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The Legend


There is a legend in Northern Michigan about a clan of the Dog-Man that has been around since the late 1700s. Many people have claimed to have seen it, from woodsman to elderly women to teenagers who party in some of the forests around here. No one has attempted to explain where or how this creature originated, until now.

Before white people ever stepped foot on this land, a set of twins were born into the Wolf Clan. Children such as these had never been seen before. Instead of the black hair of their people, these children had gray hair like the elders of the tribe. Their eyes were silver rather than the dark brown of their parents. The village was very leery of these children and no other children were allowed to play with them. The twins became used to playing together and once they learned to walk, often played in the forest around the village. Many times they would play in the stream where the tribe gathered their water.

Soon the braves began to complain of no animals left in the forest for them to hunt. They were unable to fill the food larders for winter and the people would certainly starve. At the same time, the women were no longer able to catch fish in the stream. The stream was drying up and the only fish left were the young, too small to gather enough to feed the families.

The Chief called a meeting of the warriors in the tribe. All but the father of the twins attended. As the pipe was passed from hand to hand, the medicine man called upon the Great Spirit to sit with them. The other men in the lodge chanted, asking for the Great Spirit to give them knowledge, help them to keep their families from starving. When the chanting quieted down, a large dark shadow filled one corner of the lodge. Everyone listened as the Spirit explained that the twins were ancestors of the first four wolf brothers. The Blue Wolf, the Black Wolf and the White Wolf all went to live underground. Only the Gray Wolf remained on top and the Great Spirit said the children must be turned over to him.

The Chief called for the father of the twins and told him what must be done for the good of the people. Although their parents were heartbroken, they knew the good of the tribe must come first and reluctantly agreed. The next morning, the mother packed extra food for the children and led them to the place where the stream joined the river. Since the first wolves came from the water, a special friendship grew between The Turtle and the Wolf Clan. The Turtle was to carry the twins to the Gray Wolf. The mother helped the children onto Turtles back and stood at the shore until she could see them no more.

The Turtle swam all day and all night. The next morning the children woke up and found The Turtle walking on the beach. Standing among the trees was the Gray Wolf. :Welcome, little ones," he said.

The children slid off Turtle's back and followed the Gray Wolf to his home. For many years the children grew in the home of the Gray Wolf. They played with his children, learning how to hunt and fish. Sometimes they would see other villages on their journeys but never did they approach them. As the years passed, the children grew into young adults. All around them their childhood friends began to find mates but there were no mates for the children.

One day the young boy, now called White Dog, asked the Gray Wolf why he could not mate with the village people. The Gray Wolf told him his place was now among the Wolf family. The boy protested that none of the female wolves would mate with him because he was different. His sister, White She Wolf, was having the same problems. None of the male wolves would take her as his mate. That is how it would always be the Gray Wolf told the boy, they truly had no place in either world.

The boy told his sister what the Gray Wolf had said. His sister cried, knowing she would never have a husband or family of her own. Her tears upset her brother so that he promised her they would run away together, find someplace where no one knew them and have a family. On the night that marked the beginning of their eighteenth year as they snuck away, believing the wolf family to be asleep. The Gray Wolf opened one eye and watched. Knowing that it was a great dishonor to mate with a family member, the Gray Wolf felt he had no choice but to call upon the Great Spirit to confront the pair.

As soon as the couple found a cave to live in, the Great Spirit came to both of them in their dreams. Both of them were told that grave danger lie ahead if they continued with their plans to live as man and wife. The next morning, neither of the siblings would tell the other about their dreams. They were both so desperate for love and acceptance that they kept quiet. As the sun was setting that day, White Dog repeated the words he had often heard Gray Wolf say when a man had chosen his mate. When the sun hid behind the trees, the couple walked into their home as man and wife for the first time.

Once inside the darkness of their cave, White Dog reached for White She Wolf. As they grew up with the wolf family, they had not had any need for clothes since they left their parent's village so many years ago. The only times the couple had ever seen any mating was with the wolves, they knew of no other ways. White Dog licked and sucked on his sisters nipples until they swelled in his mouth. One of his hands slipped down her body to cup her sex and her moan of pleasure rippled through the still air. As his fingers caressed her, White She Wolf sank to the floor of the cave on all fours. White Dog quickly joined her and sniffed at her sex to see if she was ready.

When his nose was near that seething opening, White She Wolf pushed her hips back at him, coating his nose with her juices. Surprised, White Dog pulled back and flicked out his tongue to get rid of the dampness now coating his nose. After tasting how good it was, White Dog buried his face in her pussy, his tongue lapping away at the delicious nectar he found there. White She Wolf's moans grew even louder and remembering the warning from the Great Spirit in his dream, White Dog knew he needed to quiet her. His sister-wife was enjoying what he was doing to her and White Dog wondered how it would feel if she were to use her mouth on him. Without taking his tongue from her, he turned to present his hard throbbing cock to her. Her soft tongue hesitantly touched the head of his cock, gently tasting his pre-cum. With another moan, her lips wrapped around his swollen prick, pulling him into her mouth.

It felt so good that it was White Dog's turn to moan in pleasure and as he did, his tongue slipped over the hard nub at the top of White She Wolf's pussy. He felt her whole body shiver in response and she greedily sucked more of his cock into her warm mouth. White Dog groaned again before wrapping his lips around her clit, sucking and licking at it. White She Wolf's entire body was rocking now and he had a hard time keeping his mouth on that nub so he reached up with his hands and spread her pussy lips apart, exposing it better. One of White Dog's fingers accidentally slipped into her pussy and White She Wolf shoved her hips back hard, taking that finger deeper inside her. White Dog could feel the muscles inside gripping his finger as she rocked back and forth.

As she used his finger to please herself, White She Wolf rocked her mouth up and down on his hard cock, her fingernails teasing his balls. White Dog quickly placed his mouth back on her pussy, trying to get his tongue in with his finger to muffle his own moans of pleasure but unable to do that, he began using his tongue on her clit again. Suddenly White She Wolf's body tensed above him before she began pumping herself up and down on his finger. White Dog could feel something bumping against his fingertip as it went even deeper inside her. The muscles of her pussy clenched around his finger tighter and then began to throb around him, the muscles rippling faster and faster. His cock was released from her mouth as she loudly cried out in pleasure.

Slowly the muscles in her pussy quit clenching around his finger and White Dog rose up off the floor of their cave. Walking on his knees, White Dog moved behind White She Wolf and gripped his cock in one hand, using it to find the tunnel where his finger had been. Placing his other hand around one of her hips, White Dog slowly entered that wet tight passage until he felt the barrier against the tip of his cock that he had felt with his finger just a few minutes earlier. White She Wolf became fearful and tried to crawl out from underneath her brother-husband but he quickly bent over her exposed back and sunk his teeth into her neck as he had seen many males do to their mates. By bending over like that, he had forced his way past that barrier and heard White She Wolf cry out in pain as he sunk deeper inside her. White Dog could feel her pussy muscles contracting, trying to push out the painful intruder but with his teeth gripping the back of her neck and his hands on her hips, he held her in place.

Finally, her whimpers of pain died away and her body relaxed so White Dog began slowly moving inside her. After a few minutes, White She Wolf began to rock back, meeting his thrusts. Now that White She Wolf was willing surrendering her body to him, there was no need for White Dog to hold her in place and he removed his teeth from the back of her neck. The full moon outside cast its light into the cave and White Dog was able to see a faint trail of blood on his cock as he pumped in and out of his new mate. Reaching underneath her, White Dog pinched her nipples and was rewarded as she rocked faster and harder. He was able to sit still as his sister-wife fucked him until her body once more tensed, tightening around him before the muscles of her pussy exploded once more, going into spasms around the length of his cock. His balls tightened; his fingers left her nipples to once more grip her hips as he plowed into her fast and hard until his own release came. His shout of pleasure joined hers to echo off the walls of their cave and float out onto the night as they came together.

They collapsed to the floor of their cave, still joined together. Slowly White Dog's cock softened and he slipped out of his sister-wife's pussy. White She Wolf moaned at how empty she felt without him inside her and lifted her hips off the floor, trying to capture him again. Her brother-husband lay down beside her and pulled her close to him so they could drift to sleep with her head on his shoulder. As they slept their combined cum, tinged pink from the blood of her maidenhood, seeped out of her pussy, across her thigh and onto the rock floor beneath her.

The Earth Mother was very disturbed to feel the blood from such a couple flow into her ground. The Great Spirit was saddened and disappointed that the siblings turned lovers had ignored the warnings. Together, Earth Mother and the Great Spirit plotted a punishment for the young couple. Early the next morning, White Dog woke up. As he lay there he felt the warmth of his sister-wife beside him and remembered the events of the night before. Rather than shaming him as Earth Mother and the Great Spirit had hoped, those thoughts kindled a desire in him and he woke White She Wolf with tender, teasing caresses.

As the sun peaked over the edges of the trees, the pair were busy learning new ways to please each other. After slipping down to the edge of the lake, the couple began washing for the new day. Turtle approached them and begged them to stop living as man and wife but the couple ignored him. Later, as they hunted for breakfast, Raven landed on a branch above their heads and he too begged them to return to the home of the Gray Wolf where they could live once more as brother and sister but once again the pair did not heed the warning.

The young couple continued to live as man and wife for several months. Every day, animals in the lake and in the forest would beg them to go back to the home of the Gray Wolf but they kept ignoring the warnings. Soon White She Wolf's stomach began to grow large and round she was going to have their child. One night as they began to make love in their cave, the Great Spirit appeared before them and demanded that they stop living as man and wife. If they did not, their children would carry the burden of the parent's sins for eternity. White She Wolf and White Dog were too much in love with each other and the idea of having a family together, they could not give up what they had only so recently discovered.

A few weeks after the Great Spirit visited their cave in the night, White She Wolf gave birth to a son. The baby had silver eyes just like his parents but his hair was the color of mahogany and covered his entire body in a fine downy coat. The only areas spared the covering of hair were his face, the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet. As it was the warmest days of summer, White She Wolf often laid the baby naked on a blanket near her but the animals made fun of the child, calling him Shaggy Boy until she began making clothes for him out of the animal hides White Dog drug home from his hunting.

Shortly after the baby was born, the light of a full moon brightened the night sky. That night as the family lay sleeping in their cave, an unearthly snarling howl filled the air. White Dog and White She Wolf woke to the sound; terrified because it was the sound of an animal neither had ever heard before. White She Wolf snatched the baby up and quickly took him outside, as it seemed as if the noise was coming from inside their home. White Dog searched the cave but rushed to the side of his sister-bride when her heard her scream in panic. In the light of the moon, White Dog could see the face of the baby in White She Wolf's arms. He watched in horrified fascination as the baby's body trembled and shivered in its mother's arms. The baby's ears grew tall and pointed. His face changed into that of a wolf, long and narrow with a pointed snout that stopped at a black triangle instead of a human nose. The blanket the baby was swaddled in tore to reveal arms that now ended in large paws complete with claws that had ripped the blanket to shreds. White She Wolf cried out as the baby leapt from her arms to land on four feet, looking much like the wolf cubs she had seen at the Gray Wolf's home.

As the creature scampered off after a chipmunk that had caught its eye, White Dog and White She Wolf cried out to the Great Spirit, begging him to release their child from this curse. For the last time, the Great Spirit appeared to the couple and told them that there was no hope for this child. If they had returned to the home of the Gray Wolf before his birth, the baby would have been spared but as they were selfish in their desire to live outside of nature, their sins unleashed a curse on the heads of this child and any others they chose to have together. The first time they had lain together as man and wife was on the night of a full moon so at the time of the full moon for the rest of his life, their son would turn into the creature now roaming the forest.

Both White She Wolf and White Dog cried at the life they had sentenced their son to but their love and desire for one another was too strong to throw away to return to the home of the Gray Wolf. They also could not bear the thought of leaving their child behind. They vowed never to have more children and they never did. Over the years, Boy as they called him continued to grow. He became an even more skilled hunter than his father. Boy never seemed to have any memories of the transformations that overtook him on nights of the full moon but did not understand the mornings he woke feeling sore and tired, covered in blood. White Dog had taken to following Boy on his trips into the forests at those times, watching as his son killed and devoured every animal in his path from the smallest chipmunk to a large grizzly that had been wakened by Boy's eerie howls and lured outside its den to investigate the strange sounds.

One day, when Boy was the same age his parents had been when they snuck away from the home of the Gray Wolf, his father explained to him that not only was White She Wolf Boy's mother but she was White Dog's mate, wife and sister. Boy grew shocked and angry as he heard for the first time about the transformations that had plagued him almost since birth for he realized that his parents had sentenced him to a lonely life. Never would Boy have the chance to find a mate of his own for he was the only one of his kind. Boy looked from his hands, covered in a course dark hair so thick it was like fur to his father's nearly hairless body. His hands shook in rage.

Boy ran into the forest and still had not returned by the time the sun fell behind the edge of the forest and the first stars appeared. The full moon rose in the sky and in the distance White She Wolf and White Dog could hear the now familiar sound of their son's howl. As their hearts ached for him they crept inside their cave for the night. In the forest, Boy stalked animals that had been foolish enough to continue scampering around while he was on the prowl. A slight breeze pushed a scent that was at once familiar and strange to the powerful nose. Sitting on his haunches, Boy lifted his nose to the air, breathing deeply to inhale the aroma. When that still wasn't enough, Boy raised himself on his back legs. Homing in on the smell, Boy took off in the direction it was coming from, unmindful of the night animals around him hurrying out of his path.

Rounding a bend, Boy stopped suddenly. The place looked oddly familiar. Cautiously he entered the clearing and sniffed the ground. The tantalizing smell grew stronger and he followed his nose into a cave, a cave where his parents lay sleeping. Once inside, Boy rose on his hind legs again to his full height to stare at the people sleeping before him. He felt a strange sensation, something he had never felt before between his legs and looked down his powerful hairy body to see his foreskin pulling back, exposing the thin tip of his cock. He watched as more of his cock grew outside of his body.

Resting on his haunches again, this Dog-Man sniffed at this strange thing. It didn't smell like food but still he opened his mouth to reveal large canine fangs and allowed his long tongue to trail out of his mouth. At the touch of his tongue against the end of his cock, Dog-Man jumped, startled at how good it felt. Leaning closer he flicked his tongue over his quickly hardening cock until it grew to its full strength of 9 inches long. His foreskin continued to pull back until a large knot, about 4 inches in diameter was also exposed.

A glance at his parents showed them to still be laying as they had been, his father on his back with his mother curled up almost on her stomach, one of her legs entwined with his and her head on his chest. Although White She Wolf had taken great pains to make clothes for her son, she never bothered with any for her or her brother-husband since there was no reason for the animals to tease them as they had her child. As a result, the beast that had taken control of her son's body was able to peer at the soft moist tunnel from which he sprang in the moonlight filtering into the cave.

Rising on padded paws, Dog-Man silently approached the sleeping woman. In some dark corner of his mind, he may have remembered that this was his mother but to the animal now in control, she was nothing more than a female and as such, a possible mate. Slowly he crept up her body until his front paws rested on either side of the sleeping couples shoulders, his hind legs between her slightly spread ones. Lowering himself, he felt the tip of his cock brush against the outer lips of her pussy. Perhaps it was that which woke his mother but feeling a large beast on her back, she gasped which in turn woke her brother-husband. The man was only able to see a huge animal crouched over his sister-wife's back and reached for his hunting knife. Sensing the danger, Dog-Man reached over and squeezed his father's throat between his massive jaws.

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