tagNonHumanThe Little Death

The Little Death


The most addictive feeling in the world is that between panic and arousal. The feeling that submitting to overpowering lust will bring you pleasures you never dreamed of…in exchange for an eternity of death and damnation.

And I should know.

I felt it the night I died.

I was not an adventurous woman. I worked an ordinary nine to five job, in an ordinary office. I wore the same gray suit, answered the same boring phones, and distracted the same bitchy clients my boss avoided everyday.

I didn't fit any beauty standards. I wasn't blond, with perfect skin, big breasts and soft curves. I was tall and slender, slightly muscled from the variety of martial arts classes I'd taken, with an above average strength men found irritating. I was of Asian and Slavic descent, and the result were lips that were overfull, B cup breasts, pin straight dark hair, and ruddy gold skin. It was the signature slant to my eyes and their piercing blackness that gave my Asian heritage away. With an identity as ambiguous as my looks, I had no self-esteem, and as a result, I sold myself short during my short time on earth.

I'd had sex all of twice in my life. I lost my virginity to an overweight deadbeat who'd get so lost in incestuous fantasies about his sister that he couldn't get me off. Next in line was a selfish frat boy, who, like many frat boys like him, told me he loved me, and fucked everything but the light sockets behind my back. After that, I gave up on relationships, sex, and men. I knew it was pathetic to let two assholes ruin it for me, but in my brief lifetime I had so little confidence I didn't think there was anyone who'd want me. So I gave up. I bought a decent vibrator, and made sure to keep my best friends: Ben and Jerry, and Jack Daniels, near me every night. I had orgasms, but I realized they were a cheap thrill, satisfying me just enough to keep me sane. Between that and the odd martial arts class, I had a lonely, simple life…and I was miserable.

It all changed when I got the package.

I had just gotten home from work. It was October thirtieth, Devil's night. As usual, I threw my keys aside, and was undressing when I noticed the box in the middle of my floor.

It wasn't much to look at, about two feet long and half a foot high, wrapped in brown paper with a label bearing my name. I had no idea where it came from. There was no return address, and I'm not the type to order stuff online. I shouldn't touch it, I thought. It could be drugs or a bomb, and then, cursing myself, I tore the paper aside and threw the box open.

It was beautiful.

A red satin corset, designed in such a way that a woman wouldn't have to worry about small breasts and a slender frame. This was the type of thing made to produce cleavage and a curvy body in someone like me, who couldn't look in the mirror with a friendly eye. With it was a pair of skin-tight leather pants that laced up on both sides, and a long black cloak. At the bottom of the box, was a piece of paper.

"The Funhouse. 9 pm. Be There"

It was signed simply "Your Secret Admirer".

I didn't know whether to be flattered or horrified. The Funhouse was the local S&M club, and I'd always thought the people who frequented that sort of place were freaks. This so-called admirer of mine was undoubtedly one of them. What was it about me that had attracted someone like that? It didn't matter. The fact was that I needed to get out. I needed freedom from the misery of my ordinary life; I needed freedom from all the boredom.

To hell with the risks.

A half an hour later, I was showered and scented, and lacing myself into the corset. I eased the pants over my legs and zipped myself into black leather boots. With a steady hand, I painted my lips the blood red of the corset, and lined my piercing dark eyes in black. Tying my hair to the back of my head, I threw the heavy cloak over my shoulders and looked at myself in the mirror.

I couldn't believe what I saw. It wasn't me, but it was gorgeous, and the surge of confidence it gave me made me leave my panties at home. Tonight, I was a sex goddess. My admirer might turn out to be a freak, but his gifts gave me a feeling of power I had never felt. Meeting him was the least I could do. With the heavy cloak over my shoulders, I grabbed a tiny pouch with a twenty in it, fastened it 'round my waist and headed out the door.

The Funhouse wasn't quite what I expected...but let's be fair; I'd never been in a place like that before. The first thing I noticed was the darkness. The only light in the room came from one of those multi-coloured dance club lights and the dim glow that seeped through the door of the dungeon. Around me, people dressed in a variety of leather, velvet and PVC sipped their drinks from benches shaped like paddles. I could see in their eyes the knowledge that I was, until now, an outsider. They watched from their seats in that lazy way animals eye fresh prey. The hunger of the club's patrons was thick in the air and I inhaled it with every breath. It pulsed around me, filling my body with warmth…but that wasn't what made me so uncomfortable. In their watchful eyes was a look suggesting that they knew something I didn't, and that put me on edge. I decided at that point, that I would meet my admirer, thank him, or her, and leave. Little did I know that the second I set foot in the door the decision was no longer mine to make.

I scanned the crowd for my secret admirer, but he had yet to appear. In attempt to calm my growing unease, I went to join the few people dancing. As I approached the floor, they parted, allowing me entry. They were beautiful, I thought lazily as I began to sway to the music. Their skin, black, white and gold, was liquid smooth and seemed to glow in the darkness of the room. Their eyes, in varying shades of brown, blue and green, had a silvery gloss to them, and each pair seemed to bore into me with their penetrating stares. In a panic, I shut my eyes against them, and as my hips moved instinctively to the music, the club's patrons danced around me, hissing softly as they brushed against me. The hunger of the people around me was becoming stronger and it affected me like a drug. I hardly noticed when the dancers began touching me, for I was so lost in the music, and in the hunger, that I didn't care. As one brushed against me from behind, a beautiful blonde trailed her fingers over the tops of my breasts above the corset. Strong hands slid over my leather-covered ass and squeezed me firmly, while others slipped behind the cloak to trace the length of my spine between the laces of my top. As one man ground his cock against me, a woman slid her hand up the inseam of my pants. I gasped, and my head fell back against the shoulder of another dancer, who slid his fingers beneath the corset to tease my nipples, before releasing the clasp of the cloak I wore. The cool air of the room now teased my bare back, and fleetingly, I realized that the ground had been shifting beneath my feet. I opened my eyes when the movement stopped, and realized the group had led me down the stairs, and into the dungeon.

Consciousness returned in a rush, and in a panic I looked to the door, but one of the dancers was already locking it. He was a beautiful, androgynous looking male, clad in a leather pants and a shirt of crimson silk that hung open, displaying his pale skin and lean muscles. He ran his fingers through his long, dark red hair, and with a smile tugging at his lips, he held up the key.

"Looking for something?" he asked; his mild Scottish burr that only made him sexier. With shocking horror, I realized he was my secret admirer. As if reading my thoughts, he smiled and nodded in simple acknowledgment, and with a wink and a snap of his fingers, made the key disappear.

There had to be another way out, I thought. These people were going to rape or kill me, and I refused to go gently. I ran down the stairs and saw the door at the opposite end of the room, but the remaining dancers, staring and hissing at me, formed a wall that kept me from leaving … and then, one by one, they attacked. I was no slouch in a fight. I'd won medals in martial contests in the past, knowing that someday I would need those skills. It was the only thing I had ever accomplished. As the first one came at me, I delivered blows to the face, neck, and solar plexus, barely dodging lightning fast strikes at my neck and stomach. The second one attacked, and landed a blow to my jaw, but high on bloodlust, I whacked mercilessly at the back of his knees, and then sent a punch to his nose. One after another, I fought them, but they were unnaturally strong, and their endurance was endless. By the fifth attacker I was weary, and as a sixth came at me, I was prepared to die.

"That's enough!"

It was the man with the key. He was clapping as he descended from his perch atop the stairs.

"I'm impressed, Morgana. Most men don't last that long." He said as he approached me. Reaching into his pants, he offered me a red silk handkerchief and I stared down at it as though it were a scorpion. Sensing my hesitation, he laughed, "It's not poisoned…" he said, "…we wouldn't stoop that low". With a grimace, I snatched it from him and began to dab at my sweat soaked temples.

"…and besides" he added, "we don't really need drugs to get what we want, the hunger is affecting you, I could feel it in you on the dance floor, and you're not even one of us yet" "Why am I here?" I demanded, ignoring his comment.

"You're so rude, Morgana. You're normally such a passive, polite person. Why not ask my name first?"

"Why am I here?" I repeated.

"Since you won't ask, my name's Lachlan. You've been brought here as a gift."

"For whom?" I asked slowly.

Lachlan smiled, a smooth, arrogant smile, and that feeling of panic caused my fist to tighten. "For me of course…and for my Master."

There was fear when he approached me, boring into my eyes with his own. I tried to move, but my feet were rooted to the ground. He moved so close I could smell the sweetness of his breath; feel the hunger in him; and be seduced by the waves of unnatural warmth seeping from his body. Lachlan stared at me with a desire stronger than any I'd ever seen, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I was pleased with it. His nostrils flared as he smelled me, and his tongue lashed out to lick his lips. Moving his eyes to the frantic pulse at my throat, his mouth opened and I saw the fangs slide out of their sheaths. In horror, I realized now what I was dealing with, and though I tried once again to flee, I couldn't. Something the group was doing had me rooted in my place; I could see it in their eyes.

"You see, Morgana, we have no need of drugs to keep you submissive." He said softly, taking a step back. "Undress her." He ordered to the group behind him, and moved back to give them room.

Two vampires approached me, a beautiful, slender black woman with long fingers and ebony skin, and another, the same lovely blond who'd caressed me on the dance floor. With deft fingers, they undid the corset, and tossed it onto the nearby bench. They did the same with my boots and as they pulled my pants down over my hips, they stared at the secret between my thighs in wonder.

"Oh it's beautiful, Lachlan. The master will be pleased." Said the blond, staring the ring in the hood of my clit. I'd gotten it years ago under the influence of the frat boy, and it had been my dirty little secret ever since.

My skin flushed in shame under the scrutiny of the people in the room. I'd never been comfortable naked, and I couldn't bear it from all these people. I moved to cover myself, but a third vampire moved behind me, and with effortless strength, pinned my arms behind my back. I had realized by now that they were far stronger than me, and that they'd been going easy on me when we'd been fighting. As the two women left, I was held there, naked for all to see, and squeezed my eyes shut against the shame.

"You are lovely, Morgana." Lachlan said with a note of wonder in his voice, and I felt a single finger slide down my collarbone, over my nipple, which tightened under his touch, then down over my stomach, only to flick the ring between my legs. I gasped at the contact, my skin flushed with shame and arousal. My eyes flew open as Lachlan slid his finger beneath the hood to tap at my clit; I was locked in his eyes as he lifted it to his lips and tasted me.

"I thought you only craved blood." I said uneasily.

"That's a myth," Lachlan smiled, "With an eternity of time to spend, the most basic of pleasures are often the best…food" he trailed his fingers over the vein my neck "…and sex." his hand slid over my breast and touched it knowingly.

"Why me?" was all I could say.

"Blood is sweetest when it is most alive, and people are never more alive then when they're in the throes of pleasure. You, as we all know, have never experienced true pleasure…your blood will be delicious when you finally submit to it."

Lachlan gestured to the man holding me, and fighting him, I was dragged to what looked like a large wooden crucifix. With the help of the blond and ebony woman, my arms were bound wide on either side of my head, and I was made to wait as they summoned their master. The hissing in the room grew louder, and around me, a heavy mist began to fill the room. The mists twirled in the air, and then, they disappeared, leaving a man in their place: their so-called master.

He was tall, at least six inches taller than Lachlan's five seven. While Lachlan was androgynous in his beauty, his master embodied everything women found temptingly unnerving about the opposite sex. This was the alpha male, huge and muscular, with a sprinkling of dark hair over a chest of smooth tanned skin. He wore jeans that fit over muscular thighs, fastened by a leather belt with a large silver buckle. On his upper body he wore nothing but twin gauntlets, one on each forearm, and a silver ankh hung from his neck. A pair of piercing dark eyes, not unlike my own, dominated his face but like the other vampires in the room, his irises bore the same silvery sheen. His hair was long and black, falling like silk over his broad, muscular shoulders, and his strong jaw bore a shadow of stubble. Lachlan had frightened me, but the terror I felt for this man was so potent I began to struggle violently against my bonds. I wanted him the instant I saw him, but I knew I was brought here for him to kill me… and the knowledge caused me to fight the leather bindings with all my strength.

My struggles caught his attention instantly. Turning towards me, he slowly looked me over with male appreciation, and smiled a feral smile. Under his scrutiny I felt more naked than ever, and I pulled at my restraints, hoping to find a weakness in them so that I could be free to cover myself. All thoughts of escape were lost when he locked his eyes with mine. He moved towards me with the smooth grace of controlled power and lifted his hand to my neck. I stared defiantly into his eyes, thinking that he was going to kill me, but all he did was reach behind me to unbind my hair. He ran long his fingers through it, seeming to marvel at its texture, before moving his warm, strong hand to my chin. Without taking his eyes from mine, he gestured to Lachlan with his free hand.

"Give them their feast." Was all he said, and without a word, Lachlan jerked the back door of the dungeon open, letting in a stream of young men and women.

The crowd of vampires smiled at their master, and with his gesture of approval, attacked their new playmates. Clothes were torn from beautiful bodies and within minutes the dungeon had erupted into an orgy. Female vampires were sucking eagerly at the cocks of young men, while others writhed and moaned as male vampires held them firmly in place while they fucked them in the ass, forcing them to enjoy the unwelcome invasion of their bodies. Some female vampires clutched frantically at human men, thrusting their willing flesh onto cocks all too eager to fuck them.

All the while, I was locked in the gaze of their leader, bound and helpless, with no means of escape. His grasp on my chin was gentle but firm, and as people neared orgasm all around me, their master dipped his head and kissed me. His lips slid firmly over mine, once, twice, three times, before a sharp bite on my lower lip caused them to part. Sliding his tongue between my lips, he tasted me long and hard and deep, all the while rasping his chest hairs over my sensitive nipples. By the time he released me, I was dazed and panting, my skin flushed with arousal.

"She's delicious, Lachlan." he said, sliding the pad of his thumb over my lower lip. Irritated that I'd been so easily seduced, I bit at his finger. The master threw his head back and roared with laughter. "Do you know who I am, little one?"

"I know that you're patronizing me." I replied curtly, hissing when he slapped me across the breast.

"I am your master," he said, as though he hadn't heard me. "After tonight you'll be like, Lachlan, my lover, my warrior, and my slave."

The thought of being his lover sent shivers of anticipation down my spine. It was the thought of being his slave, anyone's slave, which kept me afraid. "Prepare her!" he ordered, and obediently, Lachlan reached for a riding crop on the table nearby.

"Please don't do this." I begged as Lachlan raised his arm.

"Relax, Lassie. You'll learn to love it." and with that he brought the crop down on my body. He whipped me everywhere, my thighs, my breasts, my stomach, and legs until the welts rose on my tender skin, and my body burned with every lash. The pain stung in its intensity, and as I writhed and screamed, my eyes remained locked on those of my new master, who stayed Lachlan's hand only to slide a long finger deep inside me.

"You can fight this all you want, Morgana." He'd say, massaging my g-spot, "I don't have to use my special abilities to make you want this. I can feel you squeezing me in your desperation. But you won't come… not until I let you, and by that time, you'll already be mine." Then the lashing continued, until my skin darkened, and my body was hot from the kiss of the whip. When the master decided I was red enough, he ordered Lachlan to tie me face down over a padded bench, where Lachlan switched the crop for a paddle and worked by buttocks until they burned. Over and over he beat me, smacking me mercilessly with the paddle until the twin globes burned like fire under his ministrations. Once again the master stopped him, only this time he slid a long finger over my wetness, before inserting the length of it into my anus. No one had ever done this to me before, and I bucked, rising as I high as I could off the bench, writhing against the new sensation.

"Shhhhhh…" the master soothed, stroking his finger in and out of me as my muscles tried to repel the invader "You have been brought to me as a gift… your defiance has only persuaded me to keep you. As my slave you will give all to me. No intimacy will be spared you. Every part of you…including this…" he added another finger and continued to stroke me, amidst my gasps, "Is mine."

He pulled his fingers out and pushed Lachlan aside. With his warm hands he continued the punishments, spanking me ruthlessly as I writhed and moaned on the bench. As my flesh warmed, I could hear the people around me nearing climax. Grunts and moans grew louder as the hunger of the vampires increased in intensity. When the master was satisfied with the color of my flesh, he took up the whip and worked my back until it matched my buttocks. I was sobbing now, the arousal becoming almost painful, but I knew by the way Lachlan and the master touched me that they would never be done with me.

With unnatural strength, they untied me from the bench only to fasten me to the ceiling with my arms high above my head. Then the master kissed me once more, his mouth claiming mine with teeth and tongue before sliding his lips down to my breasts. He sucked on them violently, massaging my nipples with his tongue before grazing the tips with his teeth. While he worked my breasts, Lachlan sank to his knees between my legs and began to tease my clit with the tip of his tongue. As my master trapped my nipples in the fiery bite of a pair of nipple clamps, Lachlan continued to lick furiously at my cunt. It was too much. As the madness increased, I could hear everyone, vampire and human alike, reach orgasm, and the smell of sex swamped my senses. While the humans reached their peak, the vampires began to feed, sinking their teeth into the necks and thighs of people too lost in the moment to realize they were dying. Everywhere hungry mouths moved to lap up the flowing blood, but I was too lost in what was being done to me to be frightened by it. Lachlan continued to eat me, while my master slid two fingers inside me from behind, mercilessly stoking my g-spot, while pulling on the chain of the nipple clamps. My body strained, searching desperately for release, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't come.

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