tagGroup SexThe Hunger Ch. 06

The Hunger Ch. 06


Please read chapters 1-5 before beginning this chapter. While this chapter can be read as a stand alone story it is entirely dependent on the events of the earlier chapters. A writer thrives on your feedback. Please take a moment to vote and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. I hope you enjoy my scribbling.


I awoke the following morning in the warm embrace of Jim and Sharon. I was sandwiched between them, their arms and legs draped across me. I could get used to this I thought. It had been a long time since I had had a lover to share my bed, but I had always liked waking with someone snuggling with me. Having two lovers snuggling seemed even better. A synergistic effect, I wondered?

The pressure in my bladder overrode my desire to stay in the embrace of my lovers. I slowly slid from between them towards the foot of the bed and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that they had rearranged themselves after I had departed to snuggle together. "Nature abhors a vacuum," I recall thinking.

After attending to the pressure in my bladder I jumped in the shower. My body was still sticky and covered in dried sweat from the previous night. This was the first time I had showered alone all weekend and I considered that thought as I took stock of the condition of my body as I soaped up. I ached all over, but it was a pleasant sort of ache and not really all that bad. Not bad at all really, considering the intensity and volume of sex I had enjoyed the previous night and day before with Jim and Sharon. My original plan was for a weekend devoted to sexual exploration and total debauchery. I had gotten that and much, much more.

My ass was a bit sore but not as bad as I had expected. My pussy had that well used feeling I had always enjoyed after a night spent with a new lover. My jaw and tongue ached a bit as well. They had obviously gotten more use then they were accustomed too. My hips and thighs were generally achy as well from all the sexual gymnastics they had endured in the last 36 hours. They felt as if I had just over done a lower body workout at the gym. My breasts and nipples were definitely tender from all the abuse they had endured, much of which had been self administered. The condition of my nipples was exacerbated by my mildly aroused state as my mind flashed from one erotic memory to another and the water flowing over their exposed tips.

I found a warm robe waiting for me after leaving the shower. After running a brush through my hair and scrubbing the morning breath off my teeth. I also found some aspirin and took a couple to help with the various aches I was feeling. I wandered to the kitchen in search of liquid energy. I found that someone had thoughtfully set up the coffee pot. I turned it on and it was soon gurgling away.

As I sat at the kitchen table enjoying my first cup, I heard activity coming from the bathroom. Sharon's beaming face soon joined me in the kitchen, she seemingly no worse for the wear. She was wearing a robe identical to my own.

We shared a moment of silence after she joined me at the table, giving me a quick peck as she sat down. We both sipped our coffee, content to simply enjoy the peace and tranquility of a quiet Sunday morning. I slid my hand over and took hers. She smiled and seemingly understood my attempt at intimacy.

Finally, she spoke, "Did you enjoy the party last night?"

"More then I can say," I replied.

"I'm glad," she said and then we fell silent once more, in unspoken agreement, not needing to say more. We simply sat and sipped our coffee, feeling happy in holding hands and watching the birds in the backyard.

Moments later she asked, "You sore?"

"A little. OK, maybe more then a little, but I kinda like it. I found some aspirin in the bathroom."

"I know what you mean. I remember how I felt after my first party," she replied almost wistfully, as if she was recalling the details in her own mind.

I recall sitting there, reflecting on all that I had experienced, and thinking that despite all the great memories I would take away from this weekend, the simple pleasures of this moment with Sharon would be one of the greatest. I felt like a void had been filled in my life. The sexual exploits with Sharon and Jim were a large part of that, admittedly, but there was more. I had never considered myself a lonely person, however, the intimacy and friendship that I shared with him stood out in stark contrast to my previous life. Could I have been in denial?

My mind wandered to how I really felt about my new friends and lovers. Could I be falling in love, I wondered? Admittedly I liked them a great deal, and I obviously was in full tilt lust with both of them. Was there more to it then that? 'Don't be silly,' I recall chastising myself, 'they are a married couple. This is just a bit of fun for all of us. This is just a one off experience, nothing more.' Even as I considered this, I couldn't help but wonder if I was fooling myself. My own doubt hung over me like a dark shroud. My mind was in a turmoil of joy, self-doubt, excitement, and confusion.

I was jolted from my reverie, "A penny for your thoughts," Sharon said.

I contemplated her inquiry for a moment, thinking about how I could describe what I did not understand myself. Finally I launched into it.

My words were barely coherent but Sharon, being the perceptive person that she is, managed to find the kernel of my thoughts buried in my babbling. Once I opened up, the words just flowed from me. There was relief and more then a little psycho-babble in my words. It felt good to open up to someone else, even if that person was someone that was intimately involved in my confused psychological state. Sharon simply sat there and absorbed what I was saying. The look on her face indicated that she was open to everything I said and obviously non-judgmental, which helped tremendously.

Finally my out pouring came to an end. I felt empty, as if I had spilled everything to her. I had never been in psycho analysis but I felt like some friends who had had described it to me. On one level I was afraid. Afraid of how it had been received by Sharon. On the other hand I felt joy at being able to share my inner most thoughts, desires, dreams, and fears with someone I felt such a strong connection with.

She simply sat there smiling, but at the same time I could see she was digesting my words. I could feel myself holding my breath waiting for her response. I forced myself to breathe. I noticed some clarity come to her as her eyes met mine.

Finally she spoke, "Kim, I think I can understand where you are coming from, at least to some degree. You have absorbed a lot of new things in the last few days. I was the same way when Jim and I started swinging. I had to re-evaluate my own self image as a woman, as a lover, and as a wife. At the same time I felt a freedom that I had never thought possible. It took me a while to learn to totally accept the new me. In your case this may be even more of an issue because of your feelings towards Jim and me. When I first got into the lifestyle, Jim was always there. There was never any doubt of our devotion to each other. He was my rock."

I started to say something and she stopped me, "Let me finish."

"OK," I replied, somewhat meekly.

She continued, "I think you can break down your own issues into two categories. The first is a re-evaluation of your sexuality based on the experiences of the last couple of days. For the most part, you are pretty much on your own there. I can't help you there except to say that you have nothing to be embarrassed about. I had led an even more sheltered life then you have before I met Jim. He opened a new world for me that I never knew existed. He calls it my 'blossoming.' Jim simply showed me the path towards the discovery of my sexuality. I was a sort of epiphany for me. I think you are going through something similar now. We are all the product of our environment and often our conservative society inhibits the sort of discovery and self awareness that you are now undergoing. My advice is to just kick back and enjoy it and allow yourself the freedom to explore. Save the self analysis until you have more information to base it on."

I simply sat there silently, absorbing the words of someone that I had come to consider a sort of mentor. She allowed me time let it soak in.

Sharon then launched back into her monologue, "The second set of issues has to do with your feelings toward Jim and me. Let me get say out front, we both like you a great deal, maybe more then just liking you. It's hard to say at this point. We like all of our swinging friends. What I will say is that we see the potential for more with you, something more of a long term relationship, and definitely more then just as a 'fuck buddy.' That said, we are not prone towards rushing into anything rash. We'd definitely like to see more of you and see where things lead. I will say that we have discussed the possibility of some sort of triad or poly relationship with another woman. Up until now, that has just been a sort of mutual fantasy we have discussed in bed, more of a 'what if' then anything more concrete then that."

My mind was a whirl of mixed thoughts as I considered her words. The fact that my attraction to them was returned was absolutely joy to my ears. The implications of her words, in terms of the more practical details of my life, were a more complex set of factors. Obviously this conversation was not the last we would have and I was glad to reserve more detailed considerations for a later time.

She sat, watching me digest her thoughts, smiling warmly. Our eyes met and I was lost for a moment in the warmth and obvious affection I saw there. Her hand gripped mine tightly as a sign of support. My heart skipped a beat.

Finally I replied, "So, we just take things one day as a time for now?"

"Absolutely," her smile brightened. "Maybe we can defer this conversation until later when we can include Jim. I think we need to take our time, not rush into anything, and get to know each other outside the bedroom a bit more. Not that I have a problem with getting to know each other in the bedroom more as well... and maybe a few other places besides the bedroom. Knowing that horny old goat the way I do, he will want you with us anytime and any place possible. He finds you highly desirable, almost as much as I do."

I couldn't help smiling at that thought. Sharon got up and retrieved the coffee carafe, refilling both our cups.

"Speaking of that horny old goat, I hear him up and moving. Let me take him some coffee. I'll be back with him in a minute."

Her absence allowed me a few minutes to further contemplate everything that had been said. I felt a growing sense of inner peace and serenity as I came to terms with what Sharon had said. I slowly began to realize that a lot of the doubts I had were unfounded and I just needed to allow time and experience to deal with the rest. With a new found resolve, I decided to push off into the future, unknown life that hovered as a possibility just over the horizon.

Jim came down with Sharon in tow. He was wearing a robe similar to ours. He greeted me with a quick kiss and went off to the kitchen. I heard the clattering of pans as he set about preparing breakfast. Sharon sat down next to me, reassuringly throwing an arm around my shoulder in an almost sisterly way.

"Feel better?" she asked.

"Absolutely," I replied.

"Just give it time. Everything will work out. You have a lot to absorb and think about."

"I know, I know," I replied. "It's just that I am such a control freak in my everyday life. I definitely don't feel like I am in control right now, not of my emotions, and definitely not of my body."

"Isn't it great?" Sharon said, giggling.

"Maybe so," I responded, joining her in a brief giggling fit. I was flooded with relief in my ability to share what I was going through with Sharon. I was slowly coming to find that she fulfilled so many roles in my life; lover, mentor, and friend. Perhaps "wife" at some point, I couldn't help wondering? My mind couldn't help but dwell on that possibility.

My silent reverie was interrupted when Jim announced that breakfast was ready. I jumped up and Sharon and I got busy setting the table. I was almost grateful for something to occupy my mind.

I set my thoughts aside and resolved to enjoy the rest of the day with my new friends. Breakfast was full of cheerful and teasing banter between the three of us. Jim and Sharon couldn't help but tease me about my enthusiasm and sexual appetite at the party. I attempted to jokingly return their barbs with a few observations of my own concerning their activities. I was referred to as a slut on more then one occasion but I quickly learned this was more of a positive term within the swinging community then it was in society in general. It was almost a compliment. It was just another example of how my perceptions had been turned upside down.

After breakfast, Sharon and I quickly and efficiently cleaned up the mess and loaded the dish washer. I recall reflecting how well we worked together, even in this simple chore. We found Jim on the couch reading the Sunday paper. We joined him, each on either side of him and shared the paper. There was a certain joy I found in this simple activity. Perhaps it was a sense of belonging and domesticity that had been missing in my life.

After we had finished off the paper and our coffee Jim announced that he needed to make an inspection tour of the camp and asked if we wanted to ride with him. Sharon asked if I wanted to lie out for a while at the pool and "bake the alcohol" out. That sounded like a good idea to me and she I went to gather up a few things to take with us.

I got ready, slipping off my robe, replacing it with a gauzy sarong that Sharon had loaned me, and found a pair of sandals to wear. I grabbed my beach bag, and restocked it with a couple of clean towels. I found Sharon in the kitchen preparing a water cooler.

"Do you like bloody marys," she asked. I replied in the affirmative.

"Well, I thought a little of the 'hair of the dog' was called for."

We were soon on our way towards the main camp complex. Jim dropped us off at the pool and promised to join us later. Sharon and I found a couple of loungers and got situated. My level of self-consciousness was much lower then it had been the day before during my first exposure to public nudity. The pool wasn't yet crowded but there was more then a few people there. Many were people I recognized from the day before. Could it be that I had learned to accept public nudity as "natural?" I pushed the thought into a corner of my mind for contemplation at a later time.

Sharon insisted on coating my still pale body with a liberal dose of high SPF lotion. I allowed her to do so, enjoying the feel of her hands on my aching body. I returned the favor and likewise enjoyed the feel of her body as my hands massaged oil into her darker body. The sun was warm and as we lay there, dozing, it helped to work out some of the kinks I had felt in my over used body.

Something awoke me from my cat nap and I looked up to see that we had been joined by Amy and Mike. I noticed a few faint bruises on her petite pierced and tattooed body and commented on them.

"Yea, that's not unusual after a party. I have a tendency to get carried away and I bruise rather easily," she commented.

"I know the feeling. I felt it this morning too."

"The price of pleasure," she giggled almost childishly in her high pitched voice.

I nodded in acknowledgement and understanding. They pulled up some loungers and joined Sharon and I. I must have dozed off again but woke when I felt Sharon nudging my shoulder.

"Wanna go soak in the hot tub for a while," she asked.

I nodded and we went to shower before jumping in the large tub. The water from the out door shower was cool on my sun drenched body but felt good. Sharon and I soaped each other to remove the oil. I enjoyed the intimate, yet innocent, pleasure of doing this for my lover and having her do it for me as well.

The hot water of the whirling waters of the hot tub was a stark contrast to the water from the shower. I soon became accustomed to it and allowed my body to soak up the heat. It was just what my body needed and I was glad that Sharon had suggested it. Amy soon came over to join us as we soaked.

She ooohed and aaahed as she sank into the water next to me.

"I wanted to thank you for having me at the party last night," I said. We were now far enough away from the other people at the pool that I felt I could discreetly mention the party.

"We really enjoyed having you. I know Mike particularly enjoying having you there," she said, smiling broadly and emphasizing the word having.

"Mike is such a horn dog," Sharon said.

"I wouldn't have him any other way," Amy replied and we all joined in a community giggle.

"Seriously though, I was so glad to see that you fit right in last night," Amy commented. "We are a pretty close knit group and it's not often that someone new fits right in so seamlessly. It was like you had known us forever."

"Well..." I started, "I was obviously very well welcomed by the members of your group. I was a little nervous at first, but everyone seemed to open up to me. That made it a lot easier to feel comfortable." I replied.

"Speaking of which," she added, "Lynn and Ken made a comment to us when they were leaving that they were disappointed they hadn't gotten an opportunity to play with you. Apparently they were quite taken with you last night. They asked me to pass along their phone number to you when I saw you. If you are interested, give them a call."

I looked at Sharon for guidance and she said, "I have their number and will give it to Kim but it's up to her whether she wants to spend some private time with Lynn and Ken. I'll fill her in on them later."

I thought there was some hidden meaning to Sharon's last comment and resolved to question her more about it later. The fact that I was now getting requests for private sessions with couples other then Jim and Sharon was somewhat shocking, and I admit arousing. It was not something I had previously considered as a possibility. Again, this was something I needed to tuck away for future consideration. That part of my brain was quickly filling up.

My mind flew back to the here and now when I heard Amy say, "If it looks like your dance card is starting to fill up, please put Mike and I down as well. We'd love to get to know you better as well."

"Wow, thank you. I admit I'm a bit overwhelmed right now," I replied.

"You're welcome," Amy said. "Look, I know you are new to this so let me explain a few things for you. A single, attractive, sexy, bisexual woman is something of a rarity in the lifestyle. The fact of the matter is that a lot of couples are seeking such a woman to play with. It's simply a matter of supply and demand. There are a lot more couples out there looking for someone like you then there are women like you looking for them."

I looked at Sharon and she simply nodded in agreement.

Amy continued on, "I know that you have something going on with Sharon and Jim. It's pretty obvious from the way that you two, and you and Jim, are always looking at each other. I suspect that you are too new into this to have discussed exclusivity, at least playing outside your relationship. I have a feeling that you are going to be having that conversation in the very near future though."

I was surprised at her words and wondered if I was that obvious. To say that I was even more overwhelmed would be an understatement.

Sharon finally spoke up, "Kim, as far as Jim and I are concerned you are pretty much a free agent, especially at this point. Jim and I have a pretty open relationship and we wouldn't expect you to be any different if you are included in that relationship. We have some other things to talk with Jim about later. Why don't we just add this to the list."

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