tagBDSMThe Little Things

The Little Things


It started so slowly, he almost didn't notice. A word here, a little slowness in her response, a few things misplaced, a few minutes late returning home. Nothing major, nothing really remarkable, just an accumulation of small clues that something wasn't right. He thought about it for a while and then decided that something needed to be done, before there was a real problem, so he made a phone call...

She returned home from her errands, knowing that she was running late and that she didn't have much time to complete the list of tasks he had left for her that morning. She grabbed the list off the kitchen table, along with some folded towels, and headed upstairs to get started. His bedroom door was slightly open and she pushed it open with her foot, stopping dead in her tracks when she saw him standing there, arms folded, looking quite serious.

"Hello, my pet. Surprised?"

"Yes Sir, of course. Isn't this very early for you?"

"It is indeed pet, or perhaps a little late, depending on how you look at it."

She was uncertain what he meant by this and was about to ask, when he stepped forward and took the towels from her arms, taking them into the bathroom. As he did this, she became miserably aware that she was breaking two of his cardinal rules. She had not removed her clothing when she entered the house and she was now standing in front of him fully dressed, without her collar. She debated trying to brazen it out, but the look on his face as he returned to the room undid her resolve and she fell to her knees before him.

"Master, I...."

"I am disappointed in you pet. I have given you much freedom and yet, you still cannot obey my rules. I think that today..."

"Master, please....."

"If you interrupt me again pet, I will gag you. Stand up and strip, NOW! Today, you will have lesson in obedience. I would be neglecting my duties as your Master to let you continue this way. You may also learn some appreciation along the way."

She swiftly stripped off her clothes, and returned to her kneeling position. Her Master gathered up her garments and strode to the fireplace, pitching the clothing into the fire, as she looked on. "For the next month, you are restricted to the house and are forbidden to wear any clothing at all for that time. Also, since you have forgotten your collar, you must earn it back. We will see if you truly want to be with me or not."

Tears ran down her face as she knelt before him. "I am so sorry Master, I will do better, I promise."

"We will see pet, we will see. Now, for the rest of the day, you are to remain silent unless asked a question. If you speak without permission, you will be gagged. Do you understand?"

The look in his eyes told her how serious he was and she nodded slowly, indicating that she understood his instructions.

"Good. Now go to the playroom."

She crawled on her hands and knees to the playroom, pushing open the door and noting that the lights were off. A nudge from her Master's foot propelled her inside the room, into darkness.

"Kneel here pet, and wait for me."

She did as he indicated and he soon returned, coming up behind her and swiftly placing a blindfold over her eyes, tying it tightly. She heard the flick of the light switch and there were more footsteps. She became aware that there was another person in the room and a low murmur of male conversation came from behind her.

"Master Thomas has come today to give you a lesson in obedience and respect, my pet. I am leaving you in his care. You will obey him and do anything he asks. He has my permission to do whatever he likes with you. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master, I understand."

With that, she heard more steps and the click of the door closing. She was now alone with this new Master and the tiny spark of fear she had been feeling began to grow as he silently paced around her. She grew more nervous as the silence continued but then gasped in shock and surprise as his hand fastened in her hair, pulling her head back sharply.

"Your Master tells me that your mouth has been getting you into trouble lately, little one. Let's see if you can do something with it besides talk." His hand pulled her toward him and she felt his half hard cock against her closed mouth. His hand tightened painfully in her hair, causing her to gasp, and allowed the head of his cock to pass between her lips. She began to use her tongue on him, sucking him and taking him deep into her mouth. His cock was bigger around that her Master's, but not as long and she was easily able to take him in to the root. His hand in her hair held her steady in an iron grip as he began to fuck her mouth, slowly at first and then with more force. Her hands came up to his thighs to steady herself and to try to keep him from ramming so hard down her throat. His grip on her hair tightened cruelly.

"I have not given you permission to touch me, slut. Put your hands down."

He continued to pound into her mouth until finally, with a groan, he came, pumping his hot fluids into her mouth. "Swallow it, little slut", he commanded her. Trembling, she did as he asked, wondering how she would make it through this day.

The Master jerked her to her feet and led her a few steps, until she could feel the wood of the spanking bench against her knees. He swiftly bent her into position, fastening the straps tightly. His hard caressed her ass and upper thighs and she began to relax a little. "I hear that you like to be spanked, Victoria. Your mouth was pleasing to me, so I will give you a little reward now. Would you like that?"

"Yes Sir, I would like that."

His hand descended in a very hard slap on her right thigh, causing her to jerk in pain. "Somehow, I don't think that you have given me the answer I need, pet. Try again..."

She thought for a few seconds and then replied, "Whatever Master desires."

"Very, very good, pet. You catch on fast."

Her ass and upper thighs were red and hot when he finished, and there was an unmistakable aroma of feminine arousal in the air.

"Your Master also tells me that you have not been putting things away the way you should. I have a couple of things right here that need to be put where they belong." She felt slick fingers over her ass hole, followed by pressure and a burning stretching sensation as he filled her with a large butt plug. As was usual for her, the feeling of being stretched and entered in that very intimate place caused her to come and she allowed the feeling to wash over and through her, crying out in pleasure.

"Oh my, pet, you have come without my permission. That has earned you a punishment."

She felt a leather harness being buckled into place, holding the butt plug deep within her back passage. Her bonds were released and she was lifted from the bench and once more dragged across the room. Sturdy cuffs were buckled in place on her wrists and her hands were raised over her head. There was a rattle of chain and she felt her hands and arms being drawn up until she was suspended, barely able to keep the her feet flat on the floor. His hands were on her now, touching her breasts and running over her body. She felt his warm mouth on her nipples and could not hold back her moan of pleasure as he sucked and stimulated her. His hand slipped down to her pussy and explored her slick wetness through a slit in the harness she wore. She remained silent throughout, but was wondering what part of this was punishment exactly. All too soon, his mouth and hands withdrew and she felt cold metal as he applied nipple clamps to her sensitive buds, tightening them until she gasped. There was another rattle of chain and her body was stretched tighter, until the balls of her feet were barely about to support her.

He let her hang there for a minute, experiencing the feeling of the large plug in her ass as well as the pressure of the clamps on her sensitive nipples. She heard a swishing sound just an instant before the lash of a light flogger whipped over her right breast, followed almost immediately by a similar blow to the left side. He concentrated on the front of her body this time, her breasts, belly, upper thighs and cunt, lashing these sensitive areas and occasionally manipulating the chain that bound her nipples.

Her arms ached from the strain and, blindfolded as she was, there was no way to know where the next strike would land. She experienced a moment of panic and struggled in her chains, twisting and turning to try to avoid his lash but finally, "Please Master, no more, no more!" she begged him.

"And, you speak without permission as well! I see that we do have some work to do here." His hands steadied her and stroked her skin lightly, calming her and then released her wrists from their overhead position.

"I can see that your master has been very gentle with you, little one. You should appreciate that fact after today."

Her wrist was imprisoned in his steel grip as he drew her across the room. Her left wrist was imprisoned and fastened tightly, followed by the right and she realized that he was using the St. Andrew's cross now. He then kicked her legs apart and bound her ankles. A ball gag was forced between her teeth and strapped tightly in place.

"Since you are gagged pet, you can hardly use a safe word. So, am placing this little ball in your hand. If you need to, drop the ball. As this is a punishment, I may or may not stop, but I will allow you to ask. Do you understand?"

She nodded and clutched the ball tightly, hoping that she would not have to use it. Her bound nipples were throbbing and she gasped around her gag as she felt his hand press the butt plug further into her body. Two fingers were then thrust into her dripping cunt through the harness slit as he checked her readiness. As he withdrew, he flicked her clit several times, causing her to moan and throw her head back. She then felt the rush of blood as the clamps were removed from her nipples. His hands worked the buckle on the harness and this too was taken away, followed by the pleasure/pain removal of the large plug from her ass.

The leather of his whip caressed her shoulders and back as he drew it slowly across her body. Although she knew what was to follow, she relaxed into the sensation, enjoying the feel of the leather against her skin. The pain of his first stroke caught her by surprise and she yelped behind her gag, but she then became quiet as he settled into a steady rhythm, striping her back and ass. The sensation built inside her until she felt like every emotion suddenly exploded outward in release. Her knees buckled and she sagged into her restraints, tears flowing down her face from behind her blindfold, as the little ball fell from nerveless fingers.

Master Thomas assessed her for a few moments, then helped her stand again, taking the gag from her mouth, wiping the tears from her face a little. "I know that you think you cannot take any more, little one, but I am going to give you five more strokes. You will count each one for me so that I know you feel each one fully."

After the fifth stroke, there was silence. She rested there, still bound, letting the sensations of her body fill her senses. She was startled back to awareness by a light touch on her upper back. Her blindfold was removed but she shut her eyes against the bright light.

"Open your eyes, pet."

She did as she was asked and saw the face of her Master, looking at her with a gentle smile. He reached out to caress her face and said, "You have done very well for me today pet, I was here the entire time, watching you". He released her from the cross and she came immediately into his arms, her breath hitching as she struggled to control her welling emotions. He held her close until she stilled, then laughed softly as she raised her head to look around the room.

"He's gone, Victoria. I asked him not to let you see his face and no, Thomas is not his real name either."

Still amused, he swung her up into her arms and carried her to the bedroom, laying her gently on the soft sheets. He lay with her, gently stroking her skin, until she was fast asleep. Victoria's Sir then rose and retrieved her collar, buckling it around her neck once more, kissing her lips softly. There would be much to talk about tomorrow but that could wait for now.

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