tagGroup SexThe Hunger Ch. 05

The Hunger Ch. 05


Please read chapters 1-4 before beginning this chapter. While this chapter can be read as a stand alone story it is entirely dependent on the events of the earlier chapters. A writer thrives on your feedback. Please take a moment to vote and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. I hope you enjoy my scribbling.


After reaching the point where I was able to move, I made a trip to the bathroom and cleaned up. I was somewhat aghast at the sight of myself in the mirror. I was a wreck. After a moment I realized that I portrayed a "freshly fucked" look that, considering my current circumstances, may not be all that bad after all. After freshening up, I did some basic repair of my face and hair and went in search of the others.

I found Sharon, Mike and Amy standing in the living room, standing there nude and totally comfortable with being so. I had grabbed a silky robe to wear and I actually felt more self-conscious wearing it then my new friends seemed to be. Maybe it was simply because I stuck out. I grabbed a diet coke and a snack from the buffet and joined them. I could definitely use the fluids and carbs. I felt like I had just run a marathon.

When I joined them, I found that they were discussing some of the day in and day out details of life in the camp. I thought that this was a little incongruous considering the circumstance of the party. Slowly I began to realize that this is just part of who these people were. They were so comfortable with themselves that their sexuality and daily lives were just merged into one seamless entity.

When Sharon saw me, she wrapped an arm around my shoulder and said, "How are you doing sweetie?"

"Mmmmm, still a little wobbly, but other then that OK," I replied. My comment resulted in a giggle from Sharon and Amy and a knowing smile from Mike.

"Well, take a few minutes to recuperate and recharge and then we'll see what other mischief we can go get into."

"By the way, where is Jim?" I asked.

Sharon's eyes met mine for a moment and then she nonchalantly said, "The last time I saw him, he was buried in a pile of female flesh. He does love these parties." Her statement was made with an amused lilt to her voice.

We chatted a little more about the other guests at the party and when I had finished my soda, Sharon asked if I was ready to "dive back in." I told her that it was a possibility. I went and disposed of the coke can and paper plate I had been holding and rejoined my comrades.

Sharon took my hand and said, "Let's go take a stroll and see what the other's are up to. Admittedly, I was very curious. While we had been in the living room and kitchen I had heard frequent evidence of sexual activity taking place elsewhere in the house and I was more then a little curious as to what was going on.

Sharon led me to the other end of the house and we stopped at the doorway to the first bedroom we came to. The sight that greeted me was like something out of my wildest fantasies. The first thing I saw was Jim actively thrusting into Terri's plump ass on a mattress thrown on the floor. She was in the doggy position with John positioned in front of her obviously enjoying having his cock sucked by her. My first impressions were that she didn't seem to have any problem whatsoever taking Jim's thick cock in her ass and that she seemed to be a very talented sword swallower. She seemed to be encouraging John to fuck his impressive cock down her throat. I saw and heard no sign of her gagging and quite the contrary she was moaning rather loudly around the cock buried in her mouth. John and Jim were in a nice coordinated tempo, moving her body back and forth between them as their respective appendages slid into her holes. I also couldn't help admiring John's physique and felt a twinge in my pussy at the thought of possibly being fucked by such an obviously powerful man with what looked like it could be a pussy pleasing cock.

About the time I had taken all this in and digested it, I saw her pull her mouth off of John and she screamed, "OHHH FUCK Yes, Cummming, Ahhhhhh!" She shoved her ass back at Jim and took the full length of his cock into her ass. Within moments, her orgasm had subsided and she was back hard at work sucking John off.

Other movement and sounds in the room distracted me and I moved my view to see what else was going on. Terri's husband, Steve, was lying on his back on the bed while John's wife, Cathy, was straddling his hips. She was very energetically fucking Steve, her hips moving quickly as she took his cock in long strokes. His hands were gripping her muscular ass cheeks, seemingly encouraging her movements. She was definitely not a woman that lacked in either power or stamina. I could only describe her movements as "athletic" and her style of fucking certainly matched her physique. It seemed as if she had her fingers caressing her clit as she fucked him.

Just as I was getting lost in the activities of the room's occupants, I felt Sharon give a small tug on my hand as she whispered, "Let's go see what is going on in the other room." I nodded my assent and she pulled me down the hall to the other room. The next room was larger and the floor was covered wall to wall in mattresses.

I quickly saw that our hosts, Mike and Amy, were back into the thick of the partying. Amy was stretched out on her back on the mattresses with Lynn's still corseted body between her legs. Lynn's head was buried between Amy's thin thighs. Meanwhile, Amy was alternating sucking on both Mike's and Ken's cocks. Both men had a hand on one of Amy's nipples, pinching and pulling on them as she orally worshipped the cock being presented to her. Amy's now familiar moans of pleasure could be heard as she moaned around the cock buried in her mouth.

Having surveyed what was going on in the "mattress room," Sharon led me back to the first room to catch up on what was going on in there. I had a thought that Sharon may be missing out on the action. When I mentioned to her that she didn't need to be baby sitting me, she replied, "Don't worry about it, I sorta like to watch. Besides, the night is still young." Apparently, regardless of the time, the night was always "still young" among this group. I had no idea what time it was.

We could hear a loud cacophony of sounds as we approached the room. Most prominent among these were the cries of an obviously very aroused Terri. Sharon placed me in the doorway and her hands wrapped around me to embrace me as she peered over my shoulder. To say the sight that greeted me was hot is an understatement. Terri was urgently driving her hips back to meet Jim's cock buried in her ass. Her enlarged tits swung wildly beneath her as she did so. John's cock was still fucking into her throat, that is, when she wasn't loudly announcing her pleasure or giving directions to the men enjoying her body. John did not seem to mind, and as a matter of fact, he seemed to be close to cumming in Terri's mouth. The tell tale signs were all there, the clenched ass, the glazed look, and the withdrawn balls.

Terri freed her mouth from John's cock long enough to give a long series of almost incoherent instructions, "That's it fuck my ass... ahhhhh... harder... deeper... ahhhhh... yes... fuck my mouth... cum for me... give it to me... give me your cum."

Jim was obviously giving her all he had and was himself close to cumming. I had become all too familiar with my new lover's "style" and recognized his imminent release. With a masculine cry, Jim thrust hard and buried his cock deep in Terri's ass and his own ass quivered as he spurted his sperm deep into her rectum. This seemed to set off a chain reaction with the other two participants in the ménage a trois. How Terri managed to orgasm, with such obvious intensity, while John's cock was buried in her throat is still a mystery to me. Her muffled cries of release mingled with John's slightly more subdued groans as he came in her mouth. Terri did manage to pull back so that most of his load was deposited in her mouth. She obviously savored the taste of a man's cum.

During all this, Sharon's hands were roaming all over my body, and especially my breasts. My neck and ears were frequent recipients of her kisses and sucks as we watched the scene before us. Admittedly, I was very aroused from watching the action. Her attention to me only stoked the fire building inside me.

I had been so enthralled with the scene between John, Terri, and Jim that I had ignored the other action going on in the room. My attention was drawn to it by the rather loud feminine orgasmic scream. Behind the 3-sum, Cathy was on the bed, on her back, her muscular legs bent back nearly to her chest, with Steve thrusting away wildly on top of her. She was obviously enjoying the fucking she was receiving from Steve and her moans seemed to indicate she was nearing a peak. He was pounding his cock energetically into her spread and upturned chasm. The ecstatic cries of the 3-sum on the floor seemed to be the needed catalyst to set this duo off as well. Steve blasted into Cathy's pussy. His loud roar of release echoed through the room and was soon joined by Cathy's own enthusiastic cries of pleasure as she came hard around his still thrusting cock.

As the echoes of the most recent orgasms seemed to fade out, we heard another set coming from the other bedroom. At least one distinctly female and one male set of climactic moans could be heard coming from that direction. I was able to clearly distinguish Amy's distinctive moans. Perhaps there was a less familiar series mixed in as well. Sharon giggled and said, "and a good time was had by all," as she pinched my nipple.

A mad dash for the bathrooms and for liquids to replenish spent bodily fluids ensued as the bedrooms emptied out and everyone seemingly decided to take a break at the same time. Everyone took a turn at the bathrooms to clean up or pee. The group eventually all reassembled in the kitchen and living room area. I couldn't help noticing an abundance of self satisfied, smiling faces on the men, and blushing complexions among the women. What I truly found amazing was how the conversations turned to mundane topics of day to day life, as if the previous orgy had never occurred. The fact that this was all taking place with the assembled group standing and sitting in the nude made the scene even more surrealistic. It was if they all were so comfortable with the sex that they didn't make a big deal out of it.

Sharon, Jim, and Amy took turns keeping me company. One of them seemed to be constantly by my side while the socializing was going on. Finally, Amy made an announcement, "Ladies, what do you say, shall we have a "ladies dance,' while the guys recharge their batteries?"

I couldn't help but wonder what she meant by "ladies dance," but I was sure I would soon find out. I was agreeable to just about anything at that point. My previous voyeuristic activities with Sharon had resulted in a still smoldering ember of lust in my belly. I was more than up for anything that happened to come my way.

"Ladies, shall we?" Amy prompted.

The assembled group gathered and we were soon being led, en masse, by Amy towards the mattress room. Sheepishly I followed.

Sharon leaned over my shoulder and whispered, "Just relax and have fun. Just go with the flow. I promise you'll have fun." Reassured by her words, I charged forwards into what I was sure to be a unique new experience.

The river of female bodies flowed into the mattress room and seemed to split upon our arrival. Terri and Cathy gravitated towards me. Amy, Sharon, and Lynn seemed to form their own group on the other side of the room. This seemed to occur in an almost unconscious manner, without any prior thought other than perhaps the suppressed attraction we had all felt. Cathy and Terri did seem rather intent on being with me. My ego was bolstered by this thought. Being so openly desired was in fact a wonderful aphrodisiac.

I was enfolded by Terri and Cathy, wrapped in a 3-way hug as they turned their attention to me. I was at once intrigued by the contrast in their bodies as they pressed into the hug. Cathy's plush body was soft and yielding. Her large soft breasts pressed into my arm and I felt a hint of moisture there. I realized that she was probably nursing her baby and her breasts were leaking a little bit. My hand found its way to her generous ass as we groped one another. Meanwhile, Cathy's hard, muscular body was a striking counter point. I felt her small, very firm breasts, and small rock hard nipples pressing into my other arm. Everywhere I touched her seemed to be rippling flesh.

The three of us soon were entangled and engaged in a series of caresses and alternating kisses. My mouth was being shared by the two women and their kisses themselves seemed to match their physiques. Cathy's kisses were a bit harder, more insistent, and more passionate. Terri's were softer, sensuous, and more lingering. Their two styles created a symbiotic effect that left me wanting more. The previously smoldering embers of desire were soon whipped into an untamed blaze of passion.

The three of us sank to the mattress below as a single choreographed unit. All the while, the kisses and caresses continued as we slowly sank down. Terri whispered to us, "I forgot my pump at home, do you think you can help me out and help relieve the pressure a little?" Cathy's eyes met mine and I could see the hunger in them as we shared a lingering look and came to an unspoken agreement concerning Terri's request.

We maneuvered Terri on her back between us and prepared to drain her swollen breasts. This was something I would have never considered in my wildest fantasies, but in the heat of the moment the idea of nursing on her engorged breasts was definitely turning me on. I lowered my head towards her breasts and took a second to view what was before me. Her swollen breasts were crisscrossed with a series of blue veins. The nipples were a dark brown, enlarged, and a drop of white liquid sat at the tip of each of them. Anxious, I dove in and took a nipple between my lips. It only took a few seconds for her milk to let down and it began to flow into my mouth. Terri's hands rose to Cathy's and my heads, holding us against the soft globes. Terri moaned in delight as she felt the built up pressure release into our mouths. I savored her warm, slightly sweet milk as it filled my mouth. The texture was different then I had expected. Perhaps it was a bit thinner then cow milk that I am more accustomed to.

"Ohhh god, I love this. I love to be nursed. It's always such a turn on for me. My breasts are so sensitive right now. Thank you," Terri moaned.

Cathy and I merely groaned our acknowledgement of Terri's statement. I looked up and my eyes met Cathy's. From the gleam and excitement in her eyes I could tell she was enjoying this as much as I was. I couldn't help wondering how this fit into her training diet. I slid my hand across Terri's belly to her pussy and it encountered Cathy's hand already there. She moved her hand to Terri's pussy and left her clit open for me to caress. I found it all a bit strange, the way that we were so well coordinated in how we pleasured Terri.

Cathy had two fingers buried in Terri's cunt and I was rotating my finger around her enlarged clit that was peeking out from under its hood. Terri's moans and cries quickly signaled her approaching orgasm. Her hands pushed our heads more urgently into her breasts as she neared her peak. I picked up the tempo of my finger on her clit and I could hear the slurping of Cathy's fingers as she did likewise in Terri's pussy. I noticed Terri's clit had begun to retract back into her hood and I realized she was very close. Our combined activity was rapidly reaching a zenith.

With a shudder and a scream of release Terri fell into her climatic release. Her hips rose upwards as she arched into our hands. Cathy and I continued to suckle hard throughout her orgasm. Our mouths continued providing suction to her nipples. Terri's body finally slumped back to the mattress and shuddered through her post-orgasmic convulsions. I slowed and finally stopped my finger's movements and Cathy did likewise. Terri seemed to fall into a languid peace as she enjoyed the bliss I was sure she then felt.

Cathy detached her mouth from the breast beneath her and said, "Why don't we save some for the guys. I'm sure there are more then a couple of titty babies here that would love to partake." I giggled and simply nodded my agreement in response to her comment.

I took Cathy's arm and pulled her hand towards me. Her fingers were glistening in the soft light of the room with Terri's juices. I took her fingers in my mouth and licked the juices from them. The taste of her fingers made for a nice contrast to the lingering flavor of Terri's milk. Cathy seemed to enjoy the eroticism of my mouth and tongue on her fingers.

Cathy pulled her fingers from my mouth and wrapped me in her strong arms. It seemed as if I was wrapped by her much larger amazon-like body. Our lips met in a passionate kiss.

Cathy broke the kiss and pulled back from me slightly. Our eyes met again as she said, "I have a request too, that is, if you are agreeable."

"And what would that be?" I countered.

"I've always wanted someone to fist me. Your hands seem like they are small enough for my first time. I thought my first time would probably be with Amy but we have just never gotten around to it. Are you game?"

"Uh yea, I guess. I've never done it either, so I'm not sure what to do," I replied.

"I've done it to other girls, just never had it done to myself, so I'll coach you," she replied. The thought of her large muscular hand invading my pussy sent a shiver through me.

Suddenly, Cathy's husband, John, appeared out of no where and handed her a bottle a lube. That sort of jolted me back to reality and I took a moment to look around and see what was going on. The soft moans I heard directed my eyes to the other group. Amy, Sharon, and Lynn were arranged in a daisy chain. All three of them seemed to be happily enjoying each other's pussies. Several of the men were leaning against the wall, taking in the tableau before them. John quickly retreated back to his place next to Jim. He obviously didn't want to get in the way of the girl's playtime.

Cathy took the lube and began to prepare both me and her for the upcoming action. She popped the top open and squirted a generous amount of lube on my right hand. She wrapped my hand with her own and helped to smear the gel over it. She took the bottle and deposited another generous portion onto her own pussy. I heard her sigh as the cool gel made contact with her inflamed flesh. I gave her a final lingering kiss and then moved between the hard lengths of her out stretched thighs.

"Just started with two fingers and then slowly add more when I tell you. That'll let me stretch and get prepared."

I looked down at her shaved pussy and did as I was instructed. Her pussy was small and compact and I recall being surprised at that fact. I guess that I had assumed a woman of her size would be different. Her inner labia were almost non-existent. The one thing that was most surprising was her clit. It was huge. Even now, with her not fully aroused, it was almost like a small cock. I would later find that it would grow to even greater proportions as we proceeded.

I could feel her pussy gripping me as my two fingers slid in and out of her. Obviously, these muscles were also very well trained as well. I curled my fingers up and rubbed her G-spot. I could sense it swelling in response and her moans told me that I had hit pay dirt. Cathy's clit began to swell. I slid in a third finger and stopped for a moment to allow her to get accustomed to being stretched. The sight of her clit enthralled me and I couldn't resist it. It seemed to be almost throbbing as it swelled. With three fingers thrusting into her and rubbing her G, I leaned forward and licked her clit. The resulting cry of pleasure told me that the action of my tongue was more than welcome.

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