tagFirst TimeThe Lessons Ch. 22

The Lessons Ch. 22

byCharles Petersunn©

I placed this story in the first time series. It is relatively long. However, it need not be read in one sitting, as it actually involves a number of distinct episodes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's Not Like It's Real Sex

Melissa Andrews and James Fortune were 18 years old. They had been so for a number of months. Even longer than they had been dating. It had only been about a couple of months since they started dating. In any case, they were now seeing each other quite a bit. They would ensure to spend time at least three school nights together. Their parents both insisted that they not spend every night together. They were frankly concerned that Melissa and James were going too fast, although their effort to constrain them probably had the opposite effect of keeping the passion fires burning. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Even when the parents insisted that Melissa or James spend an evening at home with them, they still managed to sneak in a phone call.

The parents did not actually have the authority to govern their behavior. After all, Melissa and James were both 18 years old. They were even attending college: Templeton. However, like many of the students at Templeton, they still lived with their parents, and the parents in this case indicated quite clearly that as long as they were living under their roof they would follow the house rules. Besides, Templeton College was itself rather conservative and constraining of student behavior, an aspect of the college that was attractive to the parents and even many of the students. To the administration of Templeton, college students should receive considerable guidance and even supervision regarding social and leisure activity. Restraint, self-control, avoidance, and even denial of sexual dalliances, frittering, and philandering were far preferred over any animalistic, hedonistic indulgence. This was a policy that the Andrews and Fortune families fully endorsed.

Melissa and James though would not deny themselves each other's company. They would even grab moments of time in between classes. Jim would run over to catch "Missy" (his nickname for her) as French class ended so that he could walk her over to Algebra. Their friends joked that they seem to be physically attached. When they were seen together, they were always holding hands. They just knew that they were the right ones for each other.

It was now even unspoken that they would spend Friday and Saturday evenings together. It didn't really matter that they had nothing special planned. They didn't have to plan anything. They just wanted to be together. The only thing that would trump a Friday or Saturday night together was some sort of family affair or a school function. And, even when the latter was true for Melissa, Jim would insist on driving her to and from the event. They just wanted to be together.

Of course, they particularly enjoyed the Friday or Saturday nights when they were on a date. It was time that they could spend alone, together, and express their feelings for each other. Melissa enjoyed those evenings a lot. She felt that Jimmy was the best kisser she had ever known. She could kiss him for hours, and cuddle for even more.

It wasn't too long though before she started to notice the bulge in his pants. She knew that guys did that. She didn't mind. She actually liked it, knowing that she was making her guy so excited. However, she certainly wasn't ready to go all the way. In this regard, she was a true Templeton coed. Such things would have to wait. And, he fully understood. He didn't pressure her, nor did he really even want to. He held the same values and this was one of the many things she liked about him. He respected her. He would wait for her.

But, it wasn't like it was easy even for her to wait. She would end most dates all flushed and confused, and, she hated to admit, even a little moist, down there. As the dates passed, she found herself not only noticing his bulge but even willfully, purposely, sneaking looks at it. It looked very mysterious and inviting, poking out so hard against Jimmy's slacks. How could she not notice something so bold, so prominent?

It was even harder for Jim to wait, and hard was a good word for it. He would be rock hard by the end of a night of necking. He would at times even dash to his bedroom after a date to, well, to do what is rather obvious at that point. There was even one time when they were at a party and they had been in a corner necking heavily for a good hour and Jim finally had to excuse himself to use the bathroom. He just couldn't help himself. He had to get some relief. So, he masturbated in Lucy Miller's bathroom (the girl who was hosting the party). He felt really embarrassed at doing this, even a bit ashamed. He felt sort of like a pervert, "pounding his pecker" in some family's bathroom. But, his balls were just aching so bad. Perhaps it was a terribly wrong thing to do, but he certainly felt much better the rest of the evening, although still a little shameful. He sure hoped nobody noticed how long he had been in there or, worse still, could hear any of the tell-tale sounds through the door of a boy "beating his meat."

Jim had been hoping that she would notice it, and might then even want to take care of it. But, he couldn't bring himself to actually tell her or ask her to touch it. He could tell by her actions that she wasn't ready for that. He would at times reach for her breast but she firmly, albeit sweetly, took his hand and moved it to her waist. He wasn't annoyed about this. He understood. Some girls just weren't ready yet. He might himself occasionally loose control when he got real excited, and it was then right and good for her to remind him, and remove his hand from her breast.

He didn't mind, as he liked her very, very much, and he had good reason to.

Melissa was a very cute, bubbly, cheerful girl. She was lots of fun. She seemed to always be in a good mood. No matter how gloomy or annoyed he might feel, she could always reverse his mood. She was loads of fun to be around. Unlike lots of other girls he had dated, Melissa actually liked to watch sports on TV and to go to ball games. Talking to her just wasn't like it had been with other girls. He didn't have to try to come up with things to talk about, he didn't have to monitor how he was responding to her, he didn't have to work at maintaining an interest in what she was saying. They just talked about what they wanted to talk about, and it always seemed to be the same thing, the right thing.

Plus, she did like to kiss. It seemed like she could kiss for hours. That was, of course, though, part of the problem. He sometimes wondered if it would be better if they just kissed a few times and stopped. He would not then get so frustrated; his balls so blue. But, who wouldn't want to be kissing Missy?

In any case, she did finally cross an important threshold. They were visiting Tony, along with a bunch of other friends. Tony's parents weren't home but they didn't mind if he invited over some friends. Melissa and James wandered off to the living room while Tony and the others were discussing music and computer games in his bedroom. They weren't missed. It was well established that Melissa and Jim would always sneak off.

They went to the living room because it was a good distance from Tony's bedroom. It didn't offer a lot of intimate privacy but they would be able to hear if his parents came up the driveway. They didn't really care if one of their friends discovered them. They would just be kissing.

However, Melissa did more than that. As they were getting into the heat of their kissing, hugging, squeezing, and massaging of arms and backs, Jim felt Melissa's hand actually, clearly, explicitly, rest right on his notable erection, and she didn't move it away. He didn't say anything or do anything in response. It was like a little squirrel had wandered up to him to try to help herself to a peanut. He worried that any sudden movement, anything that might draw attention to what she was doing, would just scare her off.

And, man, did her hand feel so nice. She had the most delicate, little, feminine hands. During a break in kissing she would at times just play with their hands. She liked to hold their hands up against each other, dramatically showing how big and strong his hand was compared to her own. James was not in fact a particularly big guy, but compared to the diminutive 4'10" frame of Melissa, he certainly felt powerful and strong.

And, now this, this soft little, elvish, hand, was resting firmly on his erection. His dick swelled even further with the touch of her fingers through the cloth. He kissed her more passionately. He even stuck his tongue into her mouth. They did do a lot of French kissing. She didn't mind that. She in fact liked it a lot. To her it was like he was entering her body in a most intimate way, and it was certainly farther than she had ever gone with any previous guy. French kissing to her was a clear sign, a clear indication, a clear statement, of how much he meant to her.

Melissa had been feeling very passionate, very hot, when she finally gave in and touched him there. As she thought about it, she could feel some wetness between her legs and they hadn't even been kissing that long. It was perhaps due in part to the fact that they were lying down together on the couch. They usually necked sitting up. Lying down was more like they were actually having sex. In any case, she decided that she would finally do it. She would actually touch it. And, she did not regret her decision. It felt so big! This was really exciting. Her hand was actually now right on his "stiffy." She giggled to herself at calling it a stiffy. She liked that word. It made it seem cute and manly both at the same time.

She then felt his tongue enter her mouth. She could tell by its sudden, forceful entrance into her mouth that he clearly liked that she had touched his stiffy. She flicked her own tongue at his, letting him know that she was equally happy to have him there. And, at the same time, she even gave his penis a little squeeze. She heard him groan.

She did not stop with just touching him. She began to gently slide her fingers up and down his penis, feeling its stiffness through the layers of fabric. She had always enjoyed feeling his muscles, the taut manly strength of his biceps. But, this was even better. This was his taut, stiff manhood; his love muscle. She closed her eyes and slid her tongue into his mouth as she fondled and stroked his shaft.

James was in blissful delight. He had his arms around her soft, gentle body while she was French kissing him and, most importantly of all, she was now finally using her precious hand on his hard cock. This was much, much better than jerking off in his bed when he got home. He considered placing his own hand on her breast or, better yet, between her legs. It seemed only appropriate that he try to give her as much pleasure as she was giving him. However, he hesitated, as he was afraid that this would only snap her out of her moment of passion. She might even think that touching him implies that she must now let him feel her up as well, and so might just stop touching him if he touched her.

He would have to think fast though, as he could feel his arousal climbing quite rapidly. He would hold out much longer when he played with himself. It was evident that this would not be true when it was his girlfriend's hand, for the first time, fondling, caressing, stroking him. He could feel the surging pressure within his balls; the sense of an impending orgasm. He questioned whether he should let it happen like this, but he wanted to let it happen. He wanted so much to cum as she was fondling, feeling, and stroking him. Although, that could also be the wrong, the worst, thing to do. They would not be embarrassed at getting caught kissing and feeling each other by their friends, but it would be much different having his friends see a sloppy, wet stain in the front of his pants. He might even spook her if he started to cum in his pants.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, he wasn't sure which, the decision was made for him. They both heard Tony's parents pull up in the driveway. They quickly separated and gathered their composure. Both were quite hot, flushed, and breathless. Melissa dashed off, ostensibly to check her hair in the bathroom, but also because she was a bit embarrassed at how far she had gone. She wasn't too sure that she could look Jimmy in the eyes right after she had been so openly playing with his stiffy.

James, though, didn't let her run off and hide. He followed her down the hallway and even into the bathroom. As she was fixing her hair he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissed her on the neck, and said quietly, "That was real nice, Missy. You know I love you very much."

They didn't often use the "L" word. They used the lower case, "like," word a lot, but not the big one. She liked hearing the bigger one. She giggled with appreciation, and responded, "You stop that now. We can't have Tony's parents know what we were up to. You get out of here."

Jim responded, "Well, I certainly can't walk out there like this." He stepped to the side and displayed in the large mirror that rose above the sink the evident presence of his stout erection.

"Jimmy!" Melissa exclaimed, her face flushing with embarrassment as she looked at it poking out his pants. This was the first time that she had actually explicitly, openly, publicly acknowledged its presence. "You're so bad." She turned to face him and playfully shoved him out of the bathroom. She said more quietly, "Now you get rid of that thing before anyone sees it."

This was frankly good advice, and it would be easier to have it go down if he was somewhere else so he would no longer be looking at her pretty face and luscious body, nor thinking of her tender fingers. The thought crossed his mind of suggesting that the bathroom was a good place to "get rid of it," like he had done previously at Lucy Miller's house. But, he knew that would be out of the question. "Just one last kiss?" he asked.

She gave him a quick peck on his lips and, much to his surprise, even a quick squeeze of the head of his penis. "Now get going. They'll be coming through the front door any second."

- - - - - - - - - - - -

With this threshold finally crossed, it actually became unusual for Melissa not to touch him, down there, whenever they were necking. She certainly wouldn't do it when they were kissing in public. But, she didn't mind touching him there when they were alone. In fact, she now found that she looked forward to it. Seeing him get all excited; well, it excited her; it made her happy to know that she was making him happy; it made her feel like a real girl, an attractive and feminine woman, that she could make her guy get so turned on.

And, she would quietly admit to herself, it made her feel warm down there as well. She would even at times masturbate in the privacy of her bedroom after an evening of playing with him, imagining that she had actually taken it out. She would fantasize that she would take him out and stroke it right out in the open, watching it get bigger and bigger until it finally exploded in a big, powerful orgasm, shooting its white stuff all over the place. Getting to this point in her fantasy often brought herself to her own orgasm. She would feel a little guilty afterward about having such thoughts, but they were just thoughts. She wasn't actually having sex with him.

It didn't take long, however, for them to realize that this next step, her touching him down there, did come with a problem: a problem with cumming. They could kiss for hours but she could only play with him for minutes at a time before he had to tell her to stop, that if she continued to play with him like that he would ejaculate.

She liked hearing that. She would let go whenever he warned her, but she might then snuggle up to him and giggle with the thought that she was getting him so excited that he couldn't even control himself. After a little while she would return to his erection, perhaps just to dance the tips of her fingers along it. She would even tease him a bit. As she lightly traced her fingers along its stiffness, she might say "This doesn't bother you, does it Jimmy?" or "If I just walk along it with my little fingers, that won't make your big thing all mad or anything, will it?"

She wasn't actually trying to annoy or aggravate him. In fact, he liked her teasing probably more than she did. As far as he was concerned, a fine evening would be spent just lying back while Melissa amused herself with his erection. The fact that she enjoyed playing with it was nothing but a plus. The aching in his testicles was much more worse after an evening of her playing than it had been after an evening of their kissing, but this only made his own eventual masturbation at home all the more pleasurable.

There was one time though that her hand did get out of hand.

James had been invited over for dinner with her parents. Melissa's parents liked James a great deal. They knew that he was a good student, that he had big but realistic plans for the future and, most importantly, that he treated Melissa with respect. Melissa had assured her mother that she had not yet gone all the way, that she had no plans for doing so until she was married, and that James was in full agreement. The fact that James shared their values and was not pressuring her, earned him quite a few points.

When James arrived Mrs. Andrews directed him to Melissa's bedroom. "She's upstairs, James, finishing her homework. Why don't you go up and get her. I bet she will be happy for the excuse to stop studying."

"Sure thing, Mrs. Andrews," James replied, bounding up the stairs to Melissa's bedroom.

When he arrived he saw Melissa lying on the bed. She was lying with her head and back propped up with pillows. A book was resting on her upraised knees. She was staring intently at a graph. With her knees pulled up her skirt had fallen well down on her raised thighs, and, with her knees also somewhat spread, James had a very nice view of her sweet, young cunnie, still fully covered by her white cotton panties but nevertheless very evident by the curved rise of the panties over her soft mound. She was so engrossed in her reading that she probably had no idea that she was exposing herself like that to anyone who happened to walk by her bedroom door. Her younger brother Timmy would probably have enjoyed the peek. James felt a bit guilty in doing so himself, but he didn't let on right away that he was there. He paused to watch.

She was even absentmindedly waving her knees back and forth, alternately hiding and exposing the delicious white mound. James could feel himself beginning to swell as he enjoyed the show.

"Jimmy!" Melissa squealed, as she finally noticed him at the door. "I didn't hear you come up." She immediately dropped the book and got up on her knees. Her skirt fell back over her thighs, hiding from view any further appreciation of her feminine softness. However, this did not make her any less desirable or sexy in James' eyes, particularly as she was now on her knees at the edge of the bed, her arms extended, waiting for a big hug and kiss. He was happy to oblige.

And, she didn't want just one quick peck of hello. As he approached she said, "Jimmy, I've missed you so much." They hadn't seen each other for two days and for Melissa that was much too long. She pulled him down to her and gave him a long sweet kiss. He held her tightly to him, feeling her soft round breasts pressing against his chest.

She sighed with pleasure and yearning as she separated from him. "Did you miss me too, Jimmy?"

He smiled. "Oh yes, yes, very much so," he replied, affectionately stroking her cheek as she gazed up into his eyes.

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