tagLesbian SexThe Hunger Ch. 10

The Hunger Ch. 10


I highly recommend reading chapters 1-9 before beginning this chapter. While this chapter can be read as a stand alone story it is entirely dependent on the events of the earlier chapters. A writer thrives on your feedback. Please take a moment to vote and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. Your votes are greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy my scribbling.


I awoke dazed, and more than a little confused. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was in "my" bedroom at Jim and Sharon's home. Rather, it was where I stored my things when I was there for a visit. I had never actually slept there before. From the angle of the light coming through the window I deduced that it was mid-morning, maybe 9:30.

I rolled over and I felt the various aches and pains course through my body. My breasts, ass, thighs, back and pussy were all sore. Suddenly my mental fog evaporated and I remembered the previous night spent with Lynn and Ken. My soreness acted as a tangible, yet remarkably pleasant, reminder of all I had endured... and enjoyed. I had set out with a goal of testing my limits, and it seems that I more than succeeded in doing just that.

My eyes fell on the bedside table and I saw a bottle of aspirin and a glass of water there. 'Sharon,' I thought, always the thoughtful, caring person. She had known, hadn't she, that I would be returning in less than prime physical condition? Once again I was amazed at not only her sense of empathy, but how well she took care of me. She was the ultimate earth mother, after all.

I rolled over, moaning as my body protested, and swallowed a handful of aspirin. As I did, my thoughts strayed to how I had gotten "home," as I was beginning to think of Jim and Sharon's house. A vague memory of my exhausted body, and semi-delirious mind, being assisted home by Ken, began to form through the fog. Then I remembered Sharon, being there for me, waiting for me, and helping me to undress and get in bed. 'Wow! I must have really been out of it,' I thought.

Just as I was getting ready to move my aching body and answer the call of nature, Sharon appeared. She was like an angel in the light streaming through the window. In her hand was a steaming cup of coffee. My savior!

"We'll talk later," was all she said as she helped me from bed and escorted me to the bathroom. She left the coffee for me. A hot shower followed after a few quick gulps of the much needed coffee. The hot water felt good on my sore muscles. When I exited the shower Sharon was there once again. I purposely avoided looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, afraid of what I would see. Sharon wrapped a towel around me and simply instructed me to not bother drying off. Taking me by the hand, she led me out onto the deck and the waiting hot tub. Again, she helped me step down into the hot swirling water. I sighed as the heat and massaging water began to do its work.

Sharon, and later Jim, joined me in the tub. We sat silently for a long time, languishing in the water and imbibing of the coffee. Finally, when the silence had almost reached an uncomfortable point, Sharon spoke.

"Did you have a good time last night?" she asked. I found her question almost comical. Her tone and words made me flash back to a similar question always asked by my mother, the morning after a high school date.

"Uhhh yea, I guess so." I mumbled, my tongue feeling thick and the words not coming easily. "I might have over done it a little," I admitted.

"Well, that's not unusual for a first time," Sharon said. I was left wondering what if anything Sharon knew about first time BDSM scenes. 'Hmmm, perhaps I need to ask her a few questions later,' I thought. Sharon never ceased to amaze me. Not only was she my lover, she had developed into my mentor as well. No matter how extreme the experiences that my new found sexuality led me into, she always seemed to be there to guide me and provide wise and practical advice. Was there anything this woman didn't know? Apparently, when it came to sex, and especially to alternative lifestyles, it didn't seem like it.

We once again sat in comfortable silence, all three of us lost in our own reflections. The hot tub was doing me a world of good. The aspirin seemed to be kicking in as well. I had to shift around occasionally. Even in the water, I couldn't sit still with pressure on one part of my sore ass for long. My mind drifted off as I absorbed the warmth. 'Was it worth it?' I asked myself. When my memories returned to the intensity of my experiences from the previous night, I couldn't help but answer myself in the affirmative. In addition, I became aware of a somewhat bizarre phenomenon. Every ache and pain was a like a tangible reminder of the pleasures of the night before. Every time I focused on a specific ache in a part of my body, there was a memory associated with it. It was almost, but not quite, like I was re-living the previous night through the pain of the following day. I began to feel myself becoming slightly aroused as these memories flashed through my head in a disjointed manner, like a slide projector run amok.

My mind returned to the here and now when Jim got out of the tub and mumbled something about fixing some breakfast. I suddenly realized I was quite hungry. It was no wonder, considering everything my body had recently gone through. After all, it had been quite a work out.

When Jim had departed, Sharon asked, "You were just re-living it, weren't you, last night that is?" Her eyes met mine.

"Yes, I guess so. Just little flash backs of what happened," I replied.

"I suppose it was very intense. I could tell from the shape you were in when you got home. You were very spacey," she commented.

"Was it that obvious," I asked.

"Yes it was, especially to someone that has been there," Sharon responded.

"I get the feeling that there is some history there that you haven't shared with me," I said.

"I'll be glad to share with you, if you like, some other time. Let's just say, for now at least, that my life before I met Jim was very different. That was a different time and a different place, and I was very much a different person," she said. From the look on her face it was clear that her mind was more than a little lost in her own memories as well.

We sank back into our own thoughts again for a while. The silence was broken when she asked, "Do you think you would want to do it again?"

"Hmmm, I don't know for sure. I think so, at least after I recover." We both giggled a little at that. "It's not how I see myself, at least full time. I don't see myself as a 24/7 sub. I sorta see it as an adventure that was worth experiencing, and perhaps repeating occasionally, but it's not the way I want to live my life."

"Well, that brings up another question. How exactly do you see living your life?"

"Wow! Good question. To be honest I'm more than a little dazed by everything that has gone on during the last couple of weeks. Right now, I know I love you and Jim and I want to be with you and learn to love you more, if you will have me. I've never truly been in a committed relationship and I'm not really sure how all of that works out between the three of us. I just know I want to know more and love more."

"Go on," she said.

"I know that I like your friends and want to get to know them better as well. The life you live here at the camp is more than I ever thought possible. In a lot of ways it's a life I didn't even know was a possibility. I feel so free and happy when I am here with you and I don't mean just the sex, although that is an important component, to be sure."

"You're on a roll, keep going," she said, smiling broadly.

"On top of all of that is the girl I told you about, Heather. I have no idea how or if she fits into the overall scheme of things. Before you, I had never been with a woman and now I see myself being attracted to her. To be honest, I don't even know what I feel for her. I'm not sure if I just like her a lot, or I lust for her, or whether there is something more there. If that wasn't crazy enough, I have absolutely no clue how she feels about me. As if I needed more to think about, I'm not sure how I feel about her fits into my relationship with you and Jim. As you can probably tell, I'm more than a little overwhelmed right now."

"OK, what else?" she said.

"I thought I was starting to get a grasp on swinging and how it may fit into my life. As you know, I went through some pretty heavy duty self examination in that regard. Now I have to try to wrap my little ole pea sized brain around the events of last night. It seems like every time I come here it forces me to re-examine my identity, sexually and otherwise."

"Is that a bad thing," she asked, her smile returning.

"No, I suppose not. It was probably much needed and long overdue."

"Kim, if I could give you a single piece of advice right now, it would be to just take things as they come and all these pieces will start to fit together. Just know that Jim and I love you and support you. We know you are going through a major readjustment right now and are willing to give you the time to come to terms with your self-image questions. In some ways we are very happy about it. We see you maturing, growing, and evolving, both as a lover and as a woman. We are loving the person you are becoming even more. You'll never get Jim to say those things, but trust me when I say that he sees it too. You fill a part of our life that we have felt was missing for a long time. We are very happy to have you in our lives and will do whatever it takes to bring you more into our lives. Obviously, you moving here and making this your home base will go a long way towards achieving that. We're happy we are moving beyond having you in our lives on a part time basis."

Sharon's words touched me in a way I didn't think possible. I found myself sobbing in joy. When our eyes met, I saw that I was not alone. She moved over next to me, we kissed softly, and she put an arm around me, gently cradling me into her shoulder. I was more content than I have ever recalled being at that moment.

Our silent reverie was broken when Jim announced breakfast was ready. Sharon helped me from the hot tub and gingerly dried me. A sumptuous breakfast awaited us in the kitchen. I chuckled when I noticed that Jim had placed a cushion on the hard wooden seat at the table. In his own way, he was looking out for me as well. Breakfast was jovial and light hearted. The seriousness of my earlier conversation with Sharon was quickly replaced by fun and the enjoyment of each other's company. I was back in my happy place.

After breakfast I began preparing for my journey back to my "other home." In many ways, the trip home was not just a geographical displacement, but a journey from one part of my life to another. The two parts could not be father apart. I would be happy when my Sunday trips would be just a memory. Leaving the camp was beginning to be more of a struggle as time went on. My dreary little apartment was no longer home, but rather, just a place I slept occasionally. I would be so happy when I could move to the camp full time. Moving around, as I packed, helped to loosen up my aching muscles. I was still sore, but as time went on the pain decreased. Momma Sharon made me take another dose of aspirin before I left. Finally, as my preparations were completed I began to get dressed. Light clothes were definitely the order of the day, no panties, no bra, just a T-shirt and a pair of loose gym shorts. Jim and Sharon said their good byes as usual, accompanied by hugs and passionate kisses. I promised to call Sharon and we made plans to meet online for a chat. I reminded her that she had some unfinished history to tell. She grinned and said that would be OK. When I got to my car, I found that Jim had thoughtfully provided an extra pillow on the driver's seat. My ass would thank him later for his kindness.

As usual, the monotony of the highway allowed my mind to wander. My thoughts at first were filled with my experiences with Ken and Lynn. I think I was finally able to put that demon to rest. I eventually came to the conclusion that they had allowed me to free myself in a way I had previously never thought possible. I had discovered a part of me, and my sexuality, that I had only the vaguest idea of its existence. The sub side of my sexuality was just a subset of its totality. It did not define my sexual identity, but rather it was just a part of the collective me. Like all of my other recent revelation in this regard, I simply accepted it and put it in its own compartment. It would remain in that compartment until I was ready to take it out and let it play once again. I was sure that it was something over which I had control and would not take over my life. That conclusion left me with a feeling of empowerment. Was it something I had to have? No. Was it something I enjoyed? Yes, I finally admitted to myself. Even when I gave up control, I was doing so with the understanding that it was my choice to do so. That concept left me with a smile on my face.

That resolved, my mind moved on to Jim and Sharon. What had started as an experiment, a lark, an adventure, a tryst, had turned into a remarkable relationship. It was a relationship that I had never imagined in my previous, sheltered life. Heck, there were a lot of things I had never imagined. Perhaps that said more about who I was becoming than anything else. When all my mental convolutions about the unorthodox nature of our relationship were said and done, I knew simply that I had found the loves of my life. Most women would be happy for just one. I was doubly blessed to find two. This thought left me glowing in a way that I had never thought possible.

Finally, my mind turned to Heather. Like, lust, or love? Which was it? Like was a definite yes. Lust? Hmmm, I thought was a definite maybe. Love? Time would tell, I finally concluded. My outlook, largely influenced by Jim and Sharon, had been radically changed. If you had asked me just a month ago if it was possible to deeply love more than one person, I would have said decidedly no. That just wasn't how I was raised. I now realized that was more a reflection of my Judeo-Christian up-bringing and had nothing to do with the possibilities that life had to offer. It was possible to love more than one person and I had concrete evidence of that fact. My conclusion was to let my heart lead the way and to not let my brain and my inhibited, close minded social upbringing decide what was right and wrong.

I was full of a new found sense of contentment, and perhaps inner harmony as I pulled off the highway and made my way to my apartment. My week would be a busy one and my mind turned to the practical matters of life. Interspersed among thoughts of needed emails, phone calls, packing, meetings, and scheduling were thoughts of Heather. My multi-tasking brain fit her into the overall scheme of things. She was on my mind as I prioritized my week. I had decided to call her and ask her out. Asking anyone out, male or female, was something new to me. I dug deep for the new found confidence I was feeling to deal with my feelings for her. I reminded myself that she was a priority and not something that I could put off, damn it!

I did call her, and she seemed very glad to hear from me. We made plans to get together after the gym on Tuesday. I secretly hoped that was long enough to recover from the workout I had received over the weekend. My body told me I needed at least one more day to recuperate. I also called Sharon, and per our custom, let her know that I got home OK. She wanted to know how I was feeling and I let her know that I felt better, but far from one hundred percent.

I dealt with a few minor household chores and retrieved my mail. There was a package for me that I wasn't sufficiently motivated to open at the time. I'd deal with it later. I treated myself to a hot bubble bath that night. It definitely helped the soreness. I was starting to feel human again. Afterwards, I did a thorough inspection of my body in the mirror. It was not the mass of bruises and stripes that I had feared. Certainly there was some minor bruising and my nipples and pussy were somewhat swollen, but overall my worst fears were put to rest. I have always been a fast healer and do not bruise real easily and the minor damage I saw in the mirror was something I was sure would quickly fade. In one way I looked upon the marks as a badge of courage; courage to address my needs and desires and explore them fully.

I did not masturbate that night. It was the first time, at least in recent history, that I went a whole day without an orgasm. I'm sure my sore body had a lot to do with that, but also I was satiated in a way I had not felt in a long time. That feeling was not just physical, but extended to my emotions and my conscious self as well. I smiled to myself when I realized how content I was. All was well with the world.

I woke late on Monday. I did manage a quick, small orgasm in the shower with a promise to myself to devote more attention to those needs later. The rest had done me a lot of good and although I did take some aspirin with my coffee, it was more of a preventative then a necessary dosage. I was soon flying out the door to what I knew was going to be a very busy and challenging day.

I was right. Monday was a virtual whirlwind. I started my day by accepting the sales position. My boss seemed genuinely pleased for me. He sent me to go see my new boss and between the two of them my week was soon booked solid. Not only was I transitioning out of one job and starting to train my replacement, I was also starting the new job in sales. Both positions made demands on my time. On top of that, I learned that I would be sent out of town for a week for sales training. As if I needed more to deal with, I had to go to the HR department and take care of the paperwork needed for my transfer. That was an unexpected complication I had not anticipated. When I explained about moving and training my new replacement it was decided that the training could be delayed for a few weeks. That gave me some much needed room to breath.

I finally dragged my tired body out of work at around 7:30 that evening and went home. I picked up some take out on the way as cooking was the last thing on my mind. Vietnamese vermicelli was as close to a home cooked meal as I was going to get.

There were two calls on my answering machine when I got home. One was from Sharon. She was just checking up on me. I returned the call and assured her I was doing a lot better, although tired. I gave her a brief description of my day and told her of the sales training trip. I promised to call her later in the week so that we could start working out the details of my relocation to the camp.

The other call was from Heather. My mood was buoyed when I heard her voice. I called her back and we worked out details for Tuesday night. We decided to get in a quick workout at the gym, go back home, get all gussied up and then go out dancing. I'd pick her up at around 8:00. We ended the call with a mutual "I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

As I was eating dinner, the package I had received in the mail caught my eye. I opened it as I picked at my half eaten vermicelli. I was in for a surprise. Inside were several sex toys I had ordered from the internet. With everything that had been going on in my life recently, I had almost forgotten them. My pussy moistened as I picked them out of the styrofoam peanut filled box and examined them.

First was a somewhat large dildo that I had picked because it roughly approximated the size and shape of Jim's cock. What made it unique was that it had a suction cup base that you could use to stick to any hard surface. It was destined for my shower. Next was a tantus anal plug. It has a longer neck then a normal plug and is designed for extended wear. This was something I thought would come in handy to be worn under clothes when I was out in public, or the gym, when I was feeling "naughty." Then I got my own leather strap on harness and 2 dildos to go with it. I'd done some research on harnesses to make sure I was getting the best one. This harness would work with either a regular dildo or the Nexus double dildo that I had recently come to appreciate. For now, I just got two dildos, one was a thick 8 inches and the other a thinner seven inches. I had gotten the smaller one for women not comfortable with the bigger one and I thought it would work better for anal as well. The harness also had a pocket to hold a vibrating egg against the wearer's clit. A nice feature, I thought. I did order an egg as well and the one I got was water proof. That was something that I thought may come in handy.

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