tagGroup SexThe Hunger Ch. 02

The Hunger Ch. 02


Please read chapter 1 before beginning this. This chapter is entirely dependent on the events of chapter 1. A writer thrives on your feedback. Please take a moment to vote and leave a comment if you feel so motivated.


I rolled towards Sharon on her expansive bed, leaving Jim in a semi-comatose state. I flowed into her arms and we shared a full body embrace. Our arms wrapped around each other and our hose encased legs entwined. It was a new and unique experience that I relished. It seems as if I melted into her, and her me. The feel of her lips on mine, the electric sensation of her breasts pressed into mine, the softness of our merged bellies, and feel our nylon covered legs rubbing against each other was such an all encompassing experience that it left me enveloped in a feeling of euphoria. Our eyes met and I was lost in her sapphire depths.

Our kisses were passionate, probing, lustful, and above all, hungry. I felt the hunger peak in me like it had never before. I needed this woman. Everything up to this point had just been a warm-up, a teaser for what was to come. Any shyness, fear, self-doubt, or nervousness I had felt earlier was gone. It was consumed by the hunger. I had never felt so alive, so aware, so needy, so sexually hungry, in my entire life. It was if it had tapped something in me that I had always been aware of as a shadow, but had never seen in the full light of day. My mind and body was open to this new part of myself, this hunger, this sexual epiphany, in a way that I had hoped for, but had never before had the courage, or perhaps it was the honesty, to really accept.

I left Sharon's lips and my body slid downward, exploring new, ripe territory. My lips and tongue trailed across the soft skin of her neck, leaving soft kisses and licks in their wake. Sharon mewled softly as I continued. I reached her breasts and my mouth explored the outside of each globe. Licking and kissing softly, exploring another woman's breasts the way I enjoyed and had dreamed of doing so many times in my own fantasies. What magnificent breasts they were. They seemed to be just the right size to fit her, a wonderful combination of softness and firmness, capped by two beautiful half inch nipples surround by quarter sized areolas.

Her nipples called to me, but I resisted. The need to suckle on her was like a primal force calling me. I wanted to explore all of her and not rush to certain parts of her body so I resisted the urge. My fingers grazed her turgid nipple as my mouth continued to explore her outer proximities. Her excited moan told me she enjoyed the stimulation my fingers provided. I felt her intertwined fingers in my hair, softly urging me, guiding me towards the closest nipple. Her need and my own collided and I allowed myself to be led.

My lips grazed her nipple and with further urging by Sharon I opened my mouth to lick her entire areola. The resulting gasp was a clear demonstration of the satisfaction she received from my oral efforts. My patience had reached a limit and I sucked her turgid nipple between my lips. The ever more lustful moans I heard coming from Sharon demonstrated my success in pleasing my new lover. I alternated sucking and strumming the tip of the nipple with my tongue. I lost myself in the experience of suckling her while at the same time I tried to reach back into my memory to recall her previous comments about how she liked her breasts pleasured.

Sharon and I had shared many online conversations during which we had compared likes and dislikes, especially in regards to sex. I recalled that Sharon had told me during one of our chats that she enjoyed a lover starting off softer then getting progressively more forceful, progressing up to and including some mild pain during breast play. This conversation particularly stood out in my mind because her likes seemed to be very similar to my own.

I moved to Sharon's other breast and repeated my previous approach. The pressure on the back of my head by her hand indicated she was ready for more and I happily obliged. I began to suck harder, greedily nursing, pulling her nipple and as much of her breast as possible deep into my mouth. Her groans signaled my success. Those groans increased in volume soon after when I began to softly, and later not so softly, sink my teeth into the engorged tip of Sharon's nipple. My free hand found her unattended nipple and I began to pinch it as I nibbled on her other nipple.

"Yes! Harder! More!" she exclaimed.

I redoubled my efforts as well as the pressure I was exerting on her nipples to the point that I felt I was close to doing permanent damage. Sharon only seemed to revel in the combination of pain and pleasure I was delivering to her tortured nips. I switched nipples again and moved my free hand down to Sharon's pussy. Her pussy was seeping juices like a fountain. A few flicks of my nail across her clit was all it took to push her over the edge and her body heaved up in orgasm.

"Ohhhh GAWDDDDDD!!!" she screamed as her body was wracked by a series of climactic tremors.

As Sharon came down from the heights to which she had risen I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw Jim laying on his side, watching intently, a broad smile on his face. He gave me a little nod, seemingly approving and encouraging me to go on.

I was feeling extreme pride in my ability to please Sharon but I wasn't done. I had so much more to explore, so many more fantasies and desires to experience in real life. I held her while she recovered from her orgasm and I saw her breathing begin to return to normal. It was time to move on.

I slid down her body and between her spread legs. Sharon's weeping pussy was before me. I took a moment to inspect it, so similar to my own but different in subtle ways as well. Her long, thin, almost delicate labia shone with a juicy gloss. To my impassioned brain they seemed to almost beg to be kissed and sucked. Her clit hood was prominent, showing promise of the treat that lay retracted within its folds. The star of her anus was also exposed to my view and seemingly asking to be explored.

I shook myself from my reverie and leaned forward, ready to make love to a woman's pussy for the first time. I planned on taking my time and savoring the experience. I had no practical experience in this, other then what I knew that I enjoyed. I planned on using this as a template from which to begin, and to go from there.

I began by kissing her soft, smooth thighs, just above the top of her hose. A soft murmur acknowledged my efforts. My kisses were soon alternated with wet licks and soft nibbles. Sharon's pussy beckoned to me. I ran my tongue up one delicate labia, and down the other, tasting the juices coating them. I savored her taste and compared it to my own that I had sampled on my own and tasted on a lover's cock after sex. Her taste was similar, but very uniquely her own.

As much as I wanted to continue teasing Sharon, my own needs were beginning to become overwhelming. My desire to savor her pussy was growing rapidly. I dove into her with a gusto that surprised me. Her labia spread as my tongue dove deep into her chasm. My senses were saturated with her taste and smell. I savored it like a fine wine.

"Oh yes, eat me, yesssssss," she cried. Her hands fell to my head, pulling me in deeper. I began fucking her leaking pussy with my tongue, stretching it as far as I could to plumb her depths. I felt her long labia stretched around my mouth, engulfing me in their clasp and creating an almost air tight seal.

Sharon continued to moan her approval and I could feel the tremors running through her body. Her pussy pulsed and pulled on my tongue. I unconsciously sensed her building arousal and knew she was ready for the coup de gras.

I extracted myself from her pussy and moved up slightly. As I did, I saw Jim out of the corner of my eye. He was lying beside Sharon, casually pulling on his cock and softly stroking her nipple while watching me. Our eyes met and he smiled, once again silently encouraging me to carry on pleasing his wife.

Proceeding on pure instinct, I softly licked Sharon's swollen clit. It's exposed head peaking out from the hood, seemingly begging to be licked. She moaned softly and again pulled on my head, encouraging me to bring her to her peak. I began a series of rapid, but soft, butterfly licks on her clit. Her hips rose up to meet my tongue and she groaned loudly.

I slid a finger into Sharon's sopping pussy and I sought out her G-spot. I found the swollen nub and began to massage it using a "come here" motion of my finger. Meanwhile, I slowed my licks on her nub and stiffened my tongue, giving it firmer licks.

"Oh gawd, yes, yesssss, so close, so close," Sharon groaned, obviously enveloped in pre-orgasmic bliss.

Her clit had retracted back inside its hood, signaling her proximity to orgasm. I switched tactics to a favorite technique that had been used on me. I sucked her hood between my lips, pealing it back and exposing her clit and began licking its re-exposed shaft. I also increased the firmness of my massage of her G-spot. Sharon immediately reacted as I hoped she would.

"Aaaaarggghhhhhhh!!!!" Her body shuddered as the sensations flowed through her body. She was on the precipice, ready to plunge over the edge into ecstatic oblivion. My entire focus was on pushing her over that edge.

The spasmodic contraction I felt around my finger told me she was there. I sucked hard on her clit and also slid a juice covered finger through the rosebud of her asshole. That was all it took and Sharon exploded.

Hard convulsions gripped my fingers in her ass and pussy. Body wracking convulsions shook the rest of her as she cried out loudly, "Cummming, cumming, oh gawdddd, oh gawdddd." A series of guttural, unintelligible utterances followed as the tremors continued to flow through her. Her pussy gushed a soft flow of juices over my hand. Not the forceful squirts I sometimes experienced, but more like a gentle flood of juices.

I was amazed by the intensity and duration of her orgasm. I suppose I may have been jealous of the intensity that she was able to achieve. It never really occurred to me that my skills had a lot to do with that. I just assumed it had more to do with her sexual capabilities.

I didn't stop but rather changed my approach as her orgasm continued. I went back to softer licks on her clit as I continued to fuck her pussy and ass with my fingers, slowly fucking her through her cum.

Her orgasm waned and suddenly began to peak again. She was soon cumming once again. It was a softer, gentler orgasm then her first. I backed off of my efforts as her orgasm subsided, trying to bring her down softly. I moved my mouth to her pussy and attempted to lick up the fluid remnants of her orgasm. Sharon finally pushed my head away, savoring the echoes of her orgasms and murmuring softly as she fell into a contented post orgasmic delirium.

I rose from between her thighs and Jim leaned over to me. Our lips met in a kiss and he licked the residue of his wife's juices from my lips. "You are amazing," he stated, "I have rarely, if ever, seen Sharon cum that hard. That has to be the hottest thing I have ever seen. I really have a hard time believing that this is your first time with a woman. That's not even to mention what you did to me," he said, smiling broadly.

"MMMMmmmm, come here," I heard from Sharon, beside me. She had recovered slightly and was back among the living.

I gave Jim another kiss and left him for the time being to cuddle with his wife. I wrapped my body around hers and she turned her head to kiss me. Our lips met in a gentle but steamy kiss as she tasted herself on me. Jim joined me in cuddling with his wife on her other side and she was encased in a cuddle sandwich. I softly ran my hand over her belly as her breath slowly returned to normal. I felt my own arousal but was content to wait to see what, if anything, would come next. I was content to simply share the conjugal intimacy of the moment.

"That was unbelievable," Sharon said after gathering her wits. "I thought I had had an orgasm before. If those were orgasms, we need to come up with a different name for whatever that was that just happened," she whispered dreamily.

"I sorta liked it too," I replied, giggling.

"Where did you learn how to do that?" Sharon asked.

"I don't know, instinct, what I like done to me, and what I imagine that I would like to be done to me. I had the feeling that we were pretty similar in our likes and dislikes so I just went with what I like and adjusted according to how you reacted. I'm just glad it turned out alright."

"Ohhh, it turned out more than alright," she replied. "My whole body is still quivering."

"Does that mean that I passed the audition?" I asked.

Ohhh, sweetie, you more than passed the audition," she said, giggling softly.

"All I know was that it was amazing to watch, simply unbelievable," Jim interjected.

Sharon smiled and reached down and took Jim's nearly hard cock in her hand and said, "I think we may have ignored poor Jim. Do you think we should make it up to him, or rather, do you think you might want to make it up to him while I finish recovering?"

"Mmmmm, yes, I think I might be willing to help him out," I replied. "Besides, my pussy has wanted to get a sample of that big cock of his all night long."

"Well, knock yourself out girlfriend, I don't think he'll put up to much of a fight," Sharon said.

"No, I'll try to take it easy on her," Jim said, smiling.

I rolled over Sharon and stretched out on top of Jim. I moved down and took his cock into my mouth, sucking it briefly and bringing it full hardness. Sharon's hand was still wrapped around the base, holding it for me. After licking off a drop of a pre-cum from the tip I slid upwards, briefly taking his cock between my breasts. Jim moaned at the sensation of his cock engulfed in the softness of my breasts. Continuing upwards, I straddled his hips and felt his hardness come to rest against my still wet pussy.

"Let me help you out here," Sharon said and her fingers once again gripped her husband's thick cock and with the fingers of her other hand she spread my labia. The mushroom shaped head of his cock was quickly deposited at the gates of my wet pussy. Sharon moved it back and forth between my labia, coating its mushroom shaped head with my juices.

"He's all yours," she said with a smirk on her face.

I sat up a little straighter and let me weight settle so that Jim's cock slid into my pussy slowly. His girth spread and stretched me like I rarely, if ever, had been stretched before. I reveled in the glorious sensation of him opening my pussy. I continued to lower myself until I felt my ass settle on his thighs and I groaned with contentment. His hard, wonderful shaft was fully buried, deep in me. I simply sat there for a moment, absorbing the feelings and getting accustomed to his velvety thickness. I quickly reflected on the fact that as satisfying as Sharon's mouth had been, there was nothing that could compare to the feeling of having a hard cock filling my chasm. It seemed to complete me and strike at a deep primal need within me.

Increasingly impatient, I started to rock my hips and slowly begin to fuck myself up the gorgeous organ that filled me so completely. I could feel my labia stretched around him as I moved and I occasionally changed the angle so that its base rubbed against my very swollen clit. I was in heaven.

Somewhere, as if from a far distance, I heard myself groan with pleasure. I set up a slow steady pace, occasionally grinding myself into Jim's pubic bone.

"It seems like you enjoy my husbands cock stretching that tight little pussy of yours," I heard Sharon say. I looked to my side and saw her kneeling there beside me, watching with rapt attention.

"Yes, it's wonderful. I'm so fucking full," I replied.

"Now you know why I cut him out of herd," she said with a giggle.

I felt Sharon's hands on me, slowly and deliberately caressing me as I continued to fuck her husband. They slid over my back, ass, and belly as I continued to pick up my pace. The feeling of her hands was electric as I shared in their intimacy with me.

The hunger was back with a vengeance. It had simmered, but was now at a full boil within my body and mind. My need to fuck this man was like an overwhelming desire that simply had to be fulfilled. I had no free will. The hunger had robbed me of it. It was if the hunger had taken over control and my whole essence was devoted to slaking this thirst for pleasure.

My slow canter on top of Jim had accelerated into a full blown gallop. Sparks of pleasure and pain shot through my chest as Sharon clamped her fingers on my turgid nipples. This only added to my desire. Jim lay there, thrusting back up at me as best he could, smiling, as he watched me please myself. It was clear that he was no where near to cumming himself, and I got some satisfaction from knowing that I could concentrate on my own pleasure for the time being. I changed the angle of Jim's cock once again and felt it rub against my G-spot. This elicited another heady groan from me and I began to rhythmically clasp his cock with my vaginal muscles. That in turn resulted in a groan from Jim, as he felt his cock being clasped by the velvety walls of my pussy.

"How is she?" Sharon asked.

"Wonderful, simply wonderful," he replied. "She has a very talented pussy, a snapping pussy."

Jim's hands grasped my ass cheeks and he began to help push and pull me faster and harder onto his cock. I felt the bed shift and I noticed that Sharon had disappeared from my side. The mystery of where she had gone was soon revealed by the softness of her tongue circling the rosebud of my asshole as Jim's hands spread my cheeks. My loud moans of pleasure assured her of my enjoyment of her efforts. Her tongue began a frantic dance around my ass and I pushed back into her when I felt her tongue push into the depths of my rectum. I couldn't help but clamp my ass around her tongue and my pussy around Jim's cock as I absorbed the sensations they were both delivering to my impassioned body.

The sensation of her tongue departed and was soon replaced by a thin feminine finger invading my ass. I mewled in pleasure as it sank deeper into my lubricated ass. The first finger was soon joined by a second that stretched my ass open. I could feel her fingers rubbing against the thick shaft in my pussy. It was a new, but very enjoyable, sensation.

Sharon began to thrust her fingers in and out of my ass in time to my thrusts on her hubby's cock. The alternating feeling of fullness and emptiness lit a fire in me. When she reached around and began to pinch my nipples, it set me off. My cunt clamped down on Jim's cock as I exploded. My pussy gushed, spraying my juices all over his crotch. I collapsed on top of Jim and my body convulsed as the lightning bolts of my ecstatic release flowed through my orgasming body.

"Oh Gawddddddd," I screamed. My guttural cries of release filled the room. I sank down on Jim's cock, allowing it to fill me to the brim and I felt myself contracting around his thickness as my pussy spasmed tightly. Sharon's fingers pinched my nipples even tighter and the pain from them blended with the other pleasurable sensations my body experienced and flowed into a delicious mixture.

As I was beginning to float back to earth from the orgasmic heights that I had ascended to, I felt Sharon's lips on my own. I moaned into her mouth and then I felt her hands moving my still quivering body, rolling me off of her husband and onto my back. Lost in my post-orgasmic bliss, I never even noticed her fingers leaving my ass. I groaned in frustration as I felt his cock slide from my drenched pussy.

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