tagErotic CouplingsThe Landlord

The Landlord


****This is an open relationship, I don't need to hear about how she is a cheating slut. It is not cheating if the spouse approves. Enjoy!****

When our offer on a house fell through at the last minute, we were faced with moving to temporary digs until something else could be found, as we'd already given notice to our current landlords, and they'd found replacement tenants. Moving is difficult enough, without having to be rushed to find the perfect rental!

Luckily, I found a nice townhouse, albeit without all of the amenities we were looking for. There was no yard to upkeep, a plus for my busy husband and no fireplace for cozy winter nights for me. It was small, but attractive. When I viewed it, it was not in perfect condition, as the previous tenants had just moved out. Upon being promised a cleaning crew and touch up paint, we went home and began packing our belongings- most of which would go to storage until we found a house to buy.

Move in day was a big letdown, as no cleaning crew, and no touch up painting appeared to have happened. When the real estate lady's husband stopped by for the rent and deposits, I expressed my displeasure and was basically told to deal with it- I was ass out.

I gave him the rent money, and he said he would be back later to get the rest (deposit) after my husband got paid. It wasn't until four days later that he showed up, without a call to announce himself or anything.

That morning, as I kissed my husband goodbye, I was really horny. My long curly brown hair, and large, brown doe-eyes pleading with desire. I went as far as to rub my aching breasts on the front of his chest in my attempt to tempt him into a morning quickie, but he just kissed my nose, and turned for the door.

"I'm already late sweetie. Who knows baby- maybe you'll get some with some lucky bastard later! If you do, I want to hear all about it when I get home!" With that, he was gone.

I know he lusts after my five foot two frame as much as I lust after his six foot one body, but sometimes sex just isn't in the cards.

My husband and I have a fairly open marriage, with both of us seeking a little bit of fun on the side- and as couples. He loves to hear about the escapades I get into with Joe and other men while he is at work, and I love to hear about the groupies he fucks while on the road. The sex we have afterward is more than any wife could ask for!

That didn't help matters for my tingly pussy though, and I resigned myself to a little fun in the shower later.


I was just stepping out of the shower when I heard the doorbell ringing. Hurriedly, I grabbed the first thing I could find, my husbands short robe. I threw it on, tying the sash tightly, and rushed down the stairs as the doorbell pealed once again.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I called out breathlessly as I reached the bottom step. Boxes still lined the walls in the hallway, hindering my progress. Tripping over a toy laser gun, I cursed my son softly as I kicked it out of the way.

Finally reaching the door, I pulled it open, apologizing for the delay in answering. "Sorry, I just got out of the shower." I said breathlessly. "Come on in- I'll get the deposit for you."

He was an asshole- but damn, he was a HOT asshole! He wore the classic construction workers garb, flannel long-sleeved shirt and tight jeans, with construction boots. I'd always had an attraction to construction workers, and felt my pussy dampen as he came into the house. He followed me inside, and I gestured towards the brown micro-fiber sofa for him to make himself comfortable, as I wandered into the kitchen to my purse which was sitting on the floor. Bending over, I rummaged through it, counting out bills until I'd reached $500.

I could feel his eyes on me, staring. That was when I realized that in my husbands' short robe; I was literally flashing my ass at him.

"Would you like some coffee?" I called out- hoping my voice was steadier than my heartbeat. For some reason, the idea of him seeing my ass, and most likely my puffy pussy lips was erotic.

"Sure!" he called out, "It's been a busy morning, and I haven't had any yet." He got up, and joined me in the kitchen.

I glanced at him, and then reached up into the cupboard for a clean mug. "Not much space in here for storage, but I needed to downsize my kitchen gadgets anyway."

I could feel the robe sliding up over my globes as I got the cup down, and glanced at him again. Yes, he was definitely checking out my buns. "Oh, this one has a chip in it!" I said coyly as I reached for yet another coffee mug.

Again I felt the cool air on my ass and his hot stare as well. I took my time getting the mug down, giving him ample opportunity to stare.

"Do you take cream and sugar?" I asked suddenly.

"What?" he asked distractedly. "Oh- uh, just sugar thanks."

I moved to the cupboard next to him, and stood so close we were practically touching. We don't use much sugar in our diets, and it was stored on the uppermost top shelf. I really had to stretch to reach the bag of sugar. My fingers were about an inch too short, and Joe stepped behind me and reached over my head to grab it for me. His groin pressed into my ass, and I could feel the effect my flashing my behind had on him. He was as hard as a rock in his tight jeans. Unconsciously, I pressed my ass into his hardness.

Joe set the sugar on the counter, and his hands came to rest on my hips, as he pressed his hips into my behind in a silent plea for permission. I moaned softly, and wiggled my butt side to side, granting permission.

With that, Joe's hands traveled to my ass. "You have such a perfect ass! Up! I want to taste you."

He spun me around, and lifted me up to the countertop. The cold granite sent shivers up my spine as he lifted my legs, planting my feet on the counters edge. He knelt down on the soft, cushiony rug I had on the kitchen floor, and proceeded to bury his face in my freshly washed pussy. I could smell the gardenia perfume of my body wash, mixed with the musky scent of my wetness. I'm sure he could too!

His tongue swirled around my hardening clit, and I moaned in pleasure. This spurred him on, and his efforts doubled. Soon he placed a beefy finger in my dripping pussy, and it greedily sucked it up. His fingers were so thick; they were almost cock-like! I was writhing in ecstasy as he pumped his large digit in and out of my vaginal canal.

When he stuck a second finger inside of me, I lost it! I came so hard, my juices splashing in his face! He greedily licked them up, and continued to suck my clit and finger me. I wondered about his cock- almost in agony for it. Would it be fat like his fingers? Or long and slim? He stood then, still fingering me, but changed the angle of his fingers. He had flipped them over, palm up, and curled his fingers upwards, thrusting them inside of me fast and hard. He was hitting my G-spot repeatedly, which brought me to another Earth shattering orgasm.

"Holy fuck, that was awesome!" I panted as I came down from my climax. "You have great fingers!"

He chuckled, and pulled me off the counter. "Let's go into the living-room." I nodded, and followed him. I couldn't wait to get his cock inside of me! My pussy was dripping with love juices.

Joe stopped at the sofa, and shucked his boots and jeans, while I tore at his shirt. Once he was naked, he untied the sash of my husbands robe, and let it fall to the floor. I stood in total naked splendor in front of him.

"You are definitely sexier than my wife!" he breathed, as his hands cupped my melon sized tits. They were full, ripe, and topped with cherry sized nipples, which he dutifully bathed with his tongue.

His cock, which I had wondered about, was about seven inches long, extremely thick, and had a huge round head about the size of a plum. There was no way that was going to fit in my mouth! He was so thick, and hard, he looked like he had a baseball bat between his legs!

I maneuvered him to the sofa, and urged him to sit down. Crawling between his legs, I began to lick his cock head. Pre-cum oozed from the large slit on top, and I licked it with my warm tongue. He moaned, burying his fingers in my hair. His hips lifted, urging me to at least try to mouth it.

To my surprise, I was able to get the head in my mouth, and I bathed it with my tongue, sucking soft then hard. He began to thrust in and out of my mouth softly, knowing that he was too large to take much in. I took more than I thought was imaginable, more than he thought imaginable as well, judging by the sharp intake of breath as I lowered my mouth down his shaft another inch.

The wetter I got his cock, the more I was able to take, until he was hitting the back of my throat. I pushed hard. Then harder still, until I had forced his cocks head down my throat. I gagged, and almost threw up it was so large, but I suppressed it. The slimy fluid from his cock lubed my throat some and I began bobbing up and down, his fat cock head popping in and out of my tight throat. Faster and faster my head bobbed, until his hands in my hair stilled my motions.

"Oh my God, no one has ever done this for me!" He gasped, then, "I'm going to cum. Stop if you don't want to swallow it."

Spurred on by the knowledge that I was the first to make him come orally, I kept going, taking his cock deeper into my throat, until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I felt his body stiffen, his cock grew in size in my throat, and his balls tightened up in my hands. Soon after, he began to emit thick, hot spurts of cum in my mouth. I took him out of my throat, and felt the hot liquid spurt upon my tongue.

He tasted slightly salty, but not gross like some men. I stroked his shaft with one hand, milking it for as much cum as possible. When no more cum oozed out, I put him back into my mouth, and continued sucking him.

To my astonishment, he remained hard. This pleased me, for I really wanted to feel him inside of me. I stood up, and straddled him backwards, easing my drenched pussy down toward his still hard cock. I lined the head up to the entrance of my excited puss, and began to lower myself onto his girth. The large head spread my pussy lips wide, and I couldn't resist caressing my engorged clitoris with the shiny head. God it felt wonderful!

Eventually, I could wait no longer, and sank down onto his cock. There was no easing, no gentleness; I just plopped down with my full weight. I screamed in both pain and pleasure as his width stretched me to the max. I could both feel and see how far his gorgeous cock stretched me, for the mirror across the room showed the two of us joined in the most intimate of images.

I began to bounce up and down on his hardness, feeling the tip of him at the entrance of my cervix, prodding, forcing it open. When the head of his cock entered my womb, I screamed again. Never had anyone ever gone as deep inside- not even my husband who had a longer cock! The pain was unbelievable, but pleasurable at the same time! I was babying my bounces, but Joe had other ideas.

He gasped that I was so tight, and felt so good. Then he grabbed my hips, and began thrusting upwards in short, rapid strokes. All I could do was grunt with each thrust, and hold onto the arm of the sofa for support. My tits were bouncing up and down, with each sharp thrust he made inside of me. I could see his head peering around me, watching our union in the mirror.

When his fingers began brushing my clit, I lost it. I had thought the orgasm in the kitchen was the most Earth shattering experience I'd ever had, but this- this beat all orgasms I'd ever had, hands down! My pussy contracted around his cock squeezing it so very hard.

I felt him grow again, this time inside of me, and knew he was about to come again, so I reached between his legs, and grabbed his nuts, squeezing hard, but not to injure. I wasn't ready to end this session yet!

I eased off of him, and switched directions- this time facing him. Once again, with his cock inside of me, I lowered my aching cunt down onto his tool. Grabbing the back of the sofa for support, I rocked on his cock hard. Faster and faster I pumped on him, my ass smacking his thighs loudly, and wetly. I was breathing hard from the exertion, as was he.

His hands found my breasts again, and guided one cherry nipple into his mouth, while manhandling the other. The harder he squeezed, the tighter my pussy was on his cock.

Then he bit me. This sent me over the edge, and I squirted all over his lap. This gave him the idea to pinch my nipples, and he did, harder and harder, practically twisting them off my breasts. I came continuously, grateful for the coverlet on the sofa to soak up the mess!

Finally, he squeezed my tits so hard it made me scream, as we both crashed into orgasmic space at the same time. His hands began to gently caress my breasts, to make up for the punishment he'd administered before, and I continued to bounce on his cock, eliciting one final climax from my overworked pussy.

Exhausted, I slumped on top of him, his cock still embedded inside of me. I looked him in the eyes, as my breathing returned to normal.

"Wow!" we said in unison.

Then, to my surprise, he kissed me, the first personal gesture of the morning. His tongue was soft and warm, and very passionate. His hands gently stroked the sides of my still tingling breasts, as our tongues dueled softly.

"I actually came by to let you know, that my wife told me she had promised cleaning crews and painting, and that because she had to go out of town suddenly, she forgot to send them." He informed me, as our mouths parted. "We won't be charging you a cleaning deposit after all."

Gone in that instant was his asshole status! This was a good thing, because he was a really great fuck!

"We appreciate that. This was kind of a last resort for us, and a quick decision to accept this place. It doesn't meet our needs price-wise, but the perks have definitely been a plus!" I said with a wink.

His hand came up between my legs, and began stroking my sensitive clit again. "I think maybe we can work some sort of deal for a discount on the rent, if you are willing...?" he responded, returning my wink.

From that day forward, and for the next four years, we met once a week at my home, while my husband was at work, and my son at school. Our family has grown by two in that time as well, and although I have never pursued it, one of my three children looks an awful lot like Joe!

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