tagChain StoriesThe Literotica Olympics Day 11

The Literotica Olympics Day 11


”Welcome all, to the 11th day of the Literotica Olympics!Today, we’ll watch the Literotica version of Javelin throwing, namely Dildo throwing!”

“We, that is to say oggbashan, Tatelou, and I, Lucifer Carroll, will be your commentators today, and I daresay we can promise you a very exciting day, isn’t that so, Lou?

“Absolutely, you horny devil! This year’s competition’s gonna be very hard, seeing as we have several high-ranked women competing. Back to you, ogg!”

“Thank you, Lou. And here we see the contestants marching out on the field. The first out, in a sparkling sequined bikini in red, white and blue, is Colleen Thomas! Following rather obscenely behind her, we have lucky-E-leven… oh, now I can see why she’s walking so close to Colleen Thomas; lucky’s chosen a Lady Godiva look, but her hair isn’t long enough!”

“Lucifer, quit drooling into microphone! We’re getting electric disturbances!”

“Sorry, Lou.”

“Go on, ogg.”

“Thank you, Lou. Number 3 in the field is a favorite among the gamblers; Svenskaflicka claims that since she only see her Hubby 4 times a year, she’s been forced to play with dildos so much that they now feel like an extension to her arms!”

“Yep, she’s been ranked Most Likely To Win by all polls.”

“Cute nightie she’s got on. Blue and transparent. And the golden panties are a nice touch.”

“Number 4, Black Tulip, in a black neglige, enters the field and takes her place.”

“There’s been a lot of talk about whether she would be here or not. Apparently, she’s suffered from injuries – her hard training for the event has given her a case of tennis arm. Lucifer, put that thing back!”

“Sorry, Lou.”

“Number 5, another favorite, is Lauren Hynde, and… what is THAT?”

“I think it’s a bast-fibre skirt, ogg. Lauren Hynde’s going for a Hawaiian look.”

“Oh, thank goodness! For a while, I thought I witnessed a Portuguese fashion for pubic hair…”

“Lucifer, what are you doing?”

“Just checking YOUR pubes, Lou… mmmph…”

“Will you… oh! Ooooh… OK…. Ehm, you were saying, ogg?”

“Our final contestant is coming out onto the field in a black catsuit – oh, those can NEVER be real! She calls herself `Miss XXX´ – can’t say that I’ve ever heard of her, but from the looks of the things, I’d say she must be Bulgarian or something. A very butch woman.”

“Butch woman? Where? Where?”

“Lucifer, get back to what you were doing!”

“Yes, Lou. Mmmmm…”

“And now we begin the actual competition! The girls are in place, and they’ve all got their dildos. First out is Colleen Thomas. She backs up a bit… she runs… she throws! Oh, that’s GOOD! The functionaries run over to measure the length… 19 meters! Outstanding!”

“She looks happy with the results. Oh, yessssss…”

“So do you, Lou. And now, number 2, lucky-E-leven! She runs… she throws… not bad, not bad at all! Let’s see… 17 meters! She’s beaten her personal best!”

“But Colleen is still in the lead.”

“Turn around, Lou. Yeah, like that. Aaaahh…”

“Mmmm, yes, don’t stop!”

“And here’s our favorite, Svenskaflicka! Listen to the crowd, they’re moaning in ectasy! Just like you two…”

“Oh, oh, yes! Yes! Oh! What did you say, ogg?”

“Nothing, Lou, nothing. OK, Svenska steps up… she raises the dildo… but what’s this? Svenska throws herself to the ground and starts masturbating! The functionaries are trying to reason with her, but it’s no use. Apparently, Svenska’s grown so fond of using her dildos that she can’t bare herself to throw one away! Well, this is an unexpected turn of events! The favorite has been disqualified!”

“Maybe she needs a mercy fuck?”

“Not until you’ve finished fucking ME!”

Number 4 now, Black Tulip. Oh, I see she’s chosen to use her other arm. I think the rumors about her tennis arm were true. She backs up… and there’s the throw! Oooh, it’s long!”

“So’s this…”

“Why, thank you, Lou.”

“18 meters! Black Tulip beats lucky-E-leven for the second place, and shows that she’s as good with both arms.”

“Oh, I can’t take much more, Lucifer! Oh, it’s so good..!”

“I’m coming! Turn around, turn around!”

“And number 5, Lauren Hynde, steps up to the plate! She doesn’t even back up, she just waves her arm round and round – must be the Portuguese style – and she throws! Oh, my God! That’s incredible! The functionaries are running… 23 meters! Lauren Hynde takes the lead, when it’s only one contestant left!”


“Yeah, come on my tits!”

“Miss XXX picks up the dildo between her thumb and index finger – she seems disgusted by it – but how’s she gonna be able to throw like that? She backs up… she runs… she throws! I don’t believe this!”

“What a throw!”

“32 meters? Can it be true? There’s gonna be a doping test, that’s for sure… but what’s this? Miss XXX pulls of a mask and a wig! It’s… it’s LIAR!”

“A man in the dildo throwing contest???”

“He’s disqualified! That means the winner is Lauren Hynde, with Black Tulip in second place, and Colleen Thomas as third.”

“And now, over to our reporter on the field, ABSTRUSE!”

“Thank you, Lou. I’m standing here with Liar, who’s been disqualified. Liar, why did you do this?”

“Because I hate dildos! They are our rivals! Dildos are the enemy!!!”

“And there you have it. Over to you, ogg.”

“And that concludes day 11 of the Literotica Olympics. Thank you.”

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