tagIllustratedThe Knight of Arcalund Book 06

The Knight of Arcalund Book 06


A SINCERE APOLOGY: Dearest Reader, before I can continue reciting the epic and naughty adventures, quests, misadventures, mis-quests and mis-epic misadventure-quests of our dashing young Knight of Arcalund, I must issue a heartfelt and sincere apology. In my fervor to set these heroic exploits to text before my lazy memory chooses to forget them altogether, I made a drastic error in the tales printing. On a few occasions, I called the dreaded Orb of Ogrov the "Orb of Ogvan" (For those of you who wish to check, it is in Book 4 during the conversation between Sir Carnos and Hazmon the Archmage). Rest assured that this terrible relic is called THE ORB OF ORGOV, not the Orb of Ogvan, Oggleton, Oliver, or WWE Superstar Randy Orton.

My mistake, as absent-minded as it was, stems from the dreaded Ogre Orgov's younger and far less malicious brother Ogvan, who also has a similar orb, but its powers are far less wretched than that of his older and more potent brother. The Orb of Ogvan simply makes all within a mile radius of the orb speak in a thick Irish accent-hardly as powerful as draining all the arcane magic in the world, undoubtedly. I make this bold clarification because I am truly daft, and will most likely call the ORB OF ORGOV a thousand different things by the time my little story here is concluded.

While I am at it, I should also apologize for the blaring grammatical and spelling errors that litter my writings. I am truly stupid, and can only hope that you won't let my ridiculously low intelligence hamper your view on our hero and his bold and courageous, breast-filled exploits.

Now that we have concluded apologies, I gladly welcome you to the 6th installment of our tale.



Just the word alone makes you get that feeling like something icky is crawling quickly up your spine. This hellish place was but a faded mirror of its master. The harsh and blasting dry heat of the barren land was a mere sample of the intense evil that the Warlock Gomezzer harbored in his absent soul. The craggy, cracked and warped canyons were devoid of wildlife, save for scraggly, hungry looking vultures who sharply kept watch for their next potential meal. Their beaks curved and wicked like a hollowed meat hook, set to salivation at the sight of the slowly moving caravan just a stone's throw away and approaching. The vultures followed the elegantly carved line of decorated wagons as they slowly traversed the flat lands of Gomizon.

"Gypsies!" Smokesnort exclaimed, angrily flapping his wings beside a galloping Savolt, who was mounted, as always, by Sir Carnos Goldmorrow. "How much did you give them? How much!?"

"You're overreacting as usual. Everyone knows that to assault a Gypsy caravan brings terrible luck. No one would dare harm us while we were traveling with them. Gomizon is a dangerous place, and there's no better company than Gypsies." Sir Carnos Goldmorrow was beyond confident in his logic.

"We can't trust these people, you idiot!" Smokesnort spat, some threatening black smoke spurting from his flared nostrils.

"I agree with your scaly friend." Jagza the Ogre Scout babe said, breaking her usual stoic silence. "I was sent to take you through this land by my Chieftain Nagvar, and now you pay others to guide you. This is a waste of time and money, Sir Carnos. The caravan is slow and large. We may not be in time to stop the plans of this warlock Gomezzer."

Sir Carnos sighed and turned to Lindi the Wizardess, who was, as normal, moping on back of her sad looking pony. "What do you think, Lindi?"

The Wizardess couldn't believe her ears. This was the first time she could recall being addressed by the Knight of Arcalund. She smiled, displaying her newest improvement on herself-a set of supple, full, pouty glossy pink lips. She had spent much time researching a potion to give her that fuckable type of mouth that Sir Carnos enjoyed so very much, and her hard work had finally paid off. From the neck up she was now rather fetching, her hair sheered strictly at chin angle, bobbed in the back, following the sharp angle of her jaw, and now her lips were beyond bangable. She had earned his attention so far, and once she had enough magical power to enlarge her boyishly small chest, she had little doubt that her dream of being used by Sir Carnos would be glorious, sweaty reality. Her pussy quivered at his acknowledgment of her presence. She cleared her throat and sat up straight in her saddle. "Well, I see merit for both arguments. Even with Jagza as our guide, this is still a very dangerous place, and I would not wish to take any unnecessary risks..." She looked around at the silent, dusky skinned gypsies around them. "But then again, I have heard many a grim tale about these people."

Sir Carnos was outnumbered, but held his ground. "Well, I'm the hero here, and I say we stay with the caravan. Besides, it's almost time for my reading."

Smokesnort rolled his eyes and flew to the other side of the caravan rather than listen to more of the Human Knight's superstitious talk.

Lindi quirked an eyebrow. "Your reading?"

Sir Carnos nodded. "Yup! Included in our escort to Gomezzer's tower is a free fortune reading from the Caravan's seer, Neshay. Doesn't hurt to know your future, now does it?" He tapped the side of his head with a finger. "See? I'm always thinking ahead!"

Jagza shook her head and sighed, and Lindi folded her arms. "I assume Neshay is the short, busty one wearing next to nothing with the bobbed black hair?"

"Lucky guess, how'd you know?"

It was Lindi's turn to sigh and ride off, leaving the young Knight to his reading. He shrugged and dismounted his mighty steed Savolt and made his way into Neshay's colorfully decorated wagon, stepping through the string bead doorway and taking a seat on some comfortable pillows, relishing the scent of sweet, disarming perfume that lingered around them. It wasn't long before Neshay the Seer entered the wagon, dressed in baggy, sheer pants that ended in tight ankle cuffs and a see through scarf wrapped round her intensely large breasts. Her olive skin was exotic and alluring, and thrice as much was the scent it exuded. Her eyes were lined in coal black, shaped like almonds but a deep and soulful green. Her hair was like silk, combed over one side of her face, cut at the strict length that the young Knight was so fond of. The lower half of her face was covered in a silken pink veil that matched the rest of her outfit flawlessly.

She was curvy and radiant, a mysterious and dark angel. Neshay had in one dainty hand a deck of large cards. She bowed gracefully and sat on the other end of the young Knight. Her voice was like music, carrying with it the thick accent of her people. "Sir Carnos, The Knight of Arcalund, I part the mist for you and show you what lies in wait. Are you prepared to hear knowledge that no man was meant to know-that of things to be?"

He nodded and lounged back in his nesting of pillows.

Deftly she arranged the cards before him in a pattern, her eyes wide as she read the meaning of the pattern. She was quite for some time, carefully going over each possible meaning, communing with the fates to bring their knowledge to her.

"Well?" Sir Carnos was anxious to hear his glorious fortune. "What do the cards say?"

"I see Death, Knight. I see it as clear as I see you."

Sir Carnos swallowed hard and then summoned forth a brave face. "Death? You must mean wealth, right? I'm going to be a noble. I'm going to live a good life and not die adventuring like my father!" He pleaded as if his argument would somehow sway her vision.

Neshay was silent, sitting quietly as he pleaded. After his outburst, her words were solemn. "The fates have spoken, Sir Carnos. Death will find you sooner than you believe."

He stood, angry now. "You don't understand, I'm not going to die any time soon."

"You have asked to see what the fates see, and you have been told."

He laughed aloud and tilted his head, looking over the fine young Gypsy. "Tell me then, Gypsy, what would happen if I reached over and yanked that veil off your face and put my dick in your mouth?"

Her eyes widened at the brazenness of his words. "I would scream and alert my brothers and they would surely kill you."

"Oh, is that so?" He smiled. "In that case, it's a good thing I'm already dead." He quickly snatched her veil away from her face, revealing a pert, slim nose and the most unbelievable lips he could imagine, glossy and dark brown, so wet looking. Neshay gasped and tried to flee from the caravan, but a gauntlet clutched her thick black hair and made her eyes water in pain. He held her down in a sitting position and with his free hand fished out his awe inspiring cock. His mammoth erection alerted the Gypsy, who flailed in his grip, her chest heaving in panic as her cards went flying through the air.

Her gorgeous green eyes stared in awe at his member right before he dunked it into her mouth, the Knight letting out a loud groan of relief as her sloppy, sopping wet mouth accepted him. One hand reached down to grip her throat, choking her strongly, forcing her throat to open. His right hand refused to release her hair, and he began to pummel her throat, face fucking the busty gypsy like a wild animal, panting and grunting as his strong hips delivered shocking blows to her dusky face.

Neshay beat against his plate covered legs futilely as she was orally raped, her mouth releasing a thick, bubbly bit of froth as she was taken so brutally. Resigning to her fate, knowing there was no way out of this, and to inspire his wrath by biting down would only infuriate the Knight further. Neshay's body was conquered and she ceased to resist.

There was something more than that, however. Once the taste of his massive cock registered to her, the Gypsy was helpless to resist this. Like some drug that bent her to his will, the taste of his cock dulled her resistance and fueled her own womanhood. The young Gypsy girl began to enthusiastically bob her head on his cock, soaking his lap in her fluids. She looked up at him, smiling at the young Knight as he pummeled her mouth, moaning, her eyes glossed over in pure, unfiltered passion. She moaned between chokes and gags, pleasing him with the thickest lips he'd ever had. He pulled away from her mouth and she let out a squishy type of belch at the sudden freedom of breath she had. On all fours like a dog, Neshay slobbered and drooled, spitting out phlegm onto the ground that nearly choked her, being rammed down her windpipe by the aggressive young Knight.

Sir Carnos sat back down in his nest of pillows. "Go call the fucking alarm, you Gypsy whore, and watch me kill your brothers, or come over here and sit on my fucking prick."

She nodded obediently, a thick cable of phlegmy spit linking her lips to the floor. She pursed her lips and slurped up the slobber, seductively crawling towards him. Sir Carnos ravaged her as she drew near, tearing her silks from her body till she was nude. Spinning her back to face him, he lowered her young slit onto his massive pole. Neshay yelped out as he impaled her on his cock, angrily thrusting her down as his hips, like some pumping machine, slammed upwards, digging so deep into her pussy. She screamed in pure bliss, resting her hands on her own knees, bouncing on his throbbing cock, her tight brown pussy clenched round his veiny staff.

Sir Carnos could see her from across the room in a full size mirror in the corner of the room. He stared at her bouncing brown titties, two double D's slapping against each other, the stuffy heat of Gomezzon making her skin break out in beads of delicious tasting sweat. Her ass slapped against his body, her full rump jiggling each time he drilled into her pussy. Neshay was a rather loud fuck, and exuberantly wept as Sir Carnos came inside her tight cunt, spewing his load deep inside her, a shockwave of pleasure unraveling in the young Gypsy. She shivered and shook as she felt an explosion go off inside her, Sir Carnos's load filling her up and leaking back down his massive shaft, coating his balls in silky seed.

Pushing her off of him, Sir Carnos stood and smoothed his golden blond hair, looking down at the shivering, spent Gypsy, bathed in sweat. "Heroes don't die, Gypsy." He said with a mocking smile, exiting the Caravan.

Mounting Savolt, Sir Carnos rallied his allies with a thunderous cry. "Smokesnort, Jagza, Lindi! Come on, we're heading to Gomezzer's tower and we're going to finish this."

Smokesnort flew forth and inquired. "Huh? What about the Gypsies? How'd your reading go? Carnos?"

The Knight didn't answer, kicking his stallion into a mad charge towards a looming, ominous black monolith in the distance.


"I feel you near, Sir Carnos." Gomezzer smiled, deep in reverie, staring out the window of his massive tower. "You've come for my Orb-you've come for my power." Reaching his spindly arms out of the window and towards the forsaken sky, he smiled toothily and began to chant a dark spell. "Let's nibble on brains and sip goblets of fear, Lord of all Vultures, Bleakbeak, come here!"

A sickly caw could be heard in the distance, and soon a massive red feathered vulture was making its way towards Gomezzer's balcony. The beast had clumps of blood red feathers missing, It looked ancient and slow, but its beak was curved and gnarled. Eyes were vivid and evil yellow, dull and lifeless. The legendary lord of all Vultures was a frightening sight to say the very least, and its crooked, wrinkled neck lowered in obedience to Gomezzer, the Lord of Gomizon.

"Bleakbeak, starved for so long. I have, waiting for you, a meal you will soon not forget." The Warlock's smile soon morphed to a vile grin, then a ravenous cackle that echoed throughout his dark chamber, both maniacal creatures glowing in the light of the pulsating Orb of Orgov.


A shriek cut the still air around the party as they galloped towards Gomezzer's tower. Jagza halted her steed and signaled for the others to do likewise. "Halt! I hear the cry of the Lord of all Vultures."

"Wha?" Sir Carnos almost laughed at the title. "Sounded like a half beaten turkey screaming."

Jagza stared daggers at the arrogant Knight. "Jest while able, Knight of Arcalund. Bleakbeak is death given wings."

The statement made Sir Carnos shiver. He wet his lips and blinked a few times. Death given wings...


The still Gomizon air broke into a rapid, swirling wind as a large figure grew visible in the distance. The hulking bird was enormous, slowly wafting towards them on engulfing, expansive wings that seemed to blot out whatever sun might be seen in Gomizon. Once in view, the full horror of Bleakbeak took hold in the hearts of Sir Carnos and his allies. Lindi let out a terrified shriek and even Smokesnort, for the first time, was at a loss for words. Savolt kicked and snorted at the sight, knowing that a battle was in the midst.

Raising his sword, putting aside thoughts of Fates and Seers, Sir Carnos Goldmorrow raised his sword and let out a deep, bold battlecry, spurring his trusty steed forth, Savolt's thundering hooves kicking up great dry chunks of blasted earth as the Knight rode towards the nightmare beast called Bleakbeak.

The Lord of all Vultures swooped down with its scrawny, bent neck, trying to snatch the Knight up in its massive jaws. Savolt deftly dodged the attack, leaving the Vulture to scoop up a great chunk of earth.

With startling speed, Jagza sent a volley of stone arrows at the creature, many of them finding a home in his sagging flesh. Bleakbeak staggered in the air for a moment, then reached down with his jagged beak and plucked out the arrows in a fit of agitated anger. The beast reared it's neck back and whipped forth with frightening velocity, its beak snapping at Jagza's horse, cleaving the thing into two bloody halves and sending the busty Ogre to the barren ground. Quickly rolling back and taking aim with another arrow, Jagza stuck the beast twice more before it let out a sonic screech that stunned the Ogre, forcing her to drop her weapon. Bleakbeak focused in on her, lurching forth and opening its jaws, revealing a sickly grey spotted tongue.

A second from disaster, the thundering of hooves shook the ground and in came Sir Carnos and Savolt charging at the beast, a slash of his mighty longsword making another bald patch in the Vulture's mottled coat, finding its home in the flesh of the creature and leaving a great bloody gash that made the Vulture caw in fury, lashing its wings out and bucking the young Knight from Savolt's saddle.

With lightning quickness, Bleakbeak snatched the young Knight in its claws and ascended heavenward, swooping his mighty wings, gripping the armored morsel tightly. His breath snatched from him, Sir Carnos struggled to keep grip on his weapon. The Vulture increased its grip on him, his body growing numb as the blood was squeezed to a screeching halt within him.

Sir Carnos gasped and kept his deep blue eyes on his sword hand, willing it to not relinquish his only manner of defense. His air was thinning as the bird rose through the sky, trying to starve its prey of air before consuming it. Sir Carnos watched in terror as his own hand betrayed him and released his sword, the feeling now completely gone. The shimmering longsword tumbled as if in slow motion from the young Knight's grip, spiraling towards the ground and soon vanishing from view.

Sir Carnos, bleary eyed and clinging to consciousness, stared up at the Vulture, who looked down and saw its meal now defenseless and near death. His beak creased in a sick mockery of a grin, and the Vulture loosened up its grip and lowered in altitude. Sir Carnos' world became clear as air filled his lungs, and he could see in the beast's eyes that Bleakbeak had already thought himself victorious. The Knight didn't tip his hand, regaining the feeling in his hands and feet, then slowly throughout his body. His strength returned, but he kept his expression blank and spent. Bleakbeak loosened his grip even further, and the Knight of Arcalund struck, lunging free from his taloned grip and gripping one of the bird's massive feathers in both hands. Summoning all his strength, Sir Carnos yanked the feather free, throwing it like a javelin, quill first at Bleakbeak's face, scoring a dead on shot to the beasts bloodshot yellow eye.

Immediately the Vulture flailed in the air high above Gomizon, screeching and trying to pluck the feather from its eye. Sir Carnos clutched onto more patches of feathers and climbed slowly up the beast's body, Clutching the end of the feather in both hands and marching the feather turned lance forth, using all his weight and power to drive the feather spike into the beast's brain. The sky rained blood and gore as Bleakbeak frantically bucked and dove, fighting the Knight and his bristled lance till it let out a choked, gurgled plea and then capsized in the air, barreling towards the ground.


Below, the amazed group tried to make out the struggle in the heavens, seeing the Vulture Bleakbeak struggle and then suddenly dive down towards them.

"He's coming back towards us! He's eaten Sir Carnos and is coming back to finish the job!" Lindi screamed, pointing towards the sky in terror.

"Silence, girl." Jagza spat, squinting her eyes towards the heap of feathers rapidly falling from the sky. "That is not the figure of a diving bird, for I have seen many."

Smokesnort peered upwards, squinting his large bronze eyes, seeing something glint on the mangled, plummeting carcass of Bleakbeak. He pointed with a curved talon. "I see him!" In an instant, the Dragon pushed off into the sky, rapidly sailing towards the oncoming corpse.

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