tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 08

The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 08


Stephanie pulled into her driveway, happy to be home. She knew that Josh, her 18-year-old son, had probably beaten her home, but her late arrival wasn't her fault.

Stephanie had stopped off for a couple drinks with co-workers during happy hour as she did once in a while. She usually left early, but tonight she had misplaced her wallet out of her purse. At first she had thought it stolen, but it had been found by someone in the Ladies Room and turned in to the bartender, cash and credit cards completely in tact.

Stephanie felt relieved that someone had not stolen her cash and credit cards. Feeling lucky, she stayed back and bought another round for her friends.

The attractive 36-year-old stepped out of her and closed the door. She didn't bother locking it. As she had explained to a couple of her co-workers earlier, one of the advantages of living over an hour west of the city was that it felt like living in the country. Her house was secluded in the trees and barely visible from the road even in the fall and winter months when the leaves were off the trees. "We don't even lock the doors to the house." She had told them.

Stephanie had been a wild teenager; she had become pregnant at 17, spent the next few years partying even though she was a single mother attending school, yet still managed to beat the odds and become a successful computer IT specialist by her late twenties.

Gone was the party girl and in her place was the successful singer mother whose only signs of her early days were a few tattoos: One of a pair of feathers hanging down located on the back, left if her neck, and a large butterfly on the top of her right breast. Sometimes the top of this could be seen depending on her outfit, but usually it was concealed by modest clothing.

Stephanie still enjoyed drinking, riding her motorcycle, and dating men when she had time. But she had never settled down with one man.

Her son, Josh, was a nice young man in his senior year of high school. He was smart, like his mother, in the top 10% of his class and had already been offered an academic scholarship to college. He was nothing like his mother had been when she was his age.

Josh dated, but was somewhat awkward around girls. He had only a few serious relationships, and other than a 30-second fuck with one girl, his sexual experience was limited to three blowjobs and a few hand jobs. The girl he was currently dating had not even gone that far with him yet, although they had only been out twice.

Stephanie approached the front door, unaware that there was company waiting for her inside.

"She's coming." Jackie whispered to Ed, as she peeked out the window.

Jackie and Ed had been sitting near Stephanie and her friends at the bar. Jackie had overheard the pretty woman with the long brown hair bragging about her house and how she never had to lock her doors. She also overheard Stephanie telling one of the ladies that it had been too long since she had been fucked

Jackie was intrigued by the conversation and thought that perhaps she could use this pretty lady for Ed and her to get back on the horse after being thrown off a few weeks earlier (When Jackie and Ed had found the tables turned on them by one of their earlier victims, who had forced Ed and her into submitting to unwanted sex acts). Jackie believed that Stephanie would provide the perfect opportunity to become the dominant once more.

She stealthily swiped Stephanie's wallet out of her purse and jotted down the address on her drivers license, then waited until after the slender brunette went to the bathroom before taking the wallet to a waitress and claiming that she had found it in a stall.

After that, she grabbed Ed and left the bar. Using his car's navigation system they got directions to Stephanie's home and took the hour-long drive to beat her there.

Stephanie was unaware that she had company as she approached the door. Ed had parked his car out of sight before sneaking up to the house and entering through the unlocked door.

They found Josh playing video games and easily captured him, tying him to a chair and gagging him so that he couldn't call out to warn his mother when she arrived.

Stephanie entered the house and called to Josh. Surprised that she did not get a reply she walked into the living room.

She spotted Josh tied to the chair at once. Her attention on her 18-year-old son, she quickly rushed forward, not seeing the couple on either side of the door waiting for her.

Stephanie screamed as Ed and Jackie grabbed her, wrestling her down to the floor.

"Please don't hurt us." She pleaded as she was pinned onto her back.

"Oh we're not here to hurt you," Jackie said with a sly grin. "We're here to make you feel good. Real good."

Stephanie knew at once what this was all about and resumed struggling to free herself of the couple's grasp.

"Strip her!" Jackie ordered.

Stephanie tried to fight them off, but the man and woman above her had little trouble pulling her shirt and pants off of her. The panties were next, then Jackie unceremoniously tore Stephanie's bra off of her.

"Nice tattoo." Jackie commented, fondling Stephanie's right tit after fingering the butterfly tattoo.

Stephanie was mortified that this was happening in front of her bound son. "Please, take me into the bedroom first."

"Don't you want your son to watch you fuck?" Jackie replied.

"Go ahead and fuck her." She told Ed.

Ed wasted no time in pulling his pants off. Stephanie saw his thick, 8-inch cock standing upright and ready for action. She thought that at any other time she would have willingly given herself to this man: But not here this way, and not in front of her son.

Ed dropped to the floor between Stephanie's legs. He lowered his face to her pussy, holding her legs apart with his powerful hands while Jackie held her arms.

Stephanie shivered as Ed's tongue caressed her clit, slowly working its way back and forth across her tender love button, that was swelling from the unwanted stimulation.

Ed pressed a finger into her pussy as he licked her cunt, savoring the taste of Stephanie's box as it became moist for him.

"I'm gonna enjoy this tight cunt." He said as he raised his head up from between her legs.

"Please, not here in front of my son." Stephanie pleaded again.

Ed slid up on top of her, slowly pressing his hard cock against Stephanie's pussy and easing it between her lips.

Stephanie felt his cock sliding into her, filling her insides more than she had been in a long time. Once Ed was fully inside of her he began fucking her tight hole.

"Doesn't that cock feel good?" Jackie asked her as she watched her lover fucking their latest victim.

Josh watched in horror as this man fucked his mother. But even with the presence of mind to know what was happening, he could not understand why his own cock was swelling with desire. He took no pleasure in what he was witnessing, but something about it affected his cock in a way that he could not comprehend.

Ed slammed his stiff rod into Stephanie's tight pussy, wanting to sink every inch inside of her with each thrust.

Stephanie lay there pinned beneath this handsome stranger who was forcing his cock inside of her while another woman squatted on her hands. The big-titted shorter woman was manhandling Stephanie's tits while enjoying watching her getting fucked. Looking to her left she could see her son tied to the chair watching her ordeal.

"Goddamn, you're gonna make me cum in your sweet pussy." Ed said as he pounded the poor woman.

For the first time Stephanie realized that she was having unprotected sex. Over the past ten years or more Stephanie had almost always insisted on using condoms with any man she was with. It took a while before she agreed to go bareback with someone, and then only after renewing her birth control pills. But this man was preparing to unleash his load inside of her unprotected.

"Pull out of me first." She said, hoping to make him stop what he was doing. "I'll suck you off, or do anything you want, just don't cum inside me."

"Too late." Ed replied as his cock exploded inside of her. His orgasm unleashed a massive load of cum, making his body spasm as he blew spurt after spurt of thick, warm, jism inside of Stephanie's pussy, which was wrapping around his shaft making every second of his climax more delightful.

Stephanie rolled her eyes and shook her head as she felt Ed's cum spewing inside of her pussy.

"My turn." She heard Jackie say as Ed pulled his cock out of Stephanie's used hole.

"Wh-what are you talking about?" She asked as Ed began forcing Stephanie to roll over. She looked up to see that at some point during all of this Jackie had removed her pants and panties and was sitting back against the couch with her legs spread; her well trimmed, black haired pussy moist with desire.

"Time for you to make me cum." Jackie informed the humiliated woman.

"No fucking way." Stephanie said. She was not about to perform oral on another woman, especially not in front of her son.

Ed shoved Stephanie up between Jackie's legs until her face was only inches away from the other woman's pussy.

"Either eat her pussy or we'll get your son involved." Ed whispered to her.

"Please, take me into another room first." Stephanie pleaded, not wanting to be forced to do this with Josh watching.

Jackie grabbed Stephanie's hair in both hands and pulled her face into her crotch. "Eat my pussy!"

Stephanie reluctantly complied, and began using her tongue to massage Jackie's already swollen clit.

"Oh, yes. Watch your momma make me cum." Jackie said.

Stephanie could only imagine what Josh must be thinking as he watched his mother licking another woman's pussy.

Jackie clenched Stephanie's hair in her fists as she enjoyed the sensation of the other woman's tongue bringing her closer and closer to a much needed orgasm.

Now it was Ed's turn to play with Stephanie's body. As she knelt between Jackie's thighs Ed ran his hands all over her body, playing with her tits and tweaking her hard nipples, then moving down to her ass and between her legs, fingering her wet cunt.

Stephanie tried to concentrate on Ed's fingers in effort to ignore the taste of Jackie's pussy on her tongue. This was a first for the 36-year old, and something that she had never intended on doing. But as humiliated as she felt being forced to do this, her pussy was responding to the attention of Ed's fingers.

"That's it, oh yes." Jackie began moaning as her climax neared. Stephanie could feel Jackie's juices flowing more freely as she continued licking her clit. Then Jackie came, loud and strong, releasing her fluids onto Stephanie's tongue as she climaxed against her face.

"Wow, that was fucking good." Jackie complimented her as she released Stephanie's hair.

"Please, leave us now. You got what you wanted."

"I think you have one more person to please." Jackie said, pointing at Josh.

"No fucking way!" Stephanie protested.

Jackie laughed. "Tell you what, we'll pull down his pants and if he's soft we'll go. But if he's hard then you get to suck his cock."

Ed stepped over to Josh and began undoing his pants. The 18-year-old wrestled against his bonds and demanded that he be left alone as Ed tugged his pants and boxers down, revealing a stiff cock.

Josh was embarrassed beyond belief as everyone's eyes rested upon his hard cock. He could not understand how he had become so aroused and was ashamed of it.

Stephanie felt bad for her son. She understood completely that Josh's physical reactions were completely separate from what he was thinking, but she had no way to explain that to him now.

"There you go," Jackie said, "I guess you have one more cock to satisfy."

"Fuck you!" Stephanie replied.

Jackie took Ed's cock in her hand and began softly stroking it. "You have a choice, this cock is going to go into an asshole before we leave tonight. If you suck your son's cock then it will go into yours. But if you don't, then I guess Josh will have something new to experience."

Jackie was bluffing. She knew that Ed would never fuck the young man. He had forced another man to suck him off at Jackie's insistence before. And had experienced being forced to be fucked as well. But Ed liked women and had no desire for Josh or any other male. But he went along with the ruse.

Stephanie caved. Anal sex was nothing new to her. She had allowed a small handful of men to fuck her ass, and even let two guys sandwich her once in college. But she had never experienced a cock the size of Ed's in her ass before. As much as she regretted thinking about it happening to her, she could not let it happen to her son.

"You fucking bastards." She mumbled as she dropped to her knees before her son.

"Mom, no, you can't!" Josh objected as his mother took his cock into her hand and guided it into her mouth. "Stop, no!"

Stephanie refused to look up as she sucked on Josh's stiff cock. She tried to pretend that it was someone, anyone, else but could not escape the reality that she was pleasuring her own son. Stephanie knew that Josh was not a willing participant. But she also knew that she would not be permitted to stop until she made him cum in her mouth. And being a guy, there was just no way that Josh was going to be able to hold back his orgasm.

"Get some good pictures." She heard Jackie say. When she looked out of the corner of her eye she saw Ed standing there with a camera phone taking pictures of her as she sucked on her son.

"Mom, stop..." Josh pleaded as he felt his cum rising in his cock. He did not want to cum, but it felt too fucking good. Josh clenched his muscles, trying to hold back his release but it was not to be denied.

"Fuck..." He spat as his orgasm began.

Stephanie knew that she had to be blushing from head to toe as she felt Josh's cum squirting into her mouth. She wanted to gag at the realization of who's seed it was that she was swallowing.

Josh could not believe that he was enjoying his mother's mouth like this. As much as he disliked having his mother forced to do this, it did feel good cumming in her mouth. He just didn't think that he could look her in the eyes again afterwards.

"Wasn't that sweet?" Jackie commented as Stephanie sucked the last of Josh's cum out of his cock. "Let's tie them up together now."

Ed produced more of the rope that he had used to tie Josh up with. He took Stephanie and made her stand and walked her to the foyer of the house below the stairs. He tied Stephanie's hands together then went up the stairs to the landing above where he hung a strap holding a large hook between the railings. He then looped the rope over the hook and dropped it back down.

Jackie held the rope tight, forcing Stephanie's arms to remain stretched above her head as she stood in place while Ed untied Josh and brought him to where his mother stood. Josh's pants had now been completely removed.

Ed raised Josh's arms and tied the other end of the rope around his wrists to that now both mother and son were dangling from the hook in the railing above them, with their feet just barely resting on the floor.

He forced them to press their bellies against each other and tied the remainder of the rope that hung behind Josh around their waists so that they could not pull apart.

Then, using the ropes from the chair, he tied Josh's left thigh to his mother's right thigh, then did the same with their opposite legs.

Now Stephanie and Josh were stuck firmly up against each other. They could pull their heads and upper torsos away, but the crotches and thighs were stuck together. Stephanie could feel her son's cock dangling between her own legs.

"Please don't leave us like this." Stephanie pleaded.

"Oh we're not leaving you yet." Jackie informed her. "We're just getting ready for the rest of the party."

With that Jackie stepped behind Stephanie and knelt down. She reached between Stephanie's legs and began playing with Josh's cock, causing it to begin to grow hard. As it did so, Jackie pressed it up against Stephanie's pussy, pushing the head between her lips as she continued to massage it to full hardness.

"No, don't put him inside me!" Stephanie insisted, trying her best to wiggle away to no avail.

Josh felt his cock slipping into his mother's wet pussy and was unable to prevent it from growing fully erect.

Stephanie's own body weight caused her pussy to sink onto her son's shaft. Now they were standing face-to-face with full penetration.

Ed stepped up behind Stephanie and began rubbing his cock against her asshole.

Stephanie realized that she was about to be double penetrated by Ed and Josh and there was nothing that she could do about it.

Ed pushed into Stephanie's asshole, causing her to grunt in pain as he forced his cock into her. Once in place he began fucking her tight ass.

Jackie stepped behind Josh and wrapped her arms around him. She played with his nipples, and occasionally played with Stephanie's tits as she watched up close and personal the look on Stephanie's face. When Josh didn't respond as quickly as Jackie hoped she lowered one hand behind him and reached under his ass to tenderly caress his balls.

Stephanie could feel Ed's 8-inch cock slamming deep inside of her ass and rubbing against Josh's smaller cock with only a thin layer of flesh between the two. Worse, the way that Ed was pounding her ass was causing her to bounce up and down on Josh's cock, rubbing her clit against the base of his shaft each time, and this was making her body respond.

Josh was holding as still as possible, but he was unable to stop his mother's pussy from sliding up and down on his shaft. That, and the constant touches of Jackie, along with her firm bare tits rubbing against his back, was making all of this impossible not to enjoy, even though he tried to force him mind not to take pleasure in any of this.

Ed banged away at Stephanie's asshole, wanting to release his cum into the woman one more time. He held her ass tight in his hands as he rammed her as deep and as hard as was possible.

Stephanie was bouncing up and down without the ability to do anything else. Her arms hung on the rope above her, making her little more than a puppet being manipulated by two pieces of man-meat buried inside of her. And through everything that was happening she knew that she was about to have an orgasm on her son's cock.

"I'm sorry, Josh." She whispered as her climax began. Always a loud cummer, Stephanie was unable to prevent the moans of unplanned delight that her body was experiences from escaping her lips as she began to cum.

Josh could not believe that his mother was having an orgasm from fucking him. He could feel her pussy spasm on his cock as she cried out in pleasure as she came.

"That's it, cum for us!" Jackie encouraged as Stephanie climaxed.

It was all too much for Ed. He joined in Stephanie's release with his own, as he began cumming in her ass.

Ed and Stephanie both calmed down simultaneously. Ed pulled out of Stephanie's ass and began dressing. "You were definitely worth every moment." He complemented the older woman.

Jackie couldn't resist using Ed's camera-phone to take a couple more pictures, showing Stephanie and Josh still linked together by his rock-hard cock, unable to free himself from his mother's body.

"If you ever think of reporting this then you can look forward to these pictures being all over the Internet." Jackie told them as she handed the phone to Ed and began dressing.

"Are you going to untie us?" Josh asked.

Ed pointed to the hook. "If you jump up there enough sooner or later you'll get the rope over that hook, then you can free yourselves."

With that Jackie and Ed left the house.

Stephanie immediately began trying to jump up, trying to get the rope over the hook. "Jump with me." She told Josh.

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