tagBDSMThe Interrogation

The Interrogation


"Aiiieee," she screamed as the hand slapped her across her face.

"Aaaaahhhhh, no, please," as a back-hander quickly followed the first slap.

"Tell us where the money is bitch," A man's voice she had never heard before was calm and collected.

"W,what money?" she stammered, her mind racing as she tried to understand the sudden change in events.

"The money that he has hidden in this house, bitch. Tell us and you won't get hurt anymore, where is it?"

"I, I don't, aiiiiieee," her protests were cut short as once again she was slapped on both sides of the face.

"You don't seem to understand, you stupid bitch," the voice was full of menace, "We are not leaving here without the money, you tell us and he won't get hurt when he comes home. Judging by all the cards it's your birthday, happy birthday bitch!"

Two more slaps followed and then the only sound in the room was her sobbing.

Only ten minutes previously she had arrived home after shopping in the summer heat for a sexy new bra and panties to wear for her promised birthday surprise that night. As she closed the front door a black hood had been yanked over her head and strong hands had forced her to the back of the house. A hand had stopped the muffled scream of fright while at least two other pairs of hands held her tight. She froze as all her clothes with the exception of her bra and panties were torn from her body and she was forced to sit on a straight-backed timber chair. Her arms were secured behind her and her ankles taped to the legs of the chair. The hood was removed and she blinked and squinted as a bright light was shown in her eyes. It was impossible for her to see her assailants who stood behind her or behind the light.

As her sobbing continued she jumped in fright as a blindfold was slipped over her eyes and taped into place. All her world was now black; her senses of touch and hearing now intensified as she listened to the men move around the timber floored room.

She suddenly froze as she felt the blade of a knife between her breasts, the touch of the cold steel causing goose bumps on her smooth skin.

"No, no please don't cut me," she pleaded.

The cold steel moved away and then slipped under the left shoulder strap of her bra easily cutting the flimsy material. The knife then moved to the right strap and snapped it apart. Again she froze as the knife slipped coldly into the ample valley between her breasts slicing the material that joined the cups. The bra dropped away and her large breasts fell free, the hard nipples showing her fear and excitement. A leather-gloved hand slipped down the front of her panties, grasped the elastic and in one strong movement ripped off the flimsy garment. She sat secured to the chair, now nude and very vulnerable, her breasts heaving as she gulped in the stifling air.

"Now listen bitch, let me just say this one more time, tell us where the money is hidden and you won't get hurt no more. If you don't tell us you will suffer badly, and I mean BADLY!"

"If I knew I would tell you, please don't hurt me anymore, I just don't know." She pleaded to her captors.

"What a silly girl you are," the menacing voice said, "It seems that you will have to learn the hard way."

"Aaaaiiiiieeeeee," her voice again filled the room as a mousetrap was snapped over the end of her right breast and it was quickly followed by another trap on her left. The thin but strong metal wire cut into the soft flesh and she sobbed loudly, screaming again as clothes pins were attached to her nipples and ear lobes.

For five minutes the men stood silent and still, watching as she fought against the rope and tape that held her tight. Tears were rolling down her cheeks from under the blindfold and she was crying for mercy, the pain almost unendurable. Suddenly the traps and pins were removed, the red marks they left behind showing brightly on her white skin. Nothing was said as the tape was removed from her legs and she was forced to stand. She heard the sound of a rope being thrown over the heavy timber of the open rafters in the high open ceiling and soon she was secured with her arms tied above her head, her bare feet just touching the floor.

Again the only sound was that of the men moving around the floor. As the pain of the traps and pins slowly faded it was replaced by apprehension. The men stopped and the only sound she could hear was of some birds twittering outside in the trees. The suspense and tension were incredible as she waited for their next move.

"Whooosh" a leather belt exploded across her arse cheeks.

"NO PLEASE!" she screamed.

The menacing voice spoke again, "You know what to do to stop us, just tell us where the money is."

"Please I don't, aaiiiiiieeeee," Her words were cut short as the belt landed again.

Time and time again the belt marked her soft flesh as he moved slowly around her. Each time the leather struck home she screamed loudly and soon tears were once again rolling down her cheeks. Red marks appeared on her breasts, stomach, thighs, back and ass. It seemed that he was determined to mark every square inch of her body as he accurately swung the heavy leather strap.

Suddenly the strapping stopped and the leather gloves roamed over her beaten flesh and he spoke, "Gentlemen, it seems the slut is made of very strong stuff or perhaps she is telling the truth. Maybe he hasn't told her where he hides the money. We will just have to wait until he returns home. In the meantime I think we can enjoy the bitch's body while we wait."

She was still sobbing loudly and gasping for air. Surprisingly a glass of water was pressed to her lips and she drank greedily, some of the fluid dripping down over her heaving breasts. A towel wiped her face of the tears and the mucous from her nose and she wondered foolishly for a few seconds if it was all over until he arrived home.

As she wondered how she could warn him she was brought back to reality by two fingers suddenly invading her sex.

"What is this bitch?" he demanded.

"Oh God, what do you mean?" she gasped.

"Where do I have my fingers?" he asked with exasperation.

"Oh, ah, in my vagina," she exclaimed.

"No, not in your vagina, I don't want medical terms, where do I have my fingers?" He demanded as he twisted his fingers around in her soft wet flesh.

"In my pussy, in my cunt," was her bewildered reply.

"No, stupid, you are the cunt, my fingers are in your hole, understand? All this is to me is a HOLE, now say it."

"Y'your fingers are in my hole," she uttered, her voice telling them of her humiliation.

"In my hole, SIR," he bellowed in her ear.

"Yours fingers are in my hole, Sir," she sobbed as his fingers continued to probe.

Then her feet were almost lifted off the floor as a finger suddenly invaded her arse hole.

"Ohhhhhh NO," she screamed.

"And what number hole is this finger in, bitch?"

"The finger is in my hole number two, Sir," she exclaimed as both her holes were probed, lifting her up so only her toes were touching the polished boards.

"Very good slut," His voice was still very calm, he was totally in control and he knew it.

Two gloved fingers were forced into her sobbing mouth, pushing in so the tips were at the top of her throat. As the fingers of these ruthless men probed her mouth, arse hole and vagina, she suddenly realized that excitement had overtaken the fear that she had been experiencing. She knew her pussy was drenched and it was not just from his touch. She guessed with a mixture of dread and excitement of what was to happen to her next.

She coughed and spluttered as the fingers were taken from her mouth.

"And what is this bitch?" the voice asked, his hand touching her lips.

"It is hole number three Sir."

"Excellent, that's what you are to us bitch, just three holes, three fucking holes."

To her relief the rope was removed from around her wrists and strong hands caught and lifted her as she collapsed to the floor. She was lifted and carried to another room, still sobbing from the pain of the strap and the probing fingers. She felt herself being lifted into the air and lowered slowly, a hard cock slowly filling her vagina. The strong hands pushed her down so her breasts were flattened against her invader's chest. His strong arms wrapped around her sweaty, panting body and held her tight.

She moaned with a mixture of fear and lust as she felt another hard cock pressing against her anus. The man behind her pushed hard and she made herself relax her sphincter, allowing the cock to fully invade her arse.

"At least he had lubed himself," she thought gratefully to herself as the cock started to move in and out.

"Owwwwww!" she screamed as one of them grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back.

As the third cock pushed at her mouth she heard the now familiar voice say, "You bite once and you're dead, bitch, understand?"

She nodded and opened her mouth expectantly, knowing that to cooperate was the best way for her to survive. The cock was shoved firmly past her lips, the head of it soon pushing down into her throat. She part choked and made her throat relax to accept the intrusion. The man under her did not move, just held her tight as the other two began to fuck her mouth and arse in unison. It did not take long before their in-strokes matched each other and she was moaning loudly as the cocks moved in and out of her shaking body.

She realized that her naturally high sex drive had taken over and she was actually enjoying being taken in all her holes by these strangers. Her juices were running out of her vagina and her nipples were as hard as rocks. She was moaning loudly as the cocks pounded in and out of her with ever-increasing speed and she started her first orgasm before the man at her rear started to pump his sperm into her. As he came into her arse the cock in her mouth shot its first sticky load into her waiting mouth. She swallowed quickly as her body shook with another orgasm, her muffled moans filling the room. As the cocks of the two active men slowly lost their stiffness they were withdrawn from her holes and she lay, panting profusely, sweat shining all over her still trembling body. The man under her continued to hold her tight as she heard the sounds of her other two interrogators straightening their clothes and then leaving the room.

She lay there, still unable to see, wondering what was to happen next? Then his arms moved from around her back and his strong hands gripped her shoulders, pushing her upright so she was in a sitting position, his hard cock still filling her vagina. His hands moved to her breasts and she moaned again with pleasure as his fingers dug deeply into the soft flesh. Then his hips began to move, his cock slowly fucking her pussy, as his fingers pinched her nipples.

"Fuck me Sir, fuck me hard!" she screamed as she arched her back, her sweat-drenched hair falling and sticking to her back.

His laughter at her words filled the room as he thrust hard into her. After holding her tight while the others had their way with her he knew he wouldn't be able to last long. Both of them were moaning loudly as she bounced up and down on his cock. It wasn't long before they were both experiencing an earth-shattering orgasm and she collapsed down on his chest, both of them gasping for air in the stifling humidity of the room. To her relief she felt his fingers removing the tape that held her blindfold in place. Finally she could see again and as her eyes became accustomed to the light she looked down at him, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Thank you Sir, that was the most amazing and erotic thing that has ever happened to me, thank you so much, I love you."

"Happy birthday my little subbie." He replied as he pulled her lips to his, "I love you too."

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