tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Humiliated Salesgirl

The Humiliated Salesgirl


After graduating from college, I was hired as a teacher at a small community college. Even though I enjoy teaching, I didn't want to be confined to a classroom during the summer. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to take the summer off so a friend of mine talked me into selling boats for her at a dealership she managed.

Although I knew very little about boating, I was happy to find a job near the lake. My friend, Brenda, told me not to worry about the technical jargon of boating. She said that most boat buyers already know what they want so the key is to use looks and personality to seal the deal.

Brenda assured me that I had what it took to sell boats and I didn't want to let her down. To prepare for the job, I read the sales brochure for every boat in their inventory. I also made sure that I was dressed to kill for my first day as a Boat Salesgirl.

Since Brenda stressed that sexuality sells boats, I selected clothes that accentuated my body. For starters, I put on a small white bra with matching panties. As I glanced at myself in the mirror, I tried to decide if my titties were too visible beneath the thin fabric. My pink nipples were easy to see and the half-cups pushed my breasts up to the point where they could spill out of the flimsy bra if I leaned over. Even without bending over, my nipples were teetering on the edge of the bra. It was almost as if I wasn't wearing a bra at all!

My panties were just as transparent as the bra. The see-through white material did little to hide my neatly-trimmed auburn bush in front and my butt crack showed right through the nearly transparent fabric from behind. In fact, some of my butt crack even hung out above the waistband of the tiny undies. The high-cut sides of the little underpants allowed my firm round butt cheeks to peek out from below, too.

I slipped a white button-down blouse over my flimsy bra. The small bra appeared to have a push-up effect, which I shamelessly exploited by leaving the top three buttons of my blouse open. My boobies are only medium sized, but since I'm only five-one with a petite figure, my titties don't have to be big to look good.

I selected a navy blue pleated mini-skirt to wear with the white blouse and I also wore a pair of matching flat sandals. As an added touch, I pulled my reddish-brown hair back and tied it with a white ribbon. After touching up my makeup and dabbing on a little of my best perfume, I was ready to go sell boats.

The outfit looked great, but after one last look in the mirror I was still rather nervous about wearing it to work. My nipples were faintly visible even though they were covered by two layers of material. The thin blouse did not mask the fact that my nipples could easily spring out above the edge of the undersized and unrestricting bra-cups. Also, the short skirt left no margin for error if I had to bend over.

As I drove to the boat dealer, I pondered why I had worked so hard to get a Master's Degree only to resort to flaunting my looks and body in order to make a living. I also wondered why I would allow myself to go to work in such a revealing outfit. It reminded me of all the times I was publicly humiliated at the hands of my sorority sisters while I was in college.

Then I suddenly remembered that Brenda was one of the sorority sisters that enjoyed humiliating me. She was an upperclassman when I was a freshman so I was often the target of her public nudity rituals. However, we became good friends before she graduated and she now ran a successful business. Therefore, I figured she must have outgrown that type of immature behavior, although the outfit she asked me to where suddenly raised some doubt.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the boat dealership, I was immediately confronted by a couple of young girls who obviously had exhibitionistic tendencies. They were wearing skimpy bikinis and washing boats in the front of the lot. The girls looked like they were probably seniors in high school and their bikinis left little to the imagination.

Brenda met me at the door and ushered me into her office. The office had a big window that faced the front lot so I watched as the playful young girls scrubbed the boats. I like guys, but I enjoy teasing and flirting with them more than actually having sex with them. That's how I ended up so attracted to girls.

I used to make love to other girls while guys watched. I did it just to tease the guys, but I've found that a girl really knows what another girl wants. Now I'm more inclined to fantasize about girls than I am about guys. That's why all the smooth skin that the girls outside were displaying quickly captured my attention.

Brenda noticed that I was gazing out the window and asked, "So Mindy, you're still into girls?"

I blushed and meekly said, "Yes."

Brenda continued, "Then you probably like my Boat Wash Girls."

I replied, "Well I must admit, they sure are cute!"

Brenda asked, "Did you notice how skimpy their bikinis are?"

I replied, "How could I not notice? Those little triangles of material they're using for tops are so small that the girls are about to fall out of them, and they almost look naked from behind in those tiny thongs!"

Brenda added, "I know. The girls have a tendency to stop traffic when they bend over to wash the bottoms of the boats in their uniforms."

I asked, "Uniforms?"

Brenda replied, "Yes, uniforms! I carefully selected those bikinis for the girls. First I took their measurements and then I picked out bikinis that were a size too small for them."

I asked, "And they agreed to wear them?"

Brenda answered, "Not at first. It took a bit of persuasion and some extra money to get the girls to go out there nearly naked and wash the boats, but now they're so popular that they've learned to enjoy it."

I said, "Well, it looks like they get a lot of attention. A carload of boys keeps driving by and honking."

Brenda said, "Yeah, those girls love all the attention the boys give them. They smile and wave to the boys, and occasionally they'll even flash 'em, too."

I excitedly said, "Now look at 'em. They're throwing soapy sponges at each other and...did you see that? The blonde girl's breast accidentally popped out!"

Brenda looked out and said, "The stoplight out front is red and that carload of boys had to stop. Since the boys are watching her, it probably wasn't even an accident that her boob fell out, but the girls are both eighteen-years-old so they can do whatever they want."

I said, "Now look what's going on. The blonde asked the brunette to re-tie her top, but the brunette is threatening to let go of the strings. The boys are urging her to drop 'em!"

Brenda looked out and said, "Yep, and there they go! The brunette released the blonde's top and now the blonde is acting all embarrassed about it, but it's no big deal."

I excitedly said, "No big deal? Losing your top in front of a carload of boys has to be really embarrassing. See? She's upset about it. She's so mad that she's arguing with the brunette instead of pulling her top up. The blonde is letting her titties hang out right in front of those guys!"

Brenda chuckled and said, "Don't get so worked up. I've seen this act before. In a few seconds the blonde is going to pull the bottom of the brunette's bikini down and then she'll flick soap in the brunette's eyes."

I watched for a moment and then I shrieked, "Oh my gosh, she did it. The blonde pulled the brunette's bikini all the way down to her ankles...and she's totally shaved! I can see everything!"

Brenda added, "So can the boys...and there goes the soap."

I excitedly said, "That's so mean! The brunette has her hands on her eyes trying to get the soap out so she can't reach for her bikini. That poor girl. Her bare butt and bald pussy are completely exposed in front of all those boys and she can't do anything about it. We've got to help her!"

Brenda laughed and said, "Relax, Mindy! I watched the soap and it missed her eyes completely. It's all an act. She wants to give the boys a nice long look at her sweet smooth pussy and her beautiful bare butt. Remember, she's competing with the blonde who still hasn't fixed her top yet. The blonde is parading around with nothing covering her titties."

I said, "But there's a second carload of boys out there now! They can also see the brunette's pussy and butt. With the soap in her eyes, she doesn't even know the second car is there!"

Brenda assured me, "Oh she knows the car is there alright and don't worry. See? The brunette is just about to pull her bikini up."

I said, "Oh my, and look how she's doing it. The brunette is squatting down with her knees spread apart. I can't see from this angle, but her pussy must be gaping wide open. The brunette is giving the boys a total beaver shot! They can see everything...and, oh no, it looks like she's having trouble getting up!"

Brenda said, "No...she's just not in any really hurry to get up. She knows those boys want to see her pussy and she's giving them what they want."

Brenda continued, "Now watch...the brunette will pull her suit halfway up and then she'll act embarrassed because the boys are looking at her smooth snatch. She'll stop what she's doing, slowly turn around, and then she'll pull it up the rest of the way."

I said, "You're right, but look at the way she's pulling her bottoms up. The brunette is bent over with her knees straight."

Brenda said, "I know. She wants to give the boys one last look at her bare ass. From the way she's bent over, I wouldn't be surprised if the the guys can see her pussy lips from behind, too."

I said, "It looks like it's almost over. The brunette is tying up the blonde's top and now they're kissing and making up...whew, that's some kiss! The guys are even throwing plastic beads to the girls. It looks like they're all having a good time."

Brenda said, "Those girls tend to have a lot of fun showing off out there. Sometimes the boats actually get washed, too, but that's not what they're paid for."

I said, "Huh?"

Brenda continued, "Like I told you, sex sells. Those girls attract customers and I'm hoping you'll do the same."

I said, "How? I'm inside the showroom."

Brenda said, "You're wearing a top so sheer that I can see your nipples even though you're wearing a bra, and your skirt is so short that your panties are almost showing even when you're standing straight up."

I said, "But that's the type of outfit you wanted me to wear. Is there something you're not telling me?"

Brenda just grinned without answering me. In my mind, I questioned whether Brenda expected me to sell boats or just provide eye-candy for the customers in the showroom. However, I didn't say anything out loud as Brenda went about handing me several documents to complete. I filled out the paperwork, but I also continued watching the playful antics of the girls outside until it was finally time for me to go to work.

As I waited on the sales floor for a customer to arrive, the other salesmen tried to make small talk with me. Brenda was the General Manager and she remained in her office. In the showroom, there was a Business Manager and two salesmen who were all men. There was also a cute young receptionist.

Brenda was wearing a classy business suit, but the receptionist was wearing an outfit that rivaled mine. Aside from Brenda and the receptionist, the only other girls who worked at the dealership were the Boat Wash Girls. All the mechanics, dock workers and boat service staff were men.

Soon two men in their forties entered the establishment to look at fishing boats so it was time for me to put my looks to work. I showed them our most popular bass boat and they seemed very interested in the boat, although they appeared to be even more interested in me. Then the moment came when I realized that my outfit was not suited for boat sales.

I needed to get into the boat which required me to climb up a ladder. All I could think about was my extremely short skirt and my nearly transparent panties. Did Brenda purposely fail to mention this part of the job when she urged me to wear these revealing clothes? I was beginning to have my suspicions!

I tried to wait for the men to climb the ladder, but the customers were such gentlemen that they insisted I get on the boat first. As I nervously climbed the ladder, I casually looked down and I was not surprised to find the men looking up my short skirt. They weren't gentlemen, they were perverts! However, there was nothing I could do about it now.

When I got to the top of the ladder, my nervousness intensified because in order to board the boat, I had to step wide off the ladder. The men were already getting a look at my nearly bare ass, but since I was wearing those super-sheer panties, it was likely that the men would see more than just my butt. They would also be treated to a glimpse of my pussy lips pressed against the thin material of my little undies when I stepped into the boat!

I hesitated for a moment, but the longer I waited, the longer the men could examine my see-through panties. I finally bit my lower lip and spread my legs wide apart so that I could climb into the boat. Getting in was not as easy as I had hoped. It took a few seconds for me to get my footing, which gave the men ample time to admire the beaver shot I was providing.

It was so humiliating! I was caught with my legs spread apart while two men gazed at my sweet pink pussy lips, which were barely covered by my veil thin panties. Once I completed my embarrassing ascent into the boat, I waited as the smiling men climbed aboard.

There were several storage compartments in the boat and the men insisted that I open each one. Of course I had to bend over to open the compartments and the men took the liberty of peeking down my blouse. With all the open buttons at the top of my shirt, it was easy for the men to see my bra-covered breasts.

However, that wasn't the worst part. I really got embarrassed when I felt the delicate bra-cups begin to pucker. The constant bending caused my boobies to slide out of the flimsy bra, putting my round rosy nipples on view for the guys to see!

After showing them the boat, my tits, my pussy and my ass for half the morning, one of the men finally agreed to buy the boat. I didn't want to climb back down the ladder so I simply jumped over the side of the boat. That was a mistake because my short skirt flew up in the air, revealing my skimpy see-through panties to everyone in the room! I still hadn't tucked my titties back into my bra, so the jump caused my boobs to bounce completely free of their restraints.

I quickly pushed my skirt down and then I put my hands inside my blouse to stuff my boobies back into my bra while everyone in the showroom watched. After all my girlie places were finally hidden, I escorted the guys into the office. With a red face, I stayed with them as Brenda and the Business Manager worked through all the paperwork and details involved with the purchase. After the men left with their new boat, Brenda congratulated me on making my first sale.

I sternly asked, "Brenda, why didn't you warn me about how difficult it is to get in and out of the boats?"

Brenda giggled and replied, "If I had, you wouldn't have worn a short skirt with see-through panties."

I said, "You're darn right I wouldn't have!"

Brenda continued, "And then you probably wouldn't have made a sale, either."

I said, "You haven't changed a bit, Brenda. First, you've got the nearly naked Boat Wash Girls out there in the parking lot flaunting their young bodies for all the world to see. Then you have your receptionist wearing the shortest skirt I've ever seen and you put her up front under a glass table. And she's not even wearing panties! Don't try to deny it. I saw it for myself. Now you've got me showing my goods on the sales floor. You're not interested in selling boats. You just like humiliating other girls. It must give you some sense of domination or power."

Brenda just smiled and said, "Quit being so dramatic, Mindy. It has nothing to do with domination or power. I was a Marketing Major and if there's one thing I've learned, it's sex sells! Now get out there and put that cute little body of yours back to work."

Reluctantly, I returned to the showroom to find another customer. A short time later, three guys in their mid-twenties came into the store asking about a runabout type boat with a big outboard motor on it. The only one we had was docked on the water. The other salesmen thought the guys weren't really interested in buying a boat so they let me wait on them even though I was the only person that had sold a boat all day.

The customers were close to my age and all three of them were well-built. I was beginning to loosen up and I did a little bit of flirting with the boys. Unfortunately, walking on the dock was new to me and since I was preoccupied with entertaining the guys, I didn't realize how windy it was.

When we got to the boat, the guy who was actually interested in buying it stood in front of me while the other guys stood behind me. Suddenly, out of nowhere a huge gust of wind blew across the dock. It lifted the hem of my skirt all the way up past my waist. I was holding the boat keys in one hand and a sales brochure in the other which hindered my ability to push the skirt down.

As my skirt whipped around in the wind, my face turned bright red because it gave the guys an opportunity to gawk at my nearly transparent panties for several seconds. I saw the eyes of the guy in front of me quickly zero in on my auburn pussy hair showing through the front of my see-through undies. The boys behind me could see my practically nude butt, too. When I finally regained control of my skirt, I was obviously embarrassed and it appeared that the boys wanted something else to happen that would prolong my embarrassment.

The guys asked if they could take the boat for a ride so I sat in the back while the guy that wanted to buy the boat took a seat behind the wheel. He started the motor, but then everyone saw that boat needed to be untied from the dock. All of the guys looked back at me so I reluctantly walked to the front of the boat.

There were two ropes holding the boat in place and I had to bend over to untie each one. When I did, my short skirt once again flapped in the wind, putting my skimpy underpants on view for the boys to inspect. I was mortified because I knew how sheer my panties were. I was afraid that in my bent over position, the boys were not only looking at my butt crack. I was worried that they could also see my pussy lips showing through the nearly transparent fabric from behind, too.

Eventually the boat was freed from the dock and we were heading across the water. The wind was playing havoc with my skirt as I sat between two of the guys in the back of the boat. My panties peeked out a few times, but then I learned to hold the skirt down, which disappointed the boys.

That worked well until the driver started asking questions about the controls. To answer him, I had to stand up and lean forward to point things out. That left my skirt completely unprotected. My pleated mini-skirt began fluttering in the wind, leaving my panties totally exposed to the boys sitting right behind me.

To make matters worse, I could feel that my little underpants were wedged in my butt crack, giving the guys even more to look at. The guy piloting the boat was asking easy questions that he obviously already knew the answers to, but his scheme successfully kept me bent over for quite a while leaving my little undies on display the whole time. It was a very embarrassing situation because I knew the boys sitting behind me were only inches away from my nearly naked ass and there was nothing I could do about it.

I was finally allowed to sit down, but the ride wasn't over yet. The driver began bouncing over waves, which sprayed water into the boat. After only a tiny bit of water hit my shirt, I realized that I was in big trouble. The little splash of water nearly made my sheer blouse transparent and the thin material that my bra was made of quickly became transparent, too. I was really embarrassed because all the guys turned to look at my shirt.

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