tagGroup SexThe Island of Desire

The Island of Desire


Jason had never done well with high temperatures. Admittedly, he had found Virginia's somewhat moderate climate range to be taxing in its own right. It was no wonder then that he found himself more than uncomfortable now, sprawled out on some beach in the Caribbean, scraped up and thoroughly discombobulated.

Squinting, he could make out the very tip of a large silver bow, glinting in the heat as it sank beneath the water. It had been a luxurious yacht, rented out for a privately funded Earth Day celebration. Marine biologists, naturalists, and ecologists had lined up in droves, shoving fistfuls of money forward for what they considered to be the vacation of a lifetime. The boat had been chartered to sail for several months around the globe, stopping off at various locales for tours of the most exotic flora and fauna that planet Earth had to offer.

Of course, the grandest ventures take but a nudge before they spiral out of control. Jason placed fault on the relatively unofficial looking band of crewman (not to mention the severe over-abundance of wine coolers), but he supposed no one would ever take full blame for the incident. All anybody knew was that a run-in with some particularly jagged outcroppings of rock resulted in a battered hull and a sinking ship. Jason watched as more swam ashore, the metallic behemoth behind them tipping upward in defiance before completely descending beneath the waves.

He eyed the group over, taking note of those he saw and comparing the mass to those who had originally boarded the ship. He couldn't tell much of a difference. He also seemed to be the only one at all affected by the trip's most recent turn of events. Indeed, most of the scientists seemed euphoric. They were scattered about the small island's shore, examining every inch of the coastline in excruciating detail. Occasionally one would let out an excited yelp or produce a notepad upon which to scribble some undoubtedly pointless detail.

He sighed, staggering to his feet. He couldn't stand science-types. A want to produce change in a world on the verge of a warming crisis had thrown him in with the wrong lot. Hell, he hadn't even wanted to come on this trip! He had been perfectly content to stay at home and continue living his comfortable life, but his enthusiastic father had insisted he go as a representative for his alternative energy research firm, and had even gone as far as to pay his way. So here he was, stranded in who knew where with nothing to blame but his damned sense of avarice, his damned rich father, and damned wine coolers.

"Damn it all to hell," he muttered under his breath. He knelt over and checked the contents of his now-waterlogged pack. Several lunches worth of packed sandwiches lay in a mushy puddle, soaked and undoubtedly salty. He salvaged his wallet from a mass of salami and wheat before tossing the whole thing aside. He could never be sure. Maybe he'd luck out and a rescue crew was prepared for drunken scientists crashing on rocks while island hopping. A man had to have his hope.

He stood up once more to survey the surrounding coastline as he tucked the wallet into his back pocket. A few dozen yards of sand quickly gave way to dense jungle that stretched towards the island's center. If there was food to be found here, that was his best bet. He took a moment to shake the sand out of his frigid loafers before heading inland, dodging several people in thick glasses who were gawking at a nearby crab. He brushed aside the low-hanging leaves of palm trees and disappeared into the heart of the place.

The trees created a thick canopy that choked sunlight into small shafts that filtered through the leaves. Shrubs grew unchecked around their bases, making passage difficult. Jason stepped cautiously about, carefully eying each plant for some kind of jagged thorn or Venus Flytrap-esque appendage that would swallow him whole. The air was hot and moist here, yet it bore a fruity sweetness. A few more minutes of trudging and he found the source—a clearing lined with small plants and bent trees, each heavy and pregnant with ripened fruit.

"Strange..." he mused aloud as he approached an orange tree. There was no way that this mix-matched garden ended up here by chance. Low pineapple plants grew in a row with coconut and apple trees, which were flanked by clusters of grape vines. Confused though he was, he was in no position to complain. He gave one of the oranges on the nearest tree a little yank before it came loose. He gave no pause and took a large, juicy bite out of the fruit, tasting the delicious tangy flesh as juice dribbled out of the perforated skin and down his chin. It was absolutely delicious.

Jason was prepared to take a second bite of his find when he heard a rustling of leaves behind him. He turned, only to experience what felt like a large club colliding with his temple. Whirling, he kept circling about, looking for the culprit. What he assumed was a particularly laden coconut tree turned out to be a woman, barely clad, brandishing her weapon behind her.

"WAI-" was all he managed before she swung again, knocking him on the forehead. He fell to the ground, a cascade of stars and the woman's blurring form his last sights before his world turned black.

Jason awoke to hushed voices that seemed to surround him on all sides. He opened his eyes before squeezing them shut again, bright sunlight assaulting his vision. Squinting, his sight slowly came back into focus as the scene before him snapped into clarity. He lay on his back upon the soft grass floor of another clearing. His hands and ankles were bound to saplings that had been bent and re-purposed as bonds, and he had been stripped of his clothes, save for his pair of briefs. Around him stood a thick semi-circle of goddesses.

Jason shook his head and looked again. No, his eyes hadn't deceived him. Before him loitered a throng of incredibly hot women, each strikingly different from the last. Some wore loincloths fashioned from leaves and vines, while others bore dirtied shreds of skirts and t-shirts. All stood silent. At first Jason viewed them as fearful, but he quickly abandoned that conclusion. Each pair of eyes was fixated upon him, almost trance-like. If he hadn't known better, he could have sworn he saw the fires of lust dancing hotly in those awe-struck orbs.

"Easy now, or we'll frighten this great gift of ours," came a strong voice from beyond Jason's sight. A few of the members of the crowd shuffled out of the way to let a majestic creature strut forwards. She was a leader; it was obvious from her every feature, from her purposed gait to the streaks of pigment beneath her eyes that served as facial markings. She had a perfectly toned body, which had grown tan in the island sun, and a head of long, dark hair. A makeshift skirt was tied around her waist, and a robe of sorts hung about her shoulders. She strode up beside him and fixed him with a strong, almost frigid gaze.

"Greetings, outsider," she said, letting her voice grow louder. She turned to address the others, who all now watched to her eagerly.

"Behold, our salvation," she bellowed, spreading her arms wide. "The sea has seen fit to gift us with means for survival! Our line shall live on! Give praise for our great fortune! Bow down before..." Her eyes trailed down to Jason expectantly.

"J-Jason," he managed.

"Before Jason! Revel in his presence!" The woman withdrew a small blade from her leaf skirt and expertly cut the bonds that held Jason's hands. He sat up, rubbing his wrists. Each pair of eyes had fixated upon him once more.

"I don't uh..."

"Where are our manners?" she began again. "Celebrations are in order, and we must make an offering of flesh to this most gracious of suitors!" She pointed a finger towards a vixen that stood at the front of the crowd. Jason couldn't help the growing excitement that was flooding through him, despite his bewilderment.

"What exactly are you saying?" he inquired, the answer already growing clearer in his mind.

"Many moons have passed since our arrival here, outsider. We seek the power of man to repopulate our dwindling numbers. Your power." At this the girl edged forward, a grin growing on her face.

"Be at ease Jason, for tonight a ceremony will herald your arrival. But first, you have work to attend to!" She motioned, and the crowd vanished into the woods, leaving him alone with the woman.

"Allow me to remove your bonds, great one," she said quietly. She was a beautiful woman, lean and fair-skinned. Blonde curls fell about her soft green eyes. She bent forward and deftly untied the remaining bonds that were fastened to his ankles.

"And, if it pleases you, I'd have my bonds removed as well..." she trailed off as she pulled a ragged blue t-shirt over her head, revealing an amazing pair of breasts. She quickly unfastened the button that clasped her jean skirt around her waist before slipping it off as well. Her pussy bore no further trappings save for a small patch of blonde pubic hair, neatly trimmed. She stalked closer, bridging the gap between them before she was right at his side.

"I am to be the first to receive your great seed. I have been trained for this moment; all efforts have been made in preparation for this day. Are you ready?"

Was he ready? Jason didn't think there could ever be a moment in his life when he wasn't ready for a smoking hot islander who was desperate to have him. He nodded strongly, not wanting to give away the trembling excitement that would have certainly pervaded his voice.

The girl kneeled down on the grass and brought her hand to his head, grasping his hair firmly as she locked lips with his. There was a moment then of tension then as they kissed in the sunlit clearing, a split second of unknowing before she opened her mouth and slid her tongue into his. She pressed her body into him, her pointed nipples scraping lightly across his chest as she brought her other hand down to his growing cock. She rubbed him through the fabric of his briefs, grasping her fingers around his now surging erection. She paused to slip the underwear from around his waist as she kissed down his neck and chest, pausing to suck lightly upon his nipples.

Her hand slid back to his dick. She had a soft touch that felt fantastic as it began to pump him up and down, working out a steady rhythm as her kisses worked their way further down. She brought her lips to his balls and stopped to suck one into her mouth as her handjob intensified. Jason almost jerked from surprise as she sucked on the other one before bringing her lips to the tip of his cock. Her tongue slid out to tease him for a moment while she glanced back up at him, almost smiling as she tongued around his slit. She licked up and down the network of veins on his underside, causing his cock to twitch excitedly as she scraped her nails lightly across his testicles. After running her mouth up and down his shaft a few more times she positioned her lips at his head before plunging down his length, letting the whole length of it sink into her eager mouth until her lips were pressed against his belly.

Jason groaned, reaching out and running his fingers through the girl's hair as she repeated the motion several times. She alternated between long, slow motions and short jerks around the top of his cock, where she'd pause and slide her tongue around his head while her hand worked the base of his shaft.

She stopped, relinquishing her hold on him as she moved back to admire her handiwork. His dick was standing at full attention, throbbing and swollen and aching for a tight little hole.

"I am to now complete my task as a vessel of your great will. Is this acceptable?" she inquired, her mouth nearly salivating as she continued to stare, her gaze affixed to his cock.

Jason didn't bother answering. He got up on his knees, and the girl instinctively turned about, getting down on all fours in the soft glade. Moisture pooled from her burning pussy. She wiggled her ass cutely, as if to remind Jason to stop gawking at his luck and finish what he'd started. He needed no second urging. Moving forward, he took his cock in one hand and rubbed it up and down her lips before working it into her cunt slowly.

The girl bent her head, moaning softly as she edged her pussy back onto his cock, her moist lips eagerly sliding down his shaft until he was buried up to the hilt. She was tight, almost unbelievably so. Jason grabbed her firm ass to steady himself before sliding back and forth, his pace intensifying with each passing second. Before long he was pumping the girl furiously, his cock slick with her juices as it slid deeper and deeper into her moist little pussy.

"That's it, Jason. Fulfill your destiny!" she panted, her torso and arms planted on the forest floor to steady herself against his onslaught. Jason was going to oblige. Indeed, if his destiny was to give this island's inhabitants what they so richly deserved, than he was in no position to shirk his duties. He pumped a few more times as his balls slowly began to churn.

"Your wish is my command," He managed, a smirk on his face. He'd play along. He'd be their promised savior, as long as it meant more snatch like this. The pressure had built up past the point of no return. He sank his cock all the way into her pussy as he came, a thick hot load erupting from his cock and filling her hole until he had emptied himself completely inside of her.

Jason fell back, exhausted. The girl lay there on the ground, breathing hard, feebly trying to recover. She slid a hand down her front and mashed a finger around in her pussy before bringing it back to her lips. She tasted their juices, and moaned contentedly as she licked it clean.

"You have blessed me this day, Jason," She said dreamily. She clambered to her feet, her legs a little wobbly. The girl beckoned towards the tree line, and instantly four others walked forward bearing a stretcher fashioned from vines and leaves.

"Rest now, for today is a day of great rejoicing. And such days deserve momentous nights." The girls came and laid the stretcher down next to Jason, who rolled over onto it lazily before closing his eyes in the Caribbean sunshine. He could get used to this. The four of them lifted him up and bore him off towards the trees. A few moments passed, and before they had even reached the forest proper, Jason had fallen into a slumber, exhausted and content from the day's happenings.

When he awoke, Jason was lying on a soft mat of fronds that had been laid out in a small hut. He sat up and rubbed his bleary eyes, stretching the sleep out of his muscles as he gazed at the scene around him. The sun was beginning to dip nearer and nearer to the water's edge in the distance, casting a blazing reflection that colored the waters in deep summer hues. Jason's clothes were gone, and in their place was a long ceremonial robe that had been laid out by the mat. He quickly donned the thing, tying a vine around his waist that had been set out for use as a belt, and got up to investigate his surroundings further.

The hut was perched atop a hilltop that towered in the center of the island. From this new vantage point, Jason could see most of the surrounding shoreline. To his left lay a small winding path lit on either side by rudimentary torches. It travelled a short ways before sloping up towards the only visible area that was at a higher elevation than his hut. Jason took the torches as a cue and set off in that direction.

The walk only lasted a few minutes, and soon he was at the crest of the hill. As he came up over the rise he saw tables lined with exotic foods and chairs surrounding them, each seating another of the island's tempting vixens. In the center of the array of tables was another large pile fronds, upon which rested the pack leader from earlier, nude and beckoning for Jason to come to her.

"So glad you could join us in our festivities, Jason," she said as he sat down next to her. She waved her hand in the air and several other girls came forward, removing Jason's robe and belt.

"Has your purpose here been made clear to you, my King?" Jason almost jumped at that last part.

"King?" he inquired, his eyes taking in the woman next to him. That luscious body was screaming for his touch.

"But of course, Jason. Who else will lead our people from darkness? Who but you has the power to save our line? Who but you, Jason, can accept the duty of satisfying your Queen? Of satisfying me?" At that she stood, and before Jason could protest she straddled his lap and pushed him down on the ground before sliding her pussy up to his face.

"No, it is only you, my lord. Only you can handle the gifts that we seek to bestow upon you." The woman beckoned towards the crowd, and more girls joined the fray, each tending to Jason in a different way. Hands and tongues covered his body as some worked his already rigid cock while others tongued his nipples and massaged his chest. The tanned leader began to rock her pussy over his shocked features, and he snapped back to action. His eager tongue slithered into her already moist lips as he sucked and ate her pussy. She tasted hot and warm and salty; a temptress of the sea, befitting of a King. She was a fiery maiden who would serve as his right hand.

"Yes. Yes! Rise up and take your crown. Take your Queen, Jason! Yes!" She was screaming out now, humping his face in rhythm with his tongue. She rose off his eager mouth and the others scattered to make room as she positioned herself above his cock, rubbing his head with her soaked lips before sliding down his shaft, burying his dick inside of her sex. The others quickly resumed their various duties. One eagerly mounted Jason's face in the leader's absence, while others grasped his fingers and slid them inside of their cunts, riding his hands in ecstasy. Still more clamped their firm young bodies onto his form and rubbed their pusses anywhere they could. Before long Jason found himself in the center of a writhing mass of passion, with his Queen at the eye of the storm, milking his cock as she rode him, her hands planted on his hips.

"Show us, Jason! Show us what a man can do!" He couldn't hold back, overcome by desire and power and lust. He shot a load into her until she was overflowing with his seed. She dismounted and immediately more girls came to take her place, licking and sucking and pumping until he was once more fully erect. More swarmed to the leader and tried to lap some of his cum out of her hole as a young redheaded woman clambered onto his dick, facing away from him as she rode. He watched her ass bounce up and down his cock amidst a frenzied mob of sex. Girls were sprawled out around the main cluster, pleasing each other and moaning out, lending their voices to the growing din.

He could hear his name being called again, but it was too late. He was lost in the moment, the swell of it all. He squeezed a firm pair of breasts that belonged to an olive-skinned girl as he sucked the clit of a petite brunette. This was his kingdom, his paradise. The roar grew louder still as he ascended the throne and took his rightful place as master of this island. His island.

"JASON!" The voice belonged to a screaming man that cut through the dream like a knife. Jason opened his eyes in time to see a massive swell as it crashed down upon him, soaking him to the bone before it rolled down the sands beneath him and back into the ocean. The owner of the shrill call came into his field of vision, a diminutive man with a nasally voice and a clipboard of names who offered him a hand.

Jason accepted, grabbing him by the wrist and pulling himself upright. He stood up and shook himself dry before planting himself down in drier sand. Perfect. This island could add cold showers to its growing list of cruelties.

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