The Lodger

byTony King©

It was just after our teenage daughters finally moved out that I got to put my plan into action. For years I'd harboured the thought of watching my sexy wife getting fucked stupid by some young stud and now it was time to make it happen. Although the subject had come up as a fantasy during lovemaking, she made it very clear that it was just that, a fantasy, my fantasy. It would never happen. I had other ideas.

Caroline is late 40's but still retains a good figure with a lovely ripe pair of 38DD tits, long blond hair and at my request, a permanently shaven pussy. With her shapely legs and big tits she still turns heads and has no end of admirers. However, it wasn't until I received a demand from the Inland Revenue office (IRS) that I had the chance to put my plan into action.

"You know what, now that the kids have left home I reckon the only way we're going to clear this tax bill is to rent a room out."

"No way, I don't want strangers sharing my house," She said angrily. "OK, it's either that or we knock the next two years holiday's on the head." Now there's no way she can go without at least one week in the sun so I knew that should get her. "It is really that bad?" she asked, her tone softening. We owed a little over £1000 but I told her £2500. "How long for?" She asked. "Well, apparently the going rate is about £100 per week so by my reckoning we only need to let a room for 6 or 7 months and we're in the clear, that's not too bad is it." Reluctantly she agreed.

I placed some ads on various swinger sites on the web outlining the offer. 'Six months rent at reduced rate and the chance to seduce my wife.' As we lived near a major university we were inundated with replies. The problem was most of them went along the lines of, "saw your ad and would love to fuck the bitch." Not quite what I was looking for but after a few weeks one particular reply caught my eye.

I had envisaged some young stud fucking her but this was from a college professor looking for short-term accommodation in our area while he had a house built. He was 50 years old, married with kids and apparently had never done anything like this before; no worries about STD's then. He said it would be a challenge if he could seduce her and if not, well at least he had somewhere to live until his house was ready. We agreed to meet.

Ray was a year older than me, a little shorter and a lot slimmer. He kept in trim by jogging and had the body and stamina of a man half his age. It turned out that he was relocating to England after several years working abroad and his wife and kids were still in Hong Kong and would join him when the house was ready. I showed him some photographs of Caroline in various sexy outfits and told him the score. The sight of my lovely wife dressed in stockings, high heels and suspenders had Ray squirming in his chair. More than once he had to adjust the bulge in his trousers. "Wow, I wish my old lady would dress like that, you really want me to try and seduce her?" he said unbelievably, staring at a legs open shot exposing her shaven pussy, "sure, I think she'll love it,"

"well OK, if your positive that's want you want then I've nothing to lose." I took Ray home to meet Caroline and after her approval we arranged for him to move in the following week.

Week 1 – Ray moves in.

Ray arrived at the house with a large bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine. I'd already briefed him on Caroline's soft spots and how best to butter her up. Caroline was very flattered by his attention and after three day's was chatting to him like a long lost friend. He gained her confidence by showing her pictures of his wife and kids and on Saturday we went with him to view his new house and see what progress the builders were making. By Sunday you would have thought Caroline and Ray were a couple, they were really hitting it off.

Week 2 – Caroline gets fucked.

I had some serious deadlines to meet and started working late at the office. This gave Ray valuable time alone with her and allowed him to start the seduction. I had deliberately starved her of any sex or attention for the previous two weeks saying I was too tired and she actually confided in Ray that she thought I might be having an affair. Of course, Ray did nothing to allay her fears. The real crunch came when I told her that I had to travel to Milan for a meeting the following Monday which meant me flying out on Sunday afternoon. Sunday was our wedding anniversary and we always celebrated by going out for a meal. "Can't you put it of," she almost snarled at me, "it's our bloody wedding anniversary and your clearing off to Milan, why can't I come with you?" Boy was she pissed. "Look, you know the situation, we can't afford for you to come with me. Tell you what, why don't I ask Ray to take you out. You know how hard I've been working on this project, I can't afford to loose it now."

Sunday afternoon I packed my overnight bag and headed of to the airport, she didn't even say goodbye. The meeting was simply to sign the official contract and then it was back to the hotel. I had a real sleepless night wondering if anything was happening. Have you ever tried going to sleep with a raging hard-on. Every time I closed my eyes I kept imagining Caroline on the bed with her legs spread wide as Ray pumped his cock into her or on her knees, blouse open exposing her big tits, short mini skirt round her waist and her lips wrapped round his cock. I couldn't wait to get home the following day.

I entered the lounge to find Ray sitting on the sofa. He winked at me and gave me the thumbs up sign. My heart leapt into my mouth. Caroline was upstairs in the master bedroom putting some clothes away. "Hi ya, pleased to see me?" I asked, dumping my bag on the bed. "Well," she said sarcastically, "did you get the order?" I knew she was calling my bluff and you should have seen her face when I opened my bag and showed her the contract. "Yep, sure did," I kissed her on the cheek. "How about you, did you have a nice time with Ray?" She went brilliant red. "W-w-w-what do you mean."

"The meal, you know, Sunday."

"Oh, yes, the er meal, yes, it was nice." She turned away from me trying to hide the blushes and busied herself sorting her clothes. "I'm just going to pop down the pub for a quick one, wanna come?" I knew she couldn't face me. "No, no thanks, I've still got this lot to sort yet."

"OK, I'll see if Ray wants to come." Before she could answer I quickly left the room, grabbed Ray and headed of for the pub.

Safely tucked away in a corner I asked him. "Well?" He was grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Christ, I don't know where to begin. After you left on Sunday she was in a really foul mood and spent hours in the bath. I couldn't believe it when she finally came down all dressed up. "What do you mean dressed up?" I asked. "She had her hair up, fixed her make-up and was wearing a short black cocktail dress that buttoned up the front, oh yeah, and the biggest pair of high heels I've ever seen. Anyway, we had our meal and I made sure the wine kept flowing and slowly but surely she was getting more and more pissed. She spent the whole time moaning about you and your job and how little attention you showed her lately. She was convinced you were seeing someone else. We got home about ten thirty and she sat next to me on the sofa and started crying."

At this point I felt a little guilty and thought maybe I'd gone too far. Ray continued. "I put my arm round her shoulders to comfort her and told her how beautiful she was and what a fool you were to leave her alone with another man. Next thing I knew her lips were locked on mine and her tongue was exploring my teeth."

"Well, I thought, it's now or never so I ran my hands over her tits and gently squeezed them. She just kept kissing me. Then I started to undo the buttons on her dress and caressed her tits through her bra, she carried on kissing but moved her hand onto my cock. I know you showed me the photograph's but I couldn't believe how big and soft her tits were."

"Did she let you unbutton it all the way?"

"Did she. She was so impatient she even undid the last button for me and threw it wide open."

"What was she wearing underneath?"

"Black stockings, some skimpy see through panties, suspenders and a soft silky bra." I smiled inwardly. This was the set I bought her for Christmas, we jokingly called it her whore suit. "Go on."

"I kissed down her neck and shoulders and then scooped her tits out of the bra and started to suck on her nipples. She was cradling my head in her hands and making lots of oohs and ahhs. When I put my hand on her leg and started to move it up her thighs she just opened them really wide. She asked me if I liked her smooth pussy. I kept stroking it through the panties and then remembered what you said about her sensitive clit. She was moaning in my ear and getting really wet so I simply slid my finger under her panties, into her slit and moved it up until I felt her clitty." I closed my eyes for a second and imagined the scene. My lovely prim and proper wife, sitting on the sofa with her legs spread wide, wearing all her sexy black underwear with this guy fingering her cunt and sucking her tits. "Did you make her cum?"

"Cum? It was like someone lit a fuse, She came the minute I touched her clit. I had to hang on she was trembling so much."

"Now it's your turn, she said, and pushed me back onto the sofa. She discarded the dress, knelt in front me, opened my flies and got my cock out. You know what, she looked me straight in the eyes as she lowered her mouth over my cock. It was incredible. My wife won't do that, she says it's disgusting. It's the first blowjob I've had in over 20 years. "Did she make you cum?" I asked, my own hard-on making it uncomfortable to sit still. "Did she ever. I told her I was going to cum but she just kept sucking. Then she took it in her mouth and did something with her tongue, the feeling was incredible, I just came and came and you know what? She drank every last drop. When I was finished she even licked the drips from the end."

"Did you get to fuck her?" Ray looked at me. "I've been fucking her all night and most of today, I couldn't get another hard-on if my life depended on it, she's insatiable."

We got another beer and Ray continued. "After she sucked me off she sat back on the sofa and opened her legs wide inviting me to lick her pussy. By the time I'd made her cum again I was more than ready to fuck. I pulled her to the edge of the sofa and just slid my cock in. She looked like she was in heaven and kept thrusting her hips at me." Ray looked at bit embarrassed and I had to prompt him to go on. "I'm not sure you're going to like this bit. She said it was the biggest cock she'd ever had."

I suddenly realised that the one question I had never asked Ray was how big his cock was. "So come on then, just how big are you?" I asked. "Well, my wife measured it once, she said it was ten and a half inches."

"Fucking hell, no wonder she was pleased." Now my imagination was working overtime as I thought of his long fat cock sliding into Caroline's sloppy cunt. The most I could give her was six inches although she had told me of a previous boyfriend who had eight. "So what happened then?"

"I guess I must have fucked her in that position for about 20 minutes before I came. She came several times and kept telling me how good it felt, honestly, she just couldn't get enough and kept leaning forward to grab my arse and try to pull me in deeper. Eventually we grabbed our clothes and went up and to bed."

"You said you fucked her all night."

"Yeah, well, not all night. At first we just cuddled up and started kissing again while she played with my cock and I fingered her cunt. Then she sucked me hard again and climbed on top. I think that was probably the best fuck. Seeing her sat on top of my dick with those big tits swinging away. She made herself cum loads of times before climbing off and asking me to fuck her from behind. She got on her knees and I really gave it to her. After I came again we fell asleep in each others arms."

"What, you mean she kept her stockings on all night?"

"Must have done. She woke me up by sucking my dick again and she had them on then. I fucked her for so long this morning it made my cock sore and made us both so late for work that we took the day off and stayed in bed. I fucked her again at lunch time and in-fact, I've just given her another load before you came in." I told Ray what I wanted him to do next; we finished our drinks and went home.

Week three – Caroline the movie

The video camera was discretely hidden away in the bookshelf with the leads running out of the window to a television set and control unit located in the garage. I could zoom in and out and pan up and down and side to side. I'd told Caroline I was working late so it wasn't long before the show began. By now, Ray had fucked her on several occasions and according to him she still couldn't get enough. The scene opened with Ray sitting on the sofa dressed only in a dressing gown. Caroline appeared in the doorway dressed in her sexy black underwear and 5" heel platform fuck me shoes. She did a little parade round the room for Ray's benefit asking him if he liked what he saw. In answer, Ray opened the gown to reveal the largest cock I've ever seen, fully erect and waving round like a flagpole. "Hmm, I see big boys ready," Caroline said licking her lips as she knelt in front of him. I zoomed the camera in close as her lipstick covered lips closed over the end of Ray's cock and slid ever so slowly downwards. Ray closed his eyes and moaned.

She managed three or four inches before returning to the circumcised knob and starting all over again. I could see her cheeks form hollows as she sucked on him and every now and again she would remove it completely and go to work with her tongue, licking round the sensitive rim and then up and down the entire shaft. When Ray told her he was near to coming she plunged her mouth down over it and speeded up. I nearly came myself as Ray exploded into her mouth. Just as he said, the bitch drank every single drop before milking his cock of the remaining drops of spunk. Still licking her lips, She stood in front of him as he removed her panties and opened her legs wide as his tongue sort her cunt. Her big tits looked magnificent encased in the black silky bra and Ray ran his hands up the back of her stockings as he licked her.

I knew when she was about to cum, her body started to tremble and her knees bent slightly. Ray held her arse tight, pushing her cunt against his mouth. "Oh Ray, don't stop, oh yesssssss." Collapsing on the sofa beside him they embraced in a passionate kiss, her tasting her own cunt juices and Ray his own cum. For a fifty year old Ray recovered quickly but then he was extremely fit. Within no time his cock was rock hard and rearing to go again. This time, for my benefit, Ray had Caroline straddle him but facing outwards towards the hidden camera. With her cunt hovering just above his cock, Ray rubbed himself up and down her slit coating it in juices before allowing her to lower herself down. Zooming in real close, I watched as her cunt lips almost disappeared inside her, dragged in by his enormous cock. Ray's cock wasn't just long, it was very, very fat. Once it was fully imbedded I zoomed out. Caroline had her head back resting on his shoulder, her eyes shut tight and a big smile on her face. Ray had both hands on her tits gently tweaking the nipples as he rotated his hips under her. Then he moved one hand down to her clit and started to pinch it between finger and thumb. Caroline went ballistic. She started to ride his huge cock, raising up until only the very tip was still in her and then slamming down, taking it to the hilt. Ray held onto her tit and clit and went with her.

"Yeah, that's it slut, fuck my big cock." Caroline hated dirty talk and always told me it turned her off. I wanted to see how she would react to Ray calling her names. "God you'd make a good whore, c'mon bitch, faster." Caroline was moaning loudly as another orgasm tore through her. She sat on his cock waiting for the spasms to subside, her head turned to the side as she kissed him. "So, you like being my slut then?" Ray asked her. "Hmmm," she murmured sleepily, pressing down hard on his prick, "I love the feel of that big cock up me."

"And I can do what I like with you huh?"

"Anything, I'm all yours."

"And your be my fuck slut?"

"Hmm, if that's what you want." At this point I shot my load all over the garage wall. My sweet innocent wife was telling another man that she would be his slut. I continued to watch and wank as Ray finished her off, filling her cunt with spunk and then making her open her legs wide to make sure I could see it spilling out of her.

I decided to give her a real fright; with her still sitting on Rays cock I left the garage and put my key in the front door. Watching the video later it was a look of sheer panic on her face as she leapt of him and rushed up the stairs just as the door was opening. Ray of course just sat there with a smile on his face.

I too rushed up the stairs pretending I was dying for a piss, I knew she'd lock herself in the bathroom but I didn't want to give her time to get changed or clean up. "Caroline, open the door, quick or I'll piss myself." She opened the door and stood there with her bathrobe pulled tightly round her. Her high heels were on the floor but she hadn't had time to take the stockings off. I made her wait there until I finished my slash and then I opened the gown.

"My, my, what's all this then?"

"I, er, I um, I thought you might like it, I was just getting ready for when you got home." She lied. "What, you were going to put your whore suit on with Ray sitting down stairs?"

"I was going to wait in the bedroom for you, I knew you couldn't be that much longer." I let the robe fall to the floor and started to play with her tits. When I went to touch her pussy she walked away, leading me into the bedroom. "Just fuck me, it's been so long, please." She didn't want me feeling Ray's spunk which by this time was almost running down her leg. "Not until I've played with my favourite cunt," I said, palming her smooth wet sticky mound in my hand. She lay on the bed reluctant to open her legs so I simply pushed them apart. Now I started to run my fingers up and down her puffy lips, not quite touching her clit but entering her cunt hole. "Hmm, nice and wet, been having sexy thoughts or do you play with it when I'm not here?" She was colouring up again. "It was the thought of you coming home and doing this to me," she lied again.

I stripped of quickly and climbed between her legs. It felt like sticking my cock in a jar of warm treacle. I got up on my arms and looked down at her. "Well, you are turned on, either that or you've just spent the last few hours fucking Ray." I honestly thought she was having a heart attack. She coughed and spluttered and the look on her face. "Hey, only joking," I said, "I know you wouldn't do anything like would you." The look turned to one a relief as she assured me that she was simply wet as a result of me playing with her cunt and fucking her and no, of course she didn't fancy Ray, Christ no, I mean, he was old and ugly.

Week 4 – Ray turns nasty

As instructed, Ray was making out that he was getting a little bored with the sex and started to talk about his own wife and how she loved having two men fuck her at the same time. This was a lie but Caroline didn't know that. "Maybe we should try that, spice things up a bit," Ray said as he lazily fingered her pussy. Of course Caroline said no so Ray simply walked out saying he was going down the pub. I left my hidey-hole and joined him leaving Caroline dressed like a slut on the sofa. Two hours later and we returned, Ray to the lounge and me to the garage. Caroline was still in her sexy underwear but by now had donned a dressing gown; she was fuming. "Where the hell have you been, I've been sat here all dressed up like some cheap tart while you piss off down the pub." Ray grabbed her roughly by the hair, "listen slut, as far as I'm concerned any married woman that lets another man fuck her is a cheap tart. Now, you can take that fucking gown off and suck my dick." Ray undid his flies, got his cock out and sat down. At first she looked totally shocked, but dropping the dressing gown to the floor I watched her panty covered arse as it swayed towards the sofa and Ray's rampant cock. "Suck it bitch, show me what a real little slut you can be." She did as instructed and knelt in front of him as before. He let her suck it for about five minutes before making her sit in an armchair. "Take your panties of, spread your legs over the arms and get that cunt ready for me."

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