The Kennels


"You look good" she giggled.

"Mmmm" he mumbled back.

"I've brought you some breakfast" she smiled as she put a bag on the floor in front of him.

"Mmmmm" he said again.

"Oh silly me, I left my panties in your mouth" Emma giggled as she beckoned him over towards the bars of the cell. She ripped the tape from his mouth with one quick pull and he quickly spat her underwear out onto the floor.

"Ouch, that was really uncomfortable" Brad complained.

"Shame" Emma smiled back, "you look so good with my panties in your mouth."

Brad rattled his hands that were still manacled behind his back, "Any chance of you letting me out of these?" he asked politely.

Emma smiled, "Why don't you see if you can get out of them on your own."

"I can't" he replied exasperatedly, "I've been trying to do that all night!"

Emma giggled. Brad was usually very cool and Emma loved to see him flustered.

"OK" she finally relented, "come over here."

A quick turn of her key and he was free of the cuffs. They sat down and ate breakfast together, either side of the bars.

"I really did like seeing you gagged with my underwear" the blonde repeated, "it was fun knowing that they were stopping you saying a single word. I think we'll do that every night from now."

"No way" Brad replied, "please!"

"Kiss my feet" Kate suddenly ordered.

Brad obeyed immediately.

"That was nice," she purred after a few minutes.

"Thanks, so no more gagging then, "Brad asked.

Emma giggled, "Wrong. Kissing my feet was sweet but it won't get you out of your nightly sojourn with my panties."

Brad spent Tuesday in relative freedom. He read books, slept and generally recovered from the night before. However that evening Emma returned with other plans.

She walked over to the cell carrying a large heavy box inside which was a steel mask that was designed to totally enclose someone's head. There were small holes by the mouth and nose to keep its victim alive. It opened on hinges at the back and locked at the front with two padlocks, one around the neck and one roughly by the victim's nose.

Her skirts seemed to Brad to get shorter by the day. This one was pink, flared and barely covered her butt. From where Brad was slumped on the floor on the cell, he could see everything. She crouched down next to him, deliberately leaving her legs slightly apart.

"Have you ever been locked inside one of these?" Emma asked as she unlocked the padlocks and opened the mask.

Brad looked concerned, "No" he replied. How could such a sweet woman have such an evil mind.

"Well tonight's your lucky night" Emma giggled as she passed the mask through the bars and padlocked the top of it to one of the horizontal cell bars. The mask hung in the air a few feet from the cell floor.

"Guess where your head goes" Emma purred.

Brad sat down with his back against the bars and slowly positioned his head inside the open mask. Emma reached through the bars to close the mask and then locked it with the two padlocks.

Inside Brad couldn't see, smell, or barely hear anything, it was eerie. A few minutes later Emma unlocked the padlocks and let him out.

"How does it feel?" she asked.

"That's scary" Brad replied, "It's as if the world has stopped and you don't exist. You really feel helpless."

Emma giggled, "Wow, that is quite something coming from a guy whose been locked up in a cell for half a week."

Brad continued, "It really felt as though my life depended on those keys to let me out."

Emma was smiling, "I know and I'll have those keys."

The two friends ate dinner together and talked until almost midnight. Brad knew he would be talking no more when Emma stood up, reached under her dress and started to pull down her black silk knickers.

"I guess that's all for tonight" he replied.

"You guessed right" she purred.

Emma slowly pushed her knickers into his mouth and taped them in place. Brad duly sat down with his head inside the mask. Emma closed it, locked it and pocketed the keys. And that was all Brad saw until morning. Emma walked back home without her underwear thinking all the time about Brad and what she would do with him next.


Brad had no idea what time it was when he heard foot steps and keys jangling. The sensatory deprivation had left him totally disorientated. Emma sat down with her legs through the bars, one either side of Brad's neck. She tapped on the steel mask.

"Can you hear me in there?"

The warm soft feel of Kate thighs felt lovely around his neck after a night surrounded by cold hard steel. He ran his hands up and down her legs. She enjoyed the feel of his hands and sat there tightening her grip around his neck.

"Shame you haven't got the keys for these padlocks" she purred as she played with them in her hands.

The padlock keys were in the back pocket of Emma's white shorts and she could feel them underneath her as she sat on the hard floor. She then saw a small piece of wire that Brad had unsuccessfully used to try and escape from some cuffs earlier in the week. She reached for the wire and put it into Brad's hand.

"I'm going to leave you in that mask until lunchtime" she announced, "but to give you a chance I'll give you ten minutes to try and pick the locks with this wire."

Brad was desperate to get out of the mask, which was starting to play with his mind, and quickly inserted the wire into the padlock to tried to force the lock. The wire was sharp and as he couldn't see he kept cutting himself.

Emma sat there with the mask between her legs smiling as she saw how desperate he was to pick the locks.

"How're you doing?" Emma asked.

Another five minutes and the padlocks were still firmly locked. Emma pulled the keys out of her pocket and ran them up and down her legs.

"You're running out of time" she warned.

Emma had had her fun, she picked up the instructions that had come with the padlocks and read out the selling material about how the security features. On hearing this, Brad dropped the wire on the floor, "You bitch" he wanted to say had he not had a mouth full of her underwear.

Emma giggle, "It was so cute seeing you try to get out" she purred as she tucked the keys safely back inside her pocket.

It wasn't until Emma returned at lunchtime that she finally unlocked the padlocks and let Brad out of the mask. Brad seemed totally disorientated and it took a few minutes until he spoke.

"You bitch" he finally said.

"Come here" she ordered.

She reached through the bars and pulled him closer to kiss him. Despite the ordeal she'd put him through he kissed her back.

Wednesday evening she returned with some food. She was wearing a tight black cocktail dress and was beautifully made up.

"You look amazing" he said.

"Thanks, posh cocktail party with the firm of lawyers that has offered me a job" she replied.

"I can't believe you're going to be a lawyer" he replied.

"Why not?"

"Maybe a jailer would be more appropriate" he suggested.

"I can do more than lock people up you know" she replied.

"I'm sure you can, but you do it so well"

Emma laughed, "Yes, you are certainly getting to see my cruel, sadistic side this week."

Emma then produced from her handbag the one thing that Brad had been dreading, a chastity tube.

"I'm sure you know what this is" she smiled.

"Yes, I know" he replied.

As instructed he pulled down his trousers and let the blonde fit the device around his balls and dick. It was a tight fit. He watched as she produced a padlock, slipped it in place and padlocked him in.

"Does it feel nice?" she asked.

"Tight" he replied.

"It's suppose to, silly," she giggled as she slowly and deliberately dropped the small key between her breasts.

"This bra is pretty tight" she explained, "Hopefully it'll hold the key in place. Otherwise your cock will stay behind bars at least until Kate returns."

Brad looked at Emma, she looked so good with the tight dress hugging her perfect figure.

"I'll be back later to check on you and of course to pop these in your mouth" Emma purred as she ran her hands around her butt.


Thursday. Brad woke up with hands chained behind his back, gagged with Emma's panties and still wearing the chastity tube. He struggled to his feet and walked over to the bars. There was no sign of his captor and so he sat down on the floor and waited, there wasn't much else he could do.

She didn't arrive until almost midday. She unlocked the outer barred door and strolled in wearing her jeans and top.

"What a party" she exclaimed.

"Mmmmm" he replied.

Emma continued to describe the party and the people she'd met, almost forgetting that Brad was still gagged.

Finally she remembered and pulled off the tape and also unlocked his wrists. The two had breakfast together and Emma explained that she was going away for a couple of days. She would be back on Saturday and would pick Kate up at the airport on the way back.

"That'll be 48 hours all on your own, I hope you won't miss me too much" she smiled.

Brad was actually relieved. While he loved spending time with her, some of the restraints she was using on him hurt.

Emma left enough food by the bars for the next two days.

"Can you unlock the chastity tube before you go?" he asked.

"Why, are you going to be having sex before Saturday?" she asked.


"Well then I may as well leave it on" she replied.

"But what if I want to .." he left the sentence unfinished.

"Want to what?" she smiled.

He could see that she was enjoying this. She patted her pocket to try and find the key, finally locating it in her back pocket. She handed him the key.

"Of course, if you want me to keep you in chastity for the next two days you can always put the key back in my pocket," and she turned around so that her denim clad butt was resting against the bars.

She looked so sexy that his head spun. He ran his hands up and down her jeans before pushing the key right inside her back pocket. She immediately turned around, knelt down and kissed him.

Saturday morning as usual Brad heard keys rattling and Emma's footsteps on the stairs leading down to the cellar. However this time he also heard female voice and laughing. As the outer barred down was unlocked he saw both Emma and Kate.

"Hi honey, how are you" Brad said.

Kate ran over and kissed him through the bars, "It great to see you again" she smiled.

"How was your holiday?" he asked.

"Fantastic, how was your week?"

"An experience" he replied.

"You look great" Brad said as he looked at his girlfriend's tanned body.

"Thanks" she smiled, "you look pretty good yourself, considering."

Kate tapped the back pocket of her jeans, "I've brought you a present" she giggled as she unzipped her pocket and pulled out the key. "A whole week under my lock and key" Kate purred as she slipped the key into the keyhole and unlocked the cell door.

She swung the door open and ran into the cell to hug her boyfriend again.

"You may need this" Emma smiled as she handed Kate the key to the chastity tube through the bars. Kate took it and quickly unlocked her boyfriend.

Emma watched on, "Maybe I should give you some privacy" she giggled.

"Thanks" Kate said as she continued to kiss Brad.

Emma paused as she was walking out, "Would you like me to make sure you're not interrupted?" she asked as she started to pull the cell door closed.

"Yeah, why not?" Kate replied as she lay down on top of Brad on the small metal bed. They were both fully engrossed as Emma locked them in the cell and walked back up to the house. She sat in their kitchen drinking a cup of tea and playing with the key in her hands. She was feeling jealous of Kate and Brad's 'kinky' lifestyle.

A good half an hour later Kate and Brad were lying on the bed together.

"I can't believe that we've let someone else lock us both in here" Kate said.

"She's probably robbing us as we speak" Brad joked, now quite accustomed to being under Emma's lock and key.

Emma finally returned and unlocked the cell. Kate was the first to walk out at which point Emma quickly swung the door closed and locked it before Brad had a chance to react. By the time he had, the door was locked and the key was in the pocket of Emma's very short denim shorts.

"Hey, I've done my time" Brad complained, "Kate, tell her to let me out!"

Kate looked around and smiled, "Umm, it seems to me that Emma's done a good job of keeping you out of trouble so far, so maybe another day won't hurt."

"What!" Brad replied.

Kate walked over to the bars and kissed Brad, "OK Em, I've got to go to town today, so he's yours for another day if you want, tonight though, he's mine."

Kate kissed Brad again and left the cellar.

"You bitch!" Brad said to Emma.

"Hey, Kate's entrusted you to my care today, so I thought we could have a little more fun."

Brad was starting to fear his increasingly sadistic captor.

As instructed, and almost out of habit, Brad did as he was told and let Emma padlock a high security chain around his wrists and then around his waist so that his hands were held tightly in the small of his back. She then took another high security chain and padlocked it around one ankle, and then the other ankle with only a couple of inches of play between them.

Brad watched helplessly as the padlock keys slipped into the back pocket of her shorts. However now Emma also had the key to the cell. She walked over to the cell down, unlocked it, walked inside and locked it behind her.

Emma was athletic, slim and shorter than he was, but his restraints meant that he was helpless against her. She walked over to him and he shuffled backwards away from her. She sat down on the bed and watched as he shuffled over to the door and tried to reach the key, which was still in the lock, with his chained hands. Emma watched as he finally managed to turn the key by using his mouth. She followed him as he shuffled up the steps and towards the steps leading up from the cellar.

"Where are you going?" Emma asked

"I'm finally getting free" Brad replied.

"How are you going to get out of those chains?" she asked. "You'll certainly attract attention walking down the street like that. And anyway, I don't think your local locksmith will be able to do much against those padlocks."

He stopped and thought.

Emma tapped the back pocket of her shorts, "I have the keys right here" she purred, "maybe you ought to stay with me?"

He knew he had no choice and slowly and reluctantly hobbled back into the cell.

Emma looked at him; bare top showing a well toned upper body and jeans. She had fancied him all week and the fact that he was locked in the cell was as much a frustration for her as it had been for him. Now was her chance, probably her only chance.

She followed him inside the cell, threw her arms around his neck and started to kiss him. Initially he tried to resist, but he was a guy and she was stunning and soon his natural instincts took over. She pulled down his jeans and pushed him backwards on the bed. With Brad still securely chained, they made love time after time.

Brad looked over to where Emma's shorts were lying on the other side of the cell. He could see the padlock keys sticking out but with hands still chained and with Emma's naked body lying on top of him there was no way he could reach them.

"I've been wanting to do that all week," Emma purred.

"Do you often make love to men in chains?" he asked.

"No, but I may start" she giggled.

"Have I now earned my freedom?"

"That was really good" Emma smiled, "but I want to do one last thing to you."

"Will I be able to get out from it?"

"No" she smiled.

Emma then laid Brad on the floor of the cell and sat astride him. She first brought his feet up to his back and padlocked the chain around his feet to the chain around his waist so that he was hog chained.

She then took all of the pairs of handcuffs and leg irons that were outside the cell and locked them tightly around his already chained hands and feet. She then took the chastity tube and padlocked it tightly in place.

"How does that feel?" she asked while still sitting on his chest. In this position she couldn't resist sliding a little further forward so that she was sitting on his face. She used his nose to bring her to orgasm for one final time before stuffing her panties into his mouth and tapping them in place. He knew the taste well.

She slid her shorts back on before standing above him, one foot either side of his head.

"What a lot of keys" she smiled as she jangled a large key ring. "I'm going to lock you in the steel mask and then leave you locked up in the cell for the rest of the day. I'll drop the keys around to Kate this evening and then she can do with you whatever she chooses. And all the fun this week can be our little secret.

And so Emma padlocked him inside the mask and left him locked in the cell. The keys made a bit of a bulge in her back pocket as she walked down the road, but nobody would guess what they belonged to. That evening she gave the keys to Kate and that was the end of that.


Kate never knew what Brad and Emma had got up to that week and certainly didn't know that they'd made out together. Brad, however, knew all too clearly what had happened and couldn't stop thinking about it and dropping comments into conversations with Kate.

"That week really had an effect on you," Kate remarked.

Brad thought for a moment, "A week is a long time, to be locked up, particularly under the care of someone as sadistic as Emma."

Kate thought about asking what Emma had done to him that week, but thought better of it. She had entrusted her boyfriend into Emma's care and so she couldn't really object to anything that the blonde had done to him. However that said, whatever it was she'd done to him had made a lasting impression.

Kate smiled to herself, there was one very easy way to find out what Emma was like, and that was to take part herself.

"Why don't we ask Emma to play jailer again, but this time with both of us in the cell?" Kate asked one evening.

"That's probably not a good idea."

"Why not?"

"I don't know what she might do, given another chance."

"Then let's find out together," Kate smiled.

Saturday Morning

With all parties in agreement, the next weekend they entrusted themselves into Emma's care. Emma was dressed ready for work in a white blouse, mid-thigh length black skirt, stockings and high heels; she looked stunning. She stood and watched as Brad and Kate walked down the few steps into the cell. She swung the door closed behind them and secured it with the padlock.

Kate was more apprehensive that she'd thought she would be. She had always thought of Emma as a friend, an equal. The two women were both attractive and intelligent, and had at times been mistaken for sisters, but now with the bars separating them Emma took on a whole new sense of power and indeed beauty.

Brad had experienced this feeling before, and the sense of helplessness was familiar. Because the cell was set three feet down, Emma appeared to tower over the inmates, only adding to her presence.

They had agreed that Emma could do anything to them as long as it caused no permanent damaged and the more interesting the better.

"Are you guys sure that you're OK with this, you know the power I have over you?" Emma checked one last time. Kate and Brad both nodded.

"Good, because I'm going to give the key to the cell door to a girlfriend who will be overseas for the weekend, that way there will be no cheating."

Emma left them and returned twenty minutes later, "OK as we speak the cell key is tucked inside a cute little brunette's pocket and will very soon be 30,000 feet somewhere above France. There's no way you're getting out until she returns, so we may as well have a little fun."

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