tagBDSMThe Keyholder Ch. 05

The Keyholder Ch. 05


Locking Ben's cock inside her new Prince Albert chastity cage had been the highlight of Amy's week. When she closed her eyes she could still remember the feeling of control and the surge of sexual power that she'd felt as she'd rolled around on his beautiful white wool rug. Ben's eyes had betrayed his obvious obsession with her body and with her control of his cock. She now had two favourite things, which ironically were mutually exclusive; fucking Ben and keeping him in chastity.

Amy was once again temping at the sex shop and the hours were passing slowly. The two silver keys, one to Ben's PA cage and the other to Ben's chastity belt, were hanging proudly from a silver chain around her neck. She'd deliberately worn a low cut black top so that the keys could be seen and were also easy for her to play with. That said, the thought of slipping the cold steel keys in her panties to reduce the temperature building between her legs was also very appealing.

She flicked away her long black hair and reached behind her neck to unfasten the clasp on her necklace. The keys slipped off the chain and into her waiting hand. She walked out from behind the counter and over to the mirror. Ben would love her new black leather trousers and she imagined how he would react when he saw them. First he'd smile his sexy smile and then he'd reach between his legs and wince as his cock expanded and crushed itself into its small steel cell. She returned to the privacy of the counter, unbuttoned her trousers and slipped them inside.


Ben was in full lock down. Not only was his cock inside a one inch long, Prince Albert hooking cock cage with a cut proof integrated lock, but on top of that she had locked him in a full steel chastity belt. He had none of the keys and all he had was a scrap of paper with the name 'Amy' and a telephone number. At least he now knew the woman's name and number, although those alone were no use in freeing him from the locked steel devices.

Amy had made it clear that he could only call her in an emergency. If something was to go wrong, her keys could the difference between all being fine and permanent damage to his cock. Ben played with the scrap of paper in his hands. He didn't want to call her to be unlocked, but he did want to see her again.

"Hi Amy its Ben," he felt like he was sixteen again, asking a girl to the movies.


"Would you like to meet for lunch today?"

"This number is for emergencies only," she replied, even though she was delighted just to hear his voice.

"I don't want to be released, I just want to see you again."

The line went dead. Fuck, had he upset her? He had to call her back, yet he didn't dare. Shit, now the wait was going to be even harder. At least he was still locked inside her belt and could enjoy the feeling of the tight steel, the memory of her body and her smile as she'd locked it all so permanently into place.

Amy was also feeling anxious. The keys were doing exactly what she hoped they would do inside her leather trousers and she was desperate to keep this sexy game going for as long as possible. To do that she had to play the role of the sadistic key holding bitch, or he would soon lose interest in this almost forty year old woman no matter how hard she tried to turn back the years in the gym. She wanted nothing more than to see him again, make love to him, hang out with him again, but every time she did so she would lose more of that mystique that he seemed to find so enticing. Her phone beeped.

''Sorry, I just can't wait to worship you again."

Amy giggled out loud in relief and a young couple in the vibrator section of the shop looked up. The keys felt even better against her body, they seemed to be having a lovely time in there. She tried to wait, but within minutes she had replied.

"Tonight, 8pm, your place."


Amy arrived at Ben's apartment wearing a long black coat which she dropped from her shoulders to reveal a short red flared dress. Her hair was in a bun and she wore stockings and high pointed heels.

"You look amazing, 'Amy'", Ben smiled, able to use her name for the first time.

"Thank you."

Amy glowed inside, his words and the look in his eyes making her feel like a giddy kid. 'Stay cool,' she kept telling herself as she kissed him on the cheek and strode across the room and sat down on one of the high chrome and leather stools in his kitchen diner.

"Would you like a drink Amy?"

Amy nodded as she crossed her long stocking covered legs, enjoying the feel of stocking on stocking and the feel of the soft leather on the back of her thighs.

"How's your week been?" she asked, sipping from the large round wine glass.

"Good," Ben smiled as he tapped his crotch, "if somewhat dominated by what you did down here."

"That's how you should be."


"Yes," she smiled coyly, "if you're not obsessed then let me know and I'll lock you up even more."

Amy was wearing a thin silver chain around her neck, with the pendant hanging out of sight between her breasts. She tugged gently until a key popped out and then hung down provocatively by her cleavage. Ben had been talking, but the sight of the key distracted him and he lost his train of thought. Taking advantage of the break in conversation, Amy reached behind her neck and unclipped the chain.

"Unlock the belt, take a shower and I'll meet you in your bedroom."

Ben's heart rate doubled and became so loud he could hear it in his head. Fuck, how could a simple word from this woman do this to him? He took the key from her outstretched palm and disappeared quickly into the bathroom. He stripped down to the silver pants that had hugged him constantly for the last week and looked at his reflection in the mirror. The belt felt very different when he had the key in his hand and he admired its tight, unescapable fit before finally pushing the key into the lock and stripping it from his body.

"My balls!" he cried as he gratefully massaged his testicles that hung down proudly from the one inch one tube that contained his cock, "that feels so nice."

This was the first time that he'd been able to properly explore the tiny Prince Albert cock cage and he tried to push a fingertip through the closely placed bars. It didn't work and his fingertip certainly didn't give him any sensation. He pointed the cage up to see how the device connected to his piercing, but all the necessary detail was hidden inside the solid steel end. He stepped into the shower and soaped up so that he could see what would happen if he tried to pull his cock back out. The tug on the end of his cock from his piercing was unmistakeable and after a couple of attempts he gave that up as well. He'd better do whatever Amy said, as she was his only hope of gaining access to his cock.

When he returned, Amy was sitting cross legged in the middle of Ben's large bed with her long hair hanging loosely around her face. He slipped off his dressing grown and approached her reverently, wearing only the cock cage.

"Warm me up," she purred as she slowly uncrossed and spread her legs and lifted her red dress.

Ben moved in, taking his time to kiss her feet, her calves and then on to her soft thighs. The higher up he moved, the more the pressure built in the one inch cage. Amy motioned for Ben to lie down on his back so that she could sit astride his face.

"Now just think of my vagina as the key to your freedom," Amy breathed as her black silk underwear touched down on Ben's face, "my pussy is your mistress and you must obey her."

Ben pushed her briefest of underwear to one side and gently placed his lips on her already warm, wet vagina. She may have taken his cock, but he could penetrate her with his tongue. He started slowly and then increased the intensity. Amy's hips thrust slowly back and forth, but did not move from his face. Her passion grew and then fell and by the end she was still sitting on him, breathing hard. Ben reached for Amy hips in an attempt to lift her from his face.

"Can I be released?" he asked, her pussy pushing stubbornly down on to his mouth.

"She's not satisfied yet."

Ben moved his hands down and grabbed Amy's butt. Still the brunette remained planted on his face and so he went again. Again her cries stopped and her breathing slowly and yet she continued to sit on his face.

"Please Amy, I really want to make out."

"Well sit up then," she teased.

Amy slid back on to Ben neck, with his head now tightly between her thighs.

"Why would I want to make out with a guy with a one inch cock?" she couldn't quite contain her smile.

"If you unlock me it's a hell of a lot bigger."

Amy's teasingly smile grew as she increased her weight on his neck and watched as Ben struggled for air beneath her. The slight asphyxiation was sending more blood to his cock and soon he was holding the chastity cage with both hands. She could feel the tendons in his next straining beneath her butt and quickly had to rein in her sadistic side.

She slid back on to his chest and turned around so that she was facing down towards his sexy body and the cage.

"This has worked so well on you," she observed as she played with the small cage

"It's taken over my life," Ben replied.

"It's supposed to."

"Please, please, please unlock me!"

Ben's hands were again all over her body. He was desperate to make love to her, he just needed his cock. He was like a man possessed. Amy leaned forward and slipped the cage into her mouth. She sealed her lips around the warm steel and then used her tongue to play with the tip. Unsurprisingly, there was little reaction from Ben who could feel her warm breath on his balls, but nothing more.

Amy moved to his balls and used her nose to play with them and then brought her lips and tongue into play. Ben was alternating between cries of pleasure and desperate pleas for her to unlock him.

"Amy, please Amy, I'm ready!"

To silence these pleas, she turned around again and sat back down squarely on his mouth. Her bottom was proving to be an amazingly effective gag. She had now muted him, but she could still see his pleading eyes.

Amy had a problem. She hadn't planned to get this intimate with Ben tonight and as such, she hadn't brought the key to his cock lock. Damn, why did Ben always make her go further and faster than she'd planned? She was now sitting on an incredibly sexy guy who was as desperate to make love to her and she'd forgotten the fucking key! She was frustrated with herself and worried about how Ben would react. She brought her legs together to cover his face. That was better, for the next few minutes at least, she could pretend he wasn't there while she thought of a plan.

"This week I've given you your balls," Amy announced in her sexiest huskiest voice, Ben's face still sealed beneath the back of her thighs, "Next week I'll give you your cock." She was anxious about how he would react, but the feeling of his lips once again pushing into her vagina told her that she didn't need to worry.

"Would you like to stay the night?" came a muffled voice from somewhere beneath her.

"Maybe," she replied nonchalantly while her body was screaming 'Yes!'

By the time Amy finally removed her butt from his face, Ben was well and truly back under her spell. He was even more intrigued as Amy fetched her handbag and returned with a length of chain and two small padlocks. She pulled off her dress and wrapped the chain around her narrow waist and locked it in place with the first padlock. Lying on her side, she then snuggled up to Ben and padlocked the spare end of the chain to the chastity cage.

"Now unless you want me rolling over and ripping off your cock," she looked into his strong brown eyes, "you'd better hold me close all night."

Ben immediately wrapped his arms around the slim brunette and squeezed. Amy was in heaven. Nobody had held her like this for a long time and certainly no one as good as Ben.

"Where are the keys to these padlocks?" Ben asked as he played with the chain that connected his cock to her narrow waist.

Amy didn't answer, her eyes were closed and she was smiling as she fell asleep. Ben smelt her hair and then ran his hands down her bare back, his fingers bouncing over each vertebrae until he reached the chain. Beyond that her pert butt was still contained inside her black silk panties. He remembered back to the first time she'd locked him in the belt. She'd reached up inside her skirt and tucked the key away safely inside her underwear. It had taken him ages to earn the right to enter her skirt and the feeling of when he'd first kissed her thighs was still vivid in his mind. It had taken him even longer to earn the right to get inside her panties, the vault where she had so often kept his key.

Her body had been so intimidating. Dressed in a red leather skirt, she had put him inside a steel locker and used her legs as bars blocking the entrance. Her hips had flicked the door closed and her butt had rested on the door, trapping him in place until the bolt locked home. He had then watched her legs stride away, leaving him helplessly locked inside the steel box. Now, however, he had earned free access and was enjoying slipping his hand inside her panties and gently squeezing her butt. Unfortunately, the key wasn't inside there today, which meant that every touch of her silky smooth butt came with a crushing sensation inside his cage.

She moaned, stretched and moved her top leg across his body where it came to rest on his chastity cage. Maybe she was subconsciously making sure that he didn't leave her, not that that was necessary. While his cock was chained to her slim supple body he would follow her anywhere.


When Ben woke the next morning, Amy was lying on top of him smiling. She may have been close to forty, but Ben was making her feel like a teenager again. She slowly climbed off the bed giggling, as Ben carefully followed her keen to retain his cock. Amy stripped off her underwear and walked backwards into the bathroom and into the running shower.

"You're very obedient when we're connected like this."

"Yes, one flick of your hips and I'm..."

"A woman?" Amy giggled.

"In pain," Ben corrected, preferring his answer to hers.

Amy's interest in the debate waned as she started rubbing herself against Ben's shiny steel cock cage. Ben decided to help by grabbing her butt and lifting her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist. Amy's cries were now causing him bedlam down below.

"Amy please, I really want to fuck you!"

She pulled her tongue out of his mouth and bit his lip. Ben pushed her up against the tiles so that she could thrust into him with even more intensity.

With the sodden brunette showing little sign of exhaustion, Ben turned off the water and let Amy lead him back to the kitchen diner and back to her handbag. She dug out a small key ring with two keys and unlocked the chain around her waist.

"This will be fun," she smiled as she held up the open padlock and the end of the chain that was still attached to his cock.

"Amy, I'm not a dog."


The naked brunette had already looped the chain around the chrome bar that supported the bench and was now locking it with the padlock. "I suggest you make me coffee," she said as she kissed Ben, "Oh and 'stay'," she giggled as she followed the trail of water back to the bathroom.

Ben watched her bare butt bounce away and then tried in vain to separate his cock from the kitchen bench which was in turn bolted into the floor. Fuck, that little butt had certainly left him as helpless as any dog and so unable to go anywhere, he turned his attention to making her a good cup of coffee.

Amy towelled dry and returned to the kitchen wearing Ben's black dressing gown. With her hair still wet, she sat on the stool with her knees pulled up into her chest. They had spent the night together and were now talking like friend. To Ben it was starting to look and feel like she was his girlfriend. Amy was also aware of the boyfriend girlfriend vibe and was holding her coffee cup to her lips like a barrier to hide her bashfulness. This sexy guy with the killer body sitting on the stool next to her was making her feel like a giggly teen. He was watching her intently, with the look of a man who was completely under her spell.

"I feel kinda vulnerable chained up like this," Ben smiled.

Amy hugged her legs tighter and smiled back, but didn't reply as Ben continued to talk.

"Are you going to leave me like this? When can I see you again? Will you unlock me next time? When can I make love to you? You are such an amazing woman."

Amy was struggling to manage her emotions. "Stay," was all she replied as she walked back to the bedroom.

When Amy returned, she was once again wearing her red dress, her hair was up in a rough pony tail and she wore sunglasses to hide her lack of makeup.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening," she smiled for behind her shades, "in return, I'm not going to lock you back inside the chastity belt."

"You've still got me locked up in this thing," Ben replied, pulling at the tiny locked Prince Albert cage.

Amy couldn't quite suppress a smile and so instead ordered Ben to kneel, which he could only just manage while chained to the bench. She then stepped forward and wrapped her dress over his head.

"Any parting words to your mistress before I leave?" she breathed.

Within seconds Ben's lips were inside her. Fuck this was just too good. Even after she'd orgasmed yet again, Ben's lips waited like a faithful dog gently pressed up against her panties. She pulled up a stool and perched on the edge as Ben continued to wait inside her dress. She pulled out her phone and played with it for another ten minutes and still Ben's lips remained pushed up against her crotch, waiting for her next instruction.

"Good boy," Amy smiled, "I'll call you."

Amy stood up and stepped over his head. With his big brown eyes looking up at her, she pulled the padlock keys from where they were pinned inside her left bra and placed them down on the table before leaving the apartment. Ben was still in a dream world filled with her warm scent. It seemed inevitable that this relationship was moving into something more personal and intimate and it was only a matter of time before she was more than just his keyholder. But right then he was still her prisoner with no possible way to get his cock out from under her lock and key and that was still an amazing place to be.

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