The Interview


"Promise me that after this, it ends." Abi's voice shook with anger but it held tones of resignation.

"Regretfully, I promise. You can even have the camera -- including the pictures."

Abi turned around again and leaned against the desk. Now that some of the heat had gone, she felt very exposed to her boss. She felt completely powerless. Her mind was filled with preventing those pictures going anywhere but the rubbish bin.

She heard Mr Strachan walk forward and come close to her. She wondered if he could really manage another round. Round 3 for him..., she thought. She silently gasped when she felt something slide inside her. She recognised them as fingers. Mr Strachan pushed two fingers deep inside Abi. She felt his other hand come between her thighs and flick her clit. Abi bit her lip to stop herself from making any sound. Anything to stop the pictures...she told herself. She involuntarily contracted from the attention. She was still full of Mr Strachan's cum and her contraction forced her to push it out of her. Mr Strachan's fingers were rubbing against her G-Spot and this was causing her to contract more. Soon, she could feel all of his seed trickling out of her. Mr Strachan was rubbing Abi's clit feverishly. It was all she could do not to scream out in delight. Oh god that feels so amazing.. I can't show it or he will think I want this more. I will never be free. Must stay focussed on getting those pictures...

After a few minutes, Mr Strachan pulled his fingers out of Abi and stopped the attention to her clitoris. Abi couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed.

"Turn and face me and get on your knees" he commanded in a tone that brooked no argument.

Abi did exactly as she was told. She looked up at him. She schooled her face into a dutiful and obedient expression. It's nearly over...Mr Strachan was smiling malevolently. He was still naked but for a shirt and his attentions to Abi's pussy had begun to awaken his stiffening cock. Abi noticed that he was holding his hand out in front of him slightly, palm up. He tilted it down towards her and she saw the unmistakable clear white wetness of cum over it. So that's what he was doing...

"I want to watch you clean this up. Orally. Once every last drop has gone, you can have the camera and you are free to go."

I should have seen that coming... Abi thought bitterly. She could hardly believe that she had sold her pussy to him and let him fill her up with cum only to return to what she was doing in the first place. Abi didn't mind tasting herself before -- indeed she occasionally did so on lonely nights with her vibrator. That said, she had never told anyone that before and she had never been ordered to do it. Abi saw the camera in Mr Strachan's other hand. I just have to lick his fingers and then that is it. Finished. No pictures. The job. Laura screwed over. Everything.

Abi swallowed, steeled herself and leaned forward. She felt like a puppy begging for its master. She grabbed his wrist and pulled his palm towards her face. She opened her mouth and held her tongue out. She chose the largest pool of cum on his palm and slid the flat of her tongue along it. She tasted her own juices but predominantly the taste of his cum. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to stop tasting cum... She swallowed and she saw him lick his own lips. Abi could tell she was being blackmailed into fulfilling her boss' fantasy. Abi could feel her eyes starting to well with shame. She closed her eyes and took his index finger in her mouth, more roughly than she intended. It tasted stronger of her own juices. She sucked each and every finger greedily, eager-to-please, and, as she did so, watched his cock grow back to firmness. She finished off by licking the last of his palm clean and swallowed. Finished!, she thought. Please just give me the camera and let me go...

"Every last drop of it, Abi" Mr Strachan said with a sneer.

Abi was close enough to Mr Strachan's cock to know what he wanted. She sighed and opened her mouth. This was all the invitation that Mr Strachan needed. He shoved his cock in her mouth and she dutifully rolled her tongue around it. Mr Strachan grabbed Abi's head and pulled it towards him hard. Abi just prevented a gag by swallowing repeatedly -- exactly what Mr Strachan wanted. Three more times he repeated this before he was satisfied. He pulled out and Abi closed her mouth. Totally deflated, she didn't have it in her to wipe the single tear from her eye. Mr Strachan laughed at her and tapped her on the cheek with his wet cock before turning away.

"Get dressed please and leave my office. The camera is yours. You will hear about the job by the end of the day."

That's it? It's over? Abi could barely believe it. Abi stood quickly and tried to regain some modesty by pushing her skirt back to where it belonged. She found her underwear and put the small black thong in the gap between her front and the waistline of her skirt. Just want to go and get clean...She wondered if she would feel clean again. She had whored herself out for a job and she knew it. This will be worth it... She tried to ignore the spots of doubt in her mind. Is any job worth what I just did? She did her blouse back up and flattened the clothes. Mr Strachan was already dressed and standing by the door. Upon seeing she was ready he opened it and smiled a false, broad smile.

Abi grabbed the camera and walked through the opened door, not looking at him.

"By the end of the day" Mr Strachan said smartly.

Abi ignored the knowing smile from Mr Strachan's PA and headed for the lift. She got in and pressed the button for her floor. She was surprised to see that she had only been gone 30 minutes. It felt like hours. The walk back to her desk took her past Laura who gave her a quizzical, level stare which she returned. You will know soon enough, you slut...

The hours seemed to crawl by. She just wanted to get the confirmation and go home. To shower. To celebrate. To destroy that camera. To forget. Abi still couldn't shake the taste of cum and the sensation of Mr Strachan's penis sliding in and out of her mouth. Finally, she received an email from Mr Strachan, of which Laura was also a recipient.

My Office in 5 minutes please.


Nick Strachan

Senior Manager

Corporate Accounts

Thinemans Bank

She saw that Laura had already stood up and was adjusting her clothes. She noted that she hiked her skirt up slightly. Abi stood up, gritted her teeth and copied. Mr Strachan has seen a lot more than a few extra inches of thigh today... The journey in the lift with Laura was a silent but tense affair -- made no better by them being the only occupants. It was made no less awkward by Abi having a good idea what Laura had done to Mr Strachan in her attempt to get the job. And it's not like she is in the dark about what I have got up to either..., she thought ruefully. Mr Strachan was outside his office already.

"Thank you for coming Ladies. Come inside. Please." His tone of voice was such that you would never have guessed that he had them both sucking his cock just hours before. Abi followed Laura into Mr Strachan's office and was surprised to see it already occupied by two older men. One was quite short and fat and the other tall and thin. They looked almost comical standing next to each other. Laura seemed to recognise them and offered them a curt nod. Abi didn't bother and just stared straight ahead. Just a few minutes and then that's it. Goodbye Laura. Hello promotion. The butterflies in her stomach dared to come back, rejuvenating her spirits.

Mr Strachan closed the door and stood slightly in front of the two men, facing Laura and Abi.

"Ladies, this is Mr Kirtman and Mr Lovegood. As you have been made aware, they act as my recruitment advisors." Mr Strachan's pointing demonstrated that Mr Lovegood was the fatter man. Abi noticed he was sweating slightly. Abi recognised their names from the email she had received earlier in the day.

There was a pause before he continued.

"I'm sure you are both aware of the... strenuous interview that you both had to do today." Abi fidgeted uncomfortable and felt Laura clench. I bet you don't even feel bad for it, you bitch..."A decision has been made."

There was a long pause.

Mr Strachan smiled broadly, "Congratulation's Laura!"

Abi felt numb. She must have misheard.

"Mr Strachan -- wha-?"

"I'm sorry Abi. You were, in my opinion much more... obedient. Not to mention offering a much wider range of entertainment." Abi flushed. "However, Laura has the good sense to take a hint and offered her... services to both of my advisors. I voted for you but they both voted for Laura." Abi felt cold. "Amazing what a well placed blowjob can do for your career, isn't it Laura?" Mr Strachan said sweetly.

Abi looked at Laura venomously. Laura hardly looked embarrassed. She noticed Mr Lovegood and Mr Kirtman looking at Laura lustfully. I did all of that for Mr Strachan and lost. Abi remembered the handjob, the blowjob, the deepthroating, the screwing, the creampie, the fingering, the clit rubbing, the cum swallowing, the shame, the hate. She felt used and useless. She had been discarded because she didn't think to sink to her knees for three guys. Abi felt like she knew what prostitutes felt like when the client didn't pay.

"Until next time, Abi", said Mr Strachan with an air of closure. There will be a next time... she realised. She hated what she had to do, but not as much as she hated Laura and Mr Strachan. Not as much as she wanted the job. The ice had been broken.

"Until next time, Mr Strachan." She flashed her teeth at him in what she hoped was a smile. After a slight pause she added. "Mr Lovegood. Mr Kirtman." and offered them a barely perceptible wink. Abi saw from their expressions that they had noticed it.

Abi knew that wink would make another "opportunity" come up quickly. Laura and Mr Strachan were going down. If she had to give head to every male in the office, Abi would get her revenge against them both. Remembering Mr Strachan's expression as she swallowed both his and her own juices from his fingers, she knew that an opportunity for revenge would be soon.

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