The Literotica Olympics Day 23


The added pressure on his cock finally made Snoopy lose his strained control, and he went rushing over the edge of climax, howling in ecstasy while pumping spurts of cum into Honey, who eagerly ground her ass back at him. Dirtylover could only watch with total abandon and infernal envy how the two lovers' faces twisted in pleasure to the orgasms that he was not privileged to experience.

After what seemed like an eternity of sensory explosions, Honey's breath slowed down to normal again, and a few seconds later, she felt Snoopy slide out of her and release his grip on her hips. She sat up on her knees and looked over her shoulder at the young man, who sat on the floor behind her with a happy grin on his face.

"Thank you, Miss Honey," he panted. "You just made my day. No wait, make that my week."

"No, thank you!" Honey replied. "That was great."

She leaned back into his lap and they let their pulses and blushing faces return to a less obvious state. Dirtylover was still beet red though, and he was now busy slowly pounding his head at the metal pole that held his hands in place behind his neck and back.

"Stop that, you silly man," Honey chided him, only to get a sullen panty filled response in return.

Then Snoopy suddenly sat up straight. "Oh, shit! Oh boy. I totally forgot."

"Forgot what?"

"The invitation. You know, didn't you say that you wanted to meet her?"


"See, that's so funny. Because she said exactly the same thing. In fact, that's why I was here. To ask you if you wanted to have lunch with her."

Honey was on her feet in little less than the blink of an eye. "What? She wants to see me? For lunch!?"

"No, for a tour of her torture chamber." Snoopy said with a totally straight face. "Yes, for lunch! That's what I said, wasn't it?"

"'s way past lunchtime now. Why didn't you say something?"

"Hmm, let's see. You threw me to the ground and decided to play 'hide the bratwurst' with me. That kind of made my mind wander."

"Oh...that," Honey said with an impish smile.

Honey had started to towel off the sweat and sex juices from her glistering body, and Snoopy followed her example. They both quickly got dressed, which took Snoopy a hell of a lot more time than Honey, whose complete outfit consisted of a pair of pink hot pants and a t-shirt from ChilledVodka's pre-opening ceremony party, saying "I got clusterfucked at CV's and all I got was...". The rows that had said "...this lousy t-shirt" had been sacrificed with a few swift scissor moves to give her belly and midriff more public exposure.

"But don't worry." Snoopy said. "She has no plans for the afternoon either. It is I who will get in trouble for not doing my job."

Honey walked up to him and buttoned up his shirt the same way that she had unbuttoned it half an hour earlier, by placing small soft kisses all the way up to his neck. She then gave him one more wet kiss on the mouth.

"But admit it," she then murmured into his ear. "This was worth a little trouble, wouldn't you say?"

"Oh, most definitely," Snoopy said, and they headed for the door. "Hey, what about him? there?"

Honey shrugged. "He'll live."

"But shouldn't you at least..."

"...I said he'll live." she snapped and gave Snoopy a meaningful glare.

The look on Dirtylover's face shouted a clear "No I fucking won't!", but Snoopy knew better than to argue with a woman with that kind of tone in her voice.

"Ok, if you say so," he said, and to the chorus of Dirtylover's frustrated, desperate underwear filtered grunting and shouting, they closed the door and hurried down the corridor. As the wordless protests died down with distance, so did Snoopy's guilt about leaving the man in such a sinister predicament. It was nearing the end of the Olympics, and he had probably been dipping his digit in the Honey-jar constantly. Yes SnoopDog, he thought to himself, you truly deserve to have had the roles reversed for once.

"Don't worry about Dirty," Honey said. "I had planned it this way anyway. It's my little present to him. That you came along and put on that little show of ours was just a bonus that probably got him even hornier, if that is possible. Besides, I needed a good fuck - which you definitely are."

"Present?" he asked. "That doesn't look like a present I would want."

"You'll see," she replied smugly before stopping in front of an anonymous looking door and knocked three times. "Hey ladies!"

"Thank god!" came a voice from inside. "What took you so long?"

The door swung open, and three women stepped out. One more wantonly underdressed than the other. It was like a porn cliché parade. Snoopy could only stare as a minimal string bikini, a sheer white laced teddy and a leather miniskirt with matching high boots and bra trotted out in full display. Inside of the clothes...or rather generously outside of the clothes that tried desperately to cover the bare minimum, Wishfulthinking, Vella and Jeanne d'Artois gave Snoopy a collective amused smirk.

"Is this what kept you?" Wishful, the one in the leather outfit, asked. "Oh my, I can see why. Where did you keep this pretty one hidden all those days?"

Honey laughed, "Hey, I just met him. I would never keep a treat like this away from you, you know that. I share, you share, right?"

"Always." Wishful said.

"So girls, are you ready to make my little coachie's day?"

"As ready as can be," said Jeanne, but pulled uneasy at the wristband of her bikini top. "I'm still not sure about this outfit... Why can't I just walk this earth like I was created? This is really too modern for me. It's going off anyway before long, right?"

"Aww, Jeanne," Vella purred and looked down at the almost see through material of her teddy. "C'mon, it's fun. Besides, if you go in the buff, so must we. For good measures, you know. And I'm not sure Dirty would survive that sight."

"Yeah, I'm damn well near fainting right now when you're dressed," Snoopy murmured.

Vella giggled sweetly. "A witty one too, are we? I wonder if he stands up to the good first impression..."

Honey resolutely pulled him back from the blatantly interested three. "Oh, he does all right. But not right now, girls. I need him for a while longer."

"Ok, but be sure to let him know where to find us," Wishful said. "I want me some of that."

Snoop didn't know what to say. If he had had a tail to wag it would be a blur now. So he just flashed the trio a dumb grin and watched their delicious bottoms bounce off down the corridor.

"So that was the present, huh?" he finally said.

"You got that right. Poor Dirty is going to have the afternoon of his life, I think. See, maybe you picked the wrong girl to work for? On my team, everybody wins."

"Naah, it's just as well," Snoopy said, and the two of them walked on down the corridor. "There's other things to life than to fuck like a bunny."

"There are?" Honey answered with a totally innocent looking face. Snoopy laughed out loud.

"Tramp," he teased.

"Eight days a week, boy."

A few more turns, two flights of stairs and an elevator ride later, the two of them stood outside yet another door. Honey could feel the anticipation tingle from her toes to the roots of her hair, and a nervous flutter was stirring in her chest. It was silly, she knew. Destinie was just another girl in a long line of opponents, and Honey knew better than to let infatuation take a hold of her, at least not before or during an important match. But here she was, trembling like a school girl in the wrong locker room.

There was that certain something with Destinie, something that made everyone's knees turn to jelly. Glamour, sheer beauty, confidence and power that knocked you numb just thinking of her, sex appeal like a goddess and erogenous zones that started in the next room. Honey took a few nervous breaths.

"Well, here we are," she said with attempted cheerfulness that did nothing to hide her tremble.

"You're right about that," Snoopy replied.






Honey took a step towards the door, took hold of the handle and slowly opened the door. As soon as a crack of an inch was open, a loud "OH DAAAYUM HONEY YEES!" from the inside made the two in the corridor jump in surprise, and she quickly shut the door again. Honey stared wide eyed in surprise at Snoopy who looked amused, to say the least.

"Who or what the blazes was that?!" Honey hissed.

"I believe that would be Mrs. D, in the throes of...entertaining herself," said Snoopy. "She tends to get a bit, well, vocal."

"My god. I've never ever heard her like that in a game."

"That's because she always wins."

"Oh," Honey said. The outburst from inside had somehow eased her intimidation for the always so ice cool reigning champ. She was after all human, and came, bucking, writhing and yelling, just like everybody else. "Hey, I have an idea...why don't you take the day off, Snoopy?"

"Why? What did you have in mind?"

"Oh, just thought it would be easier for Destinie and me to talk shop without an audience."

"But...what am I supposed to be doing?" Snoopy asked, with a puppy eyed frown.

"Hey, there are three willing, craving and eager wet dreams in my locker room right now, and Dirtylover is going to risk having his dick falling off if he tries to satisfy them all. Believe me, they're all going to be so glad to see you."

Snoopy's sad face shone up into a wide, almost mad grin, and he gripped Honey's face and kissed her straight on the lips. "Thank you, I had almost forgotten about them! You're the best!"

He darted down the corridor, then hesitated and turned around.

"Say...Honey. Any chance that you and I know..."

"...screw each other into another dimension anytime soon again?"

"...something like that, yes," he admitted with a faint, but endearing blush.

"You can bank on it, beagle boy," she said and blew him a kiss.

Alone at last, Honey knocked on the door to Destinies room, but there was no reply. She banged a little harder, but was still greeted with silence. Carefully, she opened the door slightly and peeked inside. Destinie was lying in all her glory on a big bed in the middle of the room. She was flat on her back, her head to one side, her legs spread slightly and her breasts pointed to the ceiling like two prominent hills in a smooth chocolate landscape. Honey could see her chest heaving peacefully with long, deep breaths.

She quietly slipped inside, closed the door, turned the key in the keyhole around, and with a wicked little smile on her lips, she tip-toed over to the sleeping superstar. As she stood by the bed, her hands could no longer resist the temptation. She put her fingertips, and then her palms down on Destinie's knee, and let them travel, carefully, as slow as she could, up that well trained thigh.

And then further up her tummy until her hands slid up and rested on Destinies breasts. The warm, smooth and silky skin under Honey's hands felt like heaven, and Destinies hard nipples were too irresistible for words. Honey's eyes were glued to the woman's breasts, and her mouth was watering. She bent down, her lips drawn there like magnets, like gravity. Her lips closed around the areola, and she tasted Destinies nipple on her hungrily licking tongue.

The next thing she knew, two strong hands were gripping her wrists, and Destinies leg flew out to the side of the bed to hook and trip her into losing her balance. Taken completely by surprise, Honey had no defence. With her mouth not quite getting the point yet and leaving that nipple with a rather surprised "pop", she found herself being thrown onto the bed, straddled, and having her ankles pinned to the mattress above her head. She looked up, straight into the face of Destinie smiling back at her.

"Lesson number one: If it's too good to be prepared," she purred. "Damn, you're good with your mouth; I almost didn't want to stop you. But as they say, the show must go on."

Honey gazed into the beautiful superstar's face with a wild look, her eyes slanting and her mouth becoming wide in a defiant grin. As Destinie grabbed the slim girl's wrists, Honey barely resisted, arching her back slightly so their naked torsos could touch. Honey pretended to whimper as the cold cuffs clicked around her wrists, but her body was speaking an entirely different message, her nipples springing out into fabulous hard, rosy nubs and her pussy beginning to moisten.

Leaning forward, Destinie rubbed her body against the meekly writhing girl underneath, lowered her gaze to her and stared into Honey's eyes for a second, before plunging down, smothering Honey's breath with her soft but determined lips, and an exploring tongue. The sensation of having two hard nipples and full mound breasts pushing and rubbing directly into her already tingling skin, the tongue expertly assaulting her gums, and the knowledge that Des wasn't the kind of woman to let anyone out of her clutches until they had passed out at least a few times, sent Honey's mind on a journey all of it's own into La-la Land. She threw all caution and self control out the window (Or she would, if she'd had a free arm to throw with, and if Destinie's room had had windows. Oh, come on, you get the point. Right?), arched her back to push her body up against Des, and unleashed a tongue of her own to conduct a surprise raid on her captor's oral home base.

Destinie moaned in surprise at the sudden sign of sexual offensive, and doubled her own efforts in this rough and raunchy foreplay session. Their tongues slid back and forth, writhed around, danced, darted in and out like insane. For a second she recalled the sight of writhing eels in a fish tank, a scene from her favourite seafood joint. The image had come and faded away in an instant, but it left her bubbling inside. In a second, she burst out laughing straight into the lungs of the startled Honey. Des rolled to the side in a giggle fit from hell, while Honey could do nothing but stare at her in amazement, and a state of intense horniness.

"What...are you...doing?!" she demanded.

"Nothing!" laughed Destinie before calming herself down and leaned up on an elbow. "I just had a funny thought, that's all. Never mind." Her wide, hot smile was back, and she traced a perfect red fingernail down Honey's blushing cheek, her neck and to the hollow of her throat. Then she took the hem of the t-shirt, already showing the bottom of Honey's breasts, and pulled it up above her head. Honey's chest was now completely free and the cool breeze from the roof fan made Honey's nipples take on a life of their own, they went from attentive and sensitive to a rigid salute in a matter of seconds. Destinie gave her an appreciative look, before turning her attention to the small, but oh-so-in-the-way pants.

2.36 seconds later, the tiny hot pants were making a pretty arch in the air, to land in an ungraceful pile of one in the corner of the room, and the two completely bare women looked into each other's eyes. One with breathless anticipation mixed with just the right amount of fear, the other like a cat observing an incapacitated mouse. Destinie slid a finger down to Honey's crotch, and felt the tell-tale moistness shouting out its "come take me now" message to whoever wanted to listen. Honey whimpered a little when the finger expertly nudged itself in between her pussy lips, and slid inside of her. Her walls gripped at the digit and she gasped in pleasure, feeling Destinie slowly pumping it in and out of her.

"So, did you have fun with SnoopDog?" Destinie asked out of the blue. "I knew he wasn't going to keep his hands off you if he got the right opportunity. And you know, you have a certain reputation..."

"What...nngh...reputation is that?"

"Opportunities. You give them," Destinie said before crouching down over Honey, taking an areola into her mouth, and like a textbook example of maximum nipple stimulation, her teeth bit gently down around the rosy numb, while her tongue stroke back and forth over it.

The sensations from her breast, and the urgent nerve courier from her pussy met in an ugly collision in an intersection just before the entrance road to the central spine autostrada. The clash and mix-up of signals sent some really strange messages on to Honey's brain, before collecting the right thoughts in the right packages again, and pushes them in the direction of the head. Honey had a momentary confusing craving for suede panties and parsnips, before more logical notions filled her mind again.

Just before slipping into the glorious delirium of Destinie's ministrations, Honey managed to croak out "I... think... he's... busy." And with that, Honey gave in again, lost herself in a horny heaven, and rode that pleasure wave out over the edge of the world...


When SnoopDog arrived at Honey's locker room, he didn't waste any time, but stepped right up, and gave the door a resolute kick. The door was properly locked this time, and all it resulted in was that his foot hurt like dammit.

He staggered back and fell against the wall behind him. The loud, rhythmic grunting that he had heard from maybe twenty steps down the hall suddenly stopped.

"What was that?" Dirtylover's now un-pantyfied voice said from inside the room.

"Oh, never mind that you dolt!" the voice of Jean d'Artois said. "You have the attention span of a poodle on absinthe. Girls, please get the door, and mister, you get back to business right away, or I'll have Og proclaim you royally undoable for the rest of your stay."

"Can he do that?" Dirtylover sounded genuinely concerned.

"He's the King. He can do anything."

The lock in the door clicked open, and Wishfulthinking peeked out. She was still wearing her short leather skirt, but was bare from the waist up. When she spotted SnoopDog in his painful heap on the floor, her face shone up in a big smile.

"Well hey there! If it isn't Honey's cutie. What can I do ya for?"

"Well, I heard that you were having a bit in there. And I'm a fun loving woofer. Mind if I come in?"

"Only if you're prepared to go 'light bulb' on my ass right away," Wishful replied with intense eyes mentally peeling off Snoopy's clothes. "It's still Vella's turn before I get to get me some in there."

"Go 'light bulb' on you?"

"Unpack me, screw me in, turn me on, make me glow and supercharge me until I explode."

"Um...yeah...I'll do my best."

Snoopy stood up, grimaced in discomfort at his hurting foot, and limped over to the door and the awaiting Australian vixen.

"Oh, poor baby," she chided. "Come here, let me suck your booboo away," Wishful said.

"Thanks, but I'm not really into...foot...things."

"Did I say I was going to suck your toes, perhaps?"


"Exactly, I'll make you forget all about some stupid foot."

Mesmerised, Snoopy watched the delicious form in the doorway turn back and with a cat-like swagger underneath the thin leather skirt, she walked back into the room. It was an invite he couldn't have resisted in a million years, and like any canine worth its name, he leaped after her feline graces and chased the laughing beauty all the way into the showers.

Vella looked wistfully after them, got up and closed the door. She was in no hurry. Neither man was going to go anywhere for hours and when the three of them finally wore the guys out, she was determined to find out just how Jeanne's classy ass tasted.


Honey had no idea where she was, who she was, what time it was, which way up was or frankly what 'was' meant. All she knew was the rolling cycle of orgasm after orgasm that rushed over her in a faster and faster pace. A direct link of pure pleasure that was a hot, intensively vibrating 18 carat gold plated smooth phallic rod that filled her pussy up totally in every sense of the way, and a teasing tongue, sucking lips and grazing teeth on her clit sent a broadband stream of screaming sensation straight into her soul. The fingers sliding into her anus, the soaked sweaty skin sliding over her chest and belly, and the faint pain from her involuntary tugging at her bonds added further pleasure peaks to the insanity.

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