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The Initiation


(Author's note: Several years ago, (back before the internet) I read a story in one of those text digest magazines about a woman who undergoes a sexual initiation into a group of lesbians. It really turned me on, and once I decided to start writing this kind of stuff, I wondered if I could write something along that same line, only from a bisexual male point of view. This is that story.)

* * * * *

I shampooed my hair, water cascading over me from the shower head, all the while wondering what was going on. I'd received no explanation when I asked my wife, she simply smiled and either said nothing, or gave me my next instruction.

The shower I could understand. Becky tends to be quite the neatnik sometimes, and I know she hates going out if she isn't confident we both look our best. There were certain things, though, that didn't make sense to me - no, were downright weird.

I hadn't had an enema since I was twelve and went to the hospital with some lower intestinal thing. I'd had to take castor oil the night before and that cleaned me out pretty good by itself. However, an hour before they X-rayed my guts to see what they could see, this young, rather pretty nurse came in to get me ready. Of course, I was too embarrassed at that age to have gotten aroused, showing my butthole to a total stranger, but she got my innards cleaned out to her satisfaction, and everything went fine. But that was my first, and up until tonight, my last enema experience.

I'd asked Beck, "An enema? What the hell do I need an enema for?"

My wife's face quirked into an enigmatic little smile, and she replied, "Just because. It might be nice to be *really* clean tonight." She then ordered me to turn over and stick my ass in the air. I was once again embarrassed beyond belief, but this time, I was older, and a totally different person than when I was twelve. On top of that, Becky was wearing only lace thong panties, and nothing else.

I bared my asshole for my wife's inspection, and she hummed a little as she prepared the enema equipment. When she inserted the tube (I don't know what the hell you call it), it felt funny, but good. Becky, the whole while, was whispering words of encouragement and comfort, while she caressed my hairy butt and occasionally lightly brushed her fingers across my balls.

After three bouts with the enema stuff, I was declared officially clean and was then told to sit on the toilet (lid down). Becky went to the cabinet, rummaged around a little, and took out her can of depilatory cream. I couldn't imagine what she was going to do with that, maybe her legs?

Imagine my surprise when she lathered up her hands, then knelt and started rubbing them all over *my* legs! When she had my legs all done up, she put some more of the stuff in her hands and told me to stand. She then proceeded to put the stuff all over my body, even my crotch and ass! Thank god she left the hair on my face and head alone! I haven't seen my upper lip for over ten years, and also had no interest in seeing, prematurely, what I might look like in another twenty.

When I'd stood there with the bad-smelling foam on me for the required time, I was told, "Get in the shower and get cleaned off. Be sure to get your ass cleaned up good and make sure there aren't any leftovers of the creme. Give me a yell when you're done."

So, that's what happened *before* I started my little narrative. I was about done rinsing the soap out of my hair, when Becky came back into the bathroom.

"How you doing in there? Nearly finished?"

Spitting water out of my mouth, I replied, "Yeah, just a few more minutes."

"Okay. Hurry up."

I turned off the shower, then opened the door to reach for a towel, and was met with a blinding *FLASH*!

My wife had just taken a photo of me! Wet and naked! And, I was to find out in a few minutes, hairless as a chihuahua!

"Becky!" I yelled in surprise and horror. "What do you think you're doing?" She simply giggled and jiggled out the door. I stood in the shower - stunned - for a few moments, trying to put together what in *hades* was happening. I'd very obediently let her do what she wanted to me up until now, regardless of how strange it seemed, but I was *really* getting frustrated not knowing what this was all about.

I tracked water all down the hall, the towel trailing, unused, behind me in my hand. After a little looking, I discovered Becky in the spare bedroom, stretched out on the king size in there. Her hand was between her legs, and she was looking at a snapshot: presumably, the one she'd just taken of me (instant camera).

Standing in the doorway, dripping, and rather pissed, I nearly shouted, "What the hell is going on?"

My wife lowered the picture, looked straight at me, and without stopping the hand at her pussy, said, "You'll find out. I think you'll enjoy yourself." Her grin got a little wider and she said, "You should take a look in the big mirror. You look like a little baby, all smooth and pale."

That's when I remembered that my body hair had all been foamed off. I felt strange little drafts that I'd never felt in places I don't think I'd ever felt them in. Stepping in front of the closet mirror, I looked at myself and stared in such a mixture of emotions that I don't think I can name them all.

There I was, not a hair on my body. I couldn't clearly remember a time when I didn't have hair on my legs, or my belly. I'd shaved my balls a couple of times in the past, but this was *way* beyond that! It felt kind of good, to be that smooth. I ran my hands over my arms, my legs, my ass, and even over my pubic area and cupped my balls. So smooth. It was kind of erotic. All of a sudden, though, a thought came to me of how uncomfortable all this was going to be when the hair started to grow back. Quickly I pushed that unpleasant thought to the back of my mind. It wasn't the time. Now was the time to enjoy.

"Like it, baby?" Becky was sitting up on the bed. Her hand hadn't left her cunt.

I hesitated a little, not knowing really how to respond. Well, I knew how I wanted to respond, but I was embarrassed to admit that I kind of liked it. I hadn't realized I had such a submissive streak in me, but I guess when it comes to things sexual, I'm ready for just about anything.

"Um, it's nice."


"Well, yeah. I mean, I've never been hairless like this before. I mean, I *have*, but not like this. You know what I mean."

Becky laughed at my unease. "Uh huh. I know what you mean. Why do you think I've kept myself shaved for the past six months?"

Honestly, I thought she did it just because she knew I liked to see her bare cunt lips. I merely grunted a response.

She hopped up off the bed. "Come on, now, quit dripping all over the floor. Get yourself dried off and get ready. I have to make a phone call."

I wanted to ask who she needed to call right this instant, but she shooed me out of the room, telling me to wipe up the water I'd tracked on the floor while I was at it.

Backtracking to the bathroom, mopping up with the towel I'd dragged with me, I grabbed a new towel and dried off completely. I then went into our bedroom and started digging in my drawer for underwear and socks. I had just found what I had been looking for, when Becky came in, apparently finished with her phone call.

"Uh uh. Drop 'em." She went to the closet and removed my blue silk robe, offering it to me. "Put this on." I started to ask what she was talking about, where were we going, when she stopped me. "Shush. From here on out, you say nothing. You get one warning tonight after this one, and that's it. If you refuse to do something, or refuse to have something done to you, you get one warning, and any trouble after that, it's over. Do what you're told, don't balk at anything, and I think you'll have the time of your life. Bend over a little."

I inclined my head in Becky's direction, and she slipped a blindfold over my eyes. This was a surprise. What could possibly be happening? What was going to happen tonight?

Becky seemed to sense my confusion. "I know none of this makes sense, but you've been very cooperative so far. In fact, I've been surprised at how cooperative you've been. You aren't normally all that submissive, but I think part of you has been wondering just what all this preparation is for. Trust me when I say that, when I did this, I was as apprehensive and curious as you. But I *did* do it, and once you've experienced it, you'll understand and appreciate a lot of things. I'm not asking you to be submissive, just cooperative. The only time it's like this is the first time, unless, of course, someone asks to do it like this again...."

I stood there in the dark, wearing only my silky robe and a blindfold, and the anticipation of what was going to happen, the mystery of it, had me getting hard. Becky laughed quietly, then said, as I heard a car pull up in back of the garage, "They're here. Let's go."

Becky took my hand and led me downstairs into the kitchen, where she left me, saying she forgot to get me shoes. She came back and slipped sandals onto my feet, then led me across the kitchen to the door, where another set of hands joined hers in helping me. I couldn't tell male or female at first, but eventually, I heard a quiet grunt that sounded distinctly male.

Gently, I was put into the car, great care being taken so I didn't hit my head on the door frame. I heard Becky greeting whoever it was that had arrived, and discovered that there was someone in the passenger seat who hadn't gotten out to help me. Becky kissed them both, I could tell, so I wondered who they could be? She only usually kissed members of her immediate family. But surely she wouldn't be here with anyone from her family while I was done up like this? Would she? The questions just became more numerous.

We drove for several minutes. I recognized the first few turns, but then it felt like we turned back on ourselves, and I quickly became disoriented. No one said anything, including me, especially me. I was *way* too curious to open my mouth and screw up a chance to find out what this was all about.

Somewhere during the ride, I felt a hand on my knee. I assumed it was Becky's. It slowly caressed up and down my leg, pulling aside the tails of my robe. My cock stood at half-mast, getting into the sensation of being felt up here in the car, being nearly nude on a public street. I kept my hands to myself, following the orders I had been given at home. The hand kept at me for quite a while, merely adding to the disorientation I felt. By the time we stopped, the disembodied fingers were gently caressing my inner thigh, right up next to my sensitive balls. When the car came to a stop and the engine turned off, the hand went away. My cock throbbed and I whimpered my protest.

From the driver's seat, I heard Becky say, "Now, be patient, there's more where that came from... and more!" Wait a minute! The driver's seat? Who the hell had been sitting next to me?

My door opened and a set of hands helped me from the car. A part of me wondered if the whole neighborhood could see me, my cock stiff as a board and sticking out from my perversely opened robe. I wondered what neighborhood we were in? I trusted my wife not to get me into any situations that might be dangerous, but even so, not having the slightest idea where I was made me uneasy.

Becky urged me on, leading me by the hand, and I then felt another set of hands, this one definitely feminine, take my other hand to aid my walking across the grass. Through another door, and down a set of padded stairs. It felt like a basement. It smelled like a basement. My ears told me it was a basement. I heard several people talking in low voices all around the room. I heard the clink of glassware and the pouring of liquid. Apparently, I was being brought to a party. But like this? I was more confused than ever.

My unease at being the next best thing to totally unclothed rose to its highest level yet. I didn't know what I was here for. What had Becky gotten me into? I felt hands untie my robe belt and another set of hands remove the robe completely. I was told to step out of my sandals.

Becky took both my hands in hers and led me to what I assumed was the center of the room. She said softly, "It's okay. Don't be afraid. Believe it or not, you're among friends. Just remember what I told you at home."

I heard tables being pushed across concrete, chairs the same. I heard the soft sound of mattresses(?) *flump*ing down to the floor. Becky now led me again, warning me to step up just before the footing got mushy. Becky placed me where she wanted me, then gave me a quick peck, saying, "I love you," then she disappeared, leaving me standing naked and blind, in - I assumed - the middle of the floor.

From somewhere behind me, a man's voice said, "Down on your hands and knees. Ass in the air. Let everybody say 'hello'."

I slowly, nervously, lowered myself to my knees on the floor, then leaned forward onto my forearms, leaving my butt sticking up lewdly.

I wondered what was going to happen next, when I felt a soft touch on my upraised bottom. I couldn't tell whether it was merely fingers, or if someone had just kissed my ass. I didn't have much time to analyze it, because that sensation went away and was replaced by a definite face right into my asshole. I gasped at the sudden surprise, but then quickly got into it as the surprise was replaced by lust as a tongue started to wiggle into my tight butthole.

Before I could get used to that feeling, though, the face left my rear and was replaced by a mouth on my hanging balls. First one testicle, then the other was sucked into the warmth, and a tongue danced all over them. Well, you can bet I was hard as hell by now. I wanted to tell the mouth to suck my cock, but didn't want to get my warning. I didn't know what else might be coming, and didn't want to botch this up. So far, it was great!

The mouth on my balls left and I was left alone for a time. I could feel someone walking around me. Finally, they stopped, knelt, and suddenly a finger thrust itself into my asshole! I nearly yelped in surprise at the feeling. I don't normally do a lot of ass stuff. Like the guys at work, part of me thinks that asshole stuff is for fags. But I've guiltily done some butt play of my own, even had Becky get in on it with me, help me, but mostly, I leave my ass alone.

Whoever this was, however, knew what they were doing! The finger wiggled around a little, twisting here and there, it tapped on my prostate a little, then was joined by another! I don't think I've ever had two fingers up my ass before. I tried one of Becky's dildos once and *just* got it in, but the pain was so great, I never tried *that* again!

The fingers were removed and someone else moved in. Whoever it was lay down in front of me. Then they grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into the hairiest cunt I think I've ever eaten. Now this was more like it! If there's one thing I love to do, it's eat pussy. And I knew this wasn't my wife's cunt. Hers hadn't had any hair on it since before Christmas, and it was now late August. So, I had my face buried in a stranger's pussy. I loved it!

Reluctantly, the pussy went away, and someone else positioned themselves in front of me. I leaned forward, expecting another wet cunt, but was poked in the eye by the head of a penis! I backed up, not wanting to suck cock, I wasn't into that. The person with the penis moved forward and rubbed his dick against my lips, but I wouldn't open my mouth.

"Remember what I said before we left, John, refuse to do something or to have something done to you, and you get *one* warning? This is it. Well?"

I didn't relish the thought of that cock pressing between my lips, but I was really *really* horny from all the work everyone else had done to me so far, and horniness and curiosity got the best of me. Leaning forward, I opened as wide as I could, and felt the cock get placed onto my tongue. I just held it there for a bit, trying to get a feel for it. I thought, 'So this is what is feels like to a woman, eh? I guess it's not so bad... nothing at all like that time I tried doing this to Becky's dildo. This is much better than that.'

Slowly warming to the idea of having another man's cock in my mouth, I started to move my mouth back and forth on the shaft, taking it in as deep as I could before I pulled back and let the head pop out of my lips. The guy groaned and before he could grab my head and force me back onto it, I found his cock again and sucked it back into my mouth. It didn't take long before I was sort of having fun doing this. I couldn't understand why women don't like giving head more. Then it occurred to me, that even though I was really enjoying giving this guy a blowjob, I liked *getting* better.

Pulling myself off the cock, I felt like a horny bastard. I thought, 'I guess I'm bisexual now!'

I didn't know how many others there were in the room, but I felt someone else get in front of me, apparently on *their* hands and knees, too. Next thing I heard was my wife's voice, coming from the person in front of me.

"Lick my asshole, baby. C'mon, John, you can do it."

I leaned forward and felt a soft, smooth ass. I rubbed my face along the surface, until it came to rest against a puckered butthole. Sticking my tongue out as far as it would go, I speared it in and out of my wife's luscious bottom. Becky was writhing around in front of me, thrashing her ass against my tongue.

Becky surprised me. I didn't know she was so anally oriented. Every time I tried to get her to let me put my cock in her ass, she flat out refused. I've never tried anal sex, but desperately want to. Maybe now I could put the question to her and get a positive response. But I still wasn't supposed to say anything, so I wasn't going to ask just at that point in time.

With incredible reluctance, my wife and I disengaged. I was told to resume my original position, and my final test would commence.

I was really worried about what might be coming. I still didn't know who was in the room with me - besides my wife - and I wondered how she had gotten involved with this group in the first place.

My hairless ass was once more sticking up in the air, my head down on the mattress between my hands. I soon found out what my final test was.

Once more, I felt a soft kiss on my ass. Then there was a cold liquid poured over my anus. I tensed when I felt something press against the tight little ring, but quickly regained my senses and relaxed as much as possible. To distract me from the unusual feeling at my back door, the woman with the hairy pussy was back with her furry cunt against my face.

I was so wrapped up in sucking that soaking cunt that I only barely noticed the shaft enter my asshole. It was a woman with a strap-on. I could tell by the rigidity of the "veins" running up and down the shaft. I'd never had the real thing in my ass before, but common sense said that no human being ever had veins in his cock that were that hard.

Getting fucked in the ass by a woman is a truly glorious thing. Getting fucked in the ass by a woman while eating another's pussy is simply incredible! I was surprised at the feeling of emptiness left behind by the retreat of the strap-on. I was even more surprised by the feeling of fullness by the entry of the *real thing*!

I don't know whose cock it was that entered my butt next, but it was *big*. The initial entry was accentuated by a gasp from me while I munched away at the hairy pussy in my face. I loved what was being done to me. I loved what I was doing while things were being done to me. I had, in a very short time, learned to love not only pussy-love, but cock-love as well! My horizons were opened up *wide*!

My asshole was being opened up wide, too. This guy had obviously done this before. Once he hit bottom, he stopped and didn't move for a bit, allowing my body to get used to the instrument that was invading it. When he determined that I was ready, he began a slow, long pump in and out of my ass.

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