tagBDSMThe Hunt Ch. 03

The Hunt Ch. 03


For a man who had been delivered naked with a head n his lap, Steve Jacobs was very calm

After getting dressed he was enjoying a glass of whiskey.

"Aren't you angry?" Donna demanded

Jacobs thought for a moment, "Not really."

Why not! Sasha humiliated you, you didn't capture her."

"True", he agreed. "But overall this was a profitable venture."


One she killed Abdul, I may be a criminal but I'm still a proud American. Abdul supplied weapons to rouge Islamic states. The world, including criminals needs these fanatics handled. Two Geunther is no longer going a problem, hard to do business when you are an Amazonian slave.

"And Sasha?"

"The sex was great."

Donna looked at him, "Since your competitors are out of the picture she is yours when I capture her."

"Well you better my dear; you made an error with this hunt of yours. You could have written your own ticket. In your position I would have killed her or broken her."

"I captured her once."

"Yes you did and somehow I think the Jungle Girl will want to pay you back." He got up," As for me I am leaving."

"What about working with me on this?"

"No, Sasha freed me; I'll take advantage of that mercy. No business interests here."

Sasha saw a small plane leave. She had been extremely tempted to keep the American as her sex slave. But she had given her word.

"We are ready," Tika said.

"Sasha looked at the Amazonian leader," The men are yours as is the German. the female is mine."


Donna had sent her men out with orders to kill Sasha. No games.

These mercenaries knew the jungle but not like an Amazon did.

Tika screamed.

The forest erupted with female cries and the solders were overwhelmed by twice their numbers.

"One of her solders bowed, "We have them."

Tika looked at Sahsa, "Our business in concluded."

Donna flicked on the radio, "Report."

No answer


"Hello girl friend, "Sasha voice answered.

"Hello Jungle slut."

"I thought you would like to know, your solders have been captured."

"Where are you?"

"Waiting for you, do you think you can break me again?"

Donna grabbed a rifle and a hand gun as the lights went off.

"Where are you?" she demanded.

"Behind you."

The blond swung the rifle around and felt the butt hit her ribs staggering her.

"Clumsy," Sasha mocked

Donna drew the pistol and stated firing wildly

"That was rash", said a voice in the darkness.

"Show yourself so I can fuck you again," Donna yelled.

The lights came back on and Sasha was right in front of her.

"Good night" blowing the jungle pollen in her face.

Donna awoke, tied hand and foot. The ropes were thin but she was unable to get free.

"Don't struggle the vine constrict," A nude Sasha laid down beside her.

"What do you want bitch!"

Sasha stroked the blonds' hair, "Satisfaction, sexual pleasure, oh and of course revenge."

"You can't."

"Can't I? You opened my eyes to the pleasure of this. "Sahsa started squeezing her tits,"I am attracted to you slut."

"Then let me go," Donna said desperately

"I don't think so, and you may begin by address me as Mistress! Sasha began kissing her.


Sasha bent her over and began spanking her, "You don't say no bitch!"

"Please Mistress."

The Jungle Girl grabbed her hair and slapped her face, "I told you that you were a whore! She continued spanking. "You are now my whore!"

"Yes Mistress."

"Better," It won't be so bad; you said you were attracted to beautiful women. It's just that you will follow my whims." Sasha began kissing her breasts."

"Ah," Donna was becoming aroused.

"That's my criminal slut," Sasha ground their pussies together and then stood up, "Suck my pussy!

Donna went to work, "You have opened my eyes to so many possibilities," Sasha remarked. "Yes make me cum! Yes that's it my slave."

The criminal was shocked to hear this tone from a heroine as she kept working.

Sasha squirted in her face, "My turn", as she pushed Donna on her back. Her tongue went to work."

"Yes Mistress", Donna said. "If nothing else I corrupted you."

"You have no idea, "Sasha replied. "The next part of your training begins now."

Donna screamed. Her insides felt like they were on fire.

Sasha looked at her with an evil smile, "Yes my slave, this is part of your sustenance."

"What have you done to me? Her victim gasped.

"The botany is the jungle is widely varied, this pollen has a non lethal parasite, and Sasha began her lecture. "You might consider a natural form of the addictive drugs you peddle. This one will need to counter." Sasha put an herb of her foot and stuck it in front on her prisoner.

"You're depraved; you are supposed to be good."

Sasha laughed, "The world will still think that, but I have my needs. Now! Lick your antidote."

Donna had no choice.

Sasha attached a leash and untied her, "You are mine. Let take this to my new playroom." As they entered, Sasha dragged her to the bench and attached the middle straps.

"This is where you made me" Sasha told her. She put on the same strap on Donna used on her. "You know what to do."

In a resigned voice, "Yes Mistress Sasha." Donna deep throated the tool. How could she be turned on by this? This primitive creature had won.

Sasha reading her mind, "That's right, Donna I said you were a whore. But look it this way," as she rammed the strap on in her ass. "You are a private whore; there is a male tribe I could have sold you to."

"You expect me to thank you?"

No", as she grabbed her hair and began pumping." I expect this will be a sexual journey for both of us."

"Yes Mistress, "Donna screamed in ecstasy.

"Yes slut, "Sasha answered. After another orgasm, she led Donna to a Sybian and sat facing her.

She kissed her," Now my slave lets enjoy each other." She switched it on high.

"Yes", they chorused.

Enjoying the after glow, the nude women sat on the sofa; feeding each other.

"I hate you, "Donna said.

"No one ever dominated you,"The raven haired beauty asked?

"No Mistress," Frisco wanted to, 'but I fought him off."

"Get me your I phone."

Donna stood up

"On your knees, Sasha ordered.

The slave crawled back and handed it to her.

"I am going to send a text to Jacobs. If he answers you are going to tell him you captured me and want to offer the Jungle Girl to him."

The phone rang and Donna answered in her usual confident voice,

"So you got her?"

"Of course, ye of little faith."

"What is the price?"

"Double the hunt."

Steve laughed, "Nice attempt Sasha."

Sasha took the phone, "Can't blame a sex crazed warrior for trying, and you were a good fuck. How did you know?"

"Two reasons, the voice said. "One Donna was not arrogant and gloating enough."

"Work on that slave, and the second?"

"I am right behind you."

Sasha turned and saw Jacobs with a gun pointed at her.

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