tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 03

The Literotica Olympics Day 03


Day 2, The 4x100 Relay

Day 2 dawned and it was time for my second event. I was entered in the 4 man 100 yard relay race. Of course it wasn't really 4 man, it was 4 person. The rules for this race were unlike any other relay I'd ever heard of. They also sounded like a helluva lot more fun.

The rules were actually pretty simple. First of all the race would not be run on a track. Instead it would be run on a football field. Each team started at the goal line. The teams must have one man and one woman on the track at all times. When a team started running, the man would be standing vertically. The woman would be stretched out horizontally in front of him. Her legs would be wrapped around him and she would be supporting her upper body on her hands. The most important thing was that they must be "united" at all times. While the team is running, the man must be inside the woman.

The race would begin with each team sending out one interlocked couple each. When a couple made it 100 yards and crossed the opposite goal line, the team must replace one member of the couple. The new pair may not cross the goal line and begin to run, until the man is firmly inside his teammate. When the team is connected, the pair will then proceed back to the original line. This will be repeated until all 4 possible team combinations have run. The first team to complete all 4 legs wins.

I was really looking forward to this event. First of all, I had hoped to win a medal the previous day. Frankly, my team had been doing very well, but we fell apart a little towards the end and finished out of the money. This event seemed like a great chance to pick up my first medal of the competition. Second, just being in this event had to be great fun. Win or lose, this was going to be a race to remember.

The team we had put together was myself, Tatelou, Honey123, and Lewdandlicentious. After we had all completed the first day's event and showered, we got together for a last minute training session. In all honesty, I don't really know if our training session helped prepare us for the race, but it was damned enjoyable.

When our team came out for the event, we found that there were only 4 teams entered. So, all but one of the teams was guaranteed a medal. We decided that Lew and Tatelou would start. Honey would replace Lou for the second leg. I would replace Lew for the third one, and Lou would replace Honey for the anchor leg.

Obviously, this event had to be competed in the nude. As we removed our clothes, the officials reminded us that if a man came during the event and was unable to remain inside his partner, the team would be disqualified at that point. If more than one team didn't finish, then teams would be ranked by how far they made it.

As Lew and Lou got into position, I took my first look at our competition. Each team had its own particulary strategy for the race.

The team on our right was Cloudy, Minsue, Edward Teach, and Boxlicker. They had apparently decided to switch the men first. Ed and Cloudy were going to start. Box would go next, with Minsue replacing Cloudy for the third leg. Then Ed and Cloudy would finish the race.

To our left, was the team of Lauren Hynde, Crimson Maiden, Carl East, and Oggbashan. This team was using an order similar to ours. The ladies would switch first and the men second. Ogg and Lauren were going to start, with the Maiden taking the second leg. Carl would replace Ogg for the third leg, and he and Lauren would finish. The interesting thing about this team was that as they were warming up, the girls had both men deep in their mouths. Lauren was deepthroating Ogg for all she was worth, and Crimson's tongue was working all over Carl. Apparently, they felt that having the guys as hard as possible would prevent accidental, uhh, "uncouplings". Lew and I both admired that strategy. However, neither of us honestly thought that we would last two laps after that treatment from Honey and Lou.

The final team was farther to our left. They were Svenskaflicka, Rumple Foreskin, Remec, and Colleen Thomas. Like team two, they were going to switch men first. Rumple and Colleen would start. Remac would go on leg 2. Then Svenska would begin leg 3, with Rumple coming back for the anchor leg. This team was the most interesting. There appeared to be some difference of opinion on some part of their strategy. Svenska and Colleen in particular seemed to be having a very animated discussion. Colleen seemed unsure of something Svenska was suggesting, but Svenska appeared to be insisting and Colleen finally gave in to whatever it was. The guys didn't seem too concerned about it, but they were both smiling when they saw Svenska win the arguement. After that Svenska handed something to both guys, but I couldn't tell what it was.

At that point I had to stop looking around, because the starter was calling teams to the line. Lew was already inside Lou and they were making their way over. Lou apparently was already so wet, that they hadn't had any trouble getting ready. Also, with the length of Lew's racing equipment, we certainly weren't worried about accidents on the course. Lew and Lou were joined by the other 3 teams. When all the couples were in position, the starter made his call and the gun went off.

As the gun sounded, I took one last look around at the other teams. It was then that I realized what team 4's strategy had been. Svenskaflicka had been passing lubricant to both men and I could see that good old Rumple was firmly up Colleen's ass. Apparently, Svenska had felt that using that tighter opening would insure that their guys didn't slip out during the race. From the look on Colleen's face as they started, you might say that she didn't appear completely comfortable with that decision.

All four teams crossed the line and began the journey towards the other side. As it turned out, our little practicing sessions had done some good. The ladies on the other teams were having a little trouble balancing on their hands. They would slip a little and guys would have to hold their weight. From the practicing, Lou was moving pretty well, and after 20 yards or so, she and Lew were already clearly in front.

As the teams headed across the field, they were of course moving farther and farther from me. After about 50 yards, it became a little more difficult to see the race clearly, but our team seemed to be maintaining its lead. Across the field I could see Honey jumping up and down and cheering our first couple on. Let me tell you that watching that lady jump like that in the nude, is a very inspiring sight.

The teams were well into the second half of their leg, and by now the other couples seemed to be well into their rhythms. Ogg and Lauren were interesting to watch. Lauren had an unusual gait to her movement. From the viewer's standpoint, her ass moved in some very fascinating ways as she moved on her hands. The other thing it appeared to do was move her forwards and back a bit as they walked. This meant that Ogg would be pulled out of her a little at one point, then thrust way back in with the next step. Lauren seemed to shudder a little every time Ogg plowed back into her. I didn't know if they would win, but the two of them certainly seemed to be enjoying the contest.

As the teams got near the other side, I saw Honey stop jumping and put one of her hands between her legs. Even from 100 yards away, I could see that she was beginning to work her clit. I didn't have to see her hand, I could tell from the look on her face what she was doing. That girl wanted to win. She was going to make sure that she was ready for Lew the moment he got there.

Lew and Lou crossed the line a good 5 yards ahead of anyone else. With Honey's preparation, the switch went very smoothly. Lou dropped off of Lew the moment they crossed the line. Honey was bent over waiting and Lew slid right up her pussy. In almost no time at all, our team was headed back towards me.

Ed and Cloudy crossed the line next. Ed pulled out of Cloudy. The young Indian girl quickly turned around and waited for Box to mount her. When Box was in her box, so to speak, the couple took off after our team.

The last two teams were basically tied as they crossed the line. Rumple vacated Colleen's rear entry and Remac quickly replaced him. It was obvious that Colleen had adjusted well to the team's strategy. The look on her face as that second cock went up her butt was anything but uncomfortable. In fact, from the way she was licking her lips, I wasn't sure how well she would be able to concentrate on the race.

As Colleen was getting her second rider settled, Lauren and Crimson were also changing. From the look on Ogg's face as he got himself into Crimson, I wondered if the oral preparations were starting to take their toll. The man looked like he was struggling a little as he and Crimson began their leg.

The first slight accident occured on the second leg. I couldn't tell what happened exactly, but it looked like Cloudy's hand hit a wet spot in the field. Whatever it was, Cloudy's hand slipped completely from under her and the poor gal fell down into the turf. The fall dislodged Box, as he stumbled and fell right onto his partner. The two of them managed to get back up, but by the time Box had Cloudy got back into position and he managed to thrust himself back into her, they were about 15 yards behind everyone else. Cloudy looked so disappointed that I really felt sorry for her, but as Box got himself into her again, the look of disappointment quickly faded from her pretty face.

The rest of that lap was relatively uneventful. Honey and Lew had maintained their slight lead as they crossed the line. As soon as he was over the chalk, Lew pulled out of Honey and moved off. Honey turned around to face back towards the field. As soon as she was ready, I moved behind that trim little butt. After watching the first two laps I was so hard that starting was no trouble at all. I slid myself into Honey's hot crotch and we began our trek across the field.

Colleen and Remac had moved well into second. Just as Honey and I crossed the line I looked back and saw Remac quickly mounting Svenska. Svenska is a very pretty Swedish girl with a rather lusciously curved body. I also could see why she had come up with their team's strategy. As soon as Remac was behind her, she had slammed her nice round ass right into him. I could tell by the look on her face as Mac's member slid up her anal tract, that she really enjoyed having that thing in there.

After that, I was really too occupied to look back much. A later glance told me that Carl was now riding Crimson Maiden. The team was moving pretty well, but they had dropped back well into third place.

With our team still in the lead, I tried to just concentrate on our race. It actually was very difficult to focus on the finish line, when my cock was tucked into Honey's sweet little honeypot. It was so warm and tight in their that the wonderful feeling made it very difficult to think about running. I tried to do anything to focus my attention away from my dick.

About halfway across I did take another look back. The last team, Minsue and Box had begun their third leg. The gosling was moving very well, but they were still a good 25 yards back. That team was going to have a very hard time making up the distance that one little slip had cost them.

As Honey had I continued our run, I could feel another team gaining. To our far left, Svenska and Remac were pulling even with us. Honey and I tried to pick up our pace, but we just couldn't really go any faster. As Svenska and Mac pulled past us, I saw my hopes of winning fade away. Of course, with Honey still wrapped tightly around my cock, I couldn't really be very disappointed.

Then, as we were about 20 yards away from the finish line, everything changed. Svenska slipped and went down flat onto her stomach. Remac couldn't stop and he went down right on top of her. The fall thrust him completely into Svenska's anus. I could see the Swedish girl's entire body shudder as that cock was jammed all the way into her tight ass. A moment later, it was too much for poor Remac. That tight hole was just way too good. The guy just wrapped his arms around Svenska and began thrusting like crazy. As he came into Svenska's ass, Honey and I moved past them. I could see Svenska's face as I went by. I thought the young blonde would be really angry about what had happened, but at the moment she was smiling from ear to ear and just thrusting back at Remac as hard as she could.

With team 4 out of the race, Honey and I were back in the lead. We crossed the line and Honey pulled off my stick. It seemed to me she was little reluctant to move away, at least I certainly hope she was. Anyway, the moment that Honey was clear, Lou bent down in front of me. Before I could even react, Lou had reached back between her legs and grabbed my dick. Then she pulled me into her as quickly as she could.

From the standpoint of the race, Lou probably should have made sure she was facing back up field and then waited for me to mount her. Her eagerness cost us a few seconds, as it was harder to turn around connected than it would have been apart. Frankly, though, at that point I honestly didn't give a damn. Honey had gotten me incredibly hot, and the feeling of Lou's pussy squeezing its way onto me, was absolutely indescribable.

After we had managed to get ourselves turned, Lou and I began the final leg. As I said, we had lost a little time, and Carl and Crimson's team had already begun to switch. By the time Lou and I really got moving, Carl was riding Lauren very well. Our lead was down to less than 5 yards as the last lap got underway.

I really thought that the last leg was going to be a tight race between Carl's team and mine, but it didn't work out that way. I honestly think it was the oral preparation that caught up with Carl. I sure as Hell know it would have caught up with me. Anyway, the guy had barely made it thirty yards inside Lauren before he couldn't take it anymore. I heard him yell back over my shoulder. As I looked back, I saw he and Lauren crash to the turf. Carl was slamming himself into Lauren and the trim brunette was just lying there with an absolutely angelic smile on her face.

Well, Carl's team had the bronze now, and it was down to a two team race. I looked around and I couldn't even see the last pair. When I finally looked back I could see that Minsue and Boxlicker were just crossing the line. Box moved off and Edward Teach was getting himself into the gosling. They were switching as fast as they could, but by the time they got going they were already a good forty yards back.

I would love to be able to say that Lou and I cruised to victory, but unfortunately it didn't work out that way. It was at that point that we made what we would later realize was our fatal mistake. With that big a lead, Lou and I decided not to take any chances. So we slowed down a little to insure that neither of us slipped.

The problem with that strategy was that it meant that I would be inside of Lou for a longer time. Things were gong fine for the first half of our leg, but as we crossed the 50 yard line, it became more and more difficult to concentrate on the race and not on Lou's incredible pussy. That thing was so hot and so tight, that I tried to think of anything to take my mind away from it. I thought of baseball scores, novels I'd read, even steamed beets. (which I hate by the way). Anything to focus my attention away from what Tatelou's tight steamy channel was doing to me.

I really think I might have made it, if it wasn't for the fact that Lou was having the same problem. Lou was getting hotter and hotter. I could feel the beautiful woman's body begin to shudder and I realized that we had made a mistake. Lou and I tried to pick our pace back up but it was too late. With about twenty yards to go, Lou screamed that she was cumming.

Now, of course having the girl cum does not automatically knock a team out of the running. But when Lou orgasmed, that cunt squeezing my dick clamped down like a vise. Then, as she continued to cum, Lou's pussy was actually vibrating all along the length of my cock. Well, that was all I could take. I pulled Lou back to me and shoved as hard as I could into her. I yelled at her that I was cumming and just began to thrust in and out of Lou as fast as I could. The feeling was heavenly. Somewhere in the back of my mind I'm sure that I realized that we had lost the race, but at that moment nothing could have mattered to me less.

A few seconds later, of course, as Ed and Minsue went by us I felt terrible. For myself it was okay, but it really bothered me that I had cost Lou and the rest of my team a gold medal. We had both finished cumming and Lou just rolled over and told me not to worry about it. After all, she had won the previous day, so she could live with a silver medal. Then, just before she pulled me to her for a deep long kiss, that beautiful woman flashed me a smile that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

We just lay there kissing, while Ed and Minsue crossed the line. We didn't know who was watching us and we really didn't care. By the time we broke that kiss, gold medal or not, I felt like the biggest winner on the field. Then Lou smiled up at me again, and with a coy little look on her face, she told me that if I really did feel bad about it, she was sure that there was some way I would be able to make it up to her that evening.

Sometime later there will be a ceremony to award our team silver medals for this race. Maybe later in these games I will even win a gold medal. It will be great if it happens. But nothing will top the feeling that went through me when Lou wrapped her arms back around my neck and pulled my lips back down onto hers.

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