tagLoving WivesThe IT Guy Pt. 05

The IT Guy Pt. 05


Anne watched him sadly before getting in the car and driving off. She picked up her cell and dialed. "Rene, Hi, it's Anne...yeah, he just left...I know and that's why I want to talk to you...Sure, I can be there in 30 minutes...Great, see you."

Anne parked and went over to the outdoor café and sat down across from her friend, "I hope I didn't drag you away from anything. I just need to ask you something."

Rene looked at Anne, "Yes, I slept with John, a couple of times. Charles came home and said they were going to let him go since they dissolved his project. I'd heard things, things about wives getting their husbands promoted, anyhow I was scared to death, but I went to his office and he, he took me right on his desk."

"I'm sorry Rene, I hate to ask this, but did it hurt? I mean, I've seen his cock and it is huge." Anne asked softly.

"Um, well, no. It wasn't like he ripped off my panties and bent me over his desk and just stuck it in, he was slow, patient. We sat on his couch and talked at first. He was amazing, he made no move on me even though he must have known that was why I was there. I told him I heard about Charles and I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help him out."

"He told me that I was wasting my time and started to say more, but I put my finger over his lips to shut him up. I told him to just hear me out and I was willing to whatever it took to help Charles stay at the company...I actually said, I'd do anything...anything at all. He started to argue, but again I stopped him. I pushed him down onto the couch and...Anne, I pulled up my dress showing him I wasn't wearing panties, and...and I'd completely shaved."

"Christ, Rene, how did you have the courage to do that? You must have been beet red."

"I know, I loved the look on his face though, it was pure lust and desire. I took off my dress to show him I wasn't wearing a bra either and closed my eyes when he stood up and reached out to feel me, he was so gentle and tender, he felt every inch of me with his hands and his lips, everywhere. No man has ever done that before. I'm used to men just grabbing my boobs, or sliding their fingers into me, but he was amazing. Is this TMI?" Rene asked.

"No, this is helpful, I've been wondering about him, if it is all an act to get me into bed with him, but it sounds like he is real. Interesting. Go on, I'm getting wet listening to this and I need to hear more." Anne replied.

"Yeah, he is real, so, my eyes are closed and my whole body is tingling, every nerve ending is on fire and I swear cum is dripping down my leg feeling his fingers and lips tease me, my shoulders, back, ass, oh, and finally my pussy...so nice, he softly felt around and inside me, almost worshiping me, then while he was doing that his tongue found my nipples, nibbling, sucking, nipping them. I came right there, standing in his office, I'm sure flooding his hand when my knees got weak and he supported me, holding me up with his fingers inside me. Oh my, it was nice." Rene sighed with her eyes closed.

Anne could see Rene was almost ready to cum just thinking about it and her hard nipples were obviously pushing through her blouse, and realized her nipples had gotten hard also. Just then the waiter came over and asked if they wanted anything from the bar and surreptitiously stared at Rene's and Anne's pronounced nipples. After they ordered, Anne laughed, "Fuck, do you think he heard us? He sure never looked at our faces." She giggled.

"I know, pretty sure if we wanted to get laid we have plenty of takers." Rene said indicating other tables with her head.

Anne looked around and giggled. "Yeah, how fun would it be to be single right now? That table with the three guys...oh man, I'm wet thinking about it. I want to hear more about you and John though, what happened next?"

Sighing, Rene continued, "After I came he just held me and kissed me, have you kissed him yet? His tongue is wonderful, anyhow, he kissed me and then I broke it off and started to take off his clothes. He stood there as I stripped him down to his boxers and I almost fell over backwards when I saw the size of the tent. I looked up at his grinning face and gingerly pulled his underwear off him. Anne, you have no idea how hard it was to get the waistband over the head of that thing. My kid's tee ball bat is smaller than that cock of his."

"I know, I've seen it, his cock, not your son's bat. It's like a serpent with an oversized head. What did you do next, did you put it in your mouth?" Anne asked eagerly.

"I did, my jaw hurt for days afterwards. Charles kept asking me why I kept flexing my jaw. Anyhow, at first I was only able to get perhaps 4-5 inches in my mouth, but it was amazing. He apparently loved it since he was softly moaning and I could feel his hips gently thrusting into my mouth so I started bobbing my head more vigorously. Anne, I had to swallow constantly as he leaks so much pre-cum, I thought he was cumming in my mouth. I was hanging onto his rod with both hands and my lips still didn't hit my fingers. I pulled off his cock when I sensed he was getting close, and asked him, 'I want to taste your cum, but I want you inside me. You up for it?' He just nodded and grinned down at me. I dove back onto it, Anne you are a fool if you haven't put that thing in your mouth. It is a massive, soft, fleshy mass that totally fills your mouth and throat. Anyhow, I sucked on that thing like I was dying of thirst and kept swallowing his copious juices. I knew I was going to be rewarded when he started thrusting harder into my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and I swear his cock snaked down my throat. I fought off the gag reflex, but leaned into his driving rod and let him drive that thing down my throat until he grabbed my head and groaning loudly, shot what felt like a quart of cum down my throat. You would have been proud of me, I swallowed every drop."

"You didn't gag? I'm amazed since I've seen that thing. How deep in your throat was it?" Anne asked looking very flushed.

"It was at least eight inches since I released my left hand and grabbed his ass and my lips hit my gripping hand. I did gag, but fought it, and my chest and stomach were slimed with drool. But, I loved it and knew that I'd try another time to take more of him." Rene sighed. "God, are you in for a treat, if you let yourself."

"So, he recovered and you fucked him?" Anne asked squirming in her seat.

"You are really into this, aren't you? I should have you watch next time." Rene said. "Yes, he didn't take long to recover, but first he lifted me up and carried me over to his desk and laid me down. He opened my legs and drove that incredible tongue into me. Oh my God! Charles' dick is not as fat as John's tongue and no way wiggles around inside me like that thing. That man knows how to make a woman squirm. He fucked me with his tongue...licked my insides...my g spot...while driving his finger into my ass and pushing his teeth into my clit. I came within 30 seconds and came over and over. After ten minutes of this I was almost passed out and he pulled his head back with a huge slimy grim, 'Liked that, did you?' he asked. When he stood up I saw his massive serpent bobbing to life. He grabbed it and lined that fat head against my pussy and worked it up and down my wet slit. I was amazed as I watched it disappear into me inch by inch. I was spreading my legs as wide as I possibly could, this is where you would be better at taking him than me. You are so flexible. God! It hurt at first, but soon I relaxed and the pain was replaced by intense pleasure and the harder and faster he plunged that thing into me, the more pleasure I felt. I felt my cervix being pounded and my clit was scraping on his huge shaft. His phone and papers were being bounced off his desk and he didn't slow down a bit. He had hold of my boobs and was using them as leverage to pull himself into me as deeply as he could. I swear anyone outside his office could hear my squeals of pain and pleasure." Rene had sweat on her upper lip as she panted out the story to Anne.

"No way can I tell you how many times I came, which is amazing. I've never had more than one orgasm in my life with a man, in fact, with Charles I rarely cum at all. Anyhow, John started groaning and I told him not to pull out, dump his load inside me, I wanted to feel him cum. With a huge moan he rammed into me so hard he pushed the desk over half a foot and shot his sperm into me for at least 30 seconds. He let go of my bruised tits and collapsed on top of me, our sweat mixing together. Groaning like he just finished a marathon, he pushed himself up and actually kissed me. 'Rene.' He said, 'That was as good a fuck as I've ever had. I'd like to say that you saved your husband's job, but I had already found a new position in the company for him.' 'What?' I asked, 'You let me seduce you knowing it was not needed?' I spit out. Anne, I was pissed. I had never cheated on Charles, not once. And I just gave myself to a man to try and...Christ, I was pissed. But then I saw John grinning down at me and he was still hard. He was sliding his cock in and out of me while I was yelling at him and his thumbs were tweaking my nipples. Pleasure started to boil up between my legs again and I felt another orgasm coming on and my angry cries were replaced by moans of joy. I felt all his cum he shot into me running down the crack of my ass and he pumped into me. I actually felt a pang of regret I was on the pill..." Rene throatily explained.

"God Anne, that man turned me into such a slut...a whore. I wanted to be speared by him all day. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me as hard as I could. He picked me up like I was nothing and walked over to the window and pressing me against me it he drove his shaft into me so hard I was banging against the glass like a rag doll. I didn't care that anyone outside could see us, I just wanted his cock to pound me all day. I cannot tell you what it felt like, you really have to feel it for yourself. Anyhow, effortlessly, he spun me around and pushed me against the window, plastering my boobs against the glass, and drove into me from behind, his arm around my waist and his other hand frigging my clit. Just while I was coming for what felt like the twentieth time, he drove hard into me one last time and filled me again with so much cum it was pouring down my legs." With a flushed face, neck and chest, Rene finished telling Anne. "God, I hope that was your question." Rene started laughing.

"Actually, yes, but my question was more along the lines of a yes/no variety," Anne laughed, "but no way was I going to stop you. I need your help. How do you feel about letting Charles know you're having a sleepover tomorrow night?"

"Sure, is this about John?" Rene asked.

Anne proceeded to tell Rene what she had in mind.


James and Lexi went to the check-in desk at The Empress of the Nile. "Hi, we have two rooms." James said to the girl behind the desk handing her the confirmation letter.

"Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Crowell. We upgraded you to the Clio suite on the top floor." The grill said with a huge smile. "I see you are here for four weeks, you will be so comfortable in that suite, it has everything."

"You must be mistaken," James said, "we're not married, we're here to set up a new computer systems and we don't need a suite."

"Let me check. No, it says right here that Mr. Samson upgraded you, it does have separate bedrooms. I can call him..." She said doubtfully.

"James, don't be silly, why would this be any different from having adjoining rooms? We'll take it." Lexi said.

Looking relieved, the girl finished typing in their information and handed card keys to them letting them know they'd have to scan the card I the elevator to get to their suite. When they turned to grab their bags, they saw they were being wheeled to the elevator. "Enjoy your stay here and note that you have a private line on your phone to satisfy whatever needs you have."

Lexi started to go, but turned, "Whatever needs? What if my 'husband' here needs a massage with all the benefits?" She grinned at the girl.

Unabashed, the girl replied, "Whatever your needs are, don't hesitate to call."

"We're going to have so much fun here!" Lexi said grabbing James' arm.

"Lexi, we talked about this. I don't want a repeat of the Bahamas. We can have fun here, but it will not involve any teasing nor sex." James said quietly.

"I know, but I still think we can have fun." Lexi replied. "I understand and I am disappointed since I loved the excitement, but you have that stupid conscience."

"Excitement? My balls ached for two weeks." James said quietly getting the elevator as the bellhop help the door open.

The bellhop opened their door and The suite was huge with a sunken living room, dining room, full kitchen and an incredible view down the strip. He started to tell them where all the amenities are in the suite with blackout shades, ambient lighting, the huge television...

Lexi squealed when she saw the Jacuzzi set in the floor. "This is going to be great!" She went over to the switch on the wall and turned on the jets. "I can't wait to get in." She stripped off her clothes and slid into the bubbling water.

James turned to the gawking bellhop and handed him a twenty, "Thanks, I guess we'll figure out where everything is as we go."

After the grinning bellhop left, James turned to Lexi, "You do this stuff on purpose don't you? I'll bet if the Jacuzzi weren't here, you'd strip off your clothes for another reason," James laughed, "though I loved the look on his face when you did that."

James rolled his suitcase into the bedroom on the left, turning to ask Lexi if she had a preference, but her eyes were closed as she simmered in the steamy water.

Unpacking and putting all his clothes away, he then set up his laptop to go over the plans for the next morning. This project was vast covering four major casinos but centrally located in the new hardened datacenter built for this purpose.

"James, what are you doing? Get out here, this feel incredible." Lexi yelled.

James stripped down and threw on his shorts grinning thinking the last time he wore those in the Bahamas. Shaking his head, he went out to the living room and stepped into the hot, bubbling water. "How the hell did you just get in, this is hot!" James said.

"I like it hot, what's with the shorts? I've seen you naked before, lose those things or I'll rip them off you myself." Lexi said sternly.

Stepping back out, James was aware Lexi was fixated of his penis when he stepped out of the shorts and climbed into the steaming water. "Oh crap, that's hot." He said as he sank down rapidly.

"God, what a baby, it is not that bad." Lexi teased, "But, your modesty sure won out over the pain apparently." She laughed. "Sit in front of the jets, they totally relax your muscles, almost as good as the massages we got."

James leaned back against a jet savoring the pulsing blast pounding his back and swirling around his body. He closed his eyes and put his head back and fell into a totally relaxed phase. He opened his eyes hearing a soft moaning and saw Lexi kneeling with her crotch pressed against a jet. "Muscles a bit tight there, Lex?" James asked grinning.

Lexi turned her head around, "You have no idea. I might not get out for the entire month, it's like a hundred tiny tongues on my pussy. Oh God, it feels good." She panted as she pulled and tweaked her nipples. "I wonder what is you be like to get fucked in the ass and pushed against this, crap! I might have to call that bellhop back up here."

James smiled and closed his eyes happy she didn't try to get him inside her, but thinking that just made him hard anyhow. "I wish Anne were here," He thought, "How great would it be to drive into her ass like that..."

"That's it, stroke your cock, I like to watch you do that." Lexi said having turned around.

Embarrassed, James pulled his hands out of the water, "Sorry, you just looked so hot...Let's get dried off and find dinner, we have to get to bed early tonight to get started early, I told Cliff, their IT director we could get started at 6."


John told Ed not to bother waiting and he's call him the next morning. Whistling and feeling his cock throb in his pants he walked up the Anne's front door. He was shocked that she called him last night and asked him over, saying she'd decided it was time to give the bracelet back. He had trouble sleeping all night thinking about that pussy, the tightest pussy he was ever going to have. He knew Anne would give in, after all every woman he'd ever been naked with had opened their legs. They all wanted to experience things no other man was capable of giving them. In a way, he was disappointed since he wanted to get Anne in a position where she finally moans out, "Fuck it, just take me and fuck me any way you want." But he'd never had to wait this long to get any woman to succumb, and that in itself makes this even better. "Christ," He thought, "that cunt of hers is so tiny, I cannot wait to watch her face as I slide my cock in, I'll bet it is so tight it'll take me 10 minutes to get all the way in." John had to take deep breaths and let his throbbing groin relax before ringing the doorbell.

With a thrill of desire he saw the sexy blonde wearing the red dress come around the corner to open the door. "I knew you couldn't resist...Rene! I'm sorry, did I...no, wait, she plotted this, didn't she?" John said looking at Rene wearing the slightly too tight red dress and the jade bracelet.

"Disappointed?" Rene asked, signaling for John to come in, pulling off the blonde wig. "I guess the wig isn't really needed now."

"Yes, I mean no. Christ, what did she tell you? I have to say I am thrilled to see it was you she got to stand in...or should I say lie in, for her." John grinned at her.

"Anne told me everything, you've been very persistent and actually, I'm not happy with you. I should have held out." Rene said pointing to the bracelet and dress. "Though, perhaps a larger size would be good." She said with a grin turning around and bending over exposing her ass and vagina. Hearing John groan, she turned back to him. "I'm all yours to do as you please and I told Charles I was having a sleepover so..." She turned and walked into the living room and sat on the couch.

John sat next to her, stunned at how little the dress covered as Rene had much larger breasts and was at least 6 inches taller. The dress looked more like a tight shirt with her tits bulging out the sides. "Rene, how the hell did you get that on? Your tits look like they are going to pop the seams." He reached over and felt her boobs from the sides and felt how tightly the material was being stretched. His hands though very large could not cover the entire breast. "I like this, I'm pretty sure this dress will be ruined by the time we are done."

John got off the couch and knelt down between her legs, pulled her forward so her ass was hanging off the edge of the couch. "You little slut, you are already soaking wet...you shouldn't be leaking all over the couch, I'd better plug that." He grinned before leaning forward and sticking his tongue into Rene's eager twat.

"Oh, yes...I've been bad, punish me with your tongue and make me scream." Rene sighed grabbing the back of his head. "Oh fuck, you are skilled with that thing."

John drove his tongue as far in as he could and as he tasted her he had to hold her thrusting pelvis down to keep from getting his mouth bruised. He looked at her flushed face and her fingers' yanking and pulling at the tight material covering her nipples while writhing against his face. She let out a long moan as she came. Her legs squeezed his head and she ground her cunt hard against his mouth.

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