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The Letter T


The Letter T is chapter 3 of my ongoing erotica "Remembering the Alphabet".

The Letter T

When I met T she was perhaps the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. But in all honesty I was 16, at college, and a little more impressionable than I am now. Even so I can't deny I was immediately attracted to her.

We were taking different classes but met through mutual friends. She was studying some sort of mechanical course. To be honest, all I knew was that the course required her to often wear overalls and look dirty much of the time. It may sound odd, but if you ever saw her with her overalls stripped to the waist revealing a grubby white vest, wearing no bra and with amazing hair tied messily back off her grubby face you'd think it was hot too! Through the grubbiness her skin was iridescent. I discovered that she had grown up in the UK but her parents were Iranian and she had definitely inherited an almost regal beauty from them. I could imagine her in some sort of Arabian fantasy, like the princess in Aladdin, with one of those see through silk veils...

It was easy to do that a lot when T was around. In fact I spent many hours over our time at college watching her and fantasising about her. For me, despite the oil and overalls she always looked like a mystical princess. So I feel now, I need to point out that despite all my longing, and many hours of masturbation, I probably had no more than ten conversations the whole way through college, and then we went our separate ways.

I need to give you this background so that you can understand how I felt when I saw T again many years later. I hadn't even thought about her in a long time, and it was quite a surprise to run into her when I was out one night with some close friends. I have many friends who ride motorcycles and often get dragged along to some of their biker haunts -- this was one such occasion. I was wearing a short tartan skirt and classy not trashy fishnets (there is such a thing) which I had managed to snag on the way into the bar. I went straight to the loos to take them off, grumbling under my breath the whole time. As I walked into the toilets a girl was coming out the other way and we walked straight into each other. We both apologised and then did a double take. The woman in front of me was even more beautiful than I could imagine she might have become. Her hair was still long, but pinned back to reveal the sides were short, like a crazy mohican. Her skin was beautiful and smooth and her clothes were tight. She now looked like a futuristic Arabian princess, but a princess nonetheless. We smiled at each other in recognition. I said the first thing that jumped to mind. "This is the first time I've seen you without overalls on..." Her laughter was glorious. I was so attracted to her, and still standing close I couldn't help but feel a little aroused. After a moment she apologised and moved out of my way. "Sorry, you must need to go..."

"No." I protested quickly. "I just ripped my stockings, I was going to take them off..." My words trailed off as I noticed that she was running her tongue over her lips, a hypnotic action. She looked down and saw the rip and then nodded. "I live just around the corner if you want to change there... the loos here are a tight squeeze..." Her tone was low, silky. My imagination might have been working overtime, but she seemed like some sort of mystical temptress and I wondered if they had siren type creatures in Iranian legend. She had hooked me and was reeling me in. I couldn't believe it... this was someone who instantly made me feel both aroused and vulnerable, something that didn't happen often. I let out a slightly nervous laugh to which she grinned widely. I think in part it was due to not meeting many people as overtly sexual as myself, when confronted by it I feel almost shy. I knew how others felt with me -- like a deer in the headlights. "Sure..." I responded, my mouth completely dry.

Still grinning she took my hand and pulled me out the bars backdoor. We proceeded around the street corner at which point she stopped and pulled me close. Before I knew it I was backed against the wall with her pressed tight against me and her tongue exploring my mouth. Taken by surprise, it took me a moment to react, partly because she was so like a goddess to me I wasn't sure I dared touch. When I finally did respond I made the most of it and took hold of her pert ass, pulling her tighter to me. After a few steamy minutes she pulled back. "I wanted to do that every day at college." She told me with a glint in her eye. I laughed. "I know exactly what you mean..."

Taking my hand she continued to walk me at a pace that hinted at a strained patience. Two minutes later we were at her door and climbing the stairs to her upstairs flat. She stopped and kissed me again before pulling out her keys and opening the door. The separation didn't last long -- as soon as we were in and the door was closed she kissed me again, this time pushing me up against it. I was so wet already. She grabbed my arms and put them above my head, her tongue exploring my mouth as she pressed our breasts together. The feel of her hard nipples made me groan. I could feel her lips smiling against mine as she moved a hand to hold both of mine in place and proceeded to move her other hand down between us. She hitched up my skirt and slid her hand into my knickers. I gasped, my clit was so swollen that her touch made me go weak at the knees. I spread my legs a little so that she could work my clit with ease, my wetness letting her fingers slide back and forth and round and round. Within minutes I couldn't kiss her anymore, I needed to breathe... I was panting as she moved her mouth to my neck, kissing and biting me as her fingers moved deeper. Letting her hand drop from mine so they were no longer held against the door, she used it to pull my leg up to her hip, completely opening me to her. Her mouth still working my neck she slid her fingers inside me, the heel of her hand rubbing against my clit.

"Oh fuck!" I muttered into her ear, my arms now tight around her as she gripped my thigh with one hand and fucked me with the other. "Oh fuck!" I cried out, this time loudly, as I felt my clit explode and pulse, my pussy gripping at her fingers as she continued to pump into me a few seconds more, enjoying watching me ride the climax. The more I came the weaker my knees got until I couldn't stand anymore. T was holding me up, finally letting me ease to the ground as she slid her fingers out of my soaking pussy. I was panting heavily as she crouched down beside me, still grinning.

"Would you like something to drink?" T asked me, as I managed a nod she moved over the fridge and grabbed us both a can of cider, passing one back to me she offered a hand to help me up. I accepted and let her help me to my feet still feeling light headed.

"I thought you needed to take your stockings off..." She purred, looking down at the rip. I nodded "do you mind?" I said looking at her with a sly smile, this time it was me licking my lips. She shook her head with a smile. "The bedroom's right through there..." She indicated with a nod.

I walked through to the bedroom, taking in my surroundings. Everything was clean and tidy though I noticed the odd piece of machinery laying on newspaper on the floor. It made me smile. It made her seem more human, and yet still so far removed from me, she was a fantasy princess playing at being human. I had just put my can down on a chest of drawers when T entered the room behind me, moving in close and slipping her hands around my waist. "You know, I used to fantasise about you, fucking me like that, all grubby in some machine shop..." I laughed. T laughed along with me. "Mmmm, sounds good." She started lacing my neck with kisses. I turned in her arms moving my mouth to hers, kissing her with passion, my tongue running over hers. I moved her towards the bed, still kissing her as my fingers found the edges of her shirt, pulling it up over her head. My hands immediately moved to the breasts I had coveted so many years earlier. We fell onto the bed, my body pressed against hers for a few moments before I moved back to straddle her. I pulled my vest off and removed my bra as her hands came up to explore my tits. Her thumbs brushing over my nipples as I pushed my hips to hers. I could feel her grinding against me as I leaned in to kiss her breasts. Pulling her bra down I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked on it, drawing it into my mouth then circling my tongue around it. She groaned her hands moving into my hair as I moved to the other nipple. Using my hands to squeeze that soft flesh I buried my head in her tits, biting and licking at them.

After a few minutes she was writhing against me. "Fuck me... please...." she asked. Never one to deny such a request, I moved down, kissing her stomach as I reached to unzip her tight jeans and pull them down. Stripping them off along with her knickers I moved back up as she spread her legs. I bit my lower lip looking at her sweet pussy. I ran my hands along her thighs as I pressed my tongue against her clit. She tasted so good. I circled my tongue around her clit one way then the other as she started to moan, then I moved my tongue down, pushing it inside her. I felt her tense as I did so, her tone changing. She liked it. I dipped my tongue in and out of her wet pussy a few more times before moving back up so that I could kiss her. She groaned with pleasure as she tasted herself on my mouth. Her groaning deepened as I inserted first two and then three fingers inside her. As I started to fuck her with my fingers I moved my mouth to her breasts. Laying at her side I was able to move myself across her, my tongue now working her nipple once again as I alternating fucking her and circling my fingers around her clit. Finally I moved by thumb against her swollen mound as I started to fuck her hard. My skirt had hitched up and I was now grinding myself against her hard thigh, my clit swelling up again. Writhing together we were both panting and sweating as I kept pumping into her, she was grinding herself against my hand. Her wetness, her groaning, was just turning me on all the more. We were now grinding against each other as our mouths frantically sought each other. Our kisses were bruising as we fucked hard. Finally she came, crying out as I felt her pussy grip around my fingers. A few moments later I came too, my swollen clit satisfied against her hip.

We both lay back, panting. Finally she looked across at me "that was fucking good" she grinned. "But you're still wearing your stockings..."

After that day we saw each other every now and then in the bar and occasionally fucked. To this day I think she was still one of the very most beautiful people I ever had the pleasure of fucking, and each time, she started to feel that tiny bit more human.

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