tagNonHumanThe Lake Monster Ch. 06

The Lake Monster Ch. 06


She wasn't sure what woke her up but Nikki suddenly became aware of strong arms wrapped her waist as her mind recalled what had happened last night. She blinked groggily as she sat up, shielding her eyes from the sunlight that was shining down on her. The mermaid let out a grunt, but remained sleeping.

Oh god, I wonder if Elena noticed I never went into the tent. Nikki stumbled to her feet and shook the mermaid. "Hey, wait up." The mermaid let out a soft whine, opening her eyes slowly. Letting out a soft mew, the mermaid tried to pull Nikki back into her arms.

"Mm...I can't." Nikki said, fighting every impulse to cuddle with the mermaid some more. "I gotta go." She kissed the mermaid lightly on the cheek before hurrying back to the campsite.

Once she got there Nikki unzipped the tent and went inside. A glance at the time on her cell phone showed the time as 6:30am. Elena was sound asleep and sprawled ontop of her sleeping bag, her mouth open and lightly snoring. Good. Nikki unzipped her own sleeping bag and slid inside, falling asleep not shortly after.

Amarisa woke and sat up, stretching. The human had not returned unfortunately, and she let out a soft sigh of disappointment. She had enjoyed last night immensely, the female had done some incredible things with her mouth, infact the memory was so vivid Amarisa felt herself growing hard again at the recollection. She wanted to see her again, and at that thought she headed in the direction of Nikki's campsite.

"Have a good sleep last night?" Nikki asked she set up the portable stove, watching as Elena grabbed breakfast food out of the cooler.

"Yeah, I was out like a light, I didn't even hear you come into the tent." Elena said with a laugh. "Pot always does that to me." Aha she didn't suspect a thing. Nikki grinned back as she lit the stove, putting a frying pan on it. "So...fishing today, ya? Sounds good?"

"Ya, sounds great."

"Can you cook three eggs for me? I'm just gonna go to the washroom."


Humming to herself, Nikki pour some oil into the pan, cracked six eggs and started to make scrambled eggs for the two of them. It was nice, from this angle she could see through the trees to the crystal blue lake, full of clear looking water and -- "Merp."

"Ack!" She was so startled by the sudden appearance of the mermaid beside her that she dropped the spatula. "Don't do that!" She scolded the mermaid before looking around quickly to see if Elena had come back yet. "You've got to be more careful." She said once she noted that the coast was clear. The mermaid let out an unrecognizable sound and reached for the eggs. "No, don't touch that, it's still hot." Nikki said, pushing the mermaid's clawed hands away. She heard footsteps and quickly pushed the mermaid into a bush.

"Who are you talking to?" Elena said curiously, placing the roll of toilet paper back into her bag.

"Oh I was just being dumb and touched the frying pan, just telling myself what a big dumbass I am." Nikki said with a shrug.

"Your eggs are done by the way." She passed Elena a plate and filled it up with the yellow lumps. "Aren't you going to sit?" Elena looked up as Nikki was walking towards the bush.

"Nah my legs are kinda numb, I'm gonna stretch them out a bit." Nikki lied. She peeked over into the bush but the mermaid was no longer there.

"meep." She looked over to see the mermaid hiding behind a bush further away.

"Hey." She said gently, sitting down beside the crouching mermaid and offering the plate. The mermaid was staring at Elena who was sitting with her back to them. Elena was adjusting her ponytail and had taken off her elastic band, letting her multi-colored hair cascade down her shoulders. The mermaid let out a tiny noise of interest.

Nikki felt immediately jealous. Guess I'll just eat these myself then, she through grumpily as she wandered away from the area towards the lake where she found an place and sat down, looking down and stabbing the eggs with a fork. The mermaid sniffed the air, then turned came over to sit beside Nikki, their shoulders touching. Nikki ignored her as the mermaid touched her bare arm, making happy noises before reaching for the eggs. Oh no you don't. Nikki turned, blocking the mermaid's arm her back as she did so. The mermaid let out a soft cry of complaint, and Nikki felt the mermaid's hands around her waist.

She was about to wriggle free when she felt the mermaid's lips against the back of her neck, the hands caressing her stomach fondly. Gah you cheater. She thought without malice as her body responded to her touch, the muscles below her belly clenching happily in anticipation. She leaned back against the mermaid, giving in and enjoying the attention. She turned back to offer a forkful of egg to the mermaid, who took the morsel off the spoon with a gentle roll of her tongue.

Mmm this feels great, Nikki thought happily to herself, feeding the mermaid and herself every so often as the mermaid continued to massage her. Pretty soon all the eggs were gone so she set the plate down. Now she could caress the mermaid too. She was sitting between the mermaid's legs now and now she could stroke her lover's legs, running her fingers up and down the scaly skin.

She could feel herself getting wet already, so when she felt the mermaid running her fingers over the stiff peaks of her covered breasts she trembled in anticipation. She arched her back, taking the mermaid's hand and putting it down her pants, guiding the hand down to her wetness and her pleasure center. She heard the mermaid let out a soft groan behind her and grinned, reaching behind her to stroke between the mermaid's legs, feeling her already at half-mast.

She felt herself being turned around and pressed up against a nearby tree, her legs spread apart and her pants and underwear pulled down to expose her to the mermaid. She looked up and felt a brief shyness when the mermaid looked at her, but the fawning look in the mermaid's eyes quickly made the feeling go away. She bit her lip when the mermaid started running her tongue over her clit, shutting her eyes when the sensations racked her.

She could feel her heart beating fast in her chest as the mermaid pleased her, and when she sucked her into her mouth she thought her heart would leap out of her chest. She came fast and hard, breathless and ready for more.

The mermaid moved up to kiss her on the lips and this time when she reached for her member the blue skinned beauty was hard as stone. She guided the mermaid into her, feeling the rush of pleasure when their bodies were connected. Her inner muscles clenched tight around the mermaid's cock as she thrust up inside of her, she couldn't help but let out a soft whimper, it felt so good.

She loved having the mermaid's well endowed member inside of her, pretty soon they were both panting hard, their sweat slicked bodies pressed intimately against each other as the mermaid thrust into her repeatedly. She reached down between them to rub at her swollen clit and was surprised to hear the mermaid growl deep in her throat, a sound that seemed to resonate in her own chest and down to make her clit throb even harder with need. She let out a small whimper when the mermaid took her wrists with firm hands and pinned them above her without breaking the rhythm of her thrusting hips.

"Baby...please..." her cock felt so good inside of her, every slight movement was pure pleasure, but she need that extra bit of stimulation..."Ugh!" the mermaid had let go of her wrist with on hand to rub her clit with one finger and she came hard, feeling herself squeeze the mermaid hard as they came together. Warm lips made a trail of kisses down her neck and she closed her eyes happily, hearing the mermaid's heavy breathing above her. What she never expected to hear was Elena's voice. "Nikki?" Her eyes shot open and to her horror, she saw Elena a few feet away, staring at them in shock. Oh shit.

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