tagMatureThe Light Is On

The Light Is On


If I had to describe Becky, my wife, I would say that she is like the light bulb in the refrigerator. When the door is open, she is all bright and shinny. But, when the door is closed, she is cold and dark. I am not one of those who open the door. I am sitting in there in the cold and dark as far as the way she acts toward me. It takes someone else, anyone else, to open the door, which turns on the light. The reality is that when we are alone she is cold to me. But, when someone else is there, she can be a party animal. That is how our married life has been since nearly the beginning. We have been married way too long.

So, you can imagine that our sex life leaves a lot to be desired, not that she cannot be a good lover when she wants to be. She has really learned to give great head. I had subscribed to a porn rental service for a few months trying to spice things up between us. I hoped that some of the movies would turn her on. It didn't turn her on, but the result was beneficial.

I could order four dvd's at a time over the internet. I tried to rent dvd's with a plot. Let's face it. Straight sex is boring. The dick goes in, and the dick comes out. After a few minutes, it is the same thing over and over. I always want company when I watch porn. Especially, if you have someone with you to discuss the moves that the actors are making.

Becky didn't like to watch, but I got her to watch a few with me. She would put her head down and nearly cover her eyes with her hand. Becky must have been peaking through her fingers and watching more than she would admit. Her blow jobs and hand jobs were mediocre before I started the rentals. After watching a few dvd's, she began to improve in the blow job department. By the time I canceled my subscription, she was giving me the best blow jobs that I have ever had. She had learned to deep throat, and she will swallow on occasions. What I realized later was that she was learning from the dvd's she was watching. I now call it CSE, Continuing Sex Education.

I decided to do something about improving our sex life some more. I though that if I could get her to forget her inhibitions, she would be a better lover. I reasoned that she needed to have other sexual partners to open up. I had been the only one she had ever fucked. Our sex life had become boring and stale.

I have a friend, Beth, who knows some swingers in New Orleans. Beth is single and does not swing. But, she loves to talk about sex. She knows a couple, Christy and Jack, that have tried for years to get her to go to their favorite swingers club or one of their swinger parties. I talked to Beth and asked he to put me in touch with Christy and Jack. After talking with Jack, we made our plans.

Before I go further, let me tell you about Becky. She is what you call a BBW. I tease her that means a Big Butted Woman. She thinks it means Big Beautiful Woman. But, we both agree that the first "B" is for "Big."

Becky is about 5'3" and heavy with boobs that must be about 40+". Her hair is brown. She has let herself go, and I believe that she is suffering from depression. Why? I don't know. I just don't think she is happy with herself.

My plan is for someone else to show her some interest. Then, maybe she would feel better about herself. I am about 5'9" tall and weigh 190 lbs. I would like to get down to 175 lbs. My dick is hard. I just don't have anywhere to use it. Becky is not interested, and I am tired of begging her for attention and affection.

It was difficult, but I talked Becky into meeting Jack and Christy at their club in New Orleans. She had no idea what kind of club it was. We arrived about 9:00 o'clock on Saturday night. Jack and Christy were there waiting on us. You couldn't tell it was a swingers' club if you had not known. There was a lot of slow dancing music mixed in with some fast stuff. Everyone was friendly. What was not so obvious were the rooms upstairs. These rooms could be rented for a price.

We were having a great time. Christy and Jack got Becky to do a few jello shots. That graduated to tequila. After a couple of shots tequila, instead of putting the salt on the back of your hand, the salt went on someone's neck and the lemon in their teeth. The person would lick the salt from the other person's neck, drink the tequila and take the lemon from the other person's mouth. No hands were allowed.

Christy told me that she knew of a drug that made her so horny that she couldn't stand it. Whenever, she took any she would have to fuck and fuck all night long. We decided that Becky could use a little help in releasing her inhibitions with a little. We decided that Christy would add a little to Becky's drink to see how she would react. Christy would add a little more each time until the desired effect was reached.

During this time of drinking and shots, we danced with several people. Some were older, some were younger and some were our age. During the evening, Trevor seemed to be dancing more and more with Becky. Trevor was about 40 and married to Laura, who was 38. Trevor was in pretty good shape. He was 6'0" and about 190 lbs. Laura, on the other hand, was 5'10" and weighed about 110 lbs. She was just too skinny for my taste. As it turns out, she was too skinny for Trevor's taste too. It seems that he has a fetish for large women. Laura is too boney. I don't blame him for wanting a woman with more meat on her bones. As big as Becky is, I would still pick her over Laura.

Trevor and Becky danced. The more they danced the closer they got. I caught Trevor rubbing Becky's ass and boobs. Becky tried to get Trevor just as far away from me when this happened. But, after a few more drinks, she didn't seem to care. Someone, who had led a very erotic sex life, once told me that "alcohol lowers a lot of inhibitions." Well, the alcohol and the drug Christy added to her drink seem to be doing their stuff on Becky.

Between dances, Becky would come back to our table, and I would tease her about Trevor. She kept denying that there was anything going on and that a good looking man like Trevor would never interested in her. I told her that if the opportunity arose she should take advantage of the situation. She then told me that nothing would happen, and I told her that I knew she didn't have the nerve. That is when she got defensive and told me that she just might show me. Soon after, Becky had her fourth shot of tequila. I told the bartender to make hers light. I didn't want her getting sick or passing out. That would ruin everything.

Back to that fourth shot, Trevor rubbed some limon juice on his neck and sprinkled some salt on the juice. Then, he put the lemon in his mouth, holding the peal to the inside with his teeth. Becky licked the salt and took her time about doing it. Then, she tossed down the watered down tequila went for the lemon. Well, she must have gotten out every bit of juice out of that lemon because she took a good three minutes sucking on it in Trevor's mouth like it was. To tell you the truth, never saw that lemon after the first two seconds since Becky's mouth covered all of Trevor's.

Then, Christy said that it was Trevor's turn to take a shot. Christy said that she would put the salt on Becky this time. Becky expected the salt to go on her neck like had Trevor before her. Christy had other ideas. She unbuttoned Becky's blouse to about the fourth button and pulled it to the side where she could get to Becky's bra. Then, Christy pulled Becky's bra down to where the areola was almost exposed and sprinkled some salt there. Becky started to say something, but Christy pushed a slice of lemon in her teeth. Trevor didn't wait for an invitation. He went straight for the salt and took his time licking it off. I notice that he had gotten his tongue down Becky's bra and was licking on her hard nipple. I knew Becky was surprised. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and her whole body was goose bumps. I wondered if he ever was going to drink that tequila. But, he did in a hurry and went for the lemon. It didn't take long before Becky pulled back. I thought that she was upset. I was wrong. She spit the lemon on our table and went back to kissing Trevor. They kept that up for several minutes with both of them trying to get their tongue's as far down the other's throat as possible.

When it was over, Becky had that "what have I done look?" Her face was flushed with embarrassment or lust. I couldn't tell which. It took her quite a while before she would look at me. I think she was afraid that I was mad. When she did look, I was laughing. She said, "You are not mad." I said, "Hell no. What goes on in the Big Easy stays in the Big Easy. You don't get your panties in a wad over what I do and I won't worry what you do."

At that, a big shit-eating grin came over her face, and she looked for Trevor. She spotted Trevor walking across the dance floor and grabbed him for a dance. Really, tackled would have been a better word for what she did. I don't know if she though about Laura or just didn't care. Becky was too drunk to figure out what kind of club we were in. She never came back for a long time. I saw her and Trevor on the dance floor. They were kissing passionately and groping each other's body. I saw Trevor with his hand in Becky's bra, and she had her hand down his pants. Once he had is face buried between her boobs, and she had her hands on his head showing him where to go. She never treated me like that. I was a bit envious but not jealous. After all, this was MY plan, and it seemed to be working.

After five or six dances, she came back to our table, more for a drink of the rum and coke that she had been drinking than anything else. She needed something to cool her down. That is when Christy told her of the rooms upstairs. She told Becky they where there so that the customers could take a break and get away from the smoke and noise of the dance floor. Christy handed a key to Becky and said, "Here, Becky. Jack got us Room 5. It is a good place to relax. Why don't you and Trevor go up there and we will be along in a little while. Take your shoes off and relax." She was hesitant and looked at me. I pretended that I had not heard the conversation with Christy. Becky grabbed the key and held it to her side so that I could not see.

Becky asked Trevor to dance the next slow dance. This time she lead and dance them across the dance floor toward the stairs. When she though that I was not looking, Becky grabbed Trevor by the hand and lead him up the stairs. Poor girl never thought about the mirrors, but I did.

When she entered Room 5, Becky's mouth dropped open. Over to the right was the biggest bed she had ever seen. To the left was a Jacuzzi that could fit eight, a dozen if they were friendly. Past the Jacuzzi was the bath room with a huge shower. Becky dipped her hand in the tub. The water was just right, warm but not hot.

As she was standing by the Jacuzzi, Trevor came up behind her. He tenderly kissed he back of her neck and shoulders. He gently caressed her breasts as he nibbled his way to her ear. Becky was enjoying it all as he slid his hands under her bra and massaged her nipples. That is, She was enjoying it all until reality struck. She turned and said, "Stop, Trevor. What are we doing? What kind of place is this?" Trevor responded, "Don't you know?" "No, Trevor, you tell me." "Becky, this is a swingers' club." "I can't do this it is not right! But, it sure does feel good!" "What part is not right, Becky? When I kissed you?" "Yes, that was wrong, but it felt too good." "When I ran my tongue all over you boobs?" "That was wrong again. And, I liked that too much." "Was it when you stuck you hand down my pants and felt of my cock while we were dancing?" "I really liked that part." "SOOO?" "Someone could walk in at any moment!" "Christy told me that this was your first time. She and Beth think you need some excitement in your life. Christy promised me that she would make sure that no one barged in on us until you felt comfortable." "How will she know?" "There is a lock on the door. Turn that switch by the door and a light comes on over the door. No one is supposed to enter while the light is on. Now, you can go back to the dance floor if you are uncomfortable. Here, no means no." "What about my husband? Does he know?" "No. Beth told us to keep him in the dark. (He lied.) Christy and Laura will keep him busy doing shots."

I don't know if Becky really believed this tale, or she was using it as an excuse. At any rate, she didn't run immediately out of the room.

For about 10 seconds, Becky just stood there. Then, she walked to the door and grabbed the door knob. She paused. Then she said, "Fuck it. You only live once." She turned the dead bold and licked the light in the hallway on. When she turned around, Trevor saw a smile on her face and the look of pure lust in her eyes. She walked toward him like a woman on a mission. She knew what she wanted and was going to make sure she got it this very night.

As she walked toward Trevor, Becky unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. Next to go was he skirt. She began unbuttoning Trevor's shirt and kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples. Trevor unsnapped Becky's bra and let it fall to the floor. He gigantic breasts were free. He sucked, licked and massaged them from every angle. The lubrication of his saliva allowed his to fingers to glide over her breasts to find the most sensitive areas. More than once he found a spot that made her toes curl.

Becky had loosened his belt and pants. Once his pants fell to the floor, Trevor stepped out of them. Now, he and Becky were both naked except for their underwear. As they kissed, Trevor deftly slid his hands in Becky's panties and eased them down her legs to the floor. Becky was utterly embarrassed. She realized that she was wearing those huge grandma panties that she always wore. There was nothing sexy about them at all. As she stepped out of them, Trevor, who was on his knees, ran his tongue up her left leg, across her mound and down her right thigh. Becky forgot about the panties. She wished more than ever that she had not been so lazy and had trimmed that bush.

Becky lifted Trevor to his feet, put her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. As they broke free, Becky let her arms slide off Trevor's neck and slowly down his check past his chest to his underwear. She gently hooked her thumbs in his waistband and pushed his underwear down toward the floor. She had to stop and lift the waistband over this rock hard cock. Once she did that, his pulsating cock sprang free and pointed to the ceiling. As it did, it hit Becky on the cheek and she smiled. With her right hand, she clutched his throbbing organ and began to suck and stroke it. With the other hand, she finished her job of removing his underwear and Trevor stepped out of them.

This was only the third cock she had ever sucked. There was a boyfriend in high school that she had tried to give a blow job. That had been a fiasco. As soon as her lips touched his dick, he unloaded with out any warning. They broke up soon after. She never admitted this to anyone except me, and so far as everyone knew Trevor was only the second cock she had tasted. Technically, Trevor may have been the second man she had given a real blow.

As Becky sucked, her head went further down on Trevor's dick. She never really like watching my porno movies. But, when she did watch, she had learned to give great head. She had gotten to be and expert. Trevor was in heaven. He had never experienced anything like Becky's blow job. Becky had a rough tongue. When she raked it across the head of his dick, Trevor couldn't stand still. He was receiving the best blow job of his life, and he knew he could not last long. He had to stop Becky. He lifted her to her feet and kissed her deeply, tasting his own pre-cum. They moved to the bed and laid Becky on her back, still kissing her deeply. He broke their kiss and licked and sucked his way down to her boobs and further. When he reached her mound, he drove his tongue into her pussy with a passion. He desperately wanted to repay her for that wonderful blow job she had started.

Becky was wild with ecstacy. She wanted that new dick in her mouth. She wanted it shoved as far as it would go in her pussy. She was begging him for it. Finally, she pulled him up and made him mount her. She was wet. No, not wet, flowing. His cock slid in easily. Trevor had made her cum twice with his tongue, and she was cumming again. Trevor couldn't last any longer. He came in her like he was in high school. He filled her pussy and pumped as long as he could. But, Becky was not finished. As Trevor rolled off of her, she planted her dripping pussy on his face and demanded that he eat her some more. Trevor ran his tongue around her clit and deep in her pussy tasting his cum all the time. He ran two fingers up her pussy. They came out covered in pussy and cum. He rubbed the sexy fluid in Becky's mount. She licked it off an begged for more. A couple more times of this, Becky flipped to a 69 position. Trevor's cock was covered in cum and pussy juice, which she devoured. After cumming again, Becky needed a rest. The turned around and laid her head on Trevor's should, while she gently played with his cock. "How as that?" she asked. "I can't speak. I am exhausted. I don't think that I can get it up again," sighed Trevor. "Oh, you can get it up. I will make sure of that. But, we both smell like pussy. Let's hop in the Jacuzzi for a minute."

After about fifteen minutes in the Jacuzzi, Becky had caught her breath and started exploring Trevor's body. She ran her hand gently up and down his leg. Coming close to his cock but never touching. This just made Trevor yearn for it more. Finally, she began stroking it gently. Instantly, it sprung back to life. Trevor was laying his head back in pure delight, enjoying every stroke.

At this point, Becky decided she needed some pleasure and sat on the edge of the tub with her legs in the water. Then, she commanded Trevor, "Get over here and eat my pussy you motherfucker. Eat it until I tell you to stop. Lick my clit and ram that tongue deep into my pussy. Deeper, you bastard. Harder. More. More. More. Shit, stand up. Get out of the tub. Dry me off." Trevor proceeded to dry Becky with a handy towel and then himself. Becky, in the meantime, was spewing a series of profanities that would make a sailor blush, telling Trevor to hurry and get a move on. That kind of take had the desired effect on Trevor. His cock became rock hard again.

When he was dry, Becky took Trevor's cock in her left hand and lead him to the edge of the bed. Becky sat in front of him and proceeded to suck his cock with a passion. Trevor was floating on the clouds. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. She pulled him on to the bed and began riding him reverse cowgirl. In this position she had easy access to his balls and anus. She pounded Trevor's cock into her as hard as she could go, coming at least three times in the process.

Trevor was massaging her tits and pinching her nipples. "Ride me you fucking bitch. Ride me like as slutty cowgirl. Make me come. Make me come. Play with my balls you cunt. Hump me! Hump me! Hump me!"

After her third orgasm, Becky knew that Trevor couldn't keep up with her. He just didn't have another orgasm in him unless she did something drastic. She wanted her fourth orgasm to simultaneous with Trevor's. She knew what to do. As Trevor wiggled and wailed under her, Becky put the middle finger of her right hand in there mouth and coated with all the saliva that she could manage. Next, she rubbed it along the edge Trevor's cock acquiring more natural lubricant from her pussy and Trevor's previous orgasm. Deftly, she inserted her finger in Trevor's asshole. With the skill of the best urologist, she found his prostrate as she her orgasm began. Becky milked Trevor's prostrate like an expert causing him to have the most intense orgasm of his life. At the same time, she began an intense orgasm of her own. She had experiences female ejaculation before. But, this was with someone new. The fluid flowed. It covered Trevor's cock, his balls and ran down the crack of his ass, soaking Becky's hand. The bed was soaked.

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