tagBDSMThe Kennels

The Kennels


When Kate and Brad had seen the house, the cellar had been the selling point. When looking around the house they had opened a heavy door and gone down a flight of stairs into a typical looking basement, apart from the fact that just behind the stairs there was a heavy barred door and a few steps behind this door what could only be described as a jail cell. The cell was about 10 foot square, solid stonewalls on three sides and bars at the front, and the ceiling was an old heavy brick arch.

Kate had walked in first. She pushed open the heavy barred door and walked down three steps into the sunken cell. She walked over to the far side and looked up to a small barred window in the far wall.

"Wow!" she cried, "a real cell, imagine the possibilities!"

Brad followed her into the cell, at once feeling a sense of helplessness as he looked up to the solid brick roof.

The estate agent stayed outside the cell, "The previous owners had this security installed to protect a valuable wine collection," she explained.

Once the agent had walked back up to the main house, Kate ran back up the three stairs until she was outside of the cell and pushed the heavy door closed behind her with a surprisingly loud clang.

"You're my prisoner now!" she giggled.

Brad walked over to the bars and due to the height difference between the inside and outside of the cell found his head level with his partner's waist. "Nice legs, sexy" he smiled as he reached his hand through the bars and up the back of Kate's thighs, underneath her skirt.

Two months later and the house was theirs. After having drunk a glass of champagne in the empty main bedroom, Kate ran downstairs to the basement, followed a little more slowly by Brad. When he arrived at the cell he found her standing outside with the door open and a large padlock in her hand.

"Let's give it a try!" she giggled as she took his hand and led him inside and down the stairs. Giselle-like, she jumped back up the three stairs, outside of the cell and closed the door behind her. It took her a moment to slide the padlock in place, behind the heavy metal cover designed to stop the lock being cut off, but it delayed the inevitable by only a few moments. The padlock clicked shut and Kate withdrew the key.

She stood close up against the bars just above where Brad was standing. Her flowery skirt barely reaching half way to her knees.

"How does that feel?" she purred as she reached through the bars for his hands that she then placed on her butt.

She was a sexy woman, but right now from this angle and from behind the heavy steel bars she looked even better. She turned around, pulled her skirt up and pushed her black silk knicker clad butt into Brad's face. She let her skirt fall back down enclosing his head inside. She waited a few moments more until he was really turned on before walked away, leaving his face push hard up against the bars.

"I've some unpacking to do" she smiled as she walked away from the cell. She stopped at the second barred door at the bottom of the stairs that led back up to the ground floor, swung it shut and locked it with another padlock. There were now two locked barred doors between him and her butt. He watched in disbelief as her cute butt disappeared up to the ground floor.

"Kate, babe, come back" he called hopefully as he started to pull pathetically at the locked cell door. He heard the heavy wooden door at the top of stair shut with a jingle of keys that almost certainly meant that Kate had further sealed his fate by locking that door too. A couple of seconds later, the lights went out leaving him in near darkness.

Kate had released him an hour on so later, but that had been the first of a number of times the basement had played a part in their games and lovemaking.


It was May, and Kate had arranged a girl's holiday with friends from university. Kate raised it one evening. "Why don't you spend the week that I'm away in the cell?"

Brad laughed, and then returned to the paper.

"No I mean it, it'll be a challenge and you'll really be able to say that you've done time!" she purred.

Brad quickly thought for some good reasons why he couldn't do this.

"What about showering and the toilet?" Brad asked,

"There is water and drainage in there already" she replied.

"What about food, or what about if I get sick?" he continued. "No problem, I'll ask Emma to call by each day" Kate replied.

He thought about this. Emma was stunning, with a fantastic figure, the idea of spending some time in her custody might be fun.

"And I've already asked her and she's on for it" Kate continued persuasively.

Brad thought some more. Some time with Emma and anyway it wouldn't take long for both of them to get bored and for Emma to let him out. It started to look interesting.


It was Saturday morning and things were ready. The cell was prepared with water, a few clothes and necessary toiletries, Emma had arrived and most importantly she looked fantastic in short white cotton shorts and top. Brad willingly walked into the cell and watched as Kate closed and locked the barred door.

Kate unzipped a small pocket on the back of her jeans and dropped the key inside, not that there was much room in her figure hugging jeans that appeared to love her pert butt as much as he did. Kate zipped up the pocket and tapped herself on the butt, "That key will be very safe inside there" she smiled.

Brad looked concerned, "But Emma will have a spare for safety?" he checked.

"No honey" Kate purred, "I have the only key to the cell. Emma will have the key to the second barred door, the door leading down into the cellar and the house front door, just in case you are thinking of escaping".

The girls laughed. Brad didn't, how could he talk Emma into letting him out if she didn't have the key. A week in the cell really would mean a week in the cell! Shit!

A taxi tooted and Kate kissed Brad before running back up the stairs. Emma stood the other side of the bars holding a bunch of keys.

"This should be interesting" Emma said as she looked around the cell and also at the selection of cuffs and other toys lined up just outside.

"I thought you would have a key to this door" Brad said looking toward the heavy barred door that stood between him and any hope of freedom.

Emma smiled, "Yes I know. But I don't. Kate was insistent that that key stayed with her. Maybe she doesn't trust us."

Emma looked stunning and those tight white shorts were to die for. Her accent was a touch upper class, but he didn't mind, in fact in a way it was sexy. But sexy or not, there wasn't much Brad could do from behind the heavy bars.

Brad's thoughts were still with the white shorts as Emma blew him a kiss and walked back outside the second barred door. She closed it behind her and stood there for a moment as she worked out how the padlock worked and used it to secure the second door closed.

"You don't need to bother with that" Brad said dejectedly, "I've no hope in getting out of this cell".

"I know" Emma smiled, "but I quite like the idea that I've got you under lock and key as well". And she obviously liked it a lot because she then climbed the stairs back to the ground floor and deadlocked the door at the top of the stairs as well.

The jingle of keys finally ended and all was quiet in the basement. And it stayed that way until Saturday evening, when Emma rushed back down to the basement, unlocked the outer barred down and came over to the cell. She was on her way out with friends and was wearing the sexiest little black dress that Brad had ever seen.

He looked up at her from where he was sitting on the cell floor and from where he also could see that her skimpy black panties were also very sexy.

"You look great" Brad said honestly.

"Thanks" she smiled, "big night out on the town"

"Can I join you?" he asked ironically.

"Sure, let's go!" she teased, as she threw a small loaf of bread and block on cheese down into the cell.

"Sorry, had no time to cook" she smiled as she grabbed her keys and ran back out in her high heels, making sure to lock the doors as she went.

This whole experience was getting painful for Brad. He sat on the stone floor eating dry bread and thinking of the countless guys who were no doubt trying to chat Emma up. He couldn't blame them, he would be doing the same if he hadn't let Kate lock him up. Shit!


Sunday. Brad had to wait until almost noon the next day for his jailer to return. The white shorts were back, and this time they had brought him coffee and croissant. They talked, and Brad was relieved to hear that she hadn't met anyone interesting the night before. She was pleased to see her captive without his shirt on. "Nice abs" she smiled as she admired his toned body.

When he looked up from his coffee Emma was holding up a pair of handcuffs she'd chosen from the array of toys.

"Maybe you could demonstrate how these work for me?" she smiled".

"Do I have a choice?" he asked.

"Not unless you want to go on a strict diet for the rest of the week" she giggled.

Brad reached his hands through the bars, cleverly putting them both through the same gap in the bars.

"No, hands either side of this bar" she corrected, wise to his trick.

It took her a while to work out how the cuffs worked but she learnt quickly and soon she had tightly locked and double locked them around his wrists. She then squeezed the keys into the front pocked of her shorts.

His wrists were locked to the bottom of the bars, which meant that he had to kneel. Together with the height difference between the inside and outside of the cell, the result was that her long tanned legs towered above him.

"Until this evening then" she smiled down at him.

"What! You need to unlock these cuffs first" he said rather alarmed.

"Why?" she asked innocently.

"Because, because" was all he could manage.

"As I thought," she giggled, "have a nice day."

The cell had water, books and a bed. Now that she had cuffed him to the bars he couldn't reach any of these 'luxuries'. He looked at the hinged cuffs that she'd locked on his wrists. He looked around for something that he might be able to use to pick the locks, but there was nothing. He poured the remains of his coffee over his wrists and tried to slip them out. It worked in the movies; but it soon became evident that Emma had locked the cuffs tighter than the regular movie baddie. An hour later and with very sore wrists Brad finally got the message.

Brad was awoken from his daydream by a rattle of keys in his ear. He opened his eyes and saw two shapely legs crouching down right in front of him.

"Silly me, I left these in my pocket when I left this morning" she giggled as she jingled the handcuff keys in front of his face.

"That's fine, it didn't inconvenience me" he replied.

"Oh good" she giggled.

She sat down crossed legged on the floor in front of him, her short summer dress lying easily over her legs. From where he was he could see right up her skirt less than a meter away from him the other side of the bars. He was trying hard not to look up her skirt. She knew, and she was going to enjoy this.

"Let's play cards" Emma smiled as she started to shuffle a pack. She dealt the cards on the floor just in front of her crossed legs.

"Is it too much to asked you to let me out of these cuffs first?" he asked.

"Yes" she smiled as she took the keys and dropped them between her breasts.

Emma won the first hand and picked up the winning cards and rested them inside her skirt up against her thigh.

Emma saw him watching her. "You looked up her skirt, too bad, you lose" she giggled.

"Arrh" Brad exclaimed, part laugh, part cry.

Emma started laughing too.

"This is impossible" he complained.

"I'm sorry" she laughed, "I know how you feel about me and I just couldn't resist teasing you."

"Please, please, please take these cuffs off" he begged.

She retrieved the key and slowly took off the double locks and opened the cuffs. He rubbed his red sore wrists.

Emma then produced a bottle of wine and two glasses, filled then both and passed one through the bars to Brad.

"This must be better than the average prison" she smiled.

"You're certainly better looking than the average prison guard" he replied.

Two hours and a bottle of wine later Emma picked up the handcuffs again and asked, "Have you ever spent a night handcuffed to these bars?"

"No why?" he replied.

"It could be fun" she smiled.

He could see where this was going, "Why would it be fun to spend the night kneeling on this hard floor with my hands chained up when I could be asleep in a bed?

"Because it would be me that locked you up and it will be me looking after the keys" she purred as she ran the key up and down the inside of her thigh.

"I don't see it" he insisted.

"But you haven't tried it yet"

"But I won't sleep a wink"

"I'll lock your ankles together as well if you prefer" she giggled.

"Not really"

"Just handcuffs it is then" she concluded.

"Hey, I haven't agreed to that"

"Its not really your decision"

"Its my wrists"

Emma reached through the bars and took hold of one of his hands, "Just let me handcuff you for five minutes".

"I'm not falling for that" he insisted, although knowing that the way she looked right now she probably could make him do pretty much anything she wanted.

She crouched down and pulled Brad's head up to the bars and kissed him on the lips. While she kissed him she reached down and secured the cuffs around one wrist and then the other. With his wrists secured, she turned her attention back to his lips.

"Wow!" she said as they finally parted. Staying right by the bars, she stood up, pushed her long blonde hair out of her eyes and started to play with the keys. He looked up, looking right up her skirt. His eyes moved up her legs and fixed on her black panties. So beautiful, but yet so out of reach; she was the ultimate tease and she knew it.

"Five minutes are almost up" he reminded her, jangling with shackled wrists.

"Five minutes?"

"You promised"

"Did I, silly me, I don't remember"

Emma crouch down to inspect the cuffs, "They are quite tight" she smiled.

"Please don't leave them on all night" he begged.

She looked into his eyes and smiled as she saw real concern. "Please do it for me" she whispered as she kissed him again".

His emotions were now all over the place and he didn't know what to think.

"It been a lovely evening" she finally said as she stood up, picked up the empty wine bottle and glasses and walked out, locking the doors as she left. After she locked the final door she flicked a switch plunging the basement into darkness.

The night passed slowly for Brad. His knees, his back, his wrists hurt. He kept changing positions trying to ease the pain. By the morning he felt terrible. His body hurt, he was tired, dehydrated and couldn't stop himself fantasizing about his captress.


Monday. A small amount of light was coming in through the tiny barred window was the only way he could tell it was morning. It had certainly been the longest night of his life. He finally heard footsteps on the floor above him. The lights came back on, keys jangled in locks and finally she walked in wearing blue jeans that totally hugged her figured.

"Good morning, did you sleep well" she smiled as she deliberately turned around to show off her jeans.

"No" he replied, "Did you?"

"Yes" she smiled.

"Please take these cuffs off" he begged.

"I'm sure you don't mean that" she smiled as turned her back to him and patted the back pocket of her jeans, "I think the keys are very happy in here, don't you".

He had to agree that if he was a key, the back pocket of Emma's jeans would be a nice place to be.

"And I'm not sure I can get them out, these jeans are a bit to tight.

"This is so frustrating" he admitted.

"I know," she giggled.

With the cuffs still locked on, she crouched down and started to feed him the coffee and croissants that she had brought with her. After breakfast and another ten minutes of begging later, she finally unlocked the cuffs and released Brad back into the relative freedom of his cell. They chatted some more and then she left, of course locking all the doors as she went.

Emma returned early that evening with food and more wine. They talked some more and made out as best they could through the bars. Brad ran his hands over her toned body, up her legs and under her short skirt.

"Umm" she purred, "if I had the key to your cell, I might even be tempted to let you out. Buy, hey I don't and anyway there're a few more things I still like to try while you're locked up. And at least I can be sure that you're not going to say no" she giggled.

Emma turned her attention back to the rack of toys. "Kate insisted that I use some of these to make for a proper incarceration experience and to keep things interesting for you" she smiled.

She then turned back, paused a little embarrassed, "There is one thing that I've always wanted to try and right now you are the perfect guinea pig."

"OK?" Brad said hesitantly.

"I've always wanted to gag someone with my knickers" she smiled.

"I won't be much good at kissing with your panties in my mouth"

"That's OK, they'll be plenty of time for kissing afterwards.

The thought of putting her knickers in Brad's mouth had been turning Emma on all day. She'd been wriggling around, feeling her knickers underneath her jeans and thinking of how those same knickers would be stuffed into his mouth.

Emma took a chain from the array of toys and padlocked it around Brad's waist. She then padlocked the handcuffs to the back of the chain and then proceeded to lock and double lock the cuffs around Brad's wrists. His wrists were now securely locked behind his back.

"Good, that'll keep your hands nicely out of the way" she smiled as she reached under her skirt and started to pull her knickers down her long tanned legs. "

Open wide" she purred as she stuffed the back silk into Brad's mouth. She made sure his mouth was closed before wrapping duct tape around and round his head until the bottom half of his head was completely mummified.

He tried to tell her that she'd done enough tapping, but "mmmmm" was all that he could say.

She was enjoying this, "You do know where those knickers have been all day, don't you?" she asked. "Wrapped around my butt, and inside my tight jeans. And there wasn't much ventilation in there" she giggled. She pulled a white pair of knickers from her handbag and started to put them on, "Just preparing tomorrow's gag" she joked.

"Well given that I can't talk to you or kiss you then I guess I may as well leave" she smiled.

"Mmmmm!" he tried again, this time with more desperation. Surely she wasn't going to leave him like this all night. But she had already reached the outer barred door and was busy padlocking it shut, and a few moments later she was gone.

Brad pulled at the cuffs, although he knew from experience that once Emma had locked you in cuffs that there was very little you could do until she decided to let you go. He rubbed his face against the wall in an attempt to remove the duct tape, but that didn't work either. He was determined that he wouldn't be spending the night with her panties in his mouth, although it soon became clear that he would.

He lay down on the bed and before he knew it he was asleep.


Tuesday. Brad was woken by the sound of Emma running her keys along the bars of the cell. He struggled to his feet, which was easier said that done with hands cuffed behind his back.

"Good morning" she smiled.

She was wearing her white cotton shorts and top and looked fantastic. He looked and felt terrible. His mouth was parched, her knickers having soaked up ever last drop of moisture. His jaw ached. His arms and shoulders ached from the cuffs and his wrists were cut from his failed attempts to get free.

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