tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Ladies Dressing Room

The Ladies Dressing Room


I had been in the store before and seen him, making eye contact. I was careful to let him notice me noticing him. On occasion I have thought about him in the shower and how I would have him. Today would be the day. I knew from the looks he had given me before, if I offered he wouldn't say no.

I made a few rounds looking at various things here and there. I was waiting, hoping, and praying to see him here soon. Then there he was. I grabbed some items off the racks to try on...and decided to play dumb. I continued to browse the different areas, not intentionally making it obvious I was waiting for him to notice. Then our eyes met and I walked directly to him and politely asked where the women's dressing room was and raised an eyebrow. I then leaned closer to him and whispered softly under my breath, "You should come help me with this zipper." and walked away. I didn't need to turn around to know that he would be following me.

I entered the second dressing room on the right. It had just the right angle that someone might notice two sets of legs in there which would make it all the more exciting. I hung the clothing on the hook and I heard him join me. He said nothing but pushed me up against the mirror and started kissing me on the neck while pressing his body against mine. His cock was already beginning to get hard and ready. He pressed it against my ass and a small gasp escaped my lips.

I wanted him to fuck me nice and hard...to just ravage me. I didn't care who would see or who would be listening. I needed it, wanted it, and had to have it. I was wearing a skirt which he raised, exposing my bare ass except for the small piece of material from my thong dividing my ass cheeks. He put his fingers under the elastic and snapped the material. I gasped again as he ran his fingers gently across my skin sending shivers up my spine and giving me goose bumps. I spread my legs and began to wiggle my ass around. His hand slipped between my thighs and gently caressed my now throbbing pussy.

He slapped my ass. As the sound and the sting drove me crazy he turned me around to face him and started kissing me. Very gently at first, he slowly probed my tongue with his own, waiting to be invited in further. Then I surrendered to it and let him kiss me deeply, passionately. He sucked my lower lip, my neck tracing the muscles up to my ear lobe. He then grabbed my breast and gently squeezed it in his hand, pinching my nipple slightly. This was turning me on more and more by the second. My pussy was throbbing with desire and I could feel the silky wetness between my lips.

I reached down and began to run my hand across his hardness. Gently stroking it through his pants I braced myself with one foot on the bench and began to push myself into him, rubbing and kissing him. So slowly and so gently savoring the feeling I was losing myself in it. He continued to stroke gently and softly between my legs, teasing me and making me want to beg him to penetrate me. I knew he wouldn't, he wanted me to suffer. He was enjoying playing with me. He would give me what I wanted but not just yet. I was going to have to beg first.

It seemed like it was hours that we stood there, just kissing, rubbing, and licking. A piece of clothing fell to the floor here and there. We slowly undressed each other while staring in each others eyes. My skirt fell to the floor as I raised one leg up on the bench again. He ripped my thong off of me. I felt his lips and tongue across my clit but he was careful not to touch it too much. He was breathing on it gently while licking here and there and it was driving me completely over the edge. Then he dropped his pants and lifted me up, bracing me against the mirror and wall. Carefully he ran his hard cock across my wet slit and then slapped it on my clit. He was rubbing it around between my wet lips while watching me watch him. He whispered to me, "How bad do you want this?" I was breathing so hard I could barely speak. I just tilted my head back as my eyes rolled back into my head and I gasped again.

I felt him just barely stick the tip in. He let it linger there, gently sticking it in and out again, then pumping it. I was going completely out of my mind. I just wanted to get fucked so hard already and he was torturing me. He started kissing me again. Slow and deep went his tongue, just thrusting in and out in slow rhythm with mine. The tingling in the pit of my stomach was already building and threatening to wash over me. His hands were squeezing my ass, holding me so that I couldn't force myself all the way onto him. He was enjoying making me suffer. He grabbed the back of my head and gently pulled my head back so he could kiss, lick, and suck on my neck. Then he slowly thrust all of himself inside of me and filled me up with his hardness. I let out a scream, it felt so good. In long, slow, and deliberate strokes he thrust deeper into me each time. I began to move my hips back and forth, meeting him thrust for thrust while still kissing slowly, deeply. I was enjoying every inch of him inside of me. Penetrating my mind, his body was doing all of the talking.

He ran one hand up my back to my shoulder and pulled me down harder onto him. I screamed again. His other hand cupped my ass cheek, holding me close to him. He was pumping harder, deeper, and faster. The tingling in the pit of my stomach was growing stronger and stronger with every thrust he made. I was going to cum and it was going to be mind blowing. I was not sure how much longer I could hold back. It felt so good I wanted to cry. I could feel the walls of my pussy start to clench down on his hard cock inside me. He then slowed down. Responding to his long and slow thrusts, I threw my head back again and screamed. He was really torturing me. I was so close to cumming.

He lifted me off him and kissed me, cupping my pussy in his hand while putting slight pressure on it. I was really going crazy now. In one swift motion he turned me around and bent me over the bench again and slapped my ass hard. The sting and the sound made me scream and giggle with excitement.

He ran his hands down the length of my arms, gently caressing me with his fingertips. Then he raised them over my head and placed them on the wall. I immediately arched my back and stuck my ass out for him he spread my legs gently with his body. He rubbed his hard cock up and down the length of my ass slowly. He rubbed it up and down the length of my wet pussy, slapping it on my clit again and driving me insane. I arched my back more and pushed my ass into him praying it would just slip in. I was so wet. He was careful and moved back just in time to torture me more, repeating the same motion with his cock again.

I felt like I was going to lose my mind. The feeling was so intense and strong as it built in the pit of my stomach, ready to explode at any second. Yet he was holding me from it to increase my pleasure. He would make sure I would never forget how good it felt to be fucked by him. He placed one hand on my stomach and the other on my ass and thrust into me hard. I screamed as I felt his balls slap up against my throbbing clit. The sound of them hitting my wet pussy again and again drove me completely insane. The pressure of his body pressed against mine. All of his weight was pounding into me. I watched him in the mirror as he fucked me, my eyes hypnotized by his movements.

Then he stopped and let me begin to move on it. He placed his hands on my hips and relinquished control to me with another hard slap on the ass. I arched my back and turned to look at him and I slowly started pumping my hips up and down. I sent one hand between my legs to rub my clit and play with his balls as I rocked back and forth down the length of it. I sat up and leaned back against him, pulling his hands to cup my breasts. I wanted all of him inside me pounding me hard.

I felt his cock begin to swell in me, hard as a rock. It wouldn't be much longer now. He was close and so was I. Faster and harder he pounded. I closed my eyes, losing myself completely in the moment, nothing and no one else mattered. The tingling from my clit and deep inside my stomach was finally too much to bear and I felt myself surrender to it. My warm slippery sweet juices covered his hard cock as I felt him explode inside me. Then I felt the warm tingling from his sex juices covering all of my insides and I came again. We stayed in the dressing room a few moments longer, kissing holding each other while savoring the feeling of complete satisfaction.

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