The Lab


Ms. Hawthorne looked over her thick glasses. Her stern gaze was fixed on Aaron, a young chemistry major, fidgeting nervously, opposite her desk.

"I hope you know why I called you in here today," she said sharply. She paused for a minute waiting for a reply, but received none.

"You're grades are slipping, young man," Ms. Hawthorne said as she opened a manila folder on her desk. The folder contained all of Aaron's Inorganic Chemistry papers. She flipped through them reading the scores aloud.

"95, minus 20 for being late," she turned to another one.

"90, minus 30 for being late," and then another.

"98, minus 50 for being a month late!" she exclaimed.

Mrs. Hawthorne took a deep breath and closed the folder.

"I don't understand it. All your papers have been excellent but you risk getting a D or even failing this course because you can't do your work on time."

She looked at Aaron, waiting for an excuse, but he had none to give. The course material came easily but it was the college life that was hurting him. He spent most of his time chasing girls and drinking beer. He was lucky if he got his chemistry papers in at all.

Ms. Hawthorne studied him for a minute, thinking. She remembered her days as an undergraduate. The drinking, the parties, the sex: especially the sex. Aaron was a very attractive kid and if she was twenty years younger, they may be having a totally different type of meeting. She crossed her legs at the thought enjoying the feeling of her thighs sliding together under her tee length skirt. She could understand how it may be hard for him to stay on task.

"I have a proposition for you Aaron," Ms. Hawthorne broke the silence. "I'm willing to offer you some extra credit work in my research lab."

"Really?" Aaron's eyes brightened and he finally made eye contact with his professor.

"Yes, and I think with your interests, you will do well," Ms. Hawthorne hesitated, unsure how to bring up the next subject.

"However, I will have to see if you have the correct, let's say, talents to do the job."

"You said yourself all my chem papers are good," Aaron was now in interview mode, talking quickly and excited at the prospect of getting an easy way out of this mess. His parents knew he was in trouble with his GPA and news of another failing class may be enough for them to pull his meal ticket.

"Oh I have no doubt that you are intellectually capable," Ms. Hawthorne interrupted.

She leaned forward reaching for the intercom on her desk. As she did she noticed Aaron staring at her chest. Ms. Hawthorne knew she had a nice rack. It rivaled even the twenty something girls in her classes and she made it a point to show it off. She especially loved to show her cleavage during meetings with her young male students, like this one. The thought of their poor confused minds as she scolded and sexually teased them, at the same time, turned her on immensely.

She shifted her weight in her seat, causing her thighs to rub together again. She was glad she hadn't worn any panties for this meeting. So far, it was turning out just the way she'd hoped. She smiled to herself and moved her shoulder inward, cleavage to squeeze together just a little bit more.

"Yes Ms. Hawthorne," a fuzzy voice answered as Ms. Hawthorne pressed an intercom button.

"Susan, please come in here with the measuring tape, we have a new subject to evaluate."

Ms. Hawthorne leaned back in her chair, eyes fixed on Aaron. He had a puzzled look on his face.

"Susan, my assistant, is going to give you a physical evaluation," she explained, "so don't be alarmed but she is going to be very thorough. If you pass the examination, however, I believe I may overlook the lateness of your assignments. There is even a generous cash stipend included with the job."

At the sound of the word, cash, Aaron's eyes snapped back up to her face. Getting out of his scholastic trouble with some beer money in his pocket was worth a couple electroshocks as a test rat, if that's what she had in mind.

Someone knocked on the door of Ms. Hawthorne's windowless office.

"Come in Susan."

The door opened slightly and a young girl poked her head through the door.

"Are you all ready, Ms. Hawthorne?" Susan asked hesitantly.

Ms. Hawthorne motioned her in.

"Aaron, this is one of my assistants, Susan. You may get the chance to work with her in the future. For now she will be conducting your exam."

Aaron stood up and shook the young girl's hand. She looked very young and Aaron guessed she couldn't be more than nineteen. Her long, thin fingers gripped Aaron's hand with surprising strength for one being so petite. She smiled shyly at him, her long red curls spilling down, covering the sides of her face and landing lightly on her shoulders. She wore a pink polo shirt but none of the buttons were fastened. Aaron noticed she had trouble filling out the shirt but more than compensated for it by her mile long legs. They were smooth and perfect, covered only by a very short blue miniskirt. On her feet she wore low-top tennis shoes which left her ankles naked.

She took a seat next to Aaron and placed a roll of cloth measuring tape on Ms. Hawthorne's desk.

"Go ahead and begin Susan," Ms. Hawthorne instructed. She reached into her desk and pulled out a blood pressure aneroid and handed it to Susan.

"Can you please roll up your sleeve?" Susan asked Aaron in a sweet innocent voice. Aaron complied happily.

Susan strapped the Velcro device around Aaron's bicep. He was hoping she would notice the muscle definition he had worked so hard for in the gym. Normally he would give it a little flex for her, but he did not want to screw up the test. Hot girls he could get, passing this chemistry class, a one time opportunity.

Susan squeezed the ball with her French manicured fingers and watched the pressure needle rise and fall. Aaron could smell her sweet perfume as she moved closer to him. Then he felt something brush against the inside of his leg. He looked down and noticed a naked foot with red painted toenails gently rubbing up and down his calf. He also noticed that it wasn't coming from red headed bombshell next to him but from underneath the desk.

Aaron swallowed and looked up at Ms. Hawthorne, but she didn't acknowledge him. Instead she was watching Susan take his blood pressure. She continued to rub her foot against him working higher up his calf, now almost to the knee. Aaron was very confused but Ms. Hawthorne's warm, silky foot against his bare leg felt amazing. He was glad it was warmer out today and he decided to wear his loose fitting kaki shorts.

He, like the other guys in the class, had always ogled Ms. Hawthorne because of her breasts. She constantly wore blouses that accentuated her cleavage, making it difficult to follow her lectures as she strutted around in front of them. She wasn't fat, but she wasn't as rail thin as many of the co-eds on campus. She looked good for her age, but when compared to the twenty something's in the class's she taught, she was overlooked. Still Aaron enjoyed watching her move around the classroom in her high heels and tight tee length skirts. She always wore her hair up and he liked to imagine what it would look like down and draped across the low V neck shirts and sweaters she loved to wear.

"110 over 80," She said aloud and Ms. Hawthorne wrote it down on some paper in front of her. As she wrote she moved her foot up even higher. It had now found its way inside Aaron shorts and began massaging his inner thigh. Aaron could see Ms. Hawthorne's beautifully tanned ankles and calf muscle when he looked down, and was surprised he had never noticed what sexy legs she had before.

Susan, meanwhile, had taken off the aneroid and took his hand in her lap. She placed her fingers on the inside of his wrist and looked at her watch. She had to have noticed Ms. Hawthorne's ministrations but didn't show any surprise or acknowledgement and continued her evaluation as if nothing was going on. Ms. Hawthorne, now slumped a little lower in her chair to fully reach Aaron, studied the papers on her desk as if nothing was happening.

Aaron took a deep breath not sure what to do. He did not want to jeopardize this job opportunity. More importantly, he was enjoying it too much. He was afraid if he said something it might stop so he simply let the women continue.

"Pulse 60, Ms. Hawthorne."

"Good," Ms. Hawthorne replied as she pushed Aaron's shorts further up his leg with her foot. She was now getting dangerously close to his crotch and a small tent had already formed in Aaron's lap.

"Can you lift your arms please?" Susan asked as she began to unwind the measuring tape. Aaron looked up at her, still confused by why she didn't seem to notice Ms. Hawthorne's foot, but did as he was told. Susan leaned in close to him and placed one end of the tape on his chest and reached around his back to measure his trunk. As she did so they came almost cheek to cheek with each other.

At that same moment Ms. Hawthorne's foot made a final push up his thigh until her toes could brush against his genitals. Aaron instinctually shifted his position, to give her better access, and she immediately went to work massaging his balls through his boxers. Her toes curled around each testicle, gently rolling and sliding them along the soft sole of her foot. She then moved in even deeper, rubbing up and down the length of his shaft. He could feel her toes trying to grip his member as she moved. When she was close to the head of his cock, she would slide his sensitive tip between her toes and give it an extra squeeze. The added sensation made Aaron groan with delight.

The slow, steady movement of Ms. Hawthorne's foot against him and the proximity of the red headed vixen measuring his chest, made Aaron harder than he could ever remember. He looked over at Ms. Hawthorne again and noticed that she sat even lower in her chair. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. What Aaron could not see, under the desk, was her right hand had made its way under her skirt and between her legs. She was drawing soft circles on her clit with images of the member she was massaging in her head. It had been a long time since she had used her feet on a man like this, and never on one this large.

"58 inches," Susan spoke, interrupting both Aaron and Ms. Hawthorne from their respective trances.

Ms. Hawthorne stood back up in her chair retrieving her foot. It was very unprofessional of her to pleasure herself while evaluating a subject.

"Go ahead and continue Susan."

Susan backed away from Aaron, tape measure still in her hand.

"Can you remove your shorts and underwear please?"

Aaron looked at Ms. Hawthorne in disbelief.

"We have to get a quantitative measurement," She spoke coolly, "which is why I had to make sure you were at your peak length."

Aaron still didn't move. He couldn't understand what was going on, but he was very aroused. Never had he denied a beautiful girl when asked to take of his clothes, and he wasn't about to start now.

He stood up to undo his pants, but soon realized the full blown hard on he had from Ms. Hawthorne's teasing and hesitated.

"She's seen them before," Ms. Hawthorne encouraged him, "please continue."

Both women eyed the massive buldge in his pants like jackals ready pounce. Ms. Hawthorne could feel the heat rush to her crotch but she suppressed the feeling trying to remain in control. Aaron slowly undid his pants, still giving her worried glances. Then in one final push, he dropped his shorts and boxers to his ankles.

His cock sprang out like a spring and bobbed before the women's eyes. Aaron did not know exactly how well endowed he was, but was always told by his girlfriends it was large. Judging by Ms. Hawthorne and Susan's reactions though, he must have something going on.

Both women stared at it for a couple seconds before reacting. It curved upward slightly and was pointing directly at Ms. Hawthorne. She first noticed the large purple head and the glisten of a drop of pre-cum at the tip. She smiled to herself, pleased at her handiwork. It was obviously hurting him, and she could imagine how desperately he wanted to cum.

Susan, however, wasted no time in reaching out and grabbing his shaft firmly at the base. Aaron's pelvic muscle tightened at the touch of her soft, warm hands and he closed his eyes, hoping this would be the beginning of his release. Instead, she brought the measuring tape up to the base of his cock and stretched it, underneath, to his highly sensitive tip. As she held the tape against his head Aaron thought he would cum right there.

She studied the graduations on the tape and Aaron noticed she was only a couple inches away from him now. He could feel her hot breath blowing across his member. Aaron wanted to plead with her to get him off, to take him into her mouth. He wanted to feel engulfed by her warm tongue and fill her mouth with every inch. He wanted to grab her silky red locks and plunge her down onto him right then and there. Instead, he took a couple of deep breaths and remained in control.

Ms. Hawthorne loved seeing him like this. She watched him intently as he struggled under Susan's touch. Every time she touched his cock slightly he flinched and his cock got even harder and more discolored. Ms. Hawthorne could feel the heat of her sex building greater too. She felt the moistness against her thighs as her juices tried to escape her lower lips. She wanted to touch herself again, bring herself, and Aaron, to one blissful orgasm, but she knew better. This was her research and her job, and her own satisfaction came second.

"7 and 3/4," Susan spoke aloud as she withdrew the measuring tape, "you can sit back down."

Aaron gave Ms. Hawthorne a look as he took his seat, shorts still on the floor.

"Don't worry," Ms. Hawthorne assured him, "there is one final test and then we will be done here."

She reached into her desk and pulled out a small, glass graduated cylinder and handed it to Susan.

"Do the capacity test now," She instructed her.

Susan nodded and immediately leaned over into Aaron's lap and took him into her mouth. Pleasure exploded in Aaron's brain and he threw his head back with a groan. Susan was merciless. Her pink tongue expertly attacked every sensitive area of his overly swollen cock. With one hand she pumped his shaft viscously and with the other she firmly held his testicles.

In less than a minute Aaron could feel a climax building and his balls tighten. At that same moment Susan squeezed them and pulled them back downward. A small jolt of pain shot threw him, amongst the pleasure, and his climax faded. She did not let up her assault on his prick, however, and even increased her efforts.

Aaron's head spun. The intense pleasure was almost too much for him and within two minutes he could feel another orgasm building. Again, as his balls tightened and began to lift upward, Susan squeezed hard and pulled them back down. This time it didn't really hurt, but he didn't orgasm either. She was stopping him from cumming.

"Why?" Was all Aaron could get out between huffs, giving Ms. Hawthorne a sad and distressed look. He had never wanted to cum so much before in his life.

"We are simply trying to measure you maximum discharge," Ms. Hawthorne responded to him calmly, "only a few more times now."

A few more times turned closer to five. Whenever Aaron would get close, Susan would do her thing and the orgasm would recede. Sweat covered his forehead and he was gasping for breath. He did not realize, but he was now unconsciously thrusting up into Susan's mouth. With each thrust he could feel the top of her rough, hard palate rub against the top of his penis. When he would pull back he could fell her soft, red lips form a tight ring around the edge of his cock head, not letting him go. All the while, her tongue was probing every inch of him, finding every sensitive nerve ending and tormenting it relentlessly.

"Alright Susan, that should be good," Ms. Hawthorne said in a raspy tone.

Susan pulled her mouth off of Aaron and finally let go of his balls. While still stroking his cock vigorously, she grabbed the cylinder and held it ready in front of his dark purple cock head.

"Cum now Aaron," Ms. Hawthorne said almost ordering him to do so.

Aaron could feel the pleasure rising again from Susan's pumping. He grabbed the bottom of the chair to steady himself. He could feel the telltale knot begin to form at the base of his cock.

At that same moment he felt something soft push his testicles upward. It wasn't Susan. She was jacking him off with one hand and holding the graduated cylinder with the other. He realized quickly when he looked over at the slouched down Ms. Hawthorne, that it was her foot, this time there was no boxers between them.

It was a more forceful massage than before, but it felt like the opposite of what Susan had been doing. Ms. Hawthorne was lifting his balls gently upward into their climax position. Each of her delicate toes squeezed him slightly but not painfully. Aaron could also feel the satiny texture of the top of her foot against his sack as she wedged it underneath him. He also felt her big toe put pressure on the tender space between his cock and anus.

Finally it became too much and Aaron and with a roar, let himself go. As he did Ms. Hawthorne's jammed her big toe hard into him, sending his orgasm higher. Pearly white ropes of thick semen shot out. Susan, undaunted by his quick release, covered his cock head with the graduated cylinder while squeezing and stroking harder on his prick. Aaron's pelvic muscle spasmed again and another load of thick white cream screamed out of him. He continued to spasm one after the other as his body was racked by the orgasm. He had never came so hard or so long before in his life. The world was nothing but a blur as he felt himself discharge again and again. Nothing mattered to him but this moment. His body was on fire but he could still feel Susan's soft hand firmly milking ever last drop out of him while Ms. Hawthorne's feet and toes continuing to coax his balls for even more.

Eventually his pleasure subsided and Susan loosed her grip. She gave him a couple more quick squeezes and then wiped the tip of his cock off with the cylinder, collecting every last bit of the milky liquid. Ms. Hawthorne played with his ball sack for a minute more. Both were enjoying the feel of his tender flesh between her toes.

Soon Ms. Hawthorne withdrew her foot and straightened up in her chair. She had her fingers buried in her pussy the whole time and had nearly brought herself to orgasm too. She was still a mess however. Her cunt was dripping and her skirt was wet with pussy juice that had run down her ass. The fingers on her right hand were also soaked. She kept it below her desk but could still smell the strong musky aroma filling the room.

"I believe that will be sufficient," Ms. Hawthorne spoke, her voice a little shakier than normal.

"Susan take that sample to my lab for analysis right away."

"Yes Ms. Hawthorne," Susan stood up and walked out of the room with the cylinder filled with Aaron's sperm.

"Well, Aaron, I have class soon so meet me back here tomorrow and we will talk more about the job," Ms. Hawthorne instructed him quickly as she gathered a couple binders and stood up.

Aaron, still in a daze at what just happened, could only give an approving nod as Ms. Hawthorne hurried out of the room. He would definitely be on time for this job tomorrow.


The next day Aaron strolled up to Ms. Hawthorne's room ten minutes early. He would have arrived hours earlier if given the chance. He had done nothing but think of Ms. Hawthorne's feet stroking his cock, all night. Even though Susan, gorgeous as she was, had physically got him off, it was Ms. Hawthorne that drove him wild. She had an aura about her that beamed with sexuality and experience. If she could drive him that wild, just with her feet...he smiled at what she could do with the rest of her body.

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