tagBDSMThe Hunt Ch. 02

The Hunt Ch. 02


Sasha woke up on her belly on a narrow platform. She was still nude and fastened to the bench to two large straps across her mid section her hands handcuffed behind her.

"She's up, "a voice called.

Donna dressed in feminine safari wear entered. "How's my girl friend?"

"You are no friend of mine, "Sasha snarled.

Her blond captor laughed, "Deny all you want you enjoyed it." She opened a bottle of water and put it to Sasha's mouth. "Drink there is no poison.

Sasha drank slowly.

"Wise of you not to gulp. Today starts the hunt. Three bidders will have their chance to catch you." Donna peeled a piece of fruit. "Eat."

After finishing a piece, "You know I will kill them if I have the chance."

"Yes and if you do it only enhances my status."

"How is that?"

She smiled, "Do you now how many times Frisco ranted about that damm jungle girl?"

Despite herself, Sasha grinned.

"Exactly after all those foiled plots, I'm the one who defeated you. Donna stood up, "So if you kill them I still have their money. But for now bad girl it's time for a spanking.

Donna with a flat hand began her humiliation of Sahsa. The pain was nothing like yesterday, but her helplessness infuriated the heroine.

"The redness of your ass looks so inviting, "The villainess mocked.

"Free me and try to enjoy it",Sasha challenged.

"I don't need to untie you my bitch! Donna stuck a strap on in her mouth. "Suck!" she ordered.

Helpless to refuse, Sasha decided to make the most of the lesbian sex and deep throated it.

A surprised Donna sighed in satisfaction and grabbed her hair, "Yes my sex slut, you are learning."

"Fuck me," Sahsa said.

"Yes jungle slave, as she penetrated her."

"I'm yours Mistress1"

"Don't lie to me, "Donna said. "If I released you, you would kill me. But here another reason for you to win."

Sahsa was surrounded by three guards with tazers as she went outside where Donna and her three bidders were.

"Here she is gentleman, the prize Donna announced. Two were Anglo one Middle Eastern.

The Middle Eastern one said, "My offer stands, I'll double the offer if you just give it to me."

"What are you afraid of Abdul?" The German asked.

The dark haired man laughed, "Typical he wants to buy what he can't earn."

"American pig, "Abdul shouted.

"Enough!" Donna said the terms and the waiver were signed. Looking at Sahsa, "Fifteen minute head start now.

`Without replying Sasha ran into the jungle, disappearing very quickly.

From her vantage point in the trees, Sasha saw that her three pursuers had separated. Their desire for her would be their undoing.

Abdul walked with an arrogance that mirrored her dead enemy Frisco. Besides the taser he wore a sword.

Sasha threw a stone and the man looked in that direction.

He is no hunter, she thought scornfully. Grabbing a vine, she called,"Coward."

Abdul, fired without thinking and the Taser line went to where Sasha been.

From his blind side Sasha attacked. As she kicked him she saw that he was a fat parasite. Unlike many of his enemies including Donna he could not do a hard days work.

As horny as she was, he repulsed her.


"You are a bully, Sasha told him. "I know of your culture, how it demeans woman and all non believers. We know of Islamic terrorism here!" Sasha grabbed his sword.

"I'll pay!"

"Yes you will." She replied chopping off his head.

Guenther walked slowly and tried to listen carefully. The jungle girl was a prize worth the risk. A strong woman with her beauty would be a memorable fuck. But he wanted more her fighting skill would be an ideal in a personal body guard.

He also had to keep an eye out for Steve Jacobs, his colleague and business rival. Abdul was not in their league but Jacobs would kill him to achieve his ends, which made them equal in ruthlessness.

He reached a clearing and saw the brush had been disturbed, picking up a stone he threw it in the middle of debris. It collapsed into a hole. Guenther looked into the edge saw sharpened stakes. The game had just become more lethal

As he walked backward a rope encircled his neck.

Sasha pulled with her strength, lifting Geunther in the air.

"If you struggle, your neck will break," she told him."Surrender."She loosens the rope as Guenther sagged to his knees. Quickly tying his hands behind him he was imobilized with the rope still around his neck.

"Strong but not bright, "She scoffed.

"What are you going to do with me," Guenther asked.

"I haven't decided," Sasha heard a noise and quickly gagged Guenther and than went back in the brush.

Jacobs had also been cautious and had approached from the opposite direction as Guenther. He saw Guenther tied up helpless.

"Very good Jungle Girl!" he called out." But Guenther and I are not friends. He can bake in the sun or get eaten for all I care."

"I did not think you would," Sasha said from behind him.

Jacobs spun but was ht by electric charge.

Sahsa strode over and began stripping him, "Just because I don't use modern weapons does not mean I don't know how."

Sasha had her two naked male prisoners tied in front of her.

Both were silent, wondering what she had in mind.

The Jungle girl finally ended the silence, "I have decided to be the user."

"User?" Jacob asked.

"Yes pretty man, you both wanted me to be your sex slave. You are going to be mine."

"Arrogant cunt,"Guenther said. "Men aren't.."

Sasha kicked him in the balls.

The German screamed. Sasha ground the heel of her foot in his face.

Looking at the American, "Nothing from you?"

No," he answered.

She grabbed his cock, "No what? Sasha demanded.

"No Mistress."

"Better"As she began giving him a hand job. As she kissed him, If I am sexually satisfied by you; you go free."

"I will please you Mistress."

Grabbing his head, "Than begin"

Jacobs needed no urging and stuck his tongue in her snatch.

"Yes, please me slave, "Sasha cried.

The American was skilled in sexual pleasure she though as pleasure came through her body. She had one orgasm than another.

"That is a good start," with deceptive strength she dragged him to her bed. Quickly tying him spread eagle, she mounted him.

"Now give me your essence."

"Yes Mistress Sasha." He began thrusting with all he was worth

"Yes satisfy me, "she cried."

The two went on for sometime, before Sasha was sated.

"Excellent slave, you will go free."

"Please Mistress Sasha may we continue."

"Yes my slave, you can begin by servicing my pussy," while I service your cock."

It was far more pleasant to suck the real thing as she engulfed him.

Sasha tied the unresiting Jacobs wrists behind him.

"It is too bad; we are not on the same side."

"We can not change who we are, " Sasha said." But know that I will honor my word. "She held up a flower. "The pollen will make you sleep and you will be brought back to the mansion."

"What about me"" Geunther groaned.

"You are going to be given to the Amazons," Sasha informed him.

Jacobs smiled at her lost conscious.

"Ms. Smith, you better come outside."

Diana had been waiting to see the results. She left the main door and gaped.

A naked Steve Jacobs had been delivered back to the mansion in his lap was Abdul's head.

To be continued

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