tagRomanceThe Lady in Blue Ch. 08

The Lady in Blue Ch. 08


Chapter Eight: Ted gets enlightened

Ted's point of view

Sunday morning dawned very brightly for me. I woke up laying flat on my back with the most wonderful sensations coursing through my body. I could feel the hot, wet caress of a mouth sucking my cock. Soft whimpers of pleasure came from my waist. Lisa's blonde head was bobbing up and down rhythmically.

She slid her mouth off of me and smiled. "Good morning, sleepy head. I woke up hungry." Lisa licked my tip before taking a deep breath and swallowing most of me.

My eyes were riveted on her as she pleasured me in such an intimate way. I ran my hands through her hair and marveled at how beautiful she was. It was so erotic, waking up to find her feasting. I would have to return the favor one morning soon. I tried to pull her body around but she wouldn't cooperate.

Kissing my little head, she tsked. "I don't think so, lover. I want to focus on you and if you slide that tongue of yours inside me, I won't able to think. Lay back and enjoy." She licked up my length from base to crown several times before she wrapped her hand around me and took the head into her mouth once more.

There was no way I could take such intense pleasure for long. Her blue eyes stayed locked with mine as she drove me absolutely crazy. When I felt the first stirrings of my impending orgasm I gripped the sheets.

"Lisa, I'm close." I wanted to give her warning so she could do whatever she felt most comfortable with. I knew some women didn't like the taste and hated having a man come in their mouths.

Lisa didn't seem to be worried. She redoubled her efforts and was jacking me hard as she sucked. The silky smooth sensation of her tongue along my underside made me shiver and quake.

I felt the momentary pause before orgasm, that moment that seemed to slow time, and then the world shrank to one point: the head of my cock. I heard her moan as I thrust upward and arched my back. It felt like my insides were being pulled through the head of my cock, sucked out by Lisa. My strength seemed to desert me all at once.

Lisa smiled at me, licking her lips and my manhood like a cat. Then she slid up and kissed me deeply. I tasted myself on her lips but it didn't matter. "You taste so good. I didn't realize how much I had missed the taste of my lover." Her eyes took on a seductive look. "More?" she asked in an innocent little voice.

She resumed kissing me hard and passionately, then she began rubbing her sex on my belly, wet and needy, arousing me to another erection. Without touching me with her hands, she slid herself down on me and began riding me for her pleasure.

I held her upright and searched for the right level of pressure in pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts. She was lava hot around me and oh, so tight. I knew it would be a while for me to come again, if I did, so I just enjoyed her arousal.

Lisa arched her back and ground herself against me, lost in her own world. It was wonderful to watch her make love to me. She began to lose her coordination and I knew she was ready.

Gripping her hips, I began thrusting into her from below. The heat and wetness seemed to be growing greater as she came. I could feel her internal muscles rippling around me when she cried out and collapsed across me. I kissed her softly and held her close.

"That was fantastic," she murmured. "But I need to bring you off again."

I kissed her and shook my head. "No, I'm fine. Three times in twenty-four hours can take a lot out of a man. We have plenty of time. Let's shower and see how Hawk is doing."

She stretched luxuriously but didn't rise. "Let me catch my breath and cuddle first. Hawk can wait a few more minutes. Just hold me, Ted."

I was happy to do that. I held her lithe, warm body on top of me and listened to her breathing slow down. The scent of her skin was threatening to start me back up again. I don't know that I had ever stayed inside a lover as we relaxed. The sensation was indescribable. If Lisa had been a cat, I think she would have been purring. "Lisa, you're terrific," I said.

"Why, thank you! I have to reassert my lead position after yesterday. You almost made me crazy and that, sir, is my job!" She poked me on the chest as she rolled over onto her side next to me. "I will have my revenge!"

I laughed and held her to my chest, kissing her on the forehead. "You will be my doom, lover! Mercy!"

Lisa's eyes twinkled and she shook her head. "Nope. Accept your fate! Now, come and wash my back!" She swayed into the bathroom and I watched her sexy body go before I followed her with a smile.

Thirty minutes later, I left her touching up her makeup and went out into the living room. The couch still had a lump under the blankets. The lump snored, too. I shook my head. How could that little woman snore like a lumberjack? I considered shaking her but decided that might not be the best idea since she owned a gun. Even if it was in the pile of her clothes.

"Hawk?" I asked kind of loudly. Not even a lowering of the snore volume. "Hawk!"

The lump rolled over and groaned. "Ten more minutes, Dad. Just ten more minutes," Hawk mumbled.

I smiled and shook my head. "Okay, ten more minutes but you better be up and ready to eat in fifteen." An incomprehensible mumble came from under the covers and then Hawk sat bolt upright, staring at me.

In the light, she didn't seem nearly as unfeminine as her street clothes made her look. I averted my eyes and gave her time to get control of her blanket but I still had a good view of her. Her breasts were small but well formed. The nipple rings added to her 'attitude.' The glimpse I had of her hips showed some curve and a flat stomach. She was slender and more girlish than womanly.

"Christ," she mumbled. "I'm sorry, Ted. You can look," she said as she wrapped the blanket around her again. "I was dreaming I was home again, and my dad was waking me up for school." She looked up at the ceiling and sighed. "What the hell is wrong with me?"

The question sounded rhetorical so I didn't answer it. "I'll go start breakfast, Hawk. Lisa will be out in a few minutes."

"Wait!" she said quickly. "I have a question that sounds stupid, even to me, but did - did I make a pass at you? Did anything - happen?" The shock on my face must have answered her question because she breathed a deep sigh of relief. "Thank god, it was a dream." She shook her head and winced. "I should have known you were more of a gentleman than that, Ted. I'm sorry for even asking. Go cook and add some aspirin to the tab, okay? Thank you for taking me into your home and making sure I was okay."

I don't know if I would have ever imagined her so vulnerable looking. Galveston and last night must have taken a lot out of her. "That's what friends do, Hawk. And, no, we didn't have sex. I don't think I'm your type, and I'm with Lisa," I said with a smile. That produced a haunted look that I didn't know how to interpret so I headed for the kitchen. "Lisa can let you in and get you to the shower. She also has the bag with your fresh clothes. I folded your other clothes and put them next to the couch. Your gun is in the stack."

She waved me on. "Go ahead. I'll sit here and wake up first. Lisa might want to come to me rather than have me barge in on her. Besides, I need to get my cop face back on."

I stopped and half-turned. "Don't. Today you aren't a cop. I want to meet the woman behind the mask. She seems like a nice person."

A look of astonishment greeted my foray into the friend zone. I guess she didn't have many friends. I left her to close her mouth and regain her composure. The kitchen was quiet and comfortable. No one else was up and that suited me just fine.

Within minutes, I had the makings for breakfast scattered about and was starting to cook.

"Good morning," Lisa said. Her voice sounded strangely distorted and a little soft but I turned to smile at the door. Oddly, she wasn't there.

Then I heard Hawk. "Good morning." That same odd tone. I finally located the voices as coming from the air vent over this end of the kitchen. I had lived here alone with Stan for so long that I had forgotten the vents sometimes carried voices. I remembered listening in on my mom and dad when I was a kid. That brought back a lot of fond memories and a smile.

As the morning pleasantries began, I wasn't worried about listening in on them, but the conversation quickly turned in a direction I hadn't anticipated.

"I heard you," Hawk said. "Last night."

There was a moment of hesitation. I could imagine Lisa coloring. "I thought you were too far gone to be awake, or to remember. I didn't even think I was loud enough to wake you up. I'm sorry."

"I wasn't awake much. Just long enough to realize what was going on. It didn't bother me nearly as much as the dreams did later. I - I dreamed about Ted having sex with me while you whispered in my ear."

I felt my face flush and yanked my attention back to the eggs before I burned them. Sliding the bread into the toaster, I tried to stop listening. This was not the kind of conversation I should hear; it was private. Physics had other ideas, though. Even with the eggs on, I could still hear them.

"Really? Does that make you uncomfortable?" Lisa asked.

Hawk was quiet for a minute. "No, more like confused. I've never thought about doing something like that, not even in a dream. Then we talk and my subconscious is thinking about it. I don't know if men are my cup of tea, but in the dream, I reacted to Ted. Not like making love to a woman, but not like some horrible fate either. Not that I am committing to anything, mind you," Hawk cautioned, "but I'm not sure who I am anymore and I don't like that."

"Hawk, you are the same person you have always been," Lisa said. "I wasn't saying you needed to rush out and sleep with a guy. I just wanted you to think about it as hard as I was thinking about what you asked me."

I really shouldn't be listening to this conversation, I decided. A quick look told me that breakfast would take five more minutes, and then I could get away from that vent. Still, I had to admit that I knew I could call them into the kitchen and not have to listen in to the private conversation but, like Hawk, part of me wanted to know.

"And where has that thinking gotten you?" Hawk asked. "Look, I know you are with Ted. I can see how you and he are growing closer but I have to admit that I want you. I might even want you enough to consider..."

"Hush now," Lisa said. "I wasn't trying to seduce you into Ted's bed."

I let out my breath. I'm not sure what I would have thought if she were. I began scooping the scrambled eggs onto a plate.

"After Ted went to sleep last night, I thought about doing it with a woman." There was a pause long enough to make me hold my breath. "Specifically, I thought about doing it with you."

"To use your own words, does that make you feel uncomfortable?" Hawk asked.

"No, confused, the same as you. I don't want to admit I want to have sex with another woman but I have to. When you look at me, I feel aroused. I dreamed about you again last night, but you were there with Ted." She paused. "You know that's how it would have to be, right? I won't sleep around on Ted. I don't know what we have yet, but I know running around would break his trust. That won't happen."

I felt a flood of relief. I didn't know what I thought about that, but her support of us filled me with warmth.

"Is sex with a woman really cheating on a man?" Hawk asked. "I'm not pushing for that, I just never thought about it like this and I'm curious now."

"I'm no Bill Clinton." Lisa answered. "Sex is sex and I'm not going to have sex with someone outside my relationship. It's just wrong."

"Well, I certainly don't want you to compromise your morals." I could hear the smile in her voice.

Lisa continued in a rush, as though she wanted to say something before she lost her nerve. "I need you to understand. I want to but I can't. Ted seems like he supports my fantasies, but I don't want him to think I want someone in place of him or that I'm some easy floozy. I'm happy with him and I think he is with me. I don't want to change that."

"What about if you convince him?" Hawk asked. "You could ask him to let you experiment with me."

"No, I want to be with you but if it ever did happen, it would have to include Ted," Lisa said at last.

My breath froze in my chest. What did she just say?

"You need to ask him if you can join us, if that is what you want," Lisa continued. "That's the only way it can happen. I think I'm falling for Ted but I can't deny my attraction to you, my curiosity of wanting to be with you, but I'm not a slut. If Ted doesn't agree to having all three of us together, I'll just have to regret not meeting you sooner."

"Oh, God." Hawk moaned. "I want you but I just don't know if I can. Lisa, what do I do?"

"You do what is right for you, Hawk. You have my answer but I've had more time to think about it. You just keep thinking and by the time you are done, I think you will know more about yourself than when I asked you. I know that I do. Come on, I'll show you to the bedroom and you can shower in the attached bathroom and dress in peace."

My mind was whirling over this unexpected revelation. I made plates of food on autopilot while my mind was working in overdrive. I don't think men should ever hear themselves being discussed by women as an object of sexual desire. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be pleased, annoyed or frightened.

This was complex. Hell, this wasn't just complex, it was convoluted. A Gordian knot. I really felt something growing with Lisa. She did with me, too. Enter the third party of this possible triangle, Hawk. She was attracted to the same woman I was. A bit of a twist on the stereotype, I admitted wryly. Lisa was attracted to her as well. I guess I needed to do some thinking about it, like they had been. In the end, it might never come to pass. Hawk didn't sound at all enamored with the idea of a man in the mix. That, I admitted, might be the best outcome. Leaving aside my male fantasy of a threesome, Hawk was a lesbian and sounded more than reluctant. That seemed to border on sex with the unwilling. I would never do that to someone.

My mind chased itself around in circles for a bit and I decided to just let things sit. I could eat myself up over all the possibilities or wait and see what developed, then talk with them both, if it did. Option two sounded better. It wasn't as if they knew I knew. Satisfied with my plan, I sat down and waited for them.

Lisa came in a few minutes later and gave me a kiss. "Good morning! This all smells wonderful. Thank you!"

"It's my pleasure. How's Hawk doing?"

Lisa gestured at the bedroom hall. "She's showering and getting dressed. Frankly, she seems a little off balance today so I think we should cut her some slack today, okay?"

I pursed my lips and nodded. "Good idea." Pouring her some coffee, I sat and sipped with her, small talking. I was curious if she would spill anything but I guess that's what comes from dating a lawyer. She gave nothing away about the simmering sexual tension in the house.

Twenty minutes later, Hawk sauntered in dressed in jeans, a Harley shirt and her boots. She looked much more together than when I saw her last. "Morning. That coffee smells good. Pour me a cup and I'll be human again. Cops live on this stuff."

I poured and wagged a finger at her. "Today, you are not a cop. Today, you are off and recovering. Time enough tomorrow to get back to work."

Hawk smirked. "Okay, Dad."

Lisa looked over at her with raised eyebrows. "Dad? Are you going to call Ted Dad now?"

Hawk colored. I didn't think anything could embarrass her. I just smiled, oblivious on the outside.

"I'm not really that old," I joked. "I just woke her out of a dream about her being a teen and getting woke up for school. No big deal."

Lisa smiled. "Ah, I see. We should all dig in. Food seems to bring Stan out so if we want anything left for us, we have only a few minutes."

Hawk and I both laughed and started in. I gave Hawk her aspirin to take with her food.

"This stuff is great, Ted," Hawk said as she sipped her coffee. "Beats the hell out of the swill they try to pass off as coffee back at the station. Does that bean pickin' son of a bitch, Juan Valdez, bring it here on his little donkey?"

I just smiled.

The three of us spent time taking a detailed tour of the vineyard. Both Lisa, and surprisingly Hawk, asked a lot of good questions and really seemed interested in what was here and how it all worked.

When the sun was high in the sky and the heat had become oppressive, I suggested we go in and get some lunch.

Hawk smiled and shook her head. "Actually, I've heard there are some nice stores in Spring that I'd like to see. Some have a really historic view, I hear. Can we check them out and then get some lunch there?"

I grinned back as Lisa colored nicely. "Sure, I know a great café with outstandingly discreet service."

Lisa smacked me on the arm. "Ted!"

I looked at her in mock surprise. "What's the matter, honey?"

"Ooooo, men!" We all laughed.

We drove into Spring and I pulled right up to the Rose Petals store. Lisa turned beet red but didn't hesitate getting out and walking in. Hawk and I followed right behind her. The same lady clerk was up front and smiled at us.

"Welcome back. I always like to see repeat business! Feel free to look around and don't feel awkward about touching the merchandise."

Lisa burst out laughing. "You are so bad! I'm Lisa, this is Ted and our friend Hawk."

"Alice Jenks, owner and eye in the sky." She winked at Lisa. "Don't feel bad, my husband, Andy, didn't complain later on, if you know what I mean."

"I think we'll just browse this time," I said with a grin. "We have company."

Alice grinned. "Please yourselves. I'll be right here."

As Lisa walked in, I looked back at the door and made a locking motion. Alice nodded and grinned widely.

As I caught up with the ladies, Hawk gave me a look. "Sounds like you have a fan. Is this the store?"

Lisa nodded, still blushing furiously.

Hawk smiled and stopped. "Then I'll check out the delicates and you two browse. Don't mind me and I'll be ready to leave when you are." She headed for the other side of the store and we both giggled.

"I don't know if I could do anything knowing someone was watching," she confided as we moved to the clothes lining the back wall. "That seems way too risky."

I thought about how turned on she got when she risked being seen. It was a part of her that we were just beginning to understand. I stopped and looked at the layout of the place, the lack of other customers. Alice was glancing back at the mirror and she smiled when she saw me. Hawk was looking at frilly underclothes and not looking this way. "Remember when I told you I would hold you to doing some things but I promised you wouldn't regret it?"

Lisa's eyes grew huge. "No! Ted, we can't!"

"Trust me. Alice knew what we were doing before. Hawk knows what you like. I am nervous, too, but there will never be a better or safer place for your first time in public."

She looked undecided for a moment, afraid even, but then she nodded.

I put my hands on her waist and pushed her against the wall, dropping to my knees in front of her. I kissed the inside of her thigh just under the edge of the skirt and then rapidly kissed my way up. Her panties were already damp when I got there and were soaked after I used my tongue on her through the thin fabric. The soft sound of her whimpering came through the skirt over my head just fine. I half expected her to hold my head but she seemed to be gripping the wall instead.

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