The Hunger Ch. 06


"OK," I murmured, my head spinning from this latest revelation and the thought that I had one more issue to consider. Was it an issue, or just another opportunity, I wondered?

"OK, I've had enough hot water," Sharon said. Amy and I agreed and after a quick dip in the pool to cool off we headed back to our chaise lounges. I noticed that Jim had joined Mike and they were talking. At first I thought they may have been comparing notes on me. When we got closer I was mixed with both disappointment and relief that they were not. They were talking as boss and employer about some repairs that needed to be done around the camp. They politely brought their discussion to an end as the three of us approached and they welcomed us back. Mike and Jim both took turns giving us a chaste but thorough kiss as we joined them. I recall thinking that this was something I could get used to. There were just so many things to get used too.

After chatting for a while, Jim asked if Sharon and I were ready for a "nap." His question produced a grin on Mike and Amy's faces. I'm sure that they realized that he was interested in more then rest.

Amy smiled at me and said, "That sounds like a good idea. What about it Mike, you ready for a nap too?"

"Yea, great idea," he replied.

"I really just meant a nap," Jim said.

"Yea right," responded a trio of voices, followed by a chorus of giggles. We gathered up our things and headed back to the golf cart.

Upon our return to their house, Sharon suggested a shower. She and I headed to the master bath suite and enjoyed a long, hot shower together. We washed and shampooed each other and I greatly enjoyed her hands on my body. It was a bit strange. Yes, I was slightly aroused by her, but at the same time there was a certain shared, non-sexual intimacy that I enjoyed even more. We dried each other with wonderful, large bath sheets afterwards and slunk off to the bed for a well deserved nap.

I snuggled against Sharon's shoulder, her soft breast pressing against me and fell off into slumber. At some point I was slightly roused when John slid into bed with us. He snuggled into my backside and I was sandwiched between my two lovers with his arm thrown across both Sharon and myself. I thought again how this was something I could definitely get used to as I fell back into sleep once again.

I was awoken by the unmistakable sound of Sharon's excited moans. I opened my eyes and saw her lying next to me, her legs draped over Jim's shoulders, and his face buried in her pussy. I immediately recognized that she was close to orgasm and reached out to caress her breast in order to help expedite the process. She reached out to me and beckoned me nearer. I moved closer and while pinching her nipple, our lips met. She moaned through our kiss as her orgasm peaked. I felt my own arousal growing as I shared in her joy. Her orgasm seemed to be the long leisurely sort that I was beginning to associate with what I thought of as "afternoon sex." She slumped back into the bedding as her body began its recovery process. Jim slid up and we met in a three-way kiss. Sharon and I both tasted her juices smeared on his face and lips as we kissed. Our tongues shared the taste as they danced together.

"Kim, help Jim, he needs you. Give me a minute to catch my breath," Sharon gasped.

I merely kissed her in response and moved over to attend to John. He was lying on his back, his impressive, tumescent cock stretched out across his belly. His cock was soon filling my mouth as I tried to mouth fuck him. I was starting to get the knack of handling his girth but I realized that I had a long way to go to match Sharon's expertise in that department. Based on his reaction to my efforts, Jim didn't seem to mind. I savored the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum on my tongue as it swirled across the head of his cock.

I felt Sharon moving and her lips soon joined mine as she knelt next to me and joined me in my oral worship of her husband. Her hands caressed my back as we sucked on his cock.

Suddenly an idea occurred to me. I relinquished his cock to her for a moment and whispered into her ear, "Do you think I can try him in my ass?"

"MMMmmmm, I'm sure he would love that. He's been wanting that ever since we met you," she replied, removing his cock from her mouth just long enough to speak. "Why don't you go prepare yourself and I'll keep him ready for you?"

By "prepare yourself" I knew that she meant an enema. I simply nodded my understanding and crawled off the bed and headed towards the bathroom. I knew she kept a pretty good supply of disposable enemas in her cabinet and I soon found one and after using it I felt flushed, clean and ready to take my lovers cock in my bottom,

I rejoined Jim and Sharon on the bed and kneeled on the bed, once again taking his cock deep in my mouth. Sharon left us and I could hear her rustling around in the bedside table.

She leaned over me and whispered into my ear, "Just keep that up, I'm going to finish getting you ready."

I kept up my efforts with Jim, not really trying to get him off as much as keep him aroused. I was making slow love to his cock without any real goal of orgasm. It was something new for me and something I found that I enjoyed, giving pleasure for its own sake, and not necessarily orgasm as a goal in and of itself. The best way that I could describe it was an oral massage. This would soon change, but for the moment I simply enjoyed the unrushed experience. Jim seemed to enjoy it as well as he smiled down at me.

The next thing I felt was Sharon's hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks. This was quickly followed by the delicious sensation of her tongue rimming, and later pushing into my ass. My arousal level ratcheted up several levels as a result of Sharon's actions. This weekend had certainly provided me with a new appreciation of my anal eroticism.

The warm embrace of Sharon's tongue was replaced by the cool sensation of lube as she continued my preparation to receive her husband's cock in my back door. Her finger replaced her tongue as she spread the lube deep into the recess of my anus. I moaned into Jim's cock as I filled her finger filling and stretching me. It wasn't long before a second finger slowly joined the first and its intrusion filled me with a stretched feeling that I was quickly learning to appreciate. Sharon's third finger stretched me even further and I felt the hot pangs of some erotic pain as she stretched me. That pain quickly and almost magically metamorphisized into pleasure as my ass was further filled. Sharon set up a slow fucking motion with her fingers, allowing my ass to adjust and accommodate them.

"Sweetie, she's almost ready for you, come here and let me get you ready," she said, while continuing to slide her fingers in and out of my spread ass. I had slowed my oral attention to Jim as Sharon's actions diverted my attention from his cock to my ass.

Jim moved to the foot of the bed and joined his wife. Her fingers left my ass and I slumped down onto the bed, my ass feeling empty for the moment. She quickly had his hard cock generously lubed and prepared to take my ass. She wiped her hands on a hand towel that had mysteriously appeared, seemingly out of no where, and moved me further up the bed. She placed a couple of pillows under my hips, elevating them and allowing Jim access to my posterior.

I felt hands, Sharon's I thought, spreading my ass cheeks once again. Then there was pressure, the pressure of Jim's bulbous cock head pressing against the closed entrance to my ass. I willed myself to relax, to take deep breaths.

"Push out, like you are going to the bathroom," Sharon advised.

I did so, and felt the pressure increase as Jim ever so slowly slid past the gates of my sphincter. I gasped as I felt the pain of his penetration spear through my ass. He stopped and waited for me to adjust to his girth. His cock was much more substantial then that of Mike's that had penetrated me the previous night. A thought went through my mind that maybe I was a bit too optimistic in my ability to accommodate his cock. However, I was determined to take him in my ass, and not ready to give up. After a minute or two, the pain morphed into a wonderful fullness that I was quickly learning to enjoy. I contracted my sphincter around Jim's cock head and he responded with a heart warming groan.

"Just push back onto him when you're ready Kim, he'll let you take it at your own pace," Sharon whispered into my ear. I realized that with her duty as helper done, she had lain down next to me; her hand reassuringly caressed my back.

I rose up on my hands and started to slowly push my hips back towards Jim, his cock slowly sliding deeper. My bowels opened to receive him and I continued to marvel at the feeling of fullness. I found myself grunting as his cock slid deeper, filling me in a way that I had thought unimaginable, even with Mike. Sooner then I thought possible; I felt the bushy hair of his pubis pressed into the yielding softness of my ass cheeks. I felt a mild degree of elation and accomplishment in my ability to accept him. I was doing something that just days before I would have thought impossible, much less enjoyable. It was certainly enjoyable. Strangely, I even enjoyed the pain of the initial entry to some degree. That was something I needed to save for consideration at a later time. Right then, all I wanted to think about the wonderful feeling of Jim's cock buried in my ass and the warm feeling of Sharon next to me. I was in a sort of fog as I lost myself in the relatively new sensations that flowed through my body.

"Just let Jim know when you are ready for him to start moving," Sharon said. Her voice had a soothing and empathic quality to it. This was definitely an experience I was sharing with her as much as Jim. She understood what I was feeling and I took a great deal of comfort in that.

"I'm ready, slowly," I grunted to Jim.

Jim began shallow strokes, just an inch or so at a time, with a slow measured pace. I later marveled at his patience and will power. He played me like a fine violin, taking his cues from my reaction. His strokes lengthened and increased in pace as I reacted to him. I was lost in the sensations. At one point I realized I was pushing back towards him, encouraging him to push ever deeper to fill me. My own movements were setting the pace. He simply reacted to it. His cock was soon plowing in and out of my ass at a moderately quick pace and I could feel the flared head of his cock pressing against my anal sphincter.

"Fuck me Jim, fuck my ass," I moaned. I reveled in the experience. In a moment of reflection, I realized that I was getting off on the feeling of being taken, being used by Jim. While he had been very loving and sensitive in the beginning, Jim's own needs were now quickly coming to the surface and I was getting off on it. I realized that, as the experienced lover that he is, he knew I was at a point where comfort was no longer an issue. His hands gripped my hips tightly and he began to pull me back towards him to meet his thrusts. This only added to feelings I was experiencing.

Something new joined the mélange of sensations I was feelings. Sharon's hand wormed its way beneath me and I soon felt her fingers dancing across my clit. It was enough to push me over the edge and I had a quick and surprisingly intense orgasm. The orgasm only seemed to fuel the fires that had been smoldering in me. It turned me into a feral beast, only intent on my own pleasure as I was taken by Jim. His cock repeatedly plunged into my welcoming ass as my hips unconsciously slammed back into him. I was incapable of any sort of conscious thought. My body and mind simply reacted to the sensations that flowed through them like liquid lava.

Sharon's other hand found one of my still sore nipples and she began to pinch it, alternating between pinches of my clitoris. The pain and pleasure her fingers produced just melded into with the sensation of his hard cock plunging into my distended ass and his balls slapping against my dripping and swollen labia. My repeated and loud cries of release and pleasure seemed to only further spur Jim on to an even more enthusiastic fucking of my ass.

My body was wrenched by a string of seemingly never ending orgasms. One climax just flowed into the next. It was something I had never experienced, and would have thought unimaginable just a short time before. I felt the unbelievable at some point. Jim's cock seemed to swell even more. His masculine grunts of impending release was rapidly followed by the sensation of his hot cum jetting into my ass and his staccato, orgasmic thrusts as he unloaded into my ass. It was enough to push my fevered body into a final, and perhaps the most intense orgasm of the session.

Jim slumped forward. My satiated body welcomed the feeling of him on top of me. Sharon's hands had slowed to a stop as we had reached a final, mutual dénouement. I felt his cum slowly started to leak from my ass as he began to soften inside me. It was a feeling my idled brain welcomed as it seemed to be the appropriate culmination of the wide range of sensations that were such an important part of this for me.

I fell into a state of post orgasmic lethargy. At some point I felt Jim roll off of me but he was still next to me, his arm draped softly across my back. His nearness was comforting to me. I needrd the intimacy of his presence as I floated in my post sexual haze.

My mind returned to the here and now as I felt a new sensation. Sharon had returned to her helper mode. I had entirely forgotten about her for a while. She had a warm wash cloth and was cleaning my ass of the leaking lube and cum. I realized I would need a more thorough cleaning later, but her thoughtfulness was appreciated. She cleaned up Jim as well, after she was finished with me. I rolled my head to the side and looked at him. He seemed as wiped out as I did. Perhaps we had both found a level of sexual intensity that had reduced us to a similar level of exhaustion.

After resting and snuggling for a while I went off for my third shower of the day, not counting the one at the pool. Dang, I thought, being a slut isn't exactly conducive to water conservation. Jim joined me and it was his turn to wash me. Of course I reciprocated and washed him as well. I did notice that I was unable to get the smallest hint of a rise out of his cock, even as I soaped it with my hand. Even Jim had limits and I realized the last 48 hours must have depleted his sexual reserves. I know it had mine. I had long since lost track of how many orgasms I had enjoyed.

After we finished our shower and dried each other I went in search of my bag and began the torturous task of preparing to re-enter the "real" world. I simply ran a brush through my hair and passed on any makeup. Jim and Sharon had seen me at my best and my worst by this time and I didn't feel that I needed to be all gussied up for them all of the time.

As I was getting dressed, I realized this was really the first time I had worn clothes all weekend other then the lingerie I wore to the party. I didn't really count that as being truly dressed. To be honest, it was a bit let down as I prepared to join the world of "textiles," as nudists call non-naturist society. I would have never thought that I would have come to embrace the freedom of this lifestyle as much as I had. Perhaps that was just another facet of the weekend I would need to ponder upon in the near future.

As I was preparing for my departure, I saw Sharon scamper by a few times. When I asked her what she was doing she simply said that she was putting together a "care package." I imagined something like a sandwich and a cold drink, but when she returned with a large shopping bag full of items, I found that I couldn't have been more wrong.

I was packing a few last minute items when she joined me. She spilled the contents of the bag onto the bed and showed me what she was sending home with me. To say that I was a bit shocked would have been a severe understatement. The first that I noticed was the gauzy sarong that Sharon had loaned me when we had gone to the pool. She explained that she made about ten of them at a time and gave them away to friends that came to visit them as a sort of memento. The next thing I noticed was a book. It was called "The Ethical Slut." That was definitely an eye popping title and Sharon explained that it was book she enjoyed and had help guide her in a little self reflection upon her own sexuality and she thought I might find it useful myself.

Sharon picked up a set of nipple clamps and said, "I don't think I need to tell you what these are for, but I thought they might be something you might like to try out." I indicated to her that I would but, raising my hands to my sore breasts and smiling at her, told her that it might be a while. Her eyes met mine and she smiled at me, her empathy clearly expressed in her eyes and on her face.

The last items really shocked me. It was a medium sized anal plug, a set of anal beads, and a bottle of lube. Sharon said that if I was interested in doing a little exploration of my new found anal sexuality that these might come in handy. My ass was still sore from Jim's earlier plunder of my asshole, but I couldn't help but look at them with a little lust in my eyes. The soreness only served as a constant reminder of the joy I had experienced from having my ass so completely taken.

After offering my thanks to Sharon for her generosity in the form of a lingering open mouth kiss, we parted. She made me promise to call her when I got home to make sure I got home alright. She added that we would talk later in the week after I had a few days to "digest," as she put it. It was the first time Sharon had said anything that indicated a concrete future and my heart leapt when I heard her imply it. Could she be as shy about discussing a possible for a future between the three of us as I was, I wondered? Surely not! Not Sharon, the woman I thought of as one of the most mature, self-assured, suave and sophisticated women I had ever met. I quickly realized that this simply could not be the case and she was just being sensitive to my situation.

As I reminded myself to take things one day at a time, Jim joined us. We commenced into a round robin of thanks you's, expression of the good time we all had had, and goodbyes. Jim grabbed my bags, including the bag containing my "care kit" from Sharon and carried them to my car and loaded them for me. We joined in a series of passionate goodbye kisses that, if I had allowed it, would have led us back to their bed. I had to get home, back to the "real world," my life. This saddened me, but I simply accepted its inevitability and climbed into my car for the trip home.

I hadn't gotten more then a few miles down the road before the self analysis started. I suppose it would have started before then if I hadn't been forced to concentrate on navigating back to the highway. As soon as I was on the interstate and had the cruise control set, my mind was diverted to a bewildering array of flashbacks interspersed with one overwhelming question, "What did this mean and how does this change my life?"

I didn't expect any crystalline revelations or immediate answers. The true meaning of life was still as far outside my immediate grasp as it had always been. However, it was at that point that I began the journey, the journey towards self-awareness and acceptance of my sexuality. If nothing else, I realized, the events of this weekend had allowed me to come to terms with a sexuality that I was only remotely aware existed in my previous life. Mixed in with all the self-doubt was a new sense of empowerment. If nothing else, I had begun to learn that I was capable of taking control of my own sexual pleasure. This concept was no longer some abstract thing from the pages of Cosmo. It was a part of new me.

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