tagNovels and NovellasThe Job Pt. 06

The Job Pt. 06


Author's Note: This story was edited by Tim413413. His work was embarrassingly difficult. I actually think he spent more time on this than I did. Thank you sir!


Jayden breathed deeply, enjoying her scent. Bev had shaved her nether regions to add some spice. He was still grinning at her earlier comment. "If you're going to be spending so much time down there, I don't want anything slowing you down." Bev wasn't even slightly bashful about her body. She shared it freely with Jayden. There were no white lies between them. Sexual honesty sped up their enjoyment and neither took it as an insult. Jayden ran his fingertips across her now uncovered bare skin. It was silky soft. 'She must have used lotion,' he thought. He kissed the newly-exposed skin, admiring the texture.

"Jayden, are you trying to torture me?" Bev asked sardonically. Jayden saw the glistening between the folds of her sex. He kissed her softly just below her clitoris.

"It's new and adorable. Let me play," Jayden responded. He knew what he was doing to her. He was still overcome with her shaving gesture. In her own way, Bev was trying to please him, beyond sexual release. She was letting him know what she thought about him even when she wasn't in his bed.

Jayden ran his finger between Bev's folds, gathering her moisture. He smiled at the giggle his caress created. He used his lubricated finger to tease her little bud with slow, sensual circles. Bev responded with a soft moan. He had no intention of bringing her off with his fingers or tongue. Her gesture was personal and deserved a more personal response. Jayden rose between her thighs and met her eye to eye as he moved on top of her.

"It's gorgeous and I love that you did it for me," Jayden admitted.

"I love that you love it," Bev returned as she laced her fingers into Jayden's hair and pulled his lips to hers. She had learned, over the past four weeks, she loved kissing Jayden. It was a strange change for a woman whose past lovers were mere tools for her enjoyment. Jayden sparked something deeper within her. Bev found herself doing things just to be physically closer. Earlier, she didn't ask him to move when he blocked the silverware drawer. Bev just slid up behind him and reached around while caressing his waist with her other hand. It earned her a peck on the cheek which brightened the otherwise ordinary moment.

Jayden melted in Bev's lips. He felt her breasts cushioning his chest and warming his desire. This is where he would choose to spend his life. The world seemed so much more alive when he was in her arms. Jayden lifted his head until he was eye to eye and nose to nose. He entered her and relished her lustful change in expression. "I want to call you Beverly," Jayden whispered during a slow in-stroke.

"Why?" Bev questioned softly as she caressed the side of his face.

"Beverly is so much prettier. So much more 'you,' " Jayden responded and shifted his hips to make his strokes deeper. Bev wrapped her legs around his waist as her breathing became deeper. She loved it when he went slow. It meant he wanted to be with her longer. No one had called her Beverly since she was a small child. "Bev" seemed to fit her tomboy attitude and she never looked back. She knew Jayden saw her in a different way. She felt so full with him in her and the determination on his face was delicious.

"I love being your Beverly," she groaned with passion. Jayden's thrusts became more determined. She watched his eyes tighten and sweat form on his brow.

"I love you, Beverly." Jayden was looking straight at Beverly when he said those words. He said them slowly and carefully so she knew it was the truth. Beverly tried to answer, but her body answered for her. The words drove her over the edge of an impossibly high cliff as passion exploded between her legs and traveled through every fiber of her being.

"Jayden...Jayden," Beverly moaned through clenched teeth. His name sparked Jayden's climax and he spent himself in her. She pulled him deeper with her legs and melted through heaven with him. Beverly, spent, collapsed deeper into the bed. Jayden smiled into her eyes.

"I love you too, you lovely man," Beverly breathed and pulled him in for another kiss. It was the first time anyone had ever said those words to her and meant it. It made her feel beautiful and returning the truth made her feel so connected. Her life was shared in way she never knew she wanted. Jayden sighed and separated from Beverly and her wonderful afterglow.

"I found him," Jayden claimed as he lay next her with his head propped up in his hand.

"What?" Beverly exclaimed, "why didn't you tell me?"

"You want to have sex again?" Jayden inquired with a lecherous smile.

"NO! I want kill that bastard!" Beverly's voice was dripping with venom. Jayden just stared with a goofy smile. He knew what she would turn into once she knew about Vincent. He loved her deeply and wanted to be with her at least one more time.

"Oh, you greedy boy." Beverly's venom had turned to sugar. "You knew that would be a mood killer. God, I love you." She grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back to her lips. The kiss was deep and hard. Beverly was back on the job. She lightly pushed his head back, "How did you find him?"

Jayden smiled and replied, "It occurred to me this morning that the reason we couldn't tie him to a house lease or purchase was that he may not be living in one." Jayden smiled as he laid out his deduction. "I spent a few hours online looking at the marinas and, low and behold. There was Vincent's smiling face standing in front of his boat 'Dream of Clouds.' He seems to be pretty popular at the Marco Island Yacht Club. He died his hair dark and sports a mustache, but it's him. He goes by 'Thomas Saunders' now."

"So he did go to Marco Island." Beverly was smiling. She wanted Vincent badly. Susan still wasn't talking and Beverly wanted to take that out of Vincent's hide. "When do we leave?"

"I figure we should leave tomorrow morning," Jayden responded as he lightly ran his finger across her lips. "I want to stop at a bank in Gary, Indiana. I can make a large withdrawal and hope no one flags the transaction until the next day. We can really use the cash," Jayden sighed. "Either way, this part of the country will be dead to us for a while. We'll just head south and not look back."

"What about Susan?" Beverly asked.

"We take her with us," Jayden replied, "I know someone just outside Fort Myers who can watch her."

"I not sure we can trust anyone in the business," Beverly said with a bit of concern.

"She's in business, but not our business," Jayden chuckled. Beverly felt a tinge of jealousy at the word "she." Another new feeling for her. She really wasn't interested in sharing Susan with a Jayden ex. She didn't like the idea of thinking about Jayden even being near an ex.

"I'm not comfortable with leaving Susan with someone new." Beverly tried to make it sound motherly, not bitchy. "What happens if it's a one-way trip for us?"

Jayden thought a bit before responding. "I've got nothing else. You?"

"No. I just don't like it," Beverly sighed. Jayden curled up close and hugged her to his chest. 'That helps,' she thought. Jayden kissed her neck and shoulders and nibbled a little at the top of her breast. 'That helps a lot,' she thought, inwardly smiling.


Jayden used an alias to rent the SUV. It wasn't a great solution, but they needed travel freedom and stealing a car was out of the question. The morning drive was uneventful. They stopped in Gary and withdrew funds without any difficulty. Jayden was sure Gary would host a few hunters by tomorrow.

Susan was as silent as ever. She would nod or shake her head in answer to questions. When she wanted something specific, she would point. Beverly was starting to get worried that this wasn't just a phase. It may be more permanent. They stopped at an IHOP for lunch and the picture menu was all Susan needed. She pointed at the smiley-faced pancakes and Beverly added some juice to her choice. Beverly wanted to grab her and just shake out some words, but she knew anger wasn't the way to go. She feared for Susan's future. She was really beginning feel responsible for that future. Beverly wondered if it was okay to cut Vincent's nuts off before she killed him.

It was around three in the afternoon when they passed through Chattanooga. Against Beverly's objections, Jayden pulled off the highway to Molsen Tire and Auto. Jayden had given Beverly the short description of Marissa's problems and Beverly felt that little green twinge again. She hated the feeling. It was persistent and nagged at her. Beverly began to really dislike the bad parts of love.

Jayden hardly recognized the place. All the buildings were there, but the parking lot was filled with cars and there seemed to be an abundance of customers. All the bays were filled and the mechanics were hard at work. Business certainly didn't look slow.

"Jayden!" Marissa yelled when she saw him get out of the car. Beverly cringed when the lithe girl with the trim body jumped into his arms. Jayden hugged her in return and let her happiness infect him. He separated from her and pointed at Beverly.

"Marissa, this is..." Jayden's next words caught in his throat. "Who did that to you?" Jayden's tenor changed to anger as he looked at the large bruise on Marissa's face.

"Kyle stopped by three days ago," Marissa laughed and continued, "you were wrong, he did come back." Jayden was lost. How could she possibly be happy about Kyle. Marissa's eyes shifted to behind Jayden and went from sparkling to mesmerizing. Jayden turned and saw a confident Doug walking up while wiping his hands on a rag. His right hand was wrapped in a cast. His face looked like it was hit by a truck. Following behind him walked two very dirty boys. Sebastian was sporting a bruise like Marissa's.

"Where is that asshole?" Jayden was seething.

"I think he is still in the hospital," Doug said, smiling. "He has a date with the judge after that."

"I hope he looks worse than you," Jayden offered as he calmed down. Doug laughed, hugging Sebastian to his leg.

"This guy bit him," Doug said, looking down proudly at Sebastian. Sebastian just gave Jayden an it-wasn't-anything look. Jayden sensed a profound change in the whole group. It was like they were floating on air. "And you are?" Doug quizzed while holding his now clean left hand out to Beverly. Jayden didn't give her a chance to answer.

"I'm sorry, this is my girlfriend, Beverly," Jayden replied casually, "Beverly, this is Marissa and Doug, and that's Sebastian and Tristan" He pointed them out one by one. Beverly only heard "girlfriend" and blushed uncontrollably. Most of the tinge disappeared. "Where is Xavier?" Jayden asked.

"Maggie's got him inside," Marissa said.

"Maggie?" Jayden queried.

"She's our neighbor from down the road," Marissa answered and moved toward Beverly. Jayden heard her use of the "our" and realized Doug just introduced himself to a woman. Something drastic had happened and everyone was way too happy about being beaten up.

"Girlfriend, we need to talk." Marissa grabbed Beverly's hand and led her to the customer building. Jayden noticed the pink shade on Beverly's cheeks as she willingly followed Marissa. Marissa waved her left hand at Jayden as she passed and chided, "You were wrong again."

Jayden's jaw dropped to the dirt when he saw the ring. He looked up in shock at the smiling Doug. "What the hell happened? You couldn't even talk to her when I left a month ago," Jayden asked.

"Kyle happened," Doug laughed, "he hit Sebastian and I kind of lost it. I said some things in the heat of the moment about him hitting my family. Turns out my Marissa was thinking the same way. I really love that girl." Jayden almost forgot about Susan. He opened the back and took her hand as she hopped out.

"This is Susan," Jayden informed Doug.

"Hello Susan, I'm Doug," he said, trying to sound friendly. Susan curled into Jayden's waist and nodded her head.

"She's kind of shy," Jayden said with a soft smile. "So you're getting married?"

"Yep. Haven't worked out the date yet." Doug grinned. "Maggie's kind of taking over the planning. I'll just show up in the monkey suit and say "I do."

"Looks like business picked up," Jayden observed, looking around.

"It's the gossip effect," Doug opined, "seems suddenly turning up with a full family piques the curiosity of some folks. It won't last, but it sure is nice right now."

"You know Marissa made me ask her twice," Doug said seriously, "she said yes at first then the next day she told me her entire past and she made ask again." Jayden saw a little change in Doug's eyes. "She told me what you did for her...and to her. I am not sure whether to hug you or hit you." Doug gave a tight-lipped smile.

"I told her it would be a bad idea to tell you about that," Jayden explained as he steeled himself to take a hit. He was going to let Doug hit him once.

"You were wrong about that too," Doug laughed, "it's better that I know in case any more Kyles show up. Of course, that doesn't mean I want you to stay for dinner. You're kind of an enigma."

"We only stopped by to say 'hello,' " Jayden said a bit calmer, "I just wanted to check up on Marissa and it seems I have. She is in great hands." Jayden pushed his left hand out to Doug who took it and shook it. "I better gather everyone," Jayden continued, a bit more uncomfortable as he headed into the customer building with Susan in tow.

Jayden found Beverly holding Xavier, standing next to a woman with short blond hair and Marissa. Beverly was enamored with the smiling boy. Susan left Jayden's hand and ran to Beverly to hug her waist. Jayden sensed a bit of jealousy in Susan. Beverly smiled and handed Xavier to Marissa and picked up Susan.

"Susan, this is Marissa, Maggie and Xavier," Beverly said. Susan nodded as she laid her head on Beverly's shoulder. "Maggie, that's my boyfriend, Jayden." Beverly loved saying "boyfriend." It was so unnatural for her tongue, but it flowed so well anyway. Jayden smiled and waved. He was still thinking that they had been here long enough.

"Marissa, we're going to have to hit the road," Jayden insisted as he moved toward the group, "I'm so happy for you and Doug. You guys look perfect together."

Marissa gave Jayden a big one-handed hug and whispered, "She loves you. I hope I didn't fuck it up." She gave him a peck on the cheek, with a devious smile on her face. Jayden looked at Beverly and saw nothing different in her face. Marissa looked at Beverly, "It was so nice meeting you, Beverly."

"Likewise, Marissa," Beverly said, sharing a slight smirk with Marissa, "and so very enlightening." Beverly gave Jayden a tight-lipped grin, topped with a set of dagger eyes. Jayden should have listened to Beverly and not stopped. He had a strange feeling he wasn't going to enjoy the next part of the trip.

Marissa watched Beverly and Jayden drive away. 'What a wonderfully strange couple,' she observed to herself.


Beverly was pleasant as they continued the drive toward Atlanta. Jayden was going to try to find out what Marissa had told her, but Beverly seemed perfectly happy to ignore the whole issue. 'Ignorance is bliss,' Jayden thought as he happily put Chattanooga behind him. Inwardly, Jayden was happy Doug had grown a pair. He was even happier Marissa and her boys had a future. Jayden smiled as he remembered the night in the bathroom with Marissa. Doug may hate him for it, but Jayden knew Doug was having a bit more fun because of it. 'Jayden, savior and sex guru,' he thought proudly.

"What are you smiling about?" Beverly asked with a serious face.

"Just thinking about how well everything turned out for Marissa." Jayden looked over at the frosty expression on Beverly's face. He lost his smile.

"You like them thin and young like that?" Beverly asked, staring at Jayden and daring him to answer. Jayden felt fear for the first time in a long time. This was one of those "am I too fat" questions. There was absolutely no correct answer.

'Fuck it,' Jayden thought and spilled the truth. "Yes, she sure is cute. Although, I prefer someone a lot less fragile. I like the give and take in equal amounts. It's so very ... satisfying," Jayden finished, in a euphoric tone. He was reliving his first sexual encounter with Beverly.

Beverly blushed and quickly looked back at Susan who obviously didn't fully understand the conversation. Beverly wasn't supposed to get aroused by his answer, but the way Jayden said "satisfying" burned right between her legs. She decided they should stop for the night.

"We shouldn't do the Atlanta/Macon drive tonight. It's bad enough during the off hours," Beverly said, a little hoarsely. She took a deep breath and coughed to straighten her throat. Love was making decisions for her and it made her feel weak. Fighting it made her feel ill. She remembered her conversation with Marissa and smiled.

"What are you smiling about?" Jayden asked with a serious face.

"Just thinking about how well everything turned out for Marissa." Beverly looked over at the frosty expression on Jayden's face. She didn't lose her smile.

They stopped outside Atlanta, just before they would hit the heavy traffic. Jayden found a Day's Inn and took a first-floor room. Two beds and a bathroom. He set the alarm for four in the morning, hoping to be well on the road before the morning rush. Susan picked her bed and took control of the remote. Jayden was pleased Susan was making independent choices. He just wished she would talk.

Jayden ordered in sandwiches. It took a lot of nodding and head shaking to get Susan's order correct. IHOP picture menus were much easier. They ate to an array of cartoons. Susan spent fifteen minutes traveling through the channels until she settled on the Cartoon Network. Both Jayden and Beverly rolled their eyes, but allowed her to play TV dictator. Beverly wasn't sure TV was the best thing for Susan. Beverly didn't feel a hotel room was the best place to put her foot down. Stability first, then repair.

Susan didn't make it past eight o'clock. Jayden lifted her while Beverly turned down the covers. They both tucked her in and stood staring at the sleeping angel for a moment. Jayden broke first and headed off to the bathroom. Beverly turned off the TV and turned off most of the lights. Then she headed to the bathroom.

Beverly entered while the shirtless Jayden was brushing his teeth. He was a little surprised when she walked in unannounced, but he wrote it off as another addition to their growing familiarity. He lifted his eyebrows and stopped his brush in mid-stroke when she closed and locked the door.

"You took advantage of that girl," Beverly said with some bitterness in her voice.

"I just tucked her in," Jayden said in exasperation. He drooled a bit of toothpaste as he attempted to fathom where this conversation was going.

"Not Susan, you idiot. Marissa!" Beverly's voice leaked disdain. "She was in a fragile state and you used her for sex." Jayden now understood Marissa's earlier comment. Telling Doug was one thing; why did she have to tell Beverly? He was never going to live this down.

"That's not quite how it happened," Jayden protested, "I tried to give her the money and she wouldn't take it. She really needed the money. I was kind of stuck."

"So it was a charity? You trying to turn her into a whore?" Beverly reprimanded with a school teacher tone. "What the hell were you thinking?"

"I wasn't thinking. She kind of got naked and twisted my words." Jayden was frothing at the mouth. Toothpaste and arguments don't go well together. "I tried to stop her. She was really persistent." Jayden lowered his hand and toothbrush. "Besides, she liked it and needed it. It was first time anyone really took care of her. Damn it, I don't regret it. I mean look how it all ended up." He waved the toothbrush and splattered white spots on the mirror. Beverly smiled and handed him an envelope from her back pocket. Jayden opened it and saw a slew of hundred dollar bills.

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