tagMind ControlThe Lampmaker Ch. 11

The Lampmaker Ch. 11


This is the last chapter of the original Lampmaker series. Thank you for all the comments thus far and if you have more, please be polite and useful. Thank you.

Chapter 11, Jewel

Lacey smiled approvingly as Master worked out with Nicole. He was doing pushups after an hour long work out session and was stripped to the waist. Lacey smiled as she looked over Master's sweaty, ripped body and felt her pussy tingle.

"Too bad I'm not the one for tonight. Just watching Master work out turns me on, but he has been doing so well with Dominika's schedule and treatment I don't want to chance it." Lacey thought to herself. He had suffered from very few episodes after the changes had been put in place and Lacey was hopeful that they had that problem under control and might not need another genie.

Master Rick was on his third week of his new regimen and Lacey and the other genies were all VERY happy with the results. Rick had been a stud before, but he seemed even more handsome now. His diet had improved greatly and Evie's magical garden had turned out some wonderful healing herbs and plants. Rick now had a family style breakfast and lunch every day with all the genies and everyone enjoyed the splendid dishes Bridget's kitchens were producing.

Rick also had his drinking under control. A cup of wine at most every day. Rick usually took it with Ali in the afternoon.

Lacey grinned at the thought of the "Grand Vizier". Lacey had wondered about his comment about not having alcohol in his old reality and if he might have a reaction like the Indians had when the original colonists had arrived in the US. She didn't need to wonder anymore. The answer was a resounding yes.

Ali had definitely developed a drinking problem. Lacey estimated he was drinking at least a full bottle of wine a day at least, and his slaves gleefully helped him along with a little secret encouragement from Lacey and some magical flowers. Ali now had six slaves as Lacey had been out with Rick on a shopping trip and had gone into Agent Provocateur and had immediately noted the two lovely little things working at the front desk. She had suggested to Rick that Ali deserved some more slaves for all of his help in getting Dominika and Rick had agreed after Lacey had "convinced" him with the help of her Lotus perfume.

The two girls had been easy to enchant, they had quit at the end of their shift and Lacey had given them to Ali when he was released the next morning.

Lacey had been very careful to slowly encourage his drinking while trying to appear as someone who was concerned for him. She made sure Rick knew about Ali's developing problem, and she made sure Ali thought she was trying to help keep it a secret from Master Rick.

Ali had slowly been giving up his monitoring of day to day activities in the household and had been delegating more power to Lacey. Lacey had carefully managed Rick and had convinced him to let Ali have some fun while she kept an eye on him for Master.

"He has never had fun before. I can watch everything, so let him enjoy his slaves and his wine for a while." Lacey had said. Rick had needed some convincing but she had gotten him to go along.

Now Rick and Ali would meet in the afternoon and Ali would show up buzzed and flushed with several of his slaves doting on him. Rick and he would joke and relax and play cards or chess (Ali had been unbeatable for a while, but now his skills were slipping), and Lacey could tell the strong Rick was simply humoring Ali while secretly being disappointed with him.

Rick had confided to Lotus (who of course told Lacey) that he was disappointed that Ali lacked any self-control and couldn't master himself after seeing Ali this way after a couple of days. Lotus had reminded him about his own issues and Rick had had an episode in which his head spun and he had flipped personalities for a few moments. He had then slipped back after Dominika had spoken to him, calmed him down, and with Lacey's help drawn out the strong Master. After that Lotus, Lacey, and Dominika made sure everyone understood that was not a topic to bring up in front of Master.

In the end, Rick would wake up Ali with the others in the morning, take the morning report, and then Ali would huddle with Lacey for a bit and have his first glass of wine. Lacey showed him how well things were going and every day, bit by bit, she carved a little more power from Ali and spent a bit more time with his slaves and wine. He would then join Master for the afternoon session, and then return for more drinking and sex until he passed out and Rick would walk in and return him to his lamp.

Rick knew about Lacey taking over Ali's duties and had thus far let it slide, and Lacey suspected strong Master was testing her. And she was determined to pass that test and hopefully one day convince Master that maybe Ali needed to stay in his lamp for a while.

But where she had success with her coup against Ali, she now had another potential issue and it came from the last genie she would have ever thought.

Evie was kind, gentle and simply the nicest genie out of all of them. She was always checking the garden and talking to her plants and making sure fresh blooms and flowers abounded. Lacey had to admit that the palace simply smelled like heaven and Evie had started to make some lovely perfumes for all the genies to wear. Some were simply wonderful scents, but others were magic.

They now had perfumes that could enchant people, put them to sleep, make them happy and light-headed, make them hungry, or even horny (Evie kept that one locked up on the orders of Dominika).

But all of that aside, Evie had been made differently and bound differently. When Master had bound her, he had done it in a different way and to Lacey's horror Rick hadn't added the part about her being a harem slave. In the end, for Rick it made no difference. Evie dressed as his genie and obeyed him without question and was always ready to hop into bed with her beloved Master.

But for Lacey, she found that while she could command the other genies to an extent, and use her magic to make them into giggling harem bimbos and sluts, none of that worked on Evie. Evie did like her wine, and it did affect her as it did all genies, but she controlled her drinking. Lacey had been working a couple of the genies not in her camp to get them to drink more, and was having a bit of success (not nearly as much as with Ali), but Evie was proving to be impervious and Lacey didn't want to push it and possibly tip her off.

Lacey had also found out that in terms of standing, Evie in reality had roughly equal standing to her and Ali. Lacey wasn't sure if Evie realized it, but she had. Even with Ali's power in her hands, Evie was the one genie who could tell her no.

Lacey scowled as she thought about it. She had refused to let Lacey have a private bottle of the lust perfume based on Dominika's report on Master's health. Lacey couldn't push it. And worse, afterwards Evie had started to keep some inventory on certain magical plants, including the lust flowers and real Lotus blooms.

Lacey didn't think she suspected that anyone had taken any, but was more along the lines of being preventative. Lacey had already taken and hidden some Lotus blossoms and lust blooms very early on and had made two small vials of Lotus and Lust perfume which she kept handy. She would never use it on herself, but she had used it on Master once, and also on Ada. One spritz and Master would be completely blanked for what had been going on and very confused. Anyone could quickly take him in hand a give him a short story that he would believe and then he would move on. She had spritzed Master in the lingerie store when he had refused to enslave the two models working there.

One spray and Rick's eyes had fluttered shut for a few seconds and then opened. He had looked confused and Lacey had simply started talking.

"Master? Master, please, if we are going to enslave those girls as a gift for the Grand Vizier I need your assistance." Lacey had said. Rick had looked around blankly and Lacey had given him an exasperated look. "Master, please! This was your idea after all; now make sure no one is coming so I can work my magic." Rick had looked around and then shook his head and moved behind her to watch for anyone while she enchanted the girls.

Lacey had been very happy with that, but she had then found out that she had to be really careful with it as Rick got some on his shirt and he got another whiff later on and Lacey nearly walked on without realizing that Rick was standing there like a zombie.

For Ada, Lacey had used it on her to get her to put in a special program that only she could activate that would allow her to shut off any monitoring of the system in the room or area she was in and once she was done, Lacey had blanked her memory that she had done it. Lacey had been very nervous about doing that, but it had worked perfectly as near as she could tell. So she could plot with Lotus and Dominika without fear of being recorded.

Rick finished up his work out and kissed Nicole who bowed low. Rick then took a towel and walked over to Lacey. "Hey there beautiful. Care to wash my back?"

Lacey smiled. "Of course Master, just remember, washing only. Nothing else until you get to bed Susan tonight."

Rick looked sad but nodded. "I can't complain about how much better I feel, but I do miss the sex. Especially the two and three and five on ones."

Lacey rolled her eyes as she took Master's arm. "Master, I would say that in this case you men are all alike. Except no other man can please a woman like you can."

Rick smiled and gave her a quick kiss. He showered and then eased into his hot tub and Lacey began her massage. Rick sighed and leaned back. "Lacey, I have been thinking about your request for a party at our palace. I think it would be a wonderful idea. I was thinking Halloween in several weeks. We could use our magic in the open and people will think it's a special effect. You and all my slaves can come as genies. And I'll wear my normal Princely robes."

Lacey laughed at that. "Master, what a splendid idea! Yes, I think we can certainly make this work. It will be a party of legend."

Rick and Lacey talked a bit while Rick soaked and soon Lacey had a good idea of what they should do. "Master, allow me to arrange this party. Ali is busy, this will be simple to do, and besides throwing parties is the job of the consort."

Rick sighed and nodded. "Yes, please do. Let Ali know I have charged you with it. I do wish he would cut down on his drinking, but you have picked up the slack very well." Rick turned and looked directly at her. "I will consider this a test for you Lady Lacey. If this grand ball is a great success, perhaps Ali is not as needed as I thought. To be a great Lord one must be strong and conquer one's weaknesses. Ali is not showing that ability."

Lacey was internally ecstatic, but she frowned on the outside. "Master, Ali is a noble djnn, and loyal. He has helped you, this house and all the genies in many ways. Please, do not let a passing time of weakness cloud your opinion of him."

Rick frowned at her. "Lacey, your loyalty is commendable and speaks well of you. But I cannot have a second in command who cannot be bothered to leave his slaves and do his work, and then show up drunk. I am thinking I need a new second in command if he cannot clean himself up, and if you show your steel, then you will be it."

Lacey bowed her head. "Yes Master. I understand. I serve you always to the best of my abilities." Lacey said while internally she was leaping for joy. "Soon Ali will be banished to his lamp and I will rule this house by Master's side. Hmmmmmm, perhaps it is time to begin to build our earthly empire."

Rick eased out of the water and Lacey dried him and helped him dress. Rick then went into the Treasury to work with Heather on some business deals. Lacey smiled as he entered the room and then bowed and left to start the planning of the party.

"Another benefit of Master sobering up. He now is much more involved in the working of the household and his leadership is constantly called for which reinforces the strong Rick." Lacey thought as she glided into the Throne Room. Lotus was typing away and she smiled at Lacey.

"Master is now with Heather? Good, he is keeping to his schedule."

"Yes, I am surprised at how well he has responded to Dominika's treatment. If this keeps up we might not have to take another genie." Lacey responded.

Lotus nodded. "Dominika and I were speaking about that. If we do have to take a psychologist, are you sure you want to take Jewel? You two have a history after all."

Lacey frowned at her and Lotus shrank back a bit. "Sorry Lacey, but it's true. You didn't part on good terms and if we are to make sure that we and only we can influence Master, then we must be sure about who is on our side. I have noticed that Ada and Evie are becoming very friendly, and Bridget and Evie are also very close. I hate to think we are forming sides, but if so we must be careful. We have four including Samantha, maybe five depending on how Nicole would lean. Evie would have three including her, and I would bet Susan and Heather would lean her way. Even with your influence over them as harem slaves, we must be sure of whom we enlist."

Lacey nodded. "I know that. And I am sure about Jewel. We had a bit of a falling out yes, but she deep down is like me. She will love Master as I do, she will serve him, and she will want to make sure he is under our influence. If we need her, she will be the one. But enough of that, we have a party to plan."

Lacey sat with Lotus and they sketched out a plan for a costumed ball on Halloween night. While many parties were already planned, Lacey knew this one would get the limelight. She was planning on showing off Rick's now vast art and antiques collection, a massive spread of food (including some of the magical wines and fruits), and of course all of the genies would be on display. Lacey also decided this would be a good time to start building political influence for when Rick would start building his worldly empire (under her encouragement of course) so Lacey made sure that all the important political players were invited. The mayor of both Beverly Hills and LA, Congressmen and Women, state representatives, important industrial owners, major movie and music stars, models, and even the governor.

Lacey had Samantha help her enchant the invitations so that everyone who read it would be VERY inclined to come and then Lacey got with Ada and Evie to make the palace a place of wonder. Lacey had Ada wire up projectors and large screens in the rooms that would be used to show various parts of the party and parts of horror movies and other magical things. This included a spectacular light and laser show in the garden. Evie helped by making the plants morph around into something more ominous in some places for a proper Halloween effect, and to position flowers that would cause glee, happiness, and wonderment to anyone who smelled them. Evie would also provide some wonderful wines and some magical fruits that would make people giddy and happy (and a bit open to suggestions by certain genies).

Lacey worked hard over the next two weeks and when the night of the Grand Ball came she was ecstatic. Nearly everyone she had invited had RSVP'd yes, and the party was already the talk of the town. All sorts of people had been discreetly (and sometimes quite blatantly) inquiring about invitations, and Lacey had already set up the full Red Carpet treatment with the showbiz news outlets.

Lacey was even more thrilled that Ali had reacted badly to Lacey being given the command of the party. Rick had told him to "Take some time off of his duties as Grand Vizier and think about his position in this household was and where it might be going." Ali had become very depressed at that, and his drinking had become worse. Ali was still fighting his alcoholism but to Lacey it seemed a losing battle that would put her in full command.

Lacey smiled as she did her final check in her large mirror. She was dressed in her Mistress of the Harem genie costume, her hair and makeup was flawless, her eyes sparkled and her jewels (her most expensive set including a lovely diamond tiara) shone. She looked like a Princess or a Queen and her dazzling smile floored even her.

"Tonight the mortals will see Master with his Queen. And they will understand who should rule."

But Lacey was not the only one preparing.

Evie stood up from speaking to the last little bloom on a small vine near the entrance. She had been going around since dawn making sure that all her lovely plants were ready and knew to behave for Master's special night. She would be getting herself ready shortly, not that it would be difficult being a genie.

Evie walked past the huge table spread with food and drinks and giggled at the site. "Tonight many a mortal will truly being having a magical time, even if they don't know it." She said out loud as she passed by some of the fruits she and Bridget had lain out.

"Talking to yourself or the plants?"

Evie turned to see Ada glide up to her. Ada was already prepared and looked quite fetching in her orange genie suit. Ada grinned at her and spun around. "Nice look huh? Too bad we have to all go as genies, I was hoping to get some makeup and use some magic and make myself a knockout zombie costume."

Evie giggled again at that. "I'm not surprised. You seem to be the one genie that really does enjoy changing up your looks when you can."

Ada laughed at that and started walking next to Evie. After a bit, Evie noted that Ada seemed to be looking around. After a bit Ada said in a soft voice "Evie, got a question for you. Have you noticed any of your plants missing?"

Evie blinked. "An odd question. Mmmm, no, not since I started tracking the more "unique" ones. Why do you ask?"

Ada looked around. "The thing about hackers is our curiosity. I don't hack for bad reasons, I do it for the challenge and to see what I can find out. And very often that then extends into the real world. Well, our "real" world anyway."

Ada now had a serious look to her and Evie arched an eyebrow. "I think someone is playing politics in our household. And I think they used some of your plants to help it along. Back before you started keeping track, I think someone swiped some and then used them on Master, and I think me, and may use them again."

Evie stopped, but Ada took her arm and pulled her on. "Keep walking. I don't want this to seem suspicious. This area is hard for my mikes to pick up, so we can talk here."

"You run the computers! Who could listen in?" Evie asked with some concern.

"Technically anyone. Master ordered me to make everything accessible to everyone. I know that Lotus has run some scans several times to determine where everyone was and what everyone was doing , and then set up an alarm if anyone moves out of the room. Usually this was done when she was talking with Lacey and then later Dominika after she joined us. No one else has."

Ada now really looked around and paused. She leaned in close and whispered "And I can't get any recordings of what they were talking about. Someone put in a hidden command program that one of those three can activate that turns off the recording sensors. What's more, I can't find it. And that is why I think Lacey or Lotus used some of those flowers on me. I'm the only one would could have possibly put that program in; I'm the only one with enough access and understanding of this system to do it. A normal hacker would be stopped dead because of my magical enhancements. It could have only been me."

Evie now had a shocked look on her face. "But why? Why would Lacey need that? Why would she do this to you? She loves Master just as we all do, why would she conceal things from him?"

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