The Hunting Ground


'What . . .?'

Turn over,' she repeated. There was an urgency to the words that brooked no resistance. Nigel turned over and moved into the desired position -- and cried out in ecstasy as her tongue plunged into the sensitive opening on his anus. Her hand found his cock and tugged it, masturbating him as she tongue-fucked his ass. No one had done this to him and he couldn't believe such pleasure was possible. One moment her tongue licked and caressed his anus, the next thrusting in and out mimicking a cock. When she stopped it was to lather his balls with her tongue. The soft wet lapping sounds were amplified is the quiet darkness on the night with only Nigel's whimpers and moans to accompany them. She switched attention from his saliva coated balls back to his anus, then down to his cock engulfing it completely so Nigel could feel the head on penis caress her uvula at the back of her mouth. She withdrew again from him and slapped his rump. 'On your back.'

Nigel did what she asked, wondering what other pleasures she had in store for him. He could hear her breathing again in the darkness, the smell of sex was pervasive in the enclosed area on the car. She lay his legs down flat and she used her tongue on the soles of his feet, then licked upwards her tongue running up his legs, his thighs, over his cock and up onto the swell of his belly, her body pressed flat as she slithered up him, like some hungry animal in search of prey. Her tongue traced over his chest, the curve of his neck then his cheek, up she moved, up and up so her breasts caressed and pressed against his face, then her soft smooth belly, and finally when she was positioned over his face she lowered her soaking pussy onto his mouth. Nigel did his best, working his tongue in the slippery tangy cleft of her sex. She began to ride his face and although the insides of her thighs muffled his hearing he was sure he could hear her chanting something, a stream of strange words, like a religious incantation, repeated over and over. Nigel grasped her thighs trying to steady the bucking motion as he stretched his tongue taught to pleasure her more deeply. Suddenly she gave a cry and her body shuddered. Then, finally, she lifted herself from his face.

She bent her head low and whispered. 'Nigel, I need you in me, honey.' Then she licked her come from his cheek and slithered down his body. Nigel was turned on, yet his senses were telling him something was not quite right as she moved down over his body, her mass seemed different, bigger somehow -- the breasts that pressed over his face felt larger, fleshier than before -- though in darkness of the car it was impossible to tell if his senses weren't playing tricks on him. There was something else too, but he couldn't place it. Sabrina had moved to the bottom of the makeshift bed. She held his ankles and placed his feet between her legs so his toes brushed the wet opening of her pussy. The sensation was nice. His toes felt warm inside her, then gradually as she moved her hips forward more of his feet sank into the soft warm opening of her pussy. Christ, it was nice. How was she doing it. His feet felt immersed now, both feet as though they were completely inside her. That of course was impossible. Nigel felt her hands move up his legs as more of his lower legs experienced the curious sensation of immersion on a tight warm wet cocoon. 'What . . .what are you doing?' he asked, suddenly aware of a drowsiness in his mind. His cock was still erect, he still felt aroused. Her hands were on his thighs but now they felt large and powerful.

'You . . . wait a minute, you called me Nigel.'

'That's right, honey,' she purred. Moving herself further up his body. His legs were now immovable, encased in a warm wet flesh-like substance.

'But, I told you my name was Chris,' he said, trying to cut through the fog in his mind.

'I know you did honey, but you don't need to lie, not to me -- not to your death mother. She knows you my darling -- every death mother knows her child.'

'Death mother? what are you talking about? Why can't I move my legs?'

'Let me show you, darling.' Nigel felt her body lean over his as she fumbled for something in the front seat. He reached up a hand and felt one of her mountainous sized breasts just over his face.

'I have my phone here, just going to turn on the torch function, darling.'

Nigel blinked as the interior of the car was flooded in harsh light, revealing a nightmarish vision. Somehow Sabrina had grown, her body was a vast fleshy bulk. He looked down to where his legs should have been but they disappeared in between Sabrina's legs, engulfed by her pussy.

'Don't be alarmed, honey,' Sabrina soothed. 'I'm unbirthing you.' She pushed herself forward a few inches and Nigel saw more of his thighs disappear into the maw of her vast vagina.

'You've given me drugs somehow,' Nigel said in desperation.

'No, honey, witches don't use drugs.'

This couldn't be happening. His senses were somehow lying to him -- he was having a dream that was it -- just a bizarre fucking dream. He smiled at her, confident that this was unreality.

'You see Nigel, you've been a bad, bad boy. All those poor girls you've molested and raped in this car. I have to put an end to that. An end to you.' She moved up again, sucking more of him into her, he was engulfed up to his waist. She stroked his cock which was nearly in her too but kept speaking. 'You see Nigel, when you were born you came from your birth mother - she gave you life. I am your unbirth-mother - I give you death. Don't be frightened though, it doesn't hurt and if you let it be it's quite pleasurable I promise. I wouldn't hurt any of my children. You are all precious to me.'

She placed her over-sized hands on his waist and pushed him further inside her and now half of him was completely inside her. She smiled down at him and placed her broad huge hands on his shoulders. 'Nearly there, darling.'

Nigel, relaxed, it felt good, the lower half of his body was warm and pleasurable as if engulfed in silk or in a jacuzzi. He couldn't wait to be fully inside her -- after all it was just a weird fucked-up dream he was in, wasn't it?

'Good boy,' she purred. She pulled him further inside her so only the upper chest, arms and head of Nigel were outside her body. He reached up to stroke the massive boulder like breasts as she smiled down at him with motherly affection. Then she took each of his arms folded them down and pushed them inside her body, and simultaneously pushed Nigel further inside her, so only his head was showing. He could smell the heady musky scent of her pussy, the sweat on her body -- and he marvelled at the intensity of his senses in what was only a dream. Doubt suddenly filled his mind.

'This is just a dream, right?' he said as the huge wet folds of her labia began to close over his face.

'Yes, honey, life is but a dream,' Sabrina soothed, then placing her hand on top of his head, she pushed him deep inside her.

Inside, Nigel curled his body into a foetal position. He felt warm and safe and secure and very sleepy -- but he would wake from this dream, he would wake he told himself as he began to drift into oblivion.

In the car Sabrina placed a maternal hand on her swollen belly where Nigel was entombed and waited for him to stop moving. When he was still, she laid down to sleep herself. By the morning she would have absorbed him completely and once the spell wore off she would return to her normal size. It had been a good night, she reflected -- this was a good hunting ground.

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by cyanorch10/29/17

good story

I'm not really into vore but that sick fuck got what he deserved. To bad that doesn't really happen but you know what? Anything is possible!

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