tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Kidnap of Sweet Sally

The Kidnap of Sweet Sally


~ This is all just a fantasy of mine that I sometimes have while I masturbate, I am usually the submissive female (Sally) but, sometimes I imagine I am the dominant controlling Peter! ~

(A pure Fantasy)

Chapter 1 - The Kidnap of Sweet Sally

The room was dark, not a sound could be heard.

She sat on her legs, her feet bare, shaking still, tears running down her face.

Her hair felt matted and tangled in the tight blind fold that bound her eyes. She had lost all sense of time. Was it night time, was it day time?

She didn't even know how long she had been here. She tried to remember how it had happened. Her mind was a blur, but she had been walking alone on her way home from the shop, happy after having had a great day at work. She carried a fresh loaf of bread in her hands. She remembers now how good the freshly baked bread smelt.

She then remembered hearing a car stop and two men asking her for directions. It had startled her and made her think hard, because she knew where that street was, but she just couldn't recall which way to explain it to these guys who were lost.

Fieldcross Lane, Fieldcross Lane - why the hell could she now recall the road name that they were looking for?

Why had no one come to her help?

Why did no body hear her screams?

What would her flat mates be thinking, when she didn't return home?

What had happened to that fresh loaf of bread?

Where were her lovely red shoes? She remembered how she had saved up for months to be able to buy her first pair of Jimmy Choo's. She had walked past the shoe shop daily, just to ensure they were still for sale! Then when she had saved enough and did buy them, she felt a million dollars.

But, her older sister was not happy and thought the red shoes made her look slutty and cheap. She was so hurt by these remarks.

She remembered how they had argued and argued and it wasn't until her sister's boyfriend had got involved and said

"Let her be sweetheart, she is just finding her own style. I actually think they look really nice!"

Her mouth was so dry, her throat sore, her head throbbed and pounded, she longed for a glass of cold water and her stomach rumbled from hunger. She traced her tongue over her teeth, but it didn't help.

She remembered looking down the street, thinking hard, trying to remember where Fieldcross Lane was, pointing and saying

"I think if you go next right then carry on until you reach the park; I think it is one of the roads off...."

But before she realised what was happening or she could finish her sentence, the guy had literally grabbed her tightly around her waist and had pulled her into the car. His hands must have been around her mouth.

He was firmly saying

"Be quiet, or you will be hurt!"

No sooner had he grabbed her, she was on his lap in the car, over him and the other guy had a grip on her. He forced her arms back and held them behind her back.

The first guy had got out and was in the back of the car, they pushed and pulled her roughly until she was lay across the back seat with her head pressed down into his lap.

She remembered how hard it was to breathe let alone speak or ask what was going on! She had never before felt so afraid! She remembered a strange smell. She felt as if she was having a bad dream.

They were both laughing, they smelt of beer. She was so afraid, she literally wet herself.

She felt the hot stream soaking through her panties and soaking her skirt.

She was crying but she couldn't remember how she had got in to this room that she now found herself in.

She knew it was a room, she felt carpet underneath her legs and she had some cushions around her that she had felt against her face.

But when she had crawled around so helplessly on her knees, still with her hands tied around her back, trying to find a way out, she had bumped her head on something hard and couldn't feel how she could escape, so she crawled back to the cushions.

She must have been asleep; still no sound could be heard. She called out

"Help me, help me!" over and over again. Her tears had dried up and no sound came from her as she tried to continue shouting.

She suddenly realised she was only wearing her top clothes; she wriggled her bottom - No panties! No skirt! Her mind was a rush of thoughts, Oh god, what have they done? Had they touched her down there? Had they done untold things to her?

She tried not to think of her lack of clothing, so her family and friends flashed through her mind, she really felt that she was going to die here, all alone and afraid!

Then she heard voices, voices getting closer. She heard footsteps, not one person, maybe two or three.

She literally froze to the spot as she listened. Was this it, was this to be her end. Then a key was turning in a lock.

A creak of some hinges and a squeaky door was opening!

A hand was on her head "Wake up miss, come on wake up!"

"She's ok, look she's moving."

The other voice said "Ah that's good."

Another deeper voice said

"My god I cannot believe that you actually did it."

Someone was pulling up some panties over her legs and then a skirt - she felt like a rag doll being dressed, so helpless. They were straightening her clothes as they pulled her to her feet.

Water was pressed against her mouth; she gulped and gulped barely stopping. Drinking the refreshing cold water.

"How thirsty you are?" One voice asked with a laugh.

"She is very pretty; look at her soft slender legs, her lovely long blonde hair, her nice rounded body, and perfect, well done men!"

They both replied together

"Thank you boss."

"Do we get a touch and a play with her now?"

"Shhhhh don't frighten her and be patient my friends, we have a lot to do before any playing!"

She felt him press something warm against her mouth "Bite it sweetheart, it's a cheese toasty!"

She ate it fast and this seemed to please him because he laughed.

As she continued to eat the warm cheese toasty, he stroked her hair while watching her take big bites and swallowing.

"There you are nice and clean now, all fed and watered."

She felt him pick her up and place her on his lap. He nuzzled his nose into her hair, her neck, breathing her in!

"Its ok sweetheart, we are going to look after you and you will just have so much fun with us, I promise."

His hand was on her bare leg, his hand felt big and strong; he rubbed it back and forth up and down her leg as he continued to smell her.

"Oh, you smell so good, so womanly!" "What's your name?"

She didn't utter a word and after about ten times of him asking, his hand was tugging her hair hard - yanking an answer out of her.

"What is your name; tell me if you don't want to get hurt!"

She realised he would hurt her more so she whispered


"Sally, you belong to me now and you have to be good, very good and obedient for me, if you are not good you might get hurt - do you understand?"

"Yes" she nervously stuttered.

"Pass me that sleeping bag Bob."

He told Sally that he couldn't take the blind fold off or untie her hands just yet, but maybe one day if she behaves - he will.

He then started to hug her tightly on his lap and hummed a tune that she didn't recognise.

When she woke she was inside the sleeping bag and all alone again. How strange she thought.

She thought about what he had said to her, she knew that she had to obey him.

She listened but again she couldn't hear a single sound, she drifted back off to sleep.

Peter was delighted that his boys had got him this fine young woman. He took Bob and Graham to the pub and bought them pint after pint. They had earlier all signed an agreement that Peter had drawn up. Sally will belong to Peter, no one will ever discuss Sally with anyone else or outside of the friendship circle. Sally would be fed, watered, washed and have clean clothes daily and Sally would always be well looked after until Peter decided that the time was right for them to play with her properly. Peter would provide any resources and Peter would look after his boys and provide for them as they had done such a good job. They all signed to say that they understood and agreed.

The men all lived in a three story house that Peter had paid for and they worked as builders for a company called Peter's Buddy Builder's that Peter had set up.

Peter paid all of the bills, he bought the beer and the food with Bob and Graham sharing the cooking, washing and keeping the house clean and tidy.

The men had been best friends since they were school boys. When one by one they left home and started working - it never felt complete or right for them.

Eventually they all moved in together and Peter set up the company and all was working well, but none of the men could ever form a long and lasting relationship with a woman.

Probably because they were so close, so similar and they all felt a bond towards the other.

One day they decided that they needed just one woman between them. A woman they could all have as a kind of pet, a play thing, and a pleasure toy!

One woman who they could all share and a woman who would be totally submissive and subservient to them all.

Over the years, Peter being the provider and the more dominant male had made the guys believe that the only way to achieve this was to actually kidnap a young female that they could then nurture, prepare and coach to be the perfect woman that they all wanted and needed.

Sally was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, Bob and Graham had been drinking after a hard morning at work and they had chatted about the kidnap and how the desire was getting stronger and stronger.

The guys decided that it would be the right time and a perfect birthday present for Peter, if only they could find a fine specimen of female form.

They drove around looking for several days before spotting Sally, a pretty thing wearing the most amazing red shoes.

They had watched her walk in to the shop and they quickly hatched a plan.

The road was quiet as most people were indoors watching the big England football match.

The timing was perfect, the plan worked and Sally was easy prey and even fell for their questioning.

If she had ignored them - she would have got away. They had already decided that if she didn't answer them and if she ran off - they would let her go and continue searching for another.

They didn't want to hurt her but they also had to be forceful and strong with her. They even felt bad that she had wet herself in fear!

But, Peter seemed to like that fear touch when they told him what they had done.

Bob and Graham had even prepared a room ready for her in the basement of the house. It had been their dream for so long. They even got her into the basement while she slept, after they had knocked her out just briefly with a sedative that Graham had held and forced her to breath in as she lay across his lap. They secured her in the basement then went to give Peter their news.

But Peter was up to his ears in work and phone calls. So the guys had to be patient and eventually after several hours they distracted Peter by putting her shiny red shoes on top of his desk.

"What the fuck!" Peter growled

Bob said "Do you like them Peter?"

Peter scratched his head and was gob smacked as to why the guys had dropped these red shoes on to his desk.

Graham said "She was wearing them, Peter!"

Peter confused asked

"Who was?"

"The young lady we have got you for your birthday present!" Bob calmly announced

"We grabbed her, Peter! We have actually done it; she's in the fucking basement!"

"Oh my god" was all that Peter could actually say.

"Peter, before we show her to you, we need to take her water to drink, some food and her clean clothes, the poor little miss peed herself in fear as we grabbed her, Bob's washed and dried her clothes, but my she is so lovely Peter!"

Peter said

"I can't fucking wait, guys I'll come with you and I'll have my present now thank you!"

Peter licked his lips and questioned "she wet herself?"

The guys nodded to Peter, Peter smiled and said

"Hmmm she sounds perfect and if she was so scared, she will learn fast!"

The guys collected all the things that they needed and made their way down to the basement to their prize, Peter's birthday present!

Peter's heart was racing; this would be the best birthday present ever.

He was 35 years old and yet he felt like a small boy waiting to open his Christmas presents.

Bob and Graham were both feeling very pleased with themselves.

As soon as Peter saw her he thought that she was in fact perfect, ideal and ready to be trained and taught.

She was fragile, so delicate and so afraid. The guys were elated.

Bob got a stiff throbbing erection just putting her clean panties and skirt back on her.

Graham had taken them off her, while she slept and he had secretly peeped at her soft light brown pubic hair that covered her beautiful mound.

The men knew the pleasures that she held down there in between her legs. The men all knew that good things come to those that wait!

And when she had allowed Peter to feed her the water and she greedily drank from his hand and ate as he guided her - the men knew she was the one!

Sally woke up in the dark, bursting for the toilet, how the hell was she going to relieve herself, blindfolded and with her arms tied?

She walked on her knees across the floor then stood up and used her feet to feel around.

It felt hopeless then she felt what appeared to be a bucket. But how could she take her panties down. She didn't care now, the searing pain from wanting to urinate became so bad that she squatted on top of the bucket and just let go.

Sally still felt that her life was in danger and that she would be killed.

She thought they obviously didn't want to rape me - as they washed my clothes and dressed me!

She managed to scamper back to the sleeping bag and curl up, although her wet panties felt most uncomfortable! She said her prayers and prayed that someone would find her and not only help her but save her from this hell.

Peter woke early the next morning, he could smell breakfast cooking. Bob already had the sausages under the grill.

Graham was shaving in the bathroom when he came rushing out, shouting out to his two best friends -

"How the hell will the poor little miss be able to pee, with her hands tied and wearing those clean panties?"

Peter gasped an intake of air -

"Oh fucking hell - hurry up Bob, we'll take her some breakfast and see what kind of a mess she is in!"

Bob had cut two thick slices of bread from the loaf that Sally had bought the morning just before they had kidnapped her. He slapped on three sausages and smeared the bread in Heinz tomato sauce and Graham carried a mug of sweet coffee.

Peter unlocked all of the doors that led to the basement room.

She was sat up in the corner of the room. She was listening and shaking as she wondered if this was her day to die. She was crying and she felt so vulnerable, her mind was totally confused and she thought is it day light, but the blindfold stopped any light reaching her. All she could do was cry in fear as she heard the footsteps getting closer and closer!

Peter said "Breakfast time sweetheart" and proceeded to feed her the sausage sandwich.

Graham gave her in between sips of coffee and Bob empted the bucket and washed it.

Bob said "she needs a good wash and clean clothes!"

Peter replied "Yes, ok once she has had her breakfast."

The men all wondered how they would be able to control the desire to touch her, to play with her if they undressed her and saw her naked body. They all thought about it but no one spoke to the others about it.

After she had eaten and drank the coffee. Peter lifted her up and carried her. The men headed for their bathroom with Sally their new little pet.

Bob started to slowly undress her; she was shaking with fear and pleaded with them

"Please please don't hurt me!"

Bob stared at her naked pert rounded breasts with the delicious dark pink very large nipple on top. He licked his lips at how much her nipples stuck out.

Graham looked at Bob and winked, as he grabbed his hard cock through his trousers. Peter smiled as he took in her sensual innocent beauty. The three men all had raging hard ons!

Sally knew she would not help herself if she struggled and fought them undressing her so she just allowed them to take her clothes off. As her skirt fell to the floor her panties gripped her mound and the men all looked at what was a beautiful camel toe inside her panties.

Her panties were stained yellow where she had wet through them and she smelt of wee and sweat and of WOMAN!

Peter just looked at both Bob and Graham and shook his head at them and they understood straight away, they have all just got to wait.

But as Peter slipped her panties off her, he had a sniff and offered then to the other two to smell.

They smelt the heady aroma and all had to push on their cocks, to try to stop the throbbing, but of course Sally never knew this because she was totally blind folded.

Peter lifted her gently up and into the shower, the warm water felt heavenly as it ran down her soft light skin. Peter soaped her up all over and washed her lovingly and tenderly, then let the warm water wash the soap away.

Bob could stand it no longer and he unzipped himself, took out his throbbing erect cock.

It had been so long since he'd last emptied his spunk. The guys didn't mind because Bob was being very quiet and they knew and felt his need.

Bob jerked his cock off in his fist as he watched the water running down her breasts, he watched the stream of water run down her pubic hair, it was all too much for Bob and he started to come, silently spurting his thick white spunk all over her legs.

Peter rubbed his spunk into her legs and washed it off as Bob put himself away.

Graham had watched Bob and knew he also couldn't control himself so as Peter turned Sally around and rubbed her bottom, Graham released his manhood and using just his right finger and thumb to push his foreskin over his bulbous purple swollen knob, he wanked his cock back and forth that was gushing long strings of dripping pre come.

Peter knew his friend was soon going to explode. Peter parted her bottom cheeks just in time for Graham's spunk to fly and land jet after jet in the crack of her pretty little arse! Graham smiled and shoved his cock which was still hard back into his trousers.

Peter lifted her out and wrapped her in a towel; he rubbed her dry all over.

Then Peter told her to lie on the towel on the floor, while he fetched her something to wear.

Sally felt refreshed and clean and was gone past caring that these three men had got her naked and showered her.

Sally thought they would rape her, but they hadn't! Sally was pleased they had allowed her to stay under the shower for so long. Sally obeyed Peter and lay uncomfortably on the towel on the floor, with her hands still tied behind her back and the tight blind fold still firmly around her head, covering her eyes completely.

What Sally didn't know was that Peter had fetched her his t-shirt.

Then he had quickly got himself naked from the waist down.

He took out his hard thicker longer cock and wanked it off into a tissue while looking at her.

Peter had to bite his lip as he started to pump his jism. All three men were very pleased and slightly relieved to have been able to jerk off without her knowing!

Peter cleaned up and pulled his jeans back on.

After they had dried her hair, brushed her teeth and sat her on the toilet.

Graham collected her clothes and the towels up for washing and Bob waited for her to empty her bowels, to wipe her bottom for her.

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