tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Hunter's Companions Ch. 02

The Hunter's Companions Ch. 02


Livinia held her breath as she crept through the inn. It was well past three in the morning and she had spent the whole day travelling. Her legs were tired and chafed from spending so much time on her Wind Rider. As soon as she had gotten a decent distance away from where she had left Belcarm face down in the dirt, she had dismounted and rummaged through her pack for her hearthstone. Just as she was about to mutter the incantation to activate it she had stopped and realized that, if she hearthed back to Orgrimmar, she would have the honor of sitting in her room and waiting for Belcarm to come and reclaim his gear.

Truth be told, Livinia hadn't thought much further ahead than riding victoriously off into the sky whilst laughing at a trick well pulled. She hadn't considered the fact that she would have to face her companion again afterwards, and she especially didn't consider that their short, erotic, interaction would leave her body tense and her desire at an almost fever pitch. It was for that reason that Livinia dropped her heathstone back in her pack and remounted her Wind Rider. The ride from Ramkahen back to Orgrimmar would be a long one, and she only hoped that it would be long enough to help her clear her mind.

As Livinia climbed up the poorly-lit staircase she realised that her long flight back had failed to create a ceasefire between her outrage and her guilt. Instead, she was left even more confused and conflicted. On top of that, during the dullest moments of her travel, her unsated lust had caused her mind to drift to past encounters that only served to inflame her cheeks and set her blood on fire.

With a sigh Livinia reached into the crevice that her fitted breastplate created between her breasts and drew out the key for the room she had rented a few days ago. Conscious of making as little noise as possible she tiptoed the rest of the length of the corridor and slipped the key into the lock as quietly as she could. She pushed open the door gently and slipped through. She turned to shut the door but yelped with fright as a person in a black cloak put their hand out and stopped her.

"What the-" She cut short when she was pushed roughly into the room, the door slamming shut behind the intruder. She reached behind her to grab her staff but she was too slow. Before she had a chance to move the intruder grasped her wrists and held them against their chest, taking full advantage of the element of surprise.

"Get- off-" She struggled to free herself but the intruder held fast. In the struggle the voluminous hood started to slip back. With a loud laugh Livinia stopped struggling. "Belcarm?" She asked, relieved "I should have known it'd be you."

Annoyance plagued Belcarm's chiseled features as he shrugged the hood off his head completely and released her from his grasp.

"Nice to see you have you pants on." Livinia added with a cheeky grin, pleased to see a flush creeping up on his cheeks.

"You took my armor!" He accused, cutting straight to the point. Livinia laughed softly and gave him a caustic glare.

"Yes, and you took my kill." She replied, turning away from him. She walked over to the bedside table and used the flint and stone on it to light the oil lamp. When the flame flickered to life it bathed the room with a warm glow of orange light.

"How does that warrant you taking my armor?" He asked crossly, hands balled into fists by his side. Livinia shrugged.

"And how does that warrant you demanding a blow job?" She snapped.

"I want my stuff back." He barked, his voice inappropriately loud in the quiet of the sleeping inn.

"And why should I give it to you?" She snapped in response, stripping off her weapons and putting them on the floor by her feet. "You stole my kill and then wanted me to pay you back with sexual favors?" She asked, anger coloring her tone "I am not some common whore or filthy mercenary!" She said. She untied her riding gloves and slipped them off her fingers.

"I never said you were." He replied shortly, eyebrows furrowing.

"Well you didn't need to. I can't believe that after almost three years together that you would pull something like that, Bel! Why?" She asked, crossing the distance between them and giving him and angry shock. Belcarm's eyes widened in shock at the rough gesture.

"Why what?" Belcarm asked quickly, looking down at her warily.

"Why what?!" She shrieked. "Why the hell would you do that? Everything has been so great between us. We are in the same guild! But now! By the Aspects, Bel! What the hell am I supposed to do now? How could you even consider it! You had to know it would make things awkward between us!" She gave him another shove, although this one was more of a frustrated gesture than an angry one. "Why would you do that?"

"Why do you think?" His voice was clipped and he frowned at her.

"What?" Livinia threw her gloves down beside her weapons and then raked a hand through her windswept hair.

"Anar'alah!" Belcarm cursed in Thalassian, throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation. 'By the Light', he only ever used that curse when he was really frustrated. "They say males can't take hints!"

The realization hit Livinia like the Giant Fiery Ball in Uldum.

"You like me?" She asked incredulously. His eyes darted around, apparently interested in every miniscule detail of the ramshackle room. "But Bel- you never..." Livinia stopped speaking and looked at him again, surprised to see that he wouldn't meet her eyes. "Oh my! You actually do! You like me-"

"Just give me my armor back and I will get out of your way." Belcarm sighed, still avoiding her gaze. He took a step to the side and walked over to the open window, leaning against the window sill with his forehead against the glass.

"By the Sun Well Belcarm! I had no idea. You were always too busy looking at your own reflection to even notice me! And you never made a pass at any females- I thought perhaps you preferred the sword to the sheath! Well, with the obvious exception of the undead, that is..." Livinia said, a shudder of disgust rippling down her spine.

"That was ONE time! And Athumat is Forsaken, not undead!" Belcarm hissed angrily.

"Undead, Forsaken.... Either way she is dead." Livinia said with an indifferent shrug.

"Oh look, just forget it. That time I was very angry and extremely drunk." He said dismissively trying to diffuse the situation and Livinia could see he was desperate to change the topic. Even though the Blood Elves and the Forsaken were allied as members of the Horde there were still some lines that most normal Elves refused to cross.

"Where as now you are just angry?" Livinia questioned with a grin making Belcarm's cheeks redden with a mix of anger and embarrassment.

"Just give me my armor back.... Please." He said refusing to meet her eyes.

"In there." She snapped, jabbing her thumb in the direction of the two bags that she had dropped at the door when she first entered the room. "Get it yourself."

When Belcarm silently brushed past Livinia, the horrible sense of guilt that had followed her all the way back from Ramkahen reared its ugly head again. She hadn't even considered that he was interested in her; she had just assumed that he was being sleazy. But now... when she looked over at him and saw the way that his entire posture had deflated, she could tell the truth of his confession. As he leant crouched down opened the drawstrings on her she realized just how horrible her actions were considering his crush on her.

However, when Livinia thought of the way that Belcarm had chosen to announce his feelings for her, a surge of anger coursed through her body. If he wanted to tell her that he liked her then he should have damn well done it properly. Livinia had never ever gotten the feeling that he was interested in her- and then all of a sudden he claimed that he was. Confusion took over anger and Livinia watched as Belcarm fished his items from her pack and got to his feet. Without turning to say goodbye he opened the door.

"Wait!" Livinia's voice filled the room, tense and demanding. He turned to face her just in time to be pushed back against the door roughly. He held his hands up in front of himself defensively, eyes wide with shock.

She needed to know for sure.


Livinia's lips slammed against his and Belcarm's heart thundered in his chest. Unable to resist the heat of her kiss he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her against him. Livinia deepened the kiss, her tongue delving into his mouth. His knees went weak as she ran her hands up his chest and gripped either side of his face, pulling him against her harder, kissing him more furiously. He wrapped one arm around her torso and bent down, scooping her up into his embrace. She gave a yelp of shock as he broke the kiss and walked her over to the bed in the corner of the room, her soft leather clothing creaking loudly against the backdrop of their heavy breathing.

Belcarm had to admit that Livinia's sudden kiss was far more pleasant than the angry beating he had expected when she launched herself at him. However, considering the discussion that they had just had, he had to wonder what had gotten into her. Even though he knew that he should stop her, that this might end in a repeat episode of the day before, his body was responding strongly enough to block out his better judgment. The taste of her lips on his, the feel of her heat against him, was more than enough to bring back the memory of the exhilaration he had felt when she had kissed him for the first time.

Belcarm laid Livinia down on the bed and felt his heart beat faster. There she was, after all this time, waiting for him. Her cheeks were flushed an arousing shade of red that was almost as brilliant as her hair. Her bright green eyes twinkling with a mix of desire and mischief. As she had spent the whole day riding from Uldum to Orgrimmar she was wearing her supple riding leathers. The patchwork brown gear was tightly fitted the glorious curves of her body. Her pants were skin tight and closed with leather laces at her crotch. Her top, if it could truly be called that, was a soft leather breastplate. The leather was barely enough to cover the flesh of her breasts, but because she had been riding the winds she had wisely chosen to wear it over a semi-fitted shirt of green cheesecloth. Her red hair was pooled beneath her head. She smiled at him as she watched him assessing her.

"You seriously want to do this?" He had to ask, had to be sure that she wasn't going to tease him again.

"Yes!" Livinia breathed, her response seemed to shock her as well as him. "No tricks. On my honor as a hunter." She said, hand pressed over her heart. Belcarm snorted at the idea of her honor but she ignored the sleight.

Slowly, and with a look that made his blood turn to fire in his veins, she traced her fingers down her neck and over her cleavage, lingering seductively over the peak of one perfect breast. But she didn't stop there. Her fingers continued their luxurious journey over her body, down her stomach and to the waistband of her pants. Belcarm shivered as he watched her practiced fingers caressing her own body and his mind reeled as he pictured her doing this to herself in the dark of a long and lonely night. Livinia bit her lip and closed her eyes as she slipped her hand slowly under the brown leather of her pants, her hips bucking slightly in response to the feeling of skin on skin. Belcarm could see the outline of her fingers through the leather in the flickering lamp-light. A soft moan escaped her lips and he knew that she had found her tender region.

"Are you going to make me do all the work?" She hummed, her voice vibrating from her throat seductively, her hand moved slowly under the cover of her pants.

Belcarm didn't bother telling her his answer. Instead crawled onto the bed, and covered her body with his, using his knee to split her legs apart before settling himself between them. He could feel her pull her hand out from between them and he took advantage of the situation and pushed himself more fully against her. He pressed his lips against hers and her hand came up to stroke his cheek. He could smell the delicious musk of her arousal on her fingers as she raked her fingers through his unbound hair.

Belcarm slid his arms down her body and pushed his fingers up under her top. Slowly he worked the cloth and leather up her silky torso. When the fabric was bunched tightly against her breasts he pulled his lips away from hers and leant back, kneeling between her legs. He held his breath as he carefully lifted the fabric over her breasts. Belcarm grinned as Livinia grasped the bottom of her top and shimmied if over her head, with a laugh she cast the fabric across the room and into the darkness. It hit the opposite wall with a dull thud and then slid to the ground. Belcarm turned his attention back to the woman in front of him and let out a heavy breath as she lay bare-chested beneath him. Her two firm breasts were perfectly rounded, each topped with a dark pink nipple that stood at attention. Her breasts gave way to a narrow waist and then flared out to full hips. He watched for a moment, mesmerized by the perfect curves of her body. He had managed to catch rare and quick glimpses of her naked body in their travels, sometimes when cleaning up after a battle, or even when they shared a room at an inn, but never before had he been able to openly admire every inch of her perfectly smooth and pale skin.

Belcarm fell forward and captured the peak of one breast in his mouth. He traced his tongue around her erect nipple and smiled as her back arched, forcing more of her magnificent breast into his mouth. Now with her in his mouth he could taste her as well as smell her. She tasted of cream and sweet fruits, and her skin was as smooth as marble. Unable to resist he brought the other hand up to caress her unattended breast. Her skin was hot and firm against his and he loved the feeling of her hard nipple biting into his palm.


Livinia brought her hands down and tangled them in Belcarm's hair, urging him on. Her body was so beautifully responsive to his, it all felt so natural. He thought that it was wrong that this was the first time he actually touched her like this. She brought her other hand down and her fingers touched the warm metal of his spare armor.

"I want this off." She hissed, tapping the troublesome metal. Belcarm pulled his lips away from her breast and she looked down into his eyes.

A sharp jolt of passion travelled between them and Belcarm rolled off Livinia. She watched as he deftly removed his leg guards, letting them clatter to the floor with a dull thud. Next he rid himself of his mail pants and the cotton ones beneath them. Her mouth fell open as his manhood sprung up, now free from his restrictive clothing. He stood before her completely naked and looking glorious in his skin. Every muscle on his body was perfectly defined, and his handsome face framed eyes that were filled with lust. Livinia's stomach tightened when her eyes fell on his manhood; completely erect, skin taut around his swollen member. Even though she had already seen his length before she couldn't help but marvel at it again- especially knowing that she would be able to enjoy it this time. She imagined the feeling of that hot rod sinking into her and closed her eyes- suddenly regretting her trick the day before. Belcarm moved forward, his knees pressed against the hard mattress, and smiled as his fingers traced soft circles around her nipples. He slowly, almost painfully walked his fingertips down her body and brought them to rest on the laces of her breeches.

Much to Livinia's delight Belcarm took his length in one hand and begun to stroke himself leisurely. His other hand plucked at the leather string at her crotch. She bit her lip to stifle a moan that threatened to escape when she could fill the heat of his fingers so close to her groin. She brought her hands up to caress her breasts as she watched him pleasuring himself. His green eyes were aflame with lust as he pulled the leather cord from her pants and discarded it. Livinia uttered a cry of dismay as his hand fell away from his rod and came to rest on the waist band of her pants.

Livinia gripped the top of her breeches and lifted her hips slightly before peeling the leather down her legs. She wiggled each leg free of its bindings in turn and then kicked her pants aside. While she was removing her clothes Belcarm had taken himself back in hand as he watched her. Livinia spread her legs, her bare womanhood glistening with arousal, growing cold in the frigid night air. As she looked up at his perfect form hovering so tantalizingly close to her she wondered why she had never considered him before.


In a tangle of arms and legs Belcarm crawled back on top ofLivinia, his manhood pressed against her dripping core. He moaned and pushed his hips into her, his hard rod pressing against her swollen nether regions. Her hips bucked up and he pulled away quickly.

"I'm not going to make this quick... I want to take my time with you, make you beg for me." He whispered in her ear before planting a soft kiss on her lips. The words held a threat that made Livinia whimper.

Belcarm slid his body down the length of hers, the metal of his breastplate pressing hotly against her bare skin. He slid all the way down until his head was level with her womanhood. He could smell her musk heavy on the air. His tongue darted out, taking a tentative taste of her arousal. He hummed in approval as her flavor settled on his tongue. He would have thought it impossible, but she actually tasted better than she smelled. He pressed his face into her and slid his tongue up and down her already wet slit. He heard her moan at the contact and pressed his tongue harder against her. Her hands gripped his head desperately so he continued his ministrations.

Belcarm licked her slit and then stopped moving to focus on the sweet pearl of her desire, her soft moans filling the night air with the sound of her pleasure. Her hips moved slowly, grinding into his face, as he licked and sucked and bit at her. Her fingers clawed at his scalp as her moans became more fevered.

"Put your fingers in me." She directed between moans. He stopped licking and shook his head.

"I want my cock to be the first thing that enters you." He mumbled into her womanhood, voice vibrating against her aching clitoris "I want you fresh and tight around me as I plunge into you." He told her, her gasp made him smile. He continued lapping up her juices and teasing her pleasure bud. Her moans became louder and more frequent and her hands pressed his face into her, hard.

"Don't stop." She whimpered, her clitoris twitched under his tongue as her back arched. He looked up and watched as she threw her head back, her mouth open as moans poured out, voice chiming through the air in a song of pure rapture. As she climaxed she dug her sharp fingernails into his hair, the pain he felt melted away as desire coursed through him.

Finally, after all this time, she was there for the taking. Two and a half years of training and questing together had finally come to head. His cock twitched as she looked down at him, their eyes meeting over the alabaster plain of her body, and smiled- face languid with satisfaction. For years he had tried to get her attention, helping her and spending time with her, only to be ignored. But now she was there, her juices soaking his mouth, her hands tangled in his hair, and the past years of long and lonely nights of attempted self-satisfaction were banished to the back of his mind.

"I want you." She said, hips raising of the bed. The words swirled from her mouth and floated into his mind. His breath hitched in his throat as his fantasy came real. "I want you inside me." She said, voice plucking at his arousal like the strings of a lute.

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