tagNovels and NovellasThe Job Pt. 01

The Job Pt. 01


Author's Note: This story was edited by Tim413413. His work was embarrassingly difficult. I actually think he spent more time on this than I did. Thank you sir!


The Sun began to threaten Jayden's chair. The awning just wasn't big enough to block the tropical rays. He scooted the chair back another couple of inches and it hit the café's wall. He had maybe fifteen minutes left before the heat began to attack his feet. He sighed and looked around for a better position. There wasn't one. He relaxed and decided to enjoy what time he had left. He readjusted his sunglasses and scanned the boardwalk for more bikinis.

Jayden enjoyed this part of the beach. He could sit in the shade while sipping a sweet rum concoction and watching all the women parading around in next to nothing. Every so often, a woman would walk by who really fleshed out a bikini. It was a momentary thrill in his otherwise boring existence. He never confronted any of them or stalked them to their destinations. He just flirted in his mind.

Jayden loved the female form in all its iterations. He rated women in his mind according to how enticing they looked in their chosen attire. Not that he was a fashion expert, far from it. He just knew what looked right and what didn't. A heavy woman in the right clothes could be much more enticing than a skinny model dressed like crap. It all depended on the curves the woman accentuated and how the colors worked with her skin. He was a visual connoisseur.

Jayden tried not to smile when the raven-haired woman walked past him for the third time. She was obviously proud of her look and had decided to spend the afternoon showing herself off. Her bikini top was perfect for her chest. It held her breasts up just enough to form a modest bit of cleavage that worked very well with her frame. Jayden wasn't impressed with the bikini bottoms. She had chosen bottoms that were too small for her butt and stomach. The woman had a slight tummy paunch and her butt cheeks rode a bit low. He would have picked a bit fuller bikini bottom for her. She would have been a knockout in something more akin to boy shorts.

The woman turned into the café and surprised Jayden by choosing a chair at his table. She placed her elbows on the table's glass surface and rested her chin in her hands. She didn't say a word as she stared at Jayden with a flat expression. Jayden smiled at the unexpected intrusion. It would, at the very least, break up the day.

"Have I offended you somehow?" Jayden asked, making it sound innocent. He was looking into her brown eyes wishing she would have picked a better eye shadow color. Her choice was a bit too dark for such a bright day.

"You've been watching me so I came over to watch you," she smirked highly confident in her delivery. She was almost challenging him to contradict her. Jayden gave her half a laugh.

"I've been watching everyone. You just happened to walk by a few times," Jayden declared. He wasn't easily put off kilter and he responded without looking away. The woman lifted her head off her hands and pulled her elbows off the table. Her modest cleavage was now front and center.

"You looked lonely sitting here by yourself. No one to share a drink with?" She teased and smiled which improved her look tremendously. Jayden smelled a come-on. He knew it wasn't his physique or the cutoffs and Hawaiian shirt he was wearing. He shook his head no.

"I just enjoy a private drink now and again," Jayden replied and tried to figure out her angle. He gave a quick glance around to see if something more sinister was afoot. The coast seemed clear.

"I specialize in lonely men," she whispered through a set of pouty lips. Jayden realized she wasn't parading. She was advertising. He wasn't really in the market, but his dick was willing to jump at the chance. She would certainly be more entertaining than the night of TV viewing he had planned. He pulled his sunglasses off and returned her gaze.

"I do so enjoy being specialized," Jayden said, giving her his biggest smile. He stood up from the table and pulled out his full money clip. He ripped off a twenty and placed it under his glass. "I have a place two blocks from here," he said as he tilted his head to the south indicating the direction. Her eyes followed the money clip back into his pocket. She also rose from her chair and moved closer to Jayden.

"You don't want to know how much?" she whispered in Jayden's ear so she couldn't be overheard. He laughed again.

"Spend the night and I'll make sure you don't have to work for a week," Jayden promised and wrapped his arm around hers and escorted her out of the café patio. "What should I call you tonight?" he asked as she looked up at him and smiled.

"I'll be Debra tonight." The name seemed to fit her look. Jayden was pleased with the choice. "Do you have a name or should I call you Sir?" Debra made it sound flirty. She reached over with her opposite hand to caress his arm.

"Debra is a lovely name." Jayden looked down into her eyes. "My friends call me Jayden. I am certainly not a 'sir.' " He wrapped his fingers in hers as they walked down the street. It pleased him to treat her like a girlfriend. Debra sensed his thoughts and leaned her head into his shoulder as they walked. 'Smart girl,' Jayden thought as they headed to the apartment.

They entered the sparse condo arm in arm. Like all of Jayden's homes, there were no pictures on the walls and only minimal furniture. He never spent the time to decorate since they all felt more like hotels than homes. "Can I offer you a glass of wine?" Jayden queried as he broke their entwined arms and headed to the open kitchen.

"That would be nice," Debra commented, secretly hoping it wasn't the expensive stuff. She enjoyed wine that measured its age in months instead of years.

Jayden reached into the cupboard and grabbed one of the bottles of Norton he had picked up from a Missouri winery he visited a few months back. He had become tired of driving and simply followed some signs to the winery for what he hoped would be a scenic lunch. The waiter had talked him into trying the wine and Jayden was surprised how much he enjoyed it. He usually preferred his rum, but the wine had just the right mix of dryness and berry flavor. He bought a case and tipped the waiter well.

Jayden popped the cork and filled two wine glasses. He remembered something about letting the bottle breath before pouring, but he was never one for protocol. He slid a glass over to Debra and watched her hesitantly take a sip. A smile formed on her face.

"Wow, that's pretty good," Debra enthused and she began to think this night might not be a bad gig. She never knew how a new guy was going to turn out. Her profession was a risky one. Jayden pulled out his money clip and counted off five hundred dollar bills. He looked into Debra's eyes and pushed the bills across the counter toward her.

"This is just to build some trust," Jayden smiled as he said it. He wanted to make sure she knew he wasn't going to rip her off. He knew the risk she was taking. Debra took another sip of the pleasant wine as she watched him slide the money across the counter. She was a bit surprised when the money clip didn't go back into his pocket. He just placed it on the counter and ignored it. She knew it wrapped a few thousand more.

Debra didn't reach for the five hundred. She was certain it would be there in the morning. This man wasn't muscled, aggressive or even exceptional looking. When she first saw him at the café, she pegged him as a married man on a trip without the wife. That couldn't be farther from the truth. His confidence almost bordered on scary. Debra sensed that to take more than he offered would be dangerous. She also felt that he would offer more than she would ever ask for. No, tonight it would go Jayden's way. She placed her glass on the counter and began to saunter around to his side.

"What are you looking for tonight, Jayden?" Debra projected her sexiest smile. She had every intention of making this man happy. 'Smart girl,' Jayden thought for the second time. He was pleased she didn't just snap up the money.

"Do you think you could be my girlfriend tonight?" Jayden asked. He enjoyed the couple fantasy. He would never find it in real life. It was the one thing he regretted when he chose his profession. Wives and family didn't mix with his career. Debra was pleased with his desire. It meant that it would be a tender night. She was a bit bored with "wham bam thank you ma'am."

"New girlfriend? Old girlfriend? Engaged?" Debra asked and moved closer and lightly stroked his arm. She decided she would work on her non-existent acting career. What would be her motivation? Jayden placed his glass next to hers.

"Engaged would be wonderful," he stated and pushed some of her errant hair behind her ear and caressed her neck. Debra responded by softly encircling the back of his neck with her hands.

"I am so glad you're home, Jayden," Debra cooed and pulled his head down to hers and softly merged her lips with his. She rarely kissed a customer. It somehow seemed right in this case. She decided his fantasy was more important than any stupid rules. Her tongue flicked across his lips and Jayden responded by wrapping her in his arms and parting his lips. He felt the stirrings of arousal and couldn't believe his luck. It was going to be a wonderful night. Jayden swept her off her feet. Debra felt a slight tinge of fear at the ease with which Jayden lifted her.

"I couldn't wait until I got back to you, Sweetheart," Jayden responded and smiled into Debra's eyes as he began to move toward the bedroom. Debra's fear gave way to a strange sense of security. His confident, yet tender, cradling made her feel cherished. She instinctively knew nothing would harm her tonight. He had been acting, but, for now, it was real for him. Nothing bad would ever touch Jayden's fiancée. She smiled back and snuggled deeper into his shoulder.

Jayden smoothly maneuvered his precious cargo through the door and carefully kneeled as he lay her on the bed. "You are so beautiful," he whispered as he cradled her face in his hands. Jayden didn't just see Debra. He saw, in his mind, every woman he had ever been with. Every shape and size, both submissive and aggressive and both sweet and cruel. He loved them all. His lips met hers again as he ran his hand softly down her side. Debra mewed into his lips as she placed her hand behind his head to pull him closer. This was a bit more passionate than she was accustomed to. Men usually used, not made love to, her. She knew she shouldn't enjoy it and should try to maintain some mental distance. It was going to be difficult.

A shiver ran down Jayden's spine as he sampled the softness of Debra's skin. He thought it felt like warm silk. He could happily spend hours just caressing every square inch. Debra giggled at his touch and scooted over to give him room to join her on the bed. Normally, she would be naked already, but today she knew better. He would undress her. Jayden rose off his knees and onto the bed. His fingers traced the outline of her bikini top and circled her breasts. He looked for how it was clasped. Debra smiled at his search and sexily arched her back in response. He briefly chuckled, sensing they were in sync. He followed the strap under her arm to the middle of her back. He found the clasp and deftly released the teeth to free her breasts.

"You have freed me, kind Sir." Debra played the innocent as Jayden tossed the top off the side of the bed. She figured a bit of playful pillow talk would fit his mood.

"Only to devour you, my princess." Jayden sported a sinister grin as he leaned into her breasts. Debra sucked in her breath, remembering less thoughtful customers. He attacked with only kisses and she laughed with delight. He relished her breasts. They had a bit a maturity, but maintained their soft, pillowy nature. They weren't the fake rocks that seemed to make the rounds these days. He massaged one and softly suckled and kissed the other. Devilishly, he ran his tongue around the nipple, slowly increasing the pressure as he circled. Debra felt the sensation go from pleasant, to ticklish, to unbearably ticklish. She started to laugh as she tried to push his head away from her breast.

"You're a beast!" she chided as he finally relented with an ecstatic smile on his face. Debra was a responsive woman. Jayden's need was beginning to match his happiness. He leaned back to remove his shirt. She reached up and stroked his chest while he disrobed. Debra was surprised to see the lean muscles that were hidden away. They weren't bodybuilder type muscles. Instead, they were formed by use. She could see why he had carried her so easily.

Jayden looked at the nearly naked woman with admiration. He imagined himself spending a lifetime with this body. Learning every square inch of it. Enjoying making it squirm. He ran his hand between Debra's breasts and down to her stomach. He caressed her belly, imagining a child growing there. His child. Jayden leaned in and kissed her belly button. The experience was new to Debra. It was more sensitive than she would have imagined. She reached down and stroked his hair, as a mother would console a young boy.

Jayden came back to his senses. It was a wonderful fantasy, but children weren't in the cards for him. He looked up into Debra's loving eyes. She had sensed, but didn't understand, his strange desire. Debra played along the best she could. At least he was tender and nice guys got the full treatment. She smiled as his fingers carefully entwined in the sides of her bikini bottoms. She lifted her butt a bit to help him. with his efforts. Jayden lifted the last bit of Debra's clothing straight up, forcing her to lift her legs high. He followed the bottoms with kisses up the back of her legs. They were as soft as the rest of her. He caught a scent, possibly lavender, that lingered behind her knees. He wondered if she bathed in the scent. He imagined her, the mother of his children, behind a layer of lavender bubbles, soaking the day's worries away. He lowered her legs tenderly to the bed and stood to remove his shorts.

"Let me." 'Full treatment,' Debra reminded herself as she sat up to lower his pants. Jayden was obviously aroused, which pleased her. Everything was more fluid when the man needed little encouragement. She lowered his shorts and boxers in one smooth motion. After he stepped out of them, she ran her hands and eyes slowly up his legs until she faced his manhood. Debra moved her hands around his hips to his butt. She looked up into his eyes with a smile. "I've been waiting all day for this, Honey." She lowered her lips over his hard-on and, ever so softly, began to lick and suck the head. She wanted it to be lovely, like what a future wife would do for the man she loved. She felt a shiver go through his legs as she used her hands to pull him in a bit deeper.

Jayden dropped a hand behind her head. He loved the softness and warmth of her mouth. He caressed behind her ear, letting her know how much he enjoyed her efforts. Debra tasted a bit of sweet pre-cum and knew it would ruin it for him if he came in her mouth. He wanted a lover, not a slut. She released his cock while caressing his thighs. She looked back up into his eyes. "I need you in me, Baby." Debra was proud how it came out. It was almost a whisper and it sounded desperate. She might just be an actress some day.

Jayden smiled at her need and carefully pushed her back onto the bed. He remembered the condoms in the nightstand on the other side of the bed. He hated to break the fantasy, but she was a hooker. He started to climb over her.

Debra panicked for a second, thinking he desired unprotected penetration as he moved over the top of her. She caught his arm and used his momentum to roll him across her and onto his back. She ended up sitting on his legs, smiling. Jayden felt the move coming. Not feeling threatened, he let her continue, wondering what Debra was up to. He was just about to call a pause, thinking she intended a bare-back ride, when she produced a condom packet from behind her back. Jayden smiled, trying to figure out where she had been hiding that. 'Smart girl,' he thought again.

"You know the rules, Honey. No babies 'til we're married." She tried to retain the illusion as she tore into the wrapper. Debra saw his eyes brighten when she said the word "babies." She knew how to read men. She realized why he was kissing her belly. Debra smiled as she rolled the condom down his now-twitching member. Every man had a fetish. Something that got him hot and she now knew his. She was going to rock his world and it pleased her to no end.

Jayden watched in rapt attention as Debra applied the condom. He was so pleased she did it without breaking character. Her tip was going to be large, that much he knew. He was so turned on when she mentioned "babies" and "marriage." That was his real fantasy. Men always want what they can't have. He saw a sparkle in Debra's eyes. Something had changed and he had no idea what it was. It made her look sexier. So it couldn't be a bad thing.

Debra rose above his cock and guided it with her hand between her legs. The condom was lubricated, but she realized that wasn't really necessary. Jayden's tender teasing had already forced nature to take its course. She looked deep into his eyes. She had him. He wouldn't know what hit him. Debra was proud of herself as she slowly dragged the tip of his manhood across her wet opening.

"Jayden, can you imagine what our kids will look like." Debra made it sound like an everyday conversation. She felt his cock twitch and his hips jerk. A new glow appeared in his eyes.

"They would be so beautiful," Jayden said softly, looking deep into her eyes. She knew she had read him perfectly. He felt her lower herself onto him. There was little resistance, only a wonderful warmth. He knew he wouldn't last long. He loved that Debra had figured him out.

"Soon you'll make my belly so big." She felt him struggling to hold on. Debra reached out and grabbed his hands. 'A weird fetish, but rather sweet,' she thought. She placed his hands softly on her belly. "You can almost feel him growing." Jayden was in heaven as he caressed her belly. Debra would look truly wonderful pregnant. She kept riding up and down. His hips began to match her rhythm. She decided to finish him. She knew it wouldn't take much.

"Fill me, Jayden, make a baby in me." Jayden exploded. It was the best he had felt in years. Such a lovely wife and the baby would be so beautiful. He pulled her chest down to his as another spasm filled the condom. His eyes watered as his emotions got the better of him. A smaller spasm finished him and his legs went slack. Jayden hugged Debra close.

"Thank you, thank you, oh thank you." He whispered into her ear. Debra was a bit shocked about the end. She stayed in his arms and didn't try to struggle. She was incredibly uncomfortable with the closeness and didn't want him to bond. They lay that way for a few minutes until Jayden's heart returned to normal. He released her and she slid off his softening member.

"That was rather intense," Debra said nicely, looking at his face. She wanted to see if he thought it was more real than it was. Jayden smiled, looking at the ceiling.

"You were wonderful, Debra." He turned his head toward her. "You should be an actress. I loved every minute of it." He said it without any endearment which relieved Debra. He smiled. "What's your real name?" She thought about lying, but she knew his secret desires and saw little reason to hide her secrets.

"Sandra." She hoped that it wasn't a mistake to let it out. Jayden hopped out of bed. His energy had returned.

"Why don't you leave Debra in the bed. I would really like to have a drink with Sandra." Jayden was in full conversation mode. Nothing sexual, just two people having a drink. Sandra laughed while looking between his legs.

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