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The Inseminator


Doug and Allison Myers were sitting at their kitchen table, nervously sipping coffee on a Saturday afternoon. The two of them were right to be nervous. They were about to conceive their first child together.

It had all started a few months ago. The two of them had been married for three years. Doug was a paralegal, and Allison was an elementary school teacher. All around them, their friends were having children, throwing birthday parties and baby showers. After much discussion, the two 25 year olds had decided it was time.

But Allison had thrown Doug the mother of all curveballs: she wanted twins.

Apparently, many of her acquaintances had been blessed with twins and triplets in the last year, and she wanted in. Doug was confused by her request; neither of them could will themselves into having multiple children at once. Neither he nor his wife had any twins in their family, so the odds were against them. He was thinking that it might have been the hormones talking, and that Allison was doing some super-wishful thinking, like when mothers hope their kids grow up to be athletes and doctors. Allison then elaborated, telling him that, apparently, many of her friends had enlisted the services of a specialist.

It was this same specialist that they were waiting on. As the clock read 12:58 PM, the two heard a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," Doug said, trying his best to look brave for his wife.


He rose from the table and headed to the front door. After opening it, he found himself face-to-face with a very attractive woman carrying a knapsack. She was tall and slim, with pale skin and jet black hair that looked like it had been dyed. She wore glasses, red lipstick, a purple short-sleeved button-up blouse, and some black dress slacks. She smiled pleasantly at Doug, looking seductive while looking remarkably so professional.

"It's good to see you again, Doug!" the woman said.

"Hi, how are you, Meg?" Doug said nervously, shaking her hand and then standing aside to let her inside of the house.

"This is a great place!" Meg said as she looked around. "Your kids are going to be so happy here."

"Yeah, we plan to get a professional baby proofer for the house after we..."

"Get pregnant," Meg said, finishing her sentence. "Speaking of which, where's the special lady?"

"I'm in here," Allison said, entering the room.

"Allison! How are you?" Meg pranced across the room and gave the nervous redhead a hug.

"A bit nervous," she admitted.

"We both are," Doug said.

"It's okay, you two," Meg said. "I've done this many times. If you'd like, we can do something to break then tension, like go out for some ice cream, or go play a board game."

"No, I...I think we should just go upstairs and get started."

"Honey, are you sure?" Doug asked.

"Yes, we've been putting this off for a long time."

"Okay, well, you two lead the way."

The couple led their guest upstairs and into their master bedroom. Meg closed the door behind them and looked at the husband and wife; Allison was sitting nervously on the bed, while Doug was pacing the floor. A tense silence hung in the air.

"Are you sure I need to be here for this?" Doug asked. "I mean, you two will be doing the real work."

"Absolutely," Meg said, walking seductively up to him and putting her arms around his waist. "Believe me; this will definitely strengthen your marriage." Doug's body tensed as she sidled up to him. "Okay, then. I'll get this party started."

Meg backed away from him and started to undress. After her clothes were all on the floor, Doug and Allison got the chance to admire her nude body. She had a firm and taut stomach. She had shapely, grapefruit-sized breasts with perky pink nipples. Between her toned, shapely thighs was a semi-hard penis, which had dark pink color and throbbing veins.

Being stared at by the couple really turned her on, it always did. She couldn't fight down the urge to let her impressive phallus grow to full mast. It was hard and ready for action.

She was a futanari, and Mr. and Mrs. Myers had hired her to get the misses pregnant. Doug could have easily done this himself, but his wife wanted twins, and, thanks to Meg, there was 97.5% chance that she would be carrying twins. Futanari sperm was extremely potent, but Meg was special; any woman she impregnated had twins, sometimes triplets, and, in one case, quadruplets.

She'd discovered this rare ability back when she was 24. She'd had a one-night stand with a swinging couple, only to be contacted months later to learn that the woman was pregnant with twins. She remembered being surprised at how jubilant the couple was; the wife had been told that she'd never have children. Since then, she'd learn to turn her talent into major cash, helping couples with fertility problems, or those who wanted multiple children. Six years later, her business was still going strong.

It wasn't only her powerful and unique futanari sperm that attracted clients, but her personal accomplishments. She was fluent in six languages, held two masters degrees, played soccer in college, played piano and violin, and currently had a well-paying job as a systems analyst. Most couples she'd helped had later reported that their children showed high aptitudes for vocabulary and reasoning skills. Even the first couple she'd impregnated had told her that their twin daughters had been accepted into a special school for gifted children. Now it was Doug and Allison's turn.

Like all the other couples she'd helped, they'd already met with Meg a few weeks ago. Meg had said that her helping them was a two-step process, which she'd explained to them in detail. Though they were timid -- most all of her customers were -- they agreed to fully enlist her services.

She walked up to Doug, grabbed his face, and started to kiss him. He barely had time to react before her tongue slithered into his mouth. He fought it at first - most of the husbands did in order to save face with their wives - but he soon got into it. His hands found themselves onto her shapely backside, giving it a series of appreciative squeezes.

Her strong futanari pheromones were hard at work, filling the married man with lust. Even Allison was succumbing to them as well, squirming on the bed as she watched her husband get familiar with the brunette. The air was filled with a heady musk that arousing the three people in the room.

Meg pulled her face away from Doug's mouth, put her mouth to his ear and whispered, "Help me get your wife pregnant."

Doug stepped back and began to disrobe at once. He had a wiry body; quite unremarkable and devoid of any real muscle tone. She smiled at his hard cock, which was jutting out from a bush of dark brown hair, in stark contrast to Meg's completely shaven loins. Though Meg was clearly more well-endowed than Doug, it didn't seem to make him feel intimidated in the slightest. He showed this by reaching forward to grab Meg's boner and gently stroking it.

"Yeah, let me prime that pump," Doug growled.

"Oh, yeah, that feels wonderful."

Allison tried to open her mouth to speak, wanting to voice her astonishment that her husband was wantonly fondling this woman's genitals, but no sound came out. She simply wanted to be a part of this; in her mind, she knew that being clothed was keeping her from accomplishing it. Seemingly, as soon as that thought popped into her head, the two of them walked over to her, sat on either side of her, and began peeling her clothes off. After Doug had taken off her shirt, he planted a kiss on her lips, while Meg deftly removed Allison's bra and immediately put her mouth to one of the married woman's hard nipples. Allison's body tingled as she felt the woman's mouth and tongue giving hot, moist attention to her breasts.

Doug and Meg both detached from her, and she was made to lie on her back. The two removed her dress and panties and stood there, admiring her nude body. She had a well-trimmed patch of dark red hair that adorned her nethers, a small tummy, and small, perky breasts. She continued to lie there, fondling her meager chest while her body burned with anticipation, hoping that either her husband or the strange futanari woman would join her on the bed. The futanari pheromones seemed to permeate her brain, making her ready for breeding.

"Okay, hubby," Meg said to Doug, playfully slapping his rear. "Get on in there."

Spurred by the sensation of having his rump touched by another woman, Doug eagerly leapt on top of his wife and entered her. He was delight to hear the sound of Allison moaning as he slid into her wet cunt. His eyes rolled and his toes curled as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled his body close to hers.

He couldn't remember the last time she had been so wet; usually, Allison needed a lot of foreplay before they got intimate, and, unless she had lube, she was dryer than a slice of toast. Recently, their sex had been all-business with the two of them intent of having a baby, just calculations, rigid positions, and restrictions. Now, they were having surprisingly enjoyable sex, perhaps for the first time ever.


Doug groaned as his wife wrapped her legs around him; he'd never heard her talk like that before. Allison's fingers were clutching the back of his head. He looked down to see her stomach, breasts and face were flushed with desire. Even if the moaning was fake, her soaked pussy and blushing body were telltale signs that she was enjoying having sex with him.

He looked up to see Meg standing before him, looking him straight in the eye as she leaned forward on the bed. The sight of her smiling face and pale, nude body, especially that rigid prick peeking out from between her thighs, incited him to thrust even faster into his wife. Meg gently cupped his face with both hands and stared deep into his eyes.

"Yes, that's it, Doug. Can you hear how badly your wife wants you? Keep driving that big dick of yours into her."

Meg's nipples stiffened at the sight of Doug's lust-plagued face. The young man was panting, his eyelids were heavy, and his head swayed to and fro. Meg never grew tired of seeing the look on a man's face while he tried to impregnate a woman. The mixture of pleasure, determination, and fatigue was so arousing to her. She savored the sight as she cradled his head in her grasp.

"Listen to me, Doug. What you are doing now is a primal desire: the desire to breed, to sow your manly seed, to create life. Allison is your woman; she's spreading her legs for you because you are a man...HER MAN! DO YOU HEAR ME?"

"Uggggh, I hear youuuuuuu!" Doug wailed.

"She's right, Douglas!" Allison chimed in. "I am your wooooooooooman!"

Meg let go of Doug's face and took a few steps back, allowing the couple to continue making love. Doug's pace quickened as he continued to plow his screaming wife. Suddenly, he let his head fall forward onto the bed, and let out a bellow. Allison screeched as she felt her husband's seed rocketing into her womb. She dug her nails into his back as she climaxed, and then all was still.

"Oh, shit!" Allison gasped.

Doug might have been tired, but even he found the sound of his wife swearing extremely arousing; Allison didn't even let Doug use the word "dang" in the house. The two of them remained locked in a loving embrace, reeling from what was arguably the best sex they'd ever had in their three years of marriage. His mind and body were spent, but his spirit was wishing desperately that they would both recover so he could have her again.

"Okay, now it's time for step two!"

The sound of Meg's voice brought the couple back down to Earth. They were still seeing stars from...whatever that was they had done. Wearily, the two of them looked over to the right at Meg, who was standing at the foot of the bed, stroking her penis.

"Step two?" Allison asked.

"Yes, remember? We reviewed all of this in-depth at our initial meeting. Get your ass out of the way, Doug. It's my turn."

Reluctantly, Doug pulled out of his wife and rolled off of her. Though his cock was sore, it wagged eagerly at the sight of Meg climbing into the bed and on top of his wife. He watched Meg lick his wife's face and put her right hand to her crotch. The other hand gently squeezed at the redhead's breast. Allison's moans began anew, accompanied by laughter from the tickling sensation that came from having the futanari's tongue rubbing against her cheek.

"Mmmmm, your hubby definitely got you all revved up for me, didn't he?" Meg purred into her ear.

"Yes," Allison moaned. "Please! Take me!"

Meg ceased fondling Allison's crotch and chest, and used her hand to teasingly rub the tip of her penis against Allison's wet slit. Allison gurgled and squirmed with anticipation, unable to stand the teasing of her sex. Her brain was overflowing with the words she wanted to use in order to tell this woman to ravage her just like her husband had.

Meg could see the pleading expression in Allison's eyes. She was fighting to keep the businesswoman part of her in charge. She didn't need her futanari side to take complete control; that side wouldn't have even let Doug be in the same room as his wife. The futanari side would have made Allison beg for Meg's cock, and Meg would have filled her with enough sperm to get six women instantly pregnant...along with some other things. Thankfully, Meg was in control of her baser urges, enough to breach the redhead's pussy and push her entire length into her.

"YAHAHAHA! Ohhhhhh, my god!" Allison screamed.

Meg let out a throaty laugh before she steadily began pumping in and out of Allison's eager snatch. She was so much tighter than some of her more recent clients. She had to take special care not to be too rough with this delicate flower.

The redhead clutched at Meg's back as she convulsed beneath the pale futanari; her pussy felt absolutely stuffed. It felt like Meg's dick was piercing her entire body. Her mind went blank as carnal delight coursed through every inch of her being.

"Ohhhh, Allison! You look so beautiful, my dear! You're doooooing greeeeat!"

"I can't....I.....oh, GOD!"

"Yes, that's it, darling. Screeeeam. Yell. Let the whole world know what you're doing. What WE'RE doing!"

A shiver of lust shot through Meg's spine as she gazed down at Allison's face: her eyes were clamped shut, her face was red, and her teeth gritted as she tried endure to overwhelming pleasure she was experiencing. Meg let out a moan before descending to kiss Allison's face and neck. The futanari nuzzled the mane of tousled red hair that flowed from her customer's head, savoring its pleasant scent as entered her nose.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands on her waist, causing her to whip her head around towards her rear. Crouched behind her was Doug, who had a pained, desperate look plastered on his face. She could feel something hot and fleshy pressing against her labia.

"No, Doug!" Meg moaned, while not even bothering to stop fucking Allison. "You shouldn't do that!"

"I'm sorry," Doug said. "I can't help myself!"

Meg grunted as Doug entered her and began to wildly buck on top of her. She was more annoyed than angry, really; she had been having such a great time with Allison, and he was interfering with their connection. Still, she had been prepared for this situation, and decided to let him remain where he was.

The three people continued to moan and writhe upon the bed as a mass of hot, sticky, horny bodies. Meg massaged Doug's cock with her pussy muscles, while at the same time trying to focus on mating with Allison. Thankfully, Doug's wild thrusts were adding to her own, so she could feel her own climax soon approaching. The married man's hands left her hips and found her breasts, rolling Meg's hard nipples between his fingers. She could tell that he wouldn't be lasting long.


Meg could feel herself being filled with creamy goo...and disappointment. She used her ass to push him off of her and allowed herself to sink back into the warm haze that she was feeling from making love Allison. She arched her back, feeling a throbbing pang at the tip of her penis.

"Allison, I'm gonna....MMMMMM!"

Allison shrieked as Meg hollered and shot her load into her body. Whereas Doug's emissions were akin to a liquid soap dispenser, Meg's felt like turkey baster filled with hot clam chowder. She tried to pull away, but Meg held her close.

"Ohhhhh, no! You take it all. TAKE IT!"


After five glorious spurts, Meg slowly pulled out of Allison, her cock burning and still erect. She gently caressed the young woman's thighs, reveling in the sight of her copious ejaculations still bubbling from her crotch. Already in her mind, she was visualizing the millions of spermatozoa swimming towards Allison's eggs.

"Allison? ALLISON?" Doug cried, crawling to the side of his dazed wife.

"Tired....lemme sleep," she murmured.

"It's okay, Doug," Meg assured him. "She just needs to rest for a while. The both of you better enjoy sleeping in while you can, because things are going to change in a few months."

"Yeah, I guess," Doug chuckled.

Meg got off of the bed and started to stretch. She felt a bit amused as she watched Doug trying to surreptitiously stare at her body. She watched as he crawled out of bed and walked towards her.

"Well, Meg, thanks again," Doug said as he held out his hand. "We both really...OW! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

He had attempted to shake Meg's hand in gratitude for her help, but instead of shaking it, she roughly clenched it. The next thing he knew, she was standing behind him with both arms pinned tightly behind his back. He tried to break out of Meg's hold, but was unsuccessful. All further resistance was ended when she gave his arms a vicious and painful squeezing. Admittedly, Doug was surprised that the wiry woman was so strong.

"You broke the rules, Dougie," Meg hissed into his ear. "Now you have to pay the penalty."

"Look, I'm sorry if things got out of hand. Please, don't hurt me."

"Oh, don't worry. This will only hurt for a little bit...but, then, you'll really like it."

Doug's eyes widened and his heart dropped as Meg giggled while rubbing her refreshed erection against his butt. His struggling began anew, but Meg simply laughed and pushed forward so that he was bent over the bed. He cried out for his wife, who was still sleeping peacefully on the same bed that he was about to be violated on.

"It looks like you didn't read the fine print on the agreement you signed, Doug. It clearly stipulates that if you force yourself on me AND cum inside me, then THIS HAPPENS!"

Doug let out a squeal that reminded Meg oddly of the war cry from "Xena: Warrior Princess". Meg grunted as she felt her penis slither past the hairy canyon and into the puckered, unexplored anus of one Douglas Lewis Myers. Her grunt turned into a loud, jubilant roar; it was now time for her futanari side to let loose.

As the man whined and thrashed beneath her, she mercilessly rammed her stiff rod back and forth inside of his ass. The sight of Doug banging his fists was making her very hot. She could see the fear, the anger, and the shame overtaking him, even though she couldn't fully see his face. He was fighting it; they all fought it. In all of her six years, Doug had been the fourth man she'd taken like this. Hopefully, he wouldn't be the last.

"Pleeeeeheeehheease, nooooooo!"

"That's right, Doug, STRUGGLE!" Meg growled. "You can't possibly imagine how goooood this feels. Who knows, maybe, someday, you'll convince Allison to let you do this. Ahhhhhh!"

Doug stamped his feet as he felt Meg's sperm trumpeting into his body. Between the blast of her orgasm, and the vicious prodding of his prostate, he had no choice but to ejaculate as well. The small puddle he deposited onto the bed could not hope to match the torrent of semen that Meg had released inside of him. The futanari stumbled backwards and pulled out of him with a faint pop. As she separated herself, her cock shot a few errant streams on the way out, which painted poor Doug's back door white. She got to her feet, trying to rein in her desire to go back to him for more.

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