tagNonHumanThe Lake Monster Ch. 05

The Lake Monster Ch. 05


The sweet perfume of incense mixed with the pungent skunk smell of pot combined with the woodsy forest air was quite relaxing, Nikki inhaled the mixture, feeling the release of tension in her muscles. She had rejected the joint when Elena tried to pass it to her, but she quite liked it when Elena smoked beside her. There was something about the smell that made her relate it to her best friend, the pot smell combined with the jasmine incense she always brunt when she smoked it. She was glad to be camping with her friend, the heavy workload of her undergrad business degree with its neverending group projects had made it so she hadn't seen her friend for quite a few months.

"Thanks for inviting me, I'm really enjoying this camping trip." She said to the drowsy looking Elena, whose eyes had closed to slits. "Any time, BFF." Elena said with a sleepy grin. "Think I'm gonna tuck in for the night, you gonna stay up for longer?"

"Yeah, I'll put the fire out later. Good night."


Once the tent door was zipped closed, she was alone. She moved closer to the fire before relaxing her head to look up at the sky and the never ending stars. She had been with her now ex-boyfriend, Damian for so long she had almost forgotten what it was like to be single. But being honest with herself, even when she had been with her boyfriend she had not been content, but she had ignored the unease in her heart. She really should have listened to her instincts. Suddenly she felt very alone in the world, small and insignificant. A rustle of leaves in the bush beside her quickly replaced the sadness with panic. She looked over quickly to see the mermaid approaching her tentatively.

Oh, it's you. She was surprised the mermaid had been looking for her, and experienced a moment of brief joy before she remembered that they had made plans for more sex this evening. She was supposed to have met her at the shore tonight, a glance at her watch told her that was an hour ago. She didn't even feel bad about it now, the mermaid certainly didn't care about her.

Amarisa sighed inwardly in relief when she saw that the light had actually led to the female human. Her heart pounded happily. A snort from behind the human made her pause though, but this time the other female wasn't in sight. She walked forward eagerly, any annoyance at the human now quickly erased once she had set her eyes on that beautiful form. She could feel a swelling between her legs already and so she walked over.

"Stop!" Nikki scowled when the mermaid reached out to touch her breasts. She wasn't just some whore that was available whenever the mermaid felt like getting some. She slapped the hand away angrily. "Just go away!" She saw the mermaid cower before disappearing back into the darkness in the direction of the lake. She regretted her outburst almost immediately, but the mermaid was gone now, probably never to return.

The slap had stung a little, but the mermaid was so shocked by the human's reaction that she had ran back towards the lake and was halfway back when she slowed to a walk. It just didn't make sense what just happened, did the human not like her anymore? She let out a low unhappy whine. But how could that have been possible when they were just together so recently? No, that couldn't be it. Or maybe...she had hurt her during their last encounter. It was a terrible thought that made her immediately start running back towards the human's dwelling.

The sound of footsteps on grass made Nikki look up again. To her surprise, it was the mermaid once more, but now she was approaching her slowly, cautiously like someone would approach a wild animal. She smirked, reminded of their first meeting when it was her who was meeting the wild one. She was glad to see that she hadn't scared the mermaid off, but she wasn't sure what the mermaid was planning to do. She watched her warily as the mermaid mimicked her motions and sat down in Elena's chair, letting out a startled yelp as she sank down into it. Nikki couldn't help but let out a giggle which she quickly cut short when she heard Elena snort inside the tent.

They were both silent as they watched the tent for any indication that Elena was getting up. Nikki relaxed when she recognized the snore coming from the tent, Elena was sound asleep and most likely would be for a while. She looked back from the tent to see the mermaid still tense and staring at the tent.

"It's ok..." She said, patting the mermaid's arm. The mermaid looked at her and visibly relaxed, letting out a happy croon before sitting back in the chair to watch fire. It was a nice feeling to have some silent company while sitting near the warmth of the firepit, her hand now resting comfortably within the mermaid's larger one. Maybe she had been wrong, the mermaid obviously enjoyed her company or else she would have left once she realized that Nikki wasn't in the mood. Once she realized this, she felt a sense of elation that made her almost lightheaded with joy. "Come on, let's go grab some food." She said, patting the mermaid on the arm as she stood up and headed to the car to grab the cooler.

She paused for a second, wondering what sort of food the mermaid could have, she wondered what kind of food the mermaid could have. She looked over to see the mermaid looking longingly at the hotdogs and grinned, taking out the package and handing them to the mermaid. She looked around for one of the roasting sticks, after finding one she turned back to half the package already gone and the mermaid was chewing contentedly. She let out a small chuckle, shaking her head as she put the stick away. The mermaid finished chewing and then walked over to her, pulling on her hand and making a small whine. She was a little confused until she realized that the mermaid wanted to lead her somewhere. She allowed herself to be led towards away from the campsite, towards an area of the forest she hadn't been before.

Oh ok, I think I know what you have in mind, she thought to herself, wrapping her arms around the mermaid's waist and planting a kiss on the mermaid's lips. She was confused and a little embarrassed when the mermaid pulled away politely to walk towards a bush. She watched, perplexed as the mermaid started to fiddle with the bush. Walking over she soon realized why this area was special. In the bright moonlight, the very recognizable shape of raspberries was easily shown. She looked around and was delighted to see that the raspberry bushes spanned most of the area. Her hand was taken and several of the cool, soft berries was placed into it. She put one of the berries into her mouth and immediately enjoyed the sweet tang of the fruit. She looked around and to her surprise, she spotted several deer walking around, taking bites out of the bushes, leaves and all. She heard the mermaid make an annoyed grunt and grinned. The mermaid gave the deer such a dirty look that she suddenly went into a state of uncontrolled giggles so that she could barely hold onto the berries that the mermaid was now picking and putting into her hand at an increased rate.

Even though the presence of the deer seemed to annoy the mermaid, Nikki loved it. The deer accepted the mermaid and her, it gave her the feeling of being one with nature. They left the raspberry bush area, their hands full of the juicy fruit. They settled near the lake, enjoying the raspberries and the scenery. Elena would probably like some of these, Nikki thought, and so she placed the raspberries into the mermaid's hands for safekeeping, stripping off her hoodie and delicately putting the raspberries on top. She paused when the mermaid started touching her, not in an intimate way but the way someone would palpate an injured area. "Hey...stop." She giggled as the mermaid touched her ticklish areas, pushing the hands away. The mermaid looked relieved and settled back to watch the lake again.

Ok, so the human wasn't injured after all, Amarisa was relieved to realize. She watched the human fondly, happy that the human had appreciated the tart red berries. It was one of Amarisa's favourite places to go to. She lay back, resting her upper body on her arms, looking over at the human. Such a strange creature, and yet Amarisa found her extremely attractive. Her hair was the color of dark earth, her skin was a healthy glow. She pressed her lips to the human's arm, enjoying the softness of it and the human's scent.

Nikki closed her eyes as a smile spread across her face. She was glad that she hadn't permanently deterred the mermaid from wanting sex with her. The mermaid's kisses made her skin tingle and her insides ache with longing. She felt her clothes being tugged at and slipped out of her shirt and bra, tossing it onto the grass. She let out a moan as wet lips found her nipples and tugged at them in an almost insistent manner. She pushed the mermaid away playfully, making the mermaid lie down onto the grass. The mermaid whined but quickly fell silent when Nikki started to kiss her way down her chest. She could taste the lake on the mermaid's skin, could feel the heat emanating from the mermaid. She rolled the mermaid's nipples between her fingers, loving the soft moans coming from the mermaid as she explored her body. She felt a solid object pressing against her stomach and grinned, pleased at the effect she had on her lover.

She felt the mermaid's hands on the drawstring of her sweatpants and she pushed them away, silencing the mermaid's whine with a kiss. Her loins ached, wanting the mermaid's thick cock inside her again, but she wanted the mermaid to experience something special. She stroked the mermaid's member until it rose to its full length in her hand, the organ gently throbbing as she massaged it. The mermaid had her eyes closed, her breathing was shallow and she seemed to be enjoying every minute. Nikki stuck out her tongue and licked the engorged phallus from base to tip. The mermaid's reaction was priceless, she let out a loud moan and thrust hard into Nikki's hand, her whine pleading. Nikki chuckled, but decided it was cruel to tease the mermaid anymore.

She stroked the mermaid's cock with both hands while wrapping her mouth around the tip, sucking on it enthusiastically. The mermaid was thrusting into her hands hard, so she moved her hands down to take more of the mermaid's cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue along the bottom. She tried to take all of the mermaid's length into her mouth, but was unable to. The mermaid didn't seem to mind though, she was thrusting into Nikki's mouth so urgently Nikki had trouble keeping up with the rhythm. She felt the tension build up in the cock inside her mouth and she could feel herself moisten with anticipation. She watched the mermaid as she came, enjoying the view as the mermaid orgasmed, her hands gripping the grass tightly before she tasted the mermaid's hot load against the back of the throat. She sucked eagerly, taking up every drop of the mermaid's salty essence, running the hands up and down the mermaid's legs slowly.

She felt the mermaid's hands on her waist, tugging her into a warm embrace. After being surprised initially, she settled against the mermaid's chest, looking up at the blue beauty. The mermaid nuzzled her gently and she kissed the mermaid's sleepy cheek before settling in the mermaid's arms for a well-deserved rest.

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