tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Legal Pawn

The Legal Pawn

bydeputy duffy©

The sound of Barry White blared over the speakers and the dance floor bustled with sweaty dancers. Julia Davis was not one of them. She sat in a booth just off the dance floor's side. She was flipping through her case files, while occasionally glancing up at her co-workers, dancing away.

She shook her head in frustration. She wanted to be anywhere but in the smoky dance club. She had just been given what could possibly be the case of her lifetime and the young lawyer wanted to prove her worth to her boss Mr. Harrison. She was thrilled to be given the opportunity, but not with the catch. She wasn't pleased that she had to work on the case with two other lawyers.

(“Why them?” She thought, as she watched them dance.)

The lights flickered, as Ellen Bradley shook her platinum blonde hair. She was the lead lawyer, and she gave the orders. She was also rumored to be close to being made partner. It was her idea to come to the dance club to have some drinks and blow off some steam. Ellen was putting on a fine display of dirty dancing with her dance partner Zack Bugler.

Julia shook her head, as he bobbed back and forth. He was younger than Julia, but seemed to be moving along faster at the firm than Julia. But with this case she was determined to change that. He glanced her way. Julia chuckled remembering that he also had the nerve to ask her for a date, after only working for two weeks at the firm.

“Wow, that was fun,” Ellen gushed, as she spun over towards Julia. “You two should give it a whirl.”

“Yeah right,” Julia snickered, sliding off her stool and brushing past. And evil eye sent Zack's way as he offered his hand.

“He's a good dancer, really,” Ellen said, over the music. But she only got Julia's back, as she slid into the last booth against the back wall. Zack cringed, feeling her bee-like-sting yet again.

“Wow, this is going to be tougher than I thought,” Ellen said, grabbing Zack by the hand and leading him, with subtle force, along the booths, until they reached Julia's.

A firm hand on the shoulder, reluctantly sent Zack in first. Ellen quickly followed. Now face to face, Zack could feel Julia's distain.

“I need another drink,” Ellen said, just seconds after they sat down.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” Zack said, before he motioned to the young woman, carrying a silver tray. “Waitress, three more martinis.”

Julia offered one more futile plea to leave, but Ellen just shook her head. Zack rolled his eyes, not because he wanted to leave, but because Ellen had slid down excessively, her body pressing him up against the far wall. He could smell her spicy perfume now, or maybe it was her hair. He felt his body tingle. He tried to fight it, as he wanted to think of Ellen as a boss and mentor and not like the sexy older woman that she was portraying.

“Now, I think we need to talk about this,” Ellen said loudly, over yet another Barry White song.

“This what?” Julia snapped.

“This attitude...it's not good for the case....”

“Oh, the case,” Julia interrupted. “THIS is really helping the case,” she said, while waving her hand in their direction.

“This my dear, is getting to know each other, 'cause from now on, THIS, meaning the three of us, is all we have,” Ellen said, her voice full of force. She glanced over at Zack, just off her right shoulder, and put her hand on his left knee. “Right?”

Zack could only manage a nod, feeling pawed at yet again. He also felt working on this case probably meant spending every waking hour together on it. He knew this meant his social life would have to be put on hold yet again, but he didn't want to blow his shot. Zack shuddered at the thought. Then, because Ellen's hand was slowly sliding up his leg.

“And I think it would behoove us all to get along,” Ellen said looking at Julia, before she spun her seductive gaze at an ever increasingly nervous Zack's way, before purring into his ear. “Right Zackey?”

“Yeeep,” Zack shrieked out, like a schoolgirl, as Ellen's hand boldly brushed his crotch.

“Well, there is getting along and then there is getting it on!” Julia sneered at the cozy looking duo.

“I didn't say that. Although, I'm the only one married here,” Ellen said, while her hand was tracing small circles on the flushed-faced Zack's crotch. Zack even tried to coyly bat her hand away, after hearing her confession, but more because of the positive effect her touch was having. For Zack, it had been a long time since a hand other than his own had been down there. But the brazen Ellen was winning the battle.

“But I only married for status,” Ellen confessed, while turning Zack's face her way. “My husband hasn't sent me to bed a satisfied woman in many a moon.” Ellen, now staring into Zack's baby blues, finished with a wink, which Julia caught.

“Look at you two. I bet you have your hand on his leg right now,” Julia managed to spit out, before Ellen's giggling drowned her out.

“Something like that,” Ellen seductively purred, as she finally gave Zack's growing cock a good squeeze, sending it to a full-blown hard-on. “Yeah, just like that.” Ellen was impressed.

Zack, sweating with embarrassment, was worried about blowing more than just his shot now.

“Well, you two play your games...I'm outta here.” Julia said, just as the waitress brought over their drinks.

“Just one more!” Ellen shouted, but Julia was already making her way through the crowded dance floor.

“What crawled up her ass?” Ellen said, before gulping down her martini. Zack just shook his head, while trying to adjust his pants. Ellen giggled as she watched. “Need some help with that?”

“What?” Zack gasped. “Look she's gone, so you can stop teasing me.”

“Tease!” Ellen snapped. “I'm a lot of things...but a tease...no.”

“I think we should keep our relationship professional.”

“I agree, Zack...when we're in the office.”


“But here we are, and I got you all hard, so I should help yah...you know,” Ellen said, rubbing Zack's tented pants, again. “But not here.”

Ellen slid to her feet and pulled on Zack's hand. Zack was embarrassed at his present condition, so he was glad the club was dark. He also followed Ellen closely. They made their way out of the backdoor into a darkened alley.

“Geez.... I don't know about this Zack, after all...I had no idea this was an alley,” Ellen said, looking around. “Maybe we should go back into the club...or go find my car?”

“This thing is painful you know,” Zack said. Ellen giggled, as she grabbed his hand. Zack quickly batted it away and pushed Ellen over to a trash filled Dumpster.

“Zack, what the fuck are you doing?” Ellen cried out. But he just laughed and pulled up the back of her dress. She could feel the evening's cold air. “Not here...not like this,” she pleaded.

“Look, you said you weren't a tease,” he said, before he ripped off her white panties, in one violent jerk, and tossed them into the Dumpster, while she shrieked.

“Now it's time to please me!” Zack spit into his hand and then he rubbed it in between her legs. He was surprised at her smoothness. (“Must be a wax job,” he thought to himself.) He ran his fingers along her pussy lips, before finally sliding two in.

“Owww.” Ellen moaned, and she finally gave up her fight and spread her legs and arched her back. Zack spit on his hand again and rubbed it on his cock. He ran the head of his cock along her pussy until it slid inside. She bit her lip. He let out a groan. His thrusts quickly became deeper and more powerful. (All of Ellen's sexy looks, her innocent touches, her dirty dancing, her crotch rubbing, had built him into a sexual frenzy that he was now taking out on Ellen's backside.) The sounds of slapping skin echoed throughout the ally.

Ellen tried to get Zack to slow down, as his deep thrust with his large cock, were almost painful, but her pleas only seemed to fuel his fire. Ellen shrieked, suddenly spotting a hobo, sitting on some cardboard boxes, only a couple of feet away. He was watching with a toothless grin. She cringed, noticing that he was jerking off while watching them fuck.

“Please Zack, someone's watching!”

“I know. I saw him, too,” Zack said, grabbing a hand full of hair. “But if you know how long I've wanted this...Julia.”

Ellen gasped. She wasn't sure if she heard right, but she could have sworn....

He suddenly pulled down on the back of her hair, as he groaned out and released deep inside of her pussy, interrupting her thoughts. Several small quivers followed, and then he let go of her hair.

A voice suddenly bellowed out. “Everything alright out here?”

Zack and Ellen quickly fixed their clothing. When they turned, they spotted one of the club's bouncers at the backdoor.

“Good timing, Pal,” Ellen said, as she made her way back into the club and Zack followed. She never looked back, while he stopped at the bar to have another drink.

Zack finally made his way home. His head still swirling from the evening's events. He knew the difference between right and wrong, and he was leaning towards the later.

Unlocking the door to his one room flat, he swung the door open and headed straight for the frig -- a finale beer on his brain. Cracking the bottle open, his nose picked up a scent, but it wasn't barley, it was....

“Hi there Zackey.”

He heard the voice, before he focused on the moon lit face.

“Ellen, what the!” Zack screeched, at his surprised visitor. “How did you get in here?”

“Key under the mat,” Ellen said with a sly smile, as she flipped on his pole lamp. “Not real original.”

“B-but what?” Zack mumbled, moving closer, a little cautiously.

“What my dear?” Ellen purred, dragging on a cigarette. “Cigarette after sex, isn't that the way?”

“No. Wha-why are you here?” Zack mumbled, as he sat down on his couch across from Ellen, who was slumped in his old recliner.

“Ok Zack, I'll cut to the chase,” Ellen said, putting her cigarette into an empty beer bottle. “You see, you and me need to have a little talk, 'cause we gut a problem.”

“Problem?” Zack managed, a gulp in his throat.

“Yeah, I have a problem with being fucked in an alley, like a common whore, while some bum watched. You could have at least slipped a fifty into my bra after you were done with me. Really now, leaving me with your cum oozing out of my pussy, and running down my thighs,” Ellen said. She put on her best face of disgust, although she tingled with excitement. Zack cringed and slumped back.

“And to top it off, you weren't even fucking me, were you?” Ellen said, teasingly.

Zack's head slumped. She heard.

“So what are we gunna do now?” Ellen asked, disgust in her voice.

“I dunno,” Zack mumbled, his stomach turning.

“Well for starters at least look at me,” Ellen ordered and Zack quickly followed. “That's better.”

He did his best to focus. His insides in turmoil.

“Good, now listen and listen good, young man. The way I see it you owe me one, big time, and here's what I want.” Ellen paused for effect, loving that she had Zack's full attention. “I want Julia.”

“Huh!” Zack groaned, a little taken aback.

“Not like that! I'm no lesbian,” Ellen said, with a scrunched face. “No, I just want her for one night. I wanna see her on her knees, licking my pussy.”

Zack was even more stunned now.

“It's a power thing,” Ellen said, reading his face. “And your gunna make it happen.”

“What?” Zack squealed.

“Yeah, that's right buddy boy. I don't even care if you join in. Hell you've fucked me once, and I know you wanna fuck her, so just make it happen.”

“I mean, but how and why?” Zack in a panic, quickly asked.

“Why?” Ellen said, biting a bright red fingernail. “Hmmm...That's a tough one...let's just say I want Miss High-Horse put in her place.”

“Confused,” Zack chirped, shaking his head.

“Look when Julia first joined the firm, we bonded. I thought we were good friends and then she just changed...and....”

“What happened?” Zack interrupted.

“I don't know!”


“Look, it was innocent.”

“Tell me, Ellen.”

“Look, we use to work out together, so like we were at the gym. Well, after our workout we were in the locker room, and it was time to shower, but there was only one shower open, that's all.”

“If you don't tell me,” Zack said, moving to the edge of the couch. “I can't help.

“Alright...alright...but this stays between us,” Ellen warned. “Well I suggested we shower together...like I said it was innocent.”

“Ah, huh,” Zack groaned in disbelief.

“It was!” Ellen hissed. “I've showered with other women before. I didn't think it was a big deal, so I started taking off my workout clothes. Like I said, I didn't think it was a big deal.”

“That depends, I guess,” Zack managed, the picture of them porno showering, dancing in his head.

“It was just...I don't know...maybe it was the look on her face when I started stripping off her clothes. I thought she might faint, especially when I grabbed her sports bra and pulled it off.”

Zack shivered with the thought.

“She was mumbling some protest, as there were a couple of women watching us. But hey, I was already naked, so she was getting naked, too. I almost had to rip her small bike shorts off, as she was so squirmy. When I finally had her naked, I grabbed her by the hand and headed for the shower.”

“And then?” Zack quickly moaned, excitement on his breath.

“Well the shower was built for one, so we, you know, were tight...skin on skin,” Ellen said, excitement now on her breath. “One thing about Julia that you've probably noticed by now is that she has some rather large breasts on her, and well I've just never...well...they were like two begging cones.... I-I, ah, just wanted to...you know....”

“Touch them,” Zack added, feeling strangely jealous.

“Yeah...I mean no.... I just wanted to help her wash,” Ellen said, shaking her head.

“Ah huh,” Zack chuckled.

“Well, I didn't think it was a big deal, so I offered to wash her back,” Ellen said, her body consumed with exhilaration, as her mind raced back in time. “She was frozen like a statue. Her skin slick and smooth. I just couldn't help myself. After I finished her back, I reached around and her breasts just melted in my soapy hands. I couldn't believe how firm they were. The soap, the water, her golden brown erect nipples...it was electric.”

Zack, listening to Ellen's sultry voice, was suffering from a case of happy pants, yet again.

“Well, I thought she was enjoying it as much as I was, so one of my hands moved lower and lower. Honestly, she could have used a trim down there. I mean my finger almost got tangled, but it finally slid in. Her pussy even seemed to suck me in. One hand now on her breast, another in her pussy, soft moans from her lips. It was heaven! I thought I finally had her...but....”

“But?” Zack snapped, excitement and jealousy fully consuming him.

“Yeah but...but she couldn't take it. She bolted from the showers and has never looked at me the same way again.”

“Maybe she's not into woman,” Zack said, with a prideful shrug.

“No, it's not that. I could tell by the way she looked at me when I stripped off my clothes that she liked what she saw, and she definitely liked my touch. And ever see a boyfriend?”


“No, she has a problem with me being her boss, and she just has a problem letting go of her fears,” Ellen said, as she rose from her seat.

“And you have a problem with rejection,” Zack growled, as he shook his head.

“I get what I want,” Ellen said, with a glare, before she strolled to the door. “You don't think I've had to do things that I'm not proud of to make it this far! Why should she be any different?”

“But how do I?” Zack asked, before Ellen opened his door.

“I don't care how you do it,” Ellen said, an evil look on her face, when she turned her gaze back. “Seduce her, coerce her, blackmail, I don't care, just set it up before the case is over...or....”

“Or?” Zack groaned.

“Or you're done at the firm, and I will blackball your ass so bad you won't even get a job pumping fucking gas around here,” Ellen growled in a raspy voice. “Remember, I get what I want.”

Zack shook at her closing statement and from the slamming door. He also knew that he'd been had.

Zack spent the next day trying to figure a way out of his predicament. He knew Julia could make good on her threats. He decided to hire a P. I. that he used on a prior case to dig up some dirt on Julia. He also gave him Ellen's name almost as an afterthought. The P. I. took a few days before he called back. He told Zack that Julia was clean. Zack cursed at the news. But the P. I. went on to say that Ellen, on the other hand, caused quite the stir in her small town. She was still a senior in high school and she had an affair with her principal and ended up getting pregnant. But what Zack was surprised to hear was that Ellen aborted the pregnancy. Her abortion made the front page, of her small town rag, for days.

When Zack hung up the phone, he checked his email for the newspaper reports that the P. I. was sending his way. He knew this could be his out. Zack's brain was racing. (He had gotten to know Mr. Harrison over the last couple of years, and knew that he was a radical pro-lifer. He even went all over the country with his wife to support the cause. And if he knew about this, Zack had a feeling that it would be Ellen that would be through at the firm.) Zack made some copies and headed out to find Ellen.

He found her having her morning coffee at a small Diner and presented her with his findings. He loved the stunned look on her face when he told her that she would now become his “fuck toy” in exchange for his silence. “Starting today, in your office, after work,” Zack said, as he left Ellen with a small kiss on her rosy cheek. “And you'll have to get Julia on your own...I ain't no pimp,” he said, as he headed for work, with a whistle.

At work, Zack spent most of the day in the firm's basement. Ellen had given him the daunting task of looking up old case after case. He was looking for precedents, involving their case, or basically anything that would help them out.

Zack was doing his best to concentrate on work, but as the day wore on, his concentration was slipping. His after work sex meeting with Ellen, in her office, dancing in his head. He kept patting his pocket, warming a tube of lubrication, which was waiting for the deed. He had only found one lover prior, willing to give anal sex a try. But she only lasted three or four thrusts before she cried, “no mas!” He sported an evil grin, as Ellen would get no such break. Although, he was pretty sure he wouldn't be the first to make that dirty trip, he was mostly looking forward to controlling his boss.

(“Ah, but first,” he thought, looking at his Rolex, seeing that it was finally time. “I think I'll get one of her famous blowjobs that I've heard oh so much about. I can't wait to see her face smeared with my cum.”)

Zack made the long trip up to Ellen's office, his groin already aflutter, as it had been all day. His cock had been in every state there was, just thinking about the fun things he was gunna do with Ellen.

He stopped at Ellen's door, looking around, here and there, to make sure the coast was clear. “Not a creature stirring,” Zack thought, as he rapped on the door, before swinging it open. (Weakly impersonating a “here's Johnny.”)

“What, you change your name?”

“Julia what the...?” Zack said, stopping dead in his tracks. “I mean, what are you doing here?”

“What?” Julia snapped. “We are working hard on the case, too.”

“No, I, ah, mean,” he mumbled trying to get Ellen's eye, but she was acting busy, flipping papers on her desk. “I'm surprised that's all.”

“Yeah, we're full of surprises,” Julia said with a sly grin.

The grin went over Zack's head, because he was looking a little lower, his mouth agape, and his eyes unbelieving. He focused. (“Wow!” he thought to himself, over and over, at the cleavage Julia was now sporting. Her usually fully buttoned blouse was unbuttoned down past her eye catching, red bra. Her bra was also seemingly trying to push her full breasts out of the blouse's opening.)

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