied by not knowing exactly the source.

Now the rubbing became harder, and my stiff rod became more insistent to press into it. I felt the softness against my cock and soon became sure that she was on her knees in front of me, rubbing her tits across my cock. Soon I was confirmed in this by feeling one soft mound pressed to each side of it. The soft mounds moved up and down and I wanted to thrust my cock up and down between them, but I felt gentle hands holding my hips still. She began rubbing her big tits back and forth across my dick, each nipple in turn flicking across the head of it. My excitement was building and building with each flick.

Then it stopped. I could see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing. It was as if I were floating alone in space with only the contractions of my cock to orient me. For long moments I strained to hear anything, to get any feeling for her intentions. I did not know if she was even in the room. What sort of birthday present was this that the guys had arranged for me?

Something touched my dick, so very softly. Smooth skin rubbed over it and I felt the rounded shape. Was she rubbing it with her boobs once again? I thought so. My dick slipped into the crevasse between the rounded mounds, and then up on to the other one. Round and round on the smooth skin it went but I couldn't find the nipple. Then the hard cock slipped back into the crack and I felt it clamp down and begin to move up and down. I realized that this time it was her round ass that was rubbing my crotch. I think she leaned forward and thrust her ass backward to press it hard against my dick, and then she moved it in circles until my shaft was throbbing again. In the darkness and silence everything was concentrated in the sensitive nerve endings of my cock and the felling was intensified beyond anything I had felt before. It built and built toward the climax.

And then it was gone. Where was that beautiful butt? Nothing gave me an idea where she had gone. Only my rod twitching and tingling was left to me. I fought to climax and end this all, but there was nothing left to stimulate it. Slowly, slowly again it subsided. I could feel its rock hardness projecting in front of me but knew I was retreating from my orgasm once again. Time passed unmarked in my blank and soundless world as I awaited the next stage. I moved what little way I could, to the right, to the left, searching for her touch, but found nothing.

Then something slid softly across my balls, and continued up the shaft of my hard rod. It felt a bit wet. Was it her tongue teasing me? It circled the ridge at the top of my cock, and then slid back down. I knew I could feel the slight wetness now. At the base of my cock it flicked back and forth, and then swiftly licked up and down and up again. As it reached the top, and my cock strained forward to meet it, I felt soft lips encircle the head. I remembered their sweet pinkness and felt their lush softness as well as the moisture. Slowly, slowly, she slid her lips down down down the shaft. My cock was deep in her throat and still she took it in. Then when it was fully inserted she rolled her tongue around inside, sending waves of sensation flooding me and making me thrust my hips forward to drive it in. Again and again she took it in and let me draw it out. The sensation was overwhelming. She took me right to the point of climax, and slowly pulled her lips up the shaft to the crown. Her tongue flicked around gently. I tried to move my cock forward into her mouth, but a pull on my neck reminded me of the chain fastened to the pole, and my hands behind me reached the end of the silk cord. Still I strained forward but her lips drew slowly off my cock until I could not reach them any more. I stood there twitching my hips in to the empty void, my cock screaming to come, but she was gone.

There was nothing I could do. I writhed my hips in agony but nothing touched my cock to give it relief. I stood there as the excitement gradually subsided, and gasping for breath I struggled to gain control and stand up straight. Finally I was standing still against the pole, still hard but not throbbing uncontrollably. Silence and darkness surrounded me, and I surrendered to them and waited.

My eyes could not see the flame haired beauty but in my mind I could. I knew I had had my cock between those soft breasts, rubbing those upright pink nipples, probing the soft cheeks of her ass and inside those soft pink lips. I was thinking of other places I wanted to put it, and waiting for her next move.

Did I feel a soft breeze on my ear? Gently the air moved, then a little more strongly. A soft breath was blowing on me. Slightly, oh so slightly, I felt something press against my side and my thigh. Lips touched my ear and exhaled gently, hard nipples rubbed me and I felt soft hair and wet pussy lips against my thigh. Wondering what she was doing now, I waited for some sign. Then I felt a tug at the cord around my wrists and it fell off, to the ground I suppose. I heard a tiny scraping as the chain around my neck moved, and then it began to pull me forward. I followed in silence, because she had not said a word at all.

Walking in darkness, with no sound from her footfalls, I could not tell where we went, whether we stayed in that room or entered another. Soon I felt the light chain fall down across my chest, reaching just below my belly button, almost touching the top of my still hard cock. My hands were free, but I did not reach. My cock was telling me that it would like to feel my hands on it, but my mind said to wait for better. So I stood, blindfolded, hearing and feeling nothing, and waited.

Some time passed. I had no way to tell how long. It seemed a long time, but surely in a long time my hard on would have given way, and I still could feel it strong and erect.

I strained all my senses. Had I hear a tiny susuration of sound? Was there a soft current of air in front of me? Had she come back, or had she ever left?

Two hands were on my chest, pushing backward. Totally unprepared I fell back. The back of my knees hit the edge of the bed and I was prone on its soft surface in a second, surprised and confused. Soft hands grabbed one ankle. They pulled it to the side stretching my leg that way, and it was wrapped in something soft like lambs wool. I heard a slight snap. Then the other ankle was grabbed, wrapped and secured the same way. I was left lying there like that, my legs spread wide. I tried to move them and found that they were securely fastened to the corners of the bed or some other object, I knew not what.

In quick succession both my wrists were treated the same way, pulled up over my head and to the sides and fastened, so I was totally spread eagled and helpless on the soft bed. The blindfold still covered my eyes and the gag my mouth. My cock, however, surprised by the sudden push and the turn of events, was rapidly becoming flaccid. I was not sure where this fantasy was going.

For some again unknown length of time I lay there with no sensory clues. Then something dripped on my chest. I felt a spreading pool of warmth. A trickle of the warm stuff began going down my chest toward my belly. Momentarily I thought it was blood and then I realized it was warm oil. The thin stream poured on my belly and my belly button and then moved on down toward my cock. Although that organ was lying quietly, it began to become alert when the soft stream of warm oil was poured down its length, and gently over the balls.

The trickle went on over both thighs, awakening responses in my cock for what I hoped would be a nice rubbing. Soon soft hands were on my chest, spreading the warm oil over my muscles and around my nipples. Then they followed the stream down over my belly. They began making warm circles, coming nearer and nearer to my re-hardened cock each time. It seemed that rod was reaching out toward them and I moved my hips the little I could to try to reach those warm hands.

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